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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Autograph book pages Disney Cruise, Disney Trips, Walt Disney, Disney Countdown, Natalie McCurdy's (donatalie) Autograph book Album Disney Diy. Explore Jan Long-Wilson's board "Disney Autograph Book pages", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Disney autograph books, Disney . Free printable Disney character autograph pages (Perfect for Upcoming Disney Trip). Disney Autograph Book Pages Walt Disney World by ShopKandy.

Disney Autograph Book Pages

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FREE printable Disney Autograph Book for your next Disney vacation! Your kids will LOVE having their favorite Disney characters sign their. If so, check out these FREE Disney character autograph pages that I've a fun autograph book to take along with you on a Disney vacation or. If you're headed to Disneyland or Disney World, you'll want to learn how to save some money by making your own DIY Disney autograph book.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something after clicking on one of the product links, I'll receive compensation at no additional cost to you. My parents bought my brother and I both an autograph book like this one on our first trip to Walt Disney World.

We even used them for our second trip to Disney since we still had plenty of room left.

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I know I still have mine because I saw it a few years ago when cleaning stuff up, but when I was looking for it for this trip I couldn't find it. I wanted Michael's book to be able to have more character and be a little more special. I went and searched for ideas on how to make your own autograph book. I created a board on Pinterest with all the ideas I've found.

I wanted to have a page for the characters to sign and then be able to put a picture with the character beside it. I loved all the different ideas that I found and pinned on my board, but really liked these: To see all the other character pages that Natalie has, you can check out her photobucket page by clicking here.

She has more than just character pages that you can use for your Disney vacation. I pulled some pages from there as well as a Shutterfly page, Disney Autograph Pages. Not only do I love that it's on Shutterfly, a lot easier for me to print them out, but that they were fairly recent which helped in figuring out which pages I should print and what I could forget about. The way I did this on the cheap was by having the pages printed during one of Shutterfly's free prints.

Between my mom and I, we printed out almost character pages. Needless to say, I do have several pages leftover. We had them printed as 4x6 matte finished pictures. You want the matte finish because the gloss would cause the permanent marker to smudge off. Each album holds a total of pictures. This one is completely full from our trip. You'll need to bring something with you so that the characters have something hard to write on when signing the pictures.

I bought this small clip board at Walmart so I didn't have to carry the photo album around in my backpack.

Don't forget to buy some colorful permanent markers. Photo taken by a Disney photographer. By the end of the trip, Michael was enjoying getting the character's signatures. One thing I should mention is, make sure before printing out the pictures that the names are correct.

This picture was taken at the Phineas and Ferb meeting. I didn't know until Phineas and Ferb pointed out that the names were wrong on the pictures.

Disney Autograph Book Free Printable

The characters even got a kick out of the pictures. Handy Mandy was so excited that he went and showed the waitresses at the Disney Junior Play 'n Dine character dinning we went to. Here's what the Minnie Mouse character page looks like in Michael's book.

Yep, we got to meet Sorcerer Mickey. I really do love the way that the book looks and it's a great way for Michael to look back at our trip. I do like the character pages, but might end up forgetting about having the picture with the character beside the signature.

Might end up making a photobook through Shutterfly and making the pages to be the character pages. What would you look for in an autograph book? What books have you used in the past for your kids when you go to Disney? Oh my gosh…your Disney memory book is adorable! Your precious Michael will be able to look back on created memories for years to come…and he's lucky to have you for a mom: We hope you link up again next Monday!!

Our office supply store would not cut of the binding of the book, but they were happy to coil bind it after it was already cut. Add any pages you would like. Since this is an older version of the book, not all of the current characters are featured. We were able to add some character pages to the back of the book using pages found on this forum.

Have the book coil bound, using a clear front page and a black back cover. This will give the book some added stability in your backpack. I know you and your family will love using this character autograph books — we certainly did!

The autograph book is the first thing they reach for, so have it ready. Bring a backpack. This book fits perfectly in a backpack, but it might be cumbersome if you were to carry it around all day. The result? It was amazing.

Everything I could have asked for in an autograph book. The characters were brilliant in their interaction with the book and it gave them something to ask my daughter about. She quickly caught on.

Disney Autograph Book Free Printable

Since coming home, we have looked through the book dozens of times and talked about the time she met all of her friends. I would take this DIY character autograph book again in a heartbeat.The pages are so much fun to make and can be done one at a time, adding stickers and photos.

Lina Hip's Modern Martha July 20, at Follow by Email Subscribe to our mailing list. Even I love to meet them and get my picture with the characters from my childhood.

How do I save these to have them printed at Walgreens? I've read other blogs that have done some similar things for their books and they didn't say anything about copyright issues. Thank you Lina!

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