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The article cites the study by Hawkes et al. How to engage across sectors: lessons from agriculture and nutrition in the Brazilian School Feeding Program. Hawkes et al.

However, it is important to emphasize the political dynamic established by the CONSEA, which empowered and coordinated demands by different sectors, facilitated alliances and negotiated policy action beyond the Executive Branch, like the Congressional Front for Food and Nutritional Security created in , which helped confront the political opposition in the Senate.

The process also allowed reshaping ideas, arguments, and interests and facilitated the shared development of definitions on issues that were essential to the terms of the Law: food and nutritional security and adequate and healthy eating, the PNAE and rights, family farming and the justifications for supporting it, public purchases to induce new practices and values, and development with equity, social inclusion, and social, economic, and cultural sustainability.

Altera o art. Law 8, of Local circuits of food production and consumption have been promoted in various countries, but the Brazilian context differs because of the specific incentive for family farming and not only for local agriculture.

The article acknowledges that the institutional link between school feeding and local agriculture through Law 11, is a milestone in food and nutritional security policies.

The regional context: the northern part of the state and the development territories

However, it is important to note that this is the first legislation for the PNAE that mentions not only the incentive for local purchases, but preferentially for purchases from family farming and indigenous and quilombola slave-descendant communities. The justifications for purchases from family farming can differ from those for local purchases. As the article emphasizes, the demands to link family farming to government purchases had been voiced since the s, but ran into difficulties when attempting to sell to the institutional market.

Such demands also took on new meanings. Among the cities that participate in PMM, there has been an increase in primary care coverage, which grew from Aware of the provisional and emergency nature of the strategy to supply Medicine professionals, the people responsible for PMM implemented measures also in the field of medical education, so that Brazil can achieve self-sufficiency in the number of doctors it needs and can tackle the shortage of this professional, ensuring the sustainability of SUS.

To accomplish this, they increased the number of seats in medical schools, implemented obligatory changes in the forms and settings of education in undergraduate programs, and decentralized the offer of courses to remote regions an important aspect for the subsequent retention of graduates.

Challenges in Priority Setting from a Legal Perspective in Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, and Mexico

In addition, they proposed an increase in the offer of medical residencies to ensure that all graduates have access to these programs, and the incorporation of the residency in Family and Community Medicine as a prerequisite for education in specialties with high demand e. Above all, these specialists would significantly improve the quality of a health system based on primary care and organized in networks of health services: SUS.

After the law was promulgated, an important movement was triggered to implement it with a clear formal and legal basis, in a real scenario with multiple obstacles: the positioning of medical associations, the regulation and legal requirements for the creation and management of professional education, which had been basically thought for urban and developed zones, the mental imagery of the population and of potential Brazilian doctors, who focus on the market rather than on public service.

In short, a difficult scenario to be faced.

This Supplement of Interface Journal addresses the medical education component developed in PMM in the period from to Its aim is to disseminate studies that approached the actions that were developed, as well as advances, achievements, challenges, what we have learned and how we see the future of medical education in the middle and long run. It is important to stress that this is the first effort to systematize the component of professional education in the area of health generated by PMM in Brazil, as the greatest evidence was generated around the medical supply component.

We also included one interview and one debate.

We consider this Supplement an extremely valuable publication for those who wish to accompany the process of evolution of medical education in Brazil and we invite you to enjoy this interesting reading. On the next pages, you will find an important description of a proposal for the reorganization of medical education that gains strength and mobilizes the regulatory and operating structures of the Ministries of Health and Education.This reality was confirmed by the study Medical demographics in Brazil22 Conselho Federal de Medicina.


Actes del Simposi internacional Girona, de novembre Hispania Antigua. Il pendolo PDF Online. Read Meravigliose fiabe illustrate per bambini PDF. I custodi del Maser: The ideal scenario would be when NSO management fulfils these criteria in Portugal.

Demand Analysis NSO present a differentiated demand, regarding the number of practitioners by typology of organizations Table 2. The Nature Sports activities demand is composed, in almost all NSO, by male and young years individuals, mainly from mainland territory of Portugal. Mangiar crudo per vivere sani.

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