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Download Country Living UK - May magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. download Country Living UK magazine January issue. Download past issues of The Sturbridge Times Town & Country Living Magazine in PDF format. Or go here for our previously-published Auburn & Tatnuck Times.

They can be painted in any of its hollowaysofludlow. ILVE Prices stylish designer kitchenware. Also worktops in granite.

DEVOL Wonderful vintage storage furniture. Has its own stone company and mixes its own hectorfinch. Also cooker hoods Kitchen taps. Plus sinks in ceramic. Plus a range of specialist hobs cookers with a decorative. Shaker styles. D-shaped cabinet handles and other look.

Besides its signature cast-iron cookware. Precious woods such as macassar and walnut mix-and-match functions and fuel sources. Bespoke kitchens in luxurious materials. Lots of specialist cooking accessories. Also has a complete design service davidmellordesign. It is an established form of decoration in most countries, especially at weddings, which present a lot of scope for imaginative ideas.

Many bridal couples wish to give a small token of appreciation to those who have joined them for their day. These little floral pouches provide a decorative element during the event and can be filled with a take-home gift as the guests leave.

Simply remove the peg that holds the pouch and take it away. They can be filled with flowers, sweets or another treat as a memento of the day. Cut out.

Thread a length of cord or ribbon through each one. By not having a uniform shape, the bunting is visually interesting and pleasing to the eye. You could also stitch different fabrics together in a patchwork. Hanging tin vase Surprise loved ones with a beautiful posy of seasonal blooms hanging from their front door handle.

Traditionally, these would have been delivered to friends and family on the first day of May. Then carefully paint it inside and out with an even layer of paint. Leave to dry completely. Sew this to the top of the fabric sleeve where the seam is. Pull the sleeve over the can, fill with a little water and add the blooms ready to gift. Gardening apron Needle and matching thread cut a small hole in the larger pocket, Gathering the tools needed to complete Embroidery scissors making sure it is just wide enough for a simple gardening jobs is always the cm strong woven ribbon for piece of string.

Sew around the edge of first tick on my list. As any gardener the apron ties the hole using buttonhole stitch. This prompted me to create 20cm x 5cm cm lengths.

Sew a length in place to an apron especially for outdoors with each side of the apron at the top edge. Fold each in for string. The pocket holds the of the fabric. Fold the bottom half of the long edge in towards the centre and ball of string and the end can then fabric up to create a pocket that is 23cm fold in half lengthways to hide the raw be pulled through the hole and cut deep.

Sew down both sides, leaving the edges. Stitch it closed. You will be left to any desired length with ease. Sew a seam with a piece of fabric resembling a down the pocket to create two sections. I also added buttons and The thought of re-using a much-loved Buttons scraps of fabric cut into squares. I made Scissors together with a 1cm seam allowance. Backing fabric 2 Using two strands of embroidery 5 Turn the edges under at the opening Embroidery thread thread.

Shake Needle and matching thread flowers. It is also Dried lavender right sides together. Stitch the pieces lovely to give as a present. Turn and included little pockets where 1 Decide on the size you would like your the pillow right side out. Piece of old quilt backing fabric to the same size. Cut the a better shape. I placed small notes for her to find. Cut a piece from 4 Fill the pillow with dried lavender. CL readers can order a button collection.

While admiring my a couple of inches in each. The three latest styles in plus there is a room visualiser tool. Natural Haze. Thaxted and Dakota. Natural carpetright. Free samples can be ordered online.

Visit busiest areas of the house such as the hallway and stairs. Dakota and Natural Haze are practical and and premium. Seconds later, she brakes to watch a buzzard swooping down on a young rabbit.

As a result, it can often take a while to reach home — a white cottage, sitting on a hilltop on the west coast of Wales. Swallows and buzzards are just some of the birds that provide Jackie with constant inspiration.

The first one I saw was in Wiltshire as a child with my father, who took me for. Hares and otters walks, and draws and are particular favourites.

They live inkstone and mixes with water. Jackie knew from the age of six based. We have separated ourselves from brush made from squirrel. Her most recent their shape and muscle strength that fascinate me. It was sketches of all shapes and sizes. These are drawn in Sumi ink used by scribes A barn owl floated silently above the surface. She uses. Some that world and are no longer in tune with nature.

While other art. Now I write poems on it. Writing is like drawing words. Amnesty International and Oxfam. I do books for people. In fact. A few years later. She drew illustrations for Greenpeace. But her advice to other aspiring artists and authors is: At Exeter University. They have to appeal to children. She proved both of them wrong after graduating. New Statesman and Country Living. On for her next book looming. Pi the cocker in for her to speak and live-draw at literary festivals. Her current regime is to work on For more information.

A collection of wooden sand and sitting room. She then dons her Dryrobe and for every primary school in the UK. Jackie spends hours watching. I will get double the work done. Taking them home. For when your heart is in the country Subscribe to the digital edition of Country Living magazine and escape into an appealing world of rural beauty and tranquillity.

Go digital today and benefit from: With our digital editions. Now you can enjoy your favourite magazine wherever and whenever you want. Carly certainly thinks so and. Carly prepares to Hatchery. In a bid to avoid the same fate as Mediterranean and Scandinavian stocks — which have never fully recovered from overfishing — the charity was set up in when lobster numbers showed signs of decline in Cornish waters. Carly with research release a lobster into the wild countryliving.

Most notably. The National Lobster aquaculture. The National Lobster Hatchery conducts important research and education projects. They feed on the likes of starfish and sea urchins. The team nurture the lobsters until they are around three months old.

Only one in every 1. Carly rightly points out that caring for them is paramount. Pulling on yellow waterproofs and a life grow larger and healthier. Carly started to volunteer at the Hatchery. With a heavily gloved hand those claws can from Padstow on the north coast to Par Docks on the south before give quite a nip.

Carly has made the journey delicate brittle stars. Carly carefully lifts out a medium-sized lobster. On the way. It provides a cocoon from the March mountain chill. Visit snowdonrailway. Past the Exe Estuary. Breathe in the seaweed cliffs above the churning Atlantic — to tang before you clatter on through look for America in the distance.

In spring. All are served in this is no great loss as the sleepy heather-coated landscape sculpted carriages of bouncy upholstery.

Or indeed gin tasting. The North Yorkshire Darjeeling. Of course. But trains take in the quiet drama of this which are also on offer.

MARCH Oldland Common and Avon Riverside. Visit avonvalleyrailway. The railway shares its route with the Bristol and Bath Railway Path. If you prefer a more first sign spring is finally here.

Back in the s. O CL Christmas at Ascot with brief details of your products. We are always looking for new talent and products. At eight different shows in We are travelling the country.

We look forward to hearing from you! Every event features small businesses selling beautiful items. Visit numbers to discuss alternatives countryliving. You can view all know when we launch new holidays operators on the specific phone Country Living Holidays at and offers like these. One will once-in-a-lifetime opportunity new beginnings. You can a scenic boat cruise on Lake take you to the best spots in to experience the magic and admire them in the Zojoji Ashi.

Remembering Gloria Vanderbilt’s Life in Photos

Enjoy lists of travel destinations. Keep an eye out for the the city for hanami cherry mystery of Japan at the very Temple and Chidorigafuchi bright red torii gates that blossom viewing and the best time of year to go. More than a million Komagatake Ropeway. Regional flights enough to still feel intimate but cabin types and upgrade to ocean. Kobe — home of restaurants. Single cabins are available on request and at a supplement. This trip is ATOL-protected countryliving.

Kansas Country Living

With a capacity of and a big Broadway-style theatre. Subject to availability. Ask about upgrades to all- large enough to support multiple view or balcony cabins and suites. A discount for no flights is also available. The Waverley. For full terms and conditions. Aboard The Wheel boat lift Brightwater Holidays paddle steamer.

The Jacobite steam train first rotating boat lift. This trip is ATOL protected. Ben Nevis. Single at its northern end is Glengyle. On this exclusive four-day holiday. CALL Special talks and nursery and garden in Kent and Sussex. Georgian ballroom. Sackville-West and Harold travel throughout Marchants Hardy Plants features private visits to world-class gardens Nicolson in the s.

Great Dixter spectacularly on show. Visits to the gardens an English country garden at the hours tour and three-course star George in Rye hotel of Lullingstone Castle. Services of a hosted by the inspirational Sarah Raven. Single rooms are available on request at a supplement and subject to availability. Scotney Castle. This stylishly For more details and to see the full itinerary. Two dinners at the Great Comp. Pashley sweet peas and clouds of azaleas are all the famous Kent garden hotel Manor.

This four-day trip. This and you will enjoy complimentary promotion is exclusive to Hearst UK and may be promoted by other Hearst UK brands. Belmond Ltd is a hotel and leisure company that operates luxury hotels. Spend and conditions. Selected dates subject to availability. For full details of the itinerary and terms Champagne while you settle in. Sample exquisite manicured gardens.

Surrounded by dining experience. Look carefully a froglet that can leave the pond. Once they have hatched. Over the frogspawn needs very specific conditions and care. But Alison Hastie and her team. Green Shoes makes between 15 and 30 per week. Customers can view this hive of activity from the shop. Once you start looking at cost per wear. Apprentice Polly Collins grew up nearby and returned to Devon after graduating in with a first-class degree in jewellery and silversmithing from Edinburgh College of Art.

Green Shoes in — one of half a dozen start-ups sharing premises Today. In This level of expertise and comfort sounds like the preserve of the very highest end of the bespoke market but. The art of shoemaking. They are one of several pairs handmade by the team at Green Shoes. The temperamental squawk of the zig-zag sewing machine blends with the whirr of the more docile top-stitchers. Last your town — the days when the cordwainer. Alison co-founded relocated to larger premises in a listed former Wesleyan chapel.

When Country Living on a thriving workshop. Piles of leather stacked under a sturdy wooden workbench are graded from chocolate and conker browns.

Since then. Green Shoes also prehistoric times. Piles of leather are graded. When Sarah joined Green Shoes. Around begins with selecting the leather Green Shoes are made from half of the Green Shoes output goes to personal visitors.

Sarah is for their latest apprentice has left Alison optimistic about the working on bootees for toddlers. She moved from Yorkshire to join the under the radar. The sole is attached using a chunky. The process orange leather stars. Skiving rurally while learning a useful skill. While Green with practical skills. When you make shoes. From meandering trails in the foothills to steeper ascents for the more seasoned trailblazer.

A stint in the Swiss Alps offers a wonderful way to slow down. Inntravel offers a wide range of carefully curated self-guided walking trips to suit all abilities. To ensure total relaxation. Visit inntravel. Inntravel carefully crafts itineraries. Larger historic settlements include the lakeside city of Locarno. A short journey from Zurich. So a vintage mannequin builders and craftspeople.

Vintage linens wheelwrights. It down to a riverside quay. Over the centuries. East Sussex. Vintage French sheets. While ideas for the it came to decorating the rooms. A seamstress ran up the curtains from French linen sheets.

A local carpenter. During the renovation. In the upstairs bathroom. Jo says. Alongside the antique pieces are smaller curios and vintage items with a contemporary feel. Jo and Barrie found the oil painting on ebay there were the original beams.

The chest came from Goose Home and Garden. There are a lot of painters. Barrie and Jo rent out The Mint: Now a dressing room. She has headed up the internationally renowned school since , written six books — two of them award winning — and lectured all over the world. So it is good to find that she is not only warmly welcoming but also refreshingly honest about her own garden.

Of course, to a less discerning eye, her garden — particularly in early spring — looks to be brimming with successful plant combinations and design techniques. Analysis and evaluation are second nature to Rosemary, so in the 18 years she has lived at Sandhill Farm House, near Petersfield in Hampshire, she has constantly refined and improved it.

An excess of conifers was the first thing to go, enabling Rosemary to devise a delicate woodland area that perfectly frames the 17th-century farmhouse. Some existing trees — a mature, multi-stemmed Amelanchier lamarkii and twin Betula utilis var. The amelanchier is reassessed every spring so any new growth that might spoil its elegant, open framework or threaten to shade the planting beneath can be judicially pruned.

A ladder is leant against the white birch trunks, which are then scrubbed with a scourer and bucket of water plus a tiny drop of washing-up liquid until their barks seem to glow, just like freshly exfoliated skin — a trick that Rosemary learned on her travels in Japan. Beneath them comes an under-storey of early flowering shrubs — equally carefully pruned and many sweetly fragrant — including spike witch hazel Corylopsis spicata, with pale yellow flowers hanging like delicate tassels from its naked branches, and white-flowered evergreen Osmanthus x burkwoodii, which wafts its scent right across the garden.

Rosemary has banked up the borders in the woodland area by piling up peat blocks and back-filling with soil. This was done 18 years ago, and although the use of peat has since come into question it has proved an effective device here, raising the beds almost three feet higher in the middle than the edges, so the plants appear to spill down towards the paths and are easier.

Among the tulips. Irish yews provide structure all year round. It looks particularly effective in the evening. She adds to the bulb numbers every year. The ground is carpeted with hellebores and pulmonaria. Rosemary Alexander which Rosemary has pruned into nimbus cloud shapes either countryliving. London pride represent them and stand and Alchemilla mollis provide ground cover. Rosemary Saxifraga x urbium and back to assess any gaps.

As part of her constant reassessment. Grape hyacinths Muscari armeniacum europaeum. Source Cyclamen violet-blue flowers. Nothing in this garden stands still for long.

For details of The English long-lasting. The Essential Garden hederifolium in pots. Gardening School. Ammi visnaga. Honesty Lunaria annua lines of variegated standard Italian buckthorns and replaced them Select the best varieties is much underrated.

See ngs. Sandhill Farm House. I deliberately put different objects and textures together. A ceramic sheep bordering on kitsch and a beautiful piece of coral.

Vivid paintings hang on the walls. When Susie first viewed the property in The and plates. The pale woodwork old farmhouse a more airy feel countryliving. The chairs. In this guest bedroom.

But I could see that there was actually place of the old dining room window. These are on the window seats. An architect friend alongside those of her artist son and friends. The mezzanine floor was removed. Roof lights were also added a lot of space. Both the staircase opened up to the top floor. Harvest the seed in May and sow fresh in pots of gritty soil-based compost.

There is variation in their forms. Once you awaken to the charms of the hellebore. Hellebores are flowers of infinite variety. The bud should be In the early days. Before you know it. Lorna Jones of Hertfordshire Hellebores certainly started small.

Lorna potted up each year gradually increased. Seemingly unperturbed by anything the weather may throw at them. The seedlings will germinate in winter and should be single has golden nectaries The dusky tones of this red potted on until they reach flowering size. Over time she ripe pollen on it. Peel but — encouraged by some early successes — the number of plants the petals back carefully and pick an anther that has visible. Individual strains now yield Plant in a gritty soil-based compost and mulch with gravel reliable results.

There is a variety and colour of hellebore hybrid to suit every situation. This can be one they are in flower of their joys. The whites and yellows are the most visible when planted in shade. Improve light soils with garden compost and leaf mould They do best in a cool. Double flowers only produce If you tuck them away. Apply pelleted plant food annually and mulch with leaf mould Lorna removes all the old foliage around Christmas — the leaves can look tatty beyond a certain point and any black spot may be passed on to new foliage.

For Lorna. Visit herts-hellebore. Hand-pollinated seed can be bought online. The apparent vigour and health of individual plants. Put them in a cold frame Tackle overgrown climbers have space to work. With tiny seeds. A light. Plant out chitted early potatoes up with all the jobs that are coming our then sow seeds onto the surface and towards the end of the month way.

Concise and accessible. There are borders to be tidied and cover with a fine layer of horticultural Prune autumn-flowering mulched. Eastern promise Japanese flowering quinces Chaenomeles have long been spring favourites. Head gardener Fiona Dennis. Starting with a 2. If time is short. For details of opening times. Made of galvanized steel with a high. Spring bulbs and two layers of is hugely satisfying.

A natural fertiliser Set — in East Sussex just as the garden is waking with a waterproof and soil enricher. In tight spaces. The importance of supper at home has been instilled in me since I was a child. This has now become a tradition in my own home. I have so many amazing memories of meals shared with my family when we were children. For me. The suppers nearly always ended with someone singing a song or one of us giving some sort of performance.

Stir in ready to warm through before serving. During other seasons.

Roast for 15 minutes. Season with salt and g onions. Cook or wild nettle tops. Cooking about 25 minutes Serves 6 well and cover the pan with a lid. Drain 50g butter until the potatoes are tender. I picked it. Spoon the and chopped almonds. Then add the extra-virgin olive oil in a slow stream. Spoon the remaining 1 tbsp torn basil leaves baking tray and bake for 10 minutes.

These green spears look so beautiful served on the table — and the combination 3 For the dressing. Place on a four plates. The eggs and together in a small bowl. Drain the simply replace the wild garlic with other fresh herbs that are in season. I sometimes add grilled Dublin Bay prawns for a weekday supper. Add the courgette ribbons 4 Serve the tagliatelle on a warmed 4 tbsp chopped wild garlic leaves to the pan and cook for 2 minutes platter or on individual plates.

At other times. I and cook for 3 minutes. Season with salt and with the Parmesan shavings toasted and chopped freshly ground black pepper. This dessert can be made up to Extracted from two days before serving if you keep it in the fridge. Leave to 1 Grate the zest of the lemons into cool. To g caster sugar occasionally until the sugar order a copy for the special price of 6 lemon verbena leaves.

Sprinkle with sea salt. Remove 5 Bake the cookies for minutes until and set aside to cool for 10 minutes. Store in along with the vanilla extract. Cover and chill for 30 minutes.

Wet your hands with cold water. Beat the egg whites in sugar with electric hand-beaters g unsalted butter. Spread a thin layer of buttercream on each. Put 50g sugar and 1 tbsp water in a small heavy-based pan. Leave to cool and infuse before removing the cardamom. When the cake is cool. Bash the melt the sugar with 75ml water over g icing sugar. Cook on a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Put into an Finally. Drizzle the caramel over the walnuts and leave on the baking tray to set. Dust meringues with a little instant coffee.

Set aside 50g walnuts for 2 medium egg whites meringue into a piping bag fitted with a the decoration. Off the heat. When cold. Spread a thin covering on top of the cake and the rest around the sides. Turn into the prepared tin. Bake for mixture. Spoon the remaining husks. Gradually add the eggs. Brush the syrup on to each layer and let it soak in for 10 minutes. Put the walnuts on to inserted comes out clean. Gradually fluffy. Whisk in the coffee mixture. Put the whisk in the coffee and cardamom pods.

Set aside to cool. Beat in half of the zest. Grease and line to set before serving. Turn into the Gradually beat in the remaining icing g caster sugar tin. It will keep in the base and sides of a g loaf tin an airtight container for up to 3 days. Transfer to a wire rack to cool. Return 50g unsalted butter. Briefly whisk in the berries.

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Bake for minutes. Put paper cases into a hole muffin tin. Celebrity guests, authors and chefs are scheduled to appear on three stages. It will be a weekend that improves your home, garden, closet, kitchen, and daily life.

Presented by Country Living Magazine, vendors will gather at the lovely, landscaped Dutchess County Fairgrounds in the heart of the beautiful Hudson Valley. The Fair gives you the chance to fully experience the Country Living lifestyle! Guests will also have access to cooking, crafting, and DIY demonstrations. See how-to sessions, marvel at artisan demonstrations, taste delicious local artisanal food, and bop to live music.

Watch a video from the Fairs. Programming Schedule subject to change : Check out speakers and presenters for This links to a downloadable pdf. Have your questions answered by the pros. Looking for unique art?Bess crouched down and crept towards it.

Before you know it. This prompted me to create 20cm x 5cm cm lengths. Country Living UK, the lifestyle magazine for those who either live or dream. Far from his promise of development for all, he has achieved a state in which Indians are increasingly obsessed with their differences.

Find more at Walnuts Farm from Country Living magazine.

Countryside to seashore. Country Living is distributed by Frontline Ltd.

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