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clanbook true ppti.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The True Brujah are a bloodline of Clan Brujah that claim to be descendants of the original Antediluvian founder of the lineage and not his diablerist/childe Troile . Clanbook Brujah are trademarks of White Wolf Publishing,. Inc. All rights reserved. .. Kindred historians sometimes attribute True Brujah with participation in the.

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True Brujah. by Damien Moore aka. Sean O'Connell (23 Jun 94). Carthage was utopia. It is a living dream. Millenia ago, we Brujah created a city where Kindred. Clanbook: Brujah (Vampire: The Masquerade) PDF clanbook true ppti.info – Download as6 Feb Clanbook True Brujah Pdf Download — DOWNLOAD. One of my players really would like to play a true brujah. I have no problems with that because the cronicle starts in the dark ages. The problem.

If the command-willpower roll is botched, Gifts of Aeolus then the Kindred suffers an immediate loss of 1 permanent willpower as is usual for This ability allows the Kindred to call forth willpower rolls , and the spirit immediately a mist, fog, rainstorm or any other type of breaks free.

Thus the rain-storm called cannot cause What happens when an elemental spirit lightningstrikes, unless the area would breaks free is up to the ST. It may simply naturally have them. Air conceal the Kindred.

However, if a fog is Elemental: Str 5, Dex 5, Sta 3 called, it has the additional effect that any being tracking the Kindred or sensing them, loses 2 additional dice to roll. It allows the Kindred who invokes it, on spending one blood point, to cause Sense of the Dolphin up to litres of water to behave in any manner he decrees.

Thus, the water may be The Cainite can emit a high pitched noise made to flow up hill, to solidify into ice, to signal, and use his ability to sense the boil, to behave similarily to the effects of return of that signal to judge distance, and the deepers from 'Abyss'.

However, on other spatial relationships. The Kindred the Vampire is blind. There is a range of must be in contact with the water he 20 feet when this power is used in air, but wishes to affect, although the degree of this is increased fold when the he is contact is not important, and at least one underwater. One disadvantage to this drop of his blood must mix with the water power is that those who may be able to in question. Cainite evoking this power may summon an elemental spirit to the sample in order to animate it.

This spirit takes upon a vaguely humanoid form, and may not be friendly to the invoker. The elemental may be commanded by the Kindred to perform Way of Fire simple tasks, such as splashing or carrying objects. System: Invoking this ability is Must have at least 2 other ways quite trying to the Kindred attempting it.

In addition to spending a bloodpoint, she Any use of the way of fire first requires a must also spend a Willpower point to Frenzy roll. Each time the Kindred gives a command to the elemental, she must roll her willpower at a difficulty of 7. Only one success is needed for the Fire Sense command to be obeyed. Problems occur when the roll is failed or botched.


If she The user of this power understands fire, its merely fails the roll, then she must motivations and needs. If this is failed then the must overcome his natural fear of fire and spirit breaks free of the Kindred's control. A failed roll costs one WP, on a If the command-willpower roll is botched, successful roll the user knows how the fire then the Kindred suffers an immediate loss will spread or grow, what it is feeding on of 1 permanent willpower as is usual for and how to slow it down, stop it or make it willpower rolls , and the spirit immediately grow.

Maniupulate Fire What happens when an elemental spirit breaks free is up to the ST. It may simply The user of this power can now speak to leave the physical form it was ordered into the flames and befriend them, bringing and depart, it may attack the Kindred, it them to roaring power or quieting them to may wander off in its physical form.

The number of Torch successes achieved is the number of blood Fireplace points changed. A botch means that if the Bonfire target was a vampire, the target's blood Small Room pool is actually increased by one, as the Large Room blood is thickened, rather than thinned.

The Cainite using this power can bring flames from nothing. Each time the Kindred gives a command to the elemental, she must roll her willpower System: The Kindred must make a at a difficulty of 7. The size of the fire produced Problems occur when the roll is failed or depends on the number of Willpower botched. If she merely fails the roll, then she must immediately make another roll to regain control willpower, difficulty 8, three successes needed.

If this is failed then the Multitude of forms spirit breaks free of the Kindred's control. If you're Tremere or Tzimisce you may be lucky to learn some low-level rituals that help you push foreign objects out or dissolve them, but outside the blood magic only Elder-level disciplines can get rid of anything you got inside, ranging from bullets to stakes.

Generally speaking if you do end up in firefights a lot it pays to ghoul a surgeon or know another vampire who ghouled one or learned a bit of surgery himself. Diseases no longer harm you, but neither can you harm them, as your body have no immune system. If you feed of sick people you will become disease carrier, infecting everyone you feed of, which is generally accompanied with significant social stigma if not outright ostracizing in vampire society.

Even common cold can lurk in your blood for months. Kindred spreading something dangerous like AIDS or hepatitis or the Black Plague in the nights of old may even be banished from the domain and there are examples of blood hunts being called on unrepentant disease carriers.

Be careful with what you eat. Your wounds don't bleed no matter how wide or deep they are. And speaking about the blood. You're a vampire. You need to drink blood to survive.

Ideally human blood, but animal blood may suffice, although it's far less potent and may cause anger issues, and that's assuming your sire taught you you can sustain from animals most sires don't. Blood of other supernaturals at least those who have it may work too, but it may have some side effects, like mage blood giving you an acid trip, and werewolf blood, though far more potent, can make you RAGE.

To help you with bloodsucking business you can magically grow fangs to bite people, and the bite itself is not painful, but in fact about halfway between a good sex and first heroine trip in terms of pleasure, so it renders the victim completely catatonic and probably with ruined underwear. Oh, and licking a bite mark completely heals it.

Most humans tend to forget their first bite and a few minutes of memory around it, but long term victims lose this effect and often develop strong psychological addiction to vampire bites, which some kindred use to build loyal herds of bite junkies. It's even better for you, and is basically the only real physical pleasure you're left with. Have fun with that. The blood you sucked from others is magically transformed into super-blood called Vitae you can use to instantly heal your wounds unless they're caused by things vampires are weak to, make yourself stronger, tougher or faster, restore your dead body to full human functionality so you can temporarily scratch all the disadvantages of an undead body listed above or just get up from your bed or coffin if you're into it every evening.

Vitae is more "compact" that human blood and it stores better, so it's better suited for storing extra blood for combat situations think mana potions , although drinking other vampire's vitae poses a considerable risk: Drinking Vitae creates a Blood Bond that ties the drinker to his victim for each night the drinker drunk the vitae.

It starts with a mild sympathy with one bond and goes up to complete sycophantic enthrallment at three bonds. This works on both humans and other vampires, as well as some other supernaturals. Vitae is a powerful magical reagent coveted by occultists of all sorts, starting from vampire's own blood mages Caine help you if a Tremere or Assamite got his hands on a droplet of your blood , to linear sorcerers and awakened mages who use it as an easy source of Tass , to demons and their cults, to rogue ghouls and certain kinds of vampire hunters, to random mortal mafia cartels who make super-addictive drugs out of it.

This is a reason maintaining the Masquerade around other supernaturals is no less important than around normal humans.

You're a nocturnal creature now, waking up after the dawn and going to sleep before the dusk. This means you have less time per day to work with that humans do. Despite spending all your waking time at night you don't have an inherent night-vision any better than normal humans do, unless you learn certain Disciplines. You can stay awake at daytime, but it takes quite a lot of concentration, and you're likely to be very sluggish, weak and lethargic when the sun is up even if you never face it directly.

You're also affected by the effect called "Stasis", that reverses a lot of changes to your body during your daysleep. Tattoos would bleach out, dyed hair would restore it's color, haircut would restore to the state in which you died and so on.

It partly spreads to your mental changes as well, so on the one hand all the horrible stuff you go through only scars your psyche a bit when it realistically should have made you flip your shit and go insane years ago, while on the other hand it takes you more time and effort to learn and train than humans and other supernaturals take.

True Brujah

The Curse[ edit ] Typical V:tM players. The big part VtM's flair is that Vampires come not only with amazing powers, but also with a capital "C" Curse. Eternal life and powers come with a price: The Beast. This "Beast", is, depending who you ask, either some dark thing possessing them, a dark part of their own soul, or the only remaining part of their soul.

Point is, it kinda has a mind of its own, and it's fucking stupid, like animal-level stupid.

Which brings us to Morality. One of the best planned but not well executed part of World of Darkness was Morality. The game isn't about playing the most badass motherfucker on the block: it is personal horror combined with existential crisis of simply being a bloodsucking monstrosity a week after having a barbeque with family or kissing a loved one.

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Great, you are now a vampire, and you have your Id inside you howling to tear apart the world. How will you deal with it? Humans and many Vampires have their morality gauge set to Humanity for starters. In World of Darkness, morality rules have Ten Commandments of their own, each having a value of importance.

Lightest crimes had 10, worst ones 1. As the smallest infraction is done again and again, morality rating fell to the lower value of the corresponding crime. Manslaughter for example, has a rating of 5. Which means regularly doing said crime will set you to 4, but won't go lower unless you commit intentional murder, which has a rate of 4, reducing you to 3, and so on. As a Vampire breaks his morality code the Beast could attempt to gain more control over him, and as most vampires follow basic human morality called the Path of Humanity it's really easy for them to lose their Humanity at record speed, all with a murderous spirit hijacking their bodies from time to time, and murder being quite an immoral thing.

Losing one's Humanity is always the bad thing, as it lowers vampire's ability to interact with mortals, makes his vampiric traits more apparent pale skin, fangs, corpse-like appearance, even corpse smell at later stages , and at lower morality stages can cause mental derangements and even partial loss of control over his own actions as GM can hijack low-Humanity vampire at any point.

If the vampire manages to lose all of his Humanity which is actually quite hard, as at low levels mundane sins no longer trigger the Beast he devolves into purely bestial mindless monster. The good news is that the beast being a fucking dumb animal have no concept of indirect actions, so it does not use, say, an orchestrated murder pulled through puppets as a possible alley of attack on vampire's Humanity.

The bad news is that the Elders know this and use it with younger vampires serving as their puppets. In case you're wondering how Sabbat manage to be Sabbat, everyone that survives for more than a year follows alternative morality systems called Paths, most of which are weird and kinda crazy if you think through them, but they work at keeping the Beast in check, so who the fuck cares.

That being said actually embracing the Path is a rather difficult thing to do, as the aspirant first have to lose almost all of its Humanity and then perform some Olympic-level mental gymnastics with a price of failing being losing itself to the Beast completely and likely being hunted down by fellow Kindred.

Aside from being hard and dangerous to embrace, Paths also have a number of disadvantages tied to the lack of ties to Humanity: those who follow the Paths cannot hide their undeath by spending blood, cannot act at all during the day and often have harder time resisting the Beast, but can actually control it to a certain extent once it takes over.

In theory, many of these paths are quite logical since the character can no longer feel equal to humanity and has to make changes, particularly cool ones practiced by Ventrue Sabbat such as "Path of Honorable Accord".

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This path for example, still forbids senseless murder of innocents, but allows manslaughter for honor and defending Sabbat.

Path of Caine, a very old path orders its followers to absorb Caine's values, and diablerizing murderfuckrapeabsorb other vampires that don't agree with the player's morality it should be noted that the Path of Caine is basically one of the most condoned by the Sabbat, who see themselves as the agents of Caine. Still it also ordered avoiding killing humans, rationalizing it as "If possible, leave the children of Seth alone and coexist with them".

Emphasis on if possible, letting the player be a badass killer without devolving into a Sonic Hedgeheg Coldsteel edgelord. Of course, paths who are utterly evil still wanted to explain killing, such as Path of Death and Soul, rationalizing murder into "battlefield research". Bottom line, each "path" dealt with the question: "What niche does The Beast have in me?

Path of Evil Revelations, or Path of Orion for example, "rides the Beast", letting it flow but direct its blind rage to targets when it hits. In theory. In practice, well Or explain your Giger fetishes with using the Vicissitude Discipline sexually. Needless to say, a Storyteller may not be popular when he summons Society of Leopold's finest hunters when the players go on a blind rampage to justify being Sabbat. Vampire Sects[ edit ] For most of the Dark Ages vampires could more or less get away with whatever as long as they obeyed the following six rules: The oldest vampires are in charge, because they are the closest to Caine.

Respect the master of a domain. If you can keep a domain it's yours; if you can take it from someone else it's yours.

True Brujah

Only embrace with your Elder's permission. Until you release your Childer, its sins are your own. Don't kill your elders. Don't reveal the secrets of the vampires to non-vampires, lest you forego the protection of the previous rule. This allowed vampires a large degree of freedom to dick around with, messing with mortals for the lulz. Eventually they got fed up with this and decided to rise up during the midth century. The fires of the Inquisition burned bright, and it turns out that even the more powerful vampires struggle when a mob with torches vampires flip their shit when confonted with fire and pitchforks one good stab and the vampire is turned helpless is coming at them.

The Elders quickly came to a solution to this problem: throw enough of their Childer at the problem until it was solved and keeping the door shut in the meantime.

This backfired horribly. The younger vampires declare they had enough and band together not just to annihilate vampire killing lynch mobs, but also their Elders and try to become the rulers of the world. In ancient times, most vampires made their childer drink their blood in three sips, magically binding them to serve their elders. It's called a blood bond, and effectively enslaves the drinker.

These Neonates didn't like this one bit, and paired with all the other abuse they've been receiving they started the First Anarch Revolt.

They escaped the blood bonds via a ritual granted to them by Kupala, a demon bound to the land of Transylvania. Via a blood-red flower granted to the Tzimisce Lugoj Blood-Breaker he was able to create the ritual of Vaulderie, which allowed him to break the blood bond and instead create a bond between individual vampires by having them drink each other's blood. As a result they make for incredibly fanatical warbands, and started their revolt.

This vampire civil war started out pretty well, with the Anarchs receiving backing from the Assamites who didn't mind killing a bunch of Elders as long as they got to snack on their blood.

The initial stages even saw the deaths of two Antediluvians: Tzimisce was diablerized by his great-grandchilde Lugoj but not really and Lasombra was diablerized by his childe Gratiano de Veronese but not really. At this point the Elders of the other clans started to get nervous and decided to band together under a common banner: that of the Camarilla.

They started to kick the shit out of the Anarchs to the point where a truce was called in during what became known as the Convention of Thorns. Knowing that their fun was over many of the surviving Anarchs decided to throw in their lot with the Camarilla, but the Lasombra and Tzimisce were angry that the other clans wouldn't go try and eat their Antediluvians. This came to a head where a Tzimisce called Myca Vykos invited the Ventrue representative Hardestadt the Younger to eat a dick, and was kind enough to provide one by cutting off his own cock and balls and throwing them at Hardestadt's face.

His final declaration was that he would be beyond any gender since he no longer identified with humanity and took the name Sacha Vykos.

Vykos is now one of the most feared vampires of the modern nights, acting as the Sabbat's chief torturer. And given that this is the Sabbat, that should say something. With this vivid statement the Camarilla's power consolidated, the remaining Assamites were pacified via a blood curse courtesy of the fledgling Tremere clan and the remaining vampires formed the Sabbat.

Camarilla[ edit ] The symbol of the Camarilla. Now that the Camarilla got its shit together it could actually focus on its mission, which is Exept this time it's all done in the name of the Traditions see below and the Masquerade. Sure, upholding the Masquerade means that a second Inquisition won't break out any time soon, and with the current age of camera phones being connected to the Internet at all times means that the job has become increasingly difficult, but the Camarilla is still run by the Inner Circle: a shadowy group of Elders who pull the strings behind the scenes.

The Camarilla also denies the existence of the Antediluvians and Caine , mainly to make sure that no mass hysteria breaks out within the ranks the younger Kindred in the Camarilla most of whom being less than years old or have them join Gehenna cults to try and fight the Antediluvians or outright join the Sabbat. Of course, once a Neonate finds out that they've been conned they're either old enough to have become used to the way things are and play along, or lash out and join the Sabbat.

In hindsight, Camarilla are the best weapon against Gehenna to some players. They were also instructed to destroy any Kindred they saw using the Elementalism discipline, described to them as a form of Blood Magic. The years passed, and the warrior-Brujah's childer became more populous.

They either forgot or did not learn their Sire's heritage, and the High Council faded from sight, so as not to present a target to the other clans. The Ventrue, the Malkavians, the Toreador, all assumed that the elder Kindred of the Brujah had been destroyed or had fled, or melded with the earth, no longer a factor in Kindred politics. The other clans of the kindred noticed this change in the younger Brujah, but did not pay it much heed, often to their dismay when these new Brujah went mad, destroying all in sight.

For since the fall of Carthage, the Brujah had been always on the edge of Frenzy. Some theorised it was the rage of Troile, echoing down through his bloodline. The High Council considered it to be an unfortunate side-effect of their new Childer's posession of Celerity, one that may reap its own benefits when they used their Childer in battle in the centuries to come.

This situation continued for a thousand years. The High Council, from their various Havens and hiding places watched, and their warrior- childer ravaged the Kindred world, increasing in numbers and generation. The Council cared not for their Progeny's fascination with the Anarch movement, regarding the battles against the other Elders as good training.

Indeed, when the Sabbat was formed, they would have collected their Childer and fought against the Ventrue and other clans. Except for one thing. The Inquisition. Their fascination with their own Childer, their tweaking of their destinies, led the inquisitive mortals to themselves, the evil ones who sat in the background like the puppet-masters. And why, came the argument in the mortal councils, destroy the puppets when you may destroy the puppeteers.

By flame, by stake and by sunlight, the mortals found and destroyed the true-Brujah, one by one. Their secrecy from the world of the Kindred, long their shield, became the sword used against them, as they could not even call for their warriors. And so the majority of the High Council passed away, their plans flapping lose in the winds of history.

Without their subtle control upon their behaviour, their childer raged unchecked Not all of the council was destroyed. A small number of those that knew the truth escaped the flame, and fled into hiding, seeing this as a repetition of the destruction of Carthage. They lost much of their will to live, and slipped into Torpor.

The years passed, and their grief lessened, even in Torpor. The remainder of the High Council awoke, and took stock of the world around them.

Times had changed since the dark ages of the Inquisition. New Empires had arisen and fallen, new thoughts and philosophies to light. First in priority was regaining their control over their breeding experiment. This was complicated by the existence of the Sabbat. No longer was there a single Clan Brujah, but now there were the Brujah antitribu.Make yourself useful to someone in power and you might survive a few more nights. Embraces Only the brightest, bravest original thinkers are selected.

If he merely fails the roll. Then came the Anarch Revolt of the 15th century, which broke the power of the elders and saw the rise of the two major factions that would last into the modern day: the Camarilla and the Sabbat.

In this state. Which means regularly doing said crime will set you to 4, but won't go lower unless you commit intentional murder, which has a rate of 4, reducing you to 3, and so on. It may simply third level of the Protean Discipline. A plan was conceived to give them these warriors. Success indicates they have achieved flight, the number of successes determines System: The player rolls willpower against he maximum speed 10 feet per turn, per a difficulty of 6.

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