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Surgery, under the leadership of Dr João Gilberto Maksoud who succeeded Surgery”, edited by Dr João Gilberto Maksoud (Cirurgia Pediátrica, ed. Revinter. Professor Titular da Disciplina de Cirurgia Pediátrica e Transplante Hepático da FMUSP U Tannuri, JG Maksoud-Filho, ACA Tannuri, W Andrade, JG Maksoud. Maksoud-Filho JG, Tannuri U, daSilva MM, Maksoud JG. The outcome of newborns with abdominal wall defects according to the method of abdominal closure.

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IEspecialista em Cirurgia Pediátrica CIPE/AMB, Cirurgião Pediátrico do Hospital Carlos Chagas Texto completo disponível apenas em PDF. Full text available. Livre Docente de Cirurgia Pediátrica FMUSP, FACS, FAAP IIProfessor Titular de Cirurgia Pediátrica FMUSP IIIDoutor em Cirurgia pela FMUSP, Cirurgiões do. que for necessário até a cirurgia, nas melhores e mais seguras .. In: Maksoud JG. Cirurgia respiratório, sendo necessário fisioterapia pediátrica. Rio de.

[Vascular rings in childhood: diagnosis and treatment].

After a thoracic CT scan evaluation these patients were operated on through a limited thoracotomy having evacuation of intrapleural debris, gelatinous and fibrinous material. The devitalized lung parenchima was resected and the raw surface sewn with synthetic absorbable sutures.

Good pulmonary expansion and clinical improvement were achieved in all patients. They were discharged home before the tenth postoperative day, in good clmical conditions.

There were no deaths and no significant morbidity among those children. The authors conclude that in selected cases early decortication must be considered as a possibility to the treatment. Key words: Lung decortication; Pleural empyema; Chronic lung suppuration. Full text available only in PDF format. Empyema thoracis in children: J Pediatr Surg ; Thoracoscopy in the management of pediatric empyema J Pediatr Surg ; Strange C, Sahn AS.

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Cirurgia Pediatrica

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Current management of biliary atresia based on 35 years of experience at a single center

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