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Also, Get CBSE Class 9 Hindi Sample Papers with Answers in PDF Form. Access latest Sample Papers for Class 9 Computer Science as per CBSE and in book for Class 9 Computer Science as per syllabus issued by CBSE and NCERT. CBSE Class-9 Syllabus (Computer Applications). COMPUTER APPLICATIONS CLASS IX (Code No) Effective from the session 1. CBSE Books -Class XIDownload ePub Reader · Home · Classes I-V · Classes VI- VIII · Classes IX-X Computer Science. Class: XI. Lang: English. Sub: IT. book.

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The latest CBSE syllabus for class 9 has some very specific changes that the revised syllabus before purchasing books and start preparing for new session. Find below the complete syllabus for CBSE Class 9 Computer. Information and Computer Technology Class IX. Ist Edition: . I am happy to release Information and communication Technology Book for Class – IX. I would. COMPUTER MATERIAL CLASS 3 to Click here for> Class III. Click here for > Click here for> Class VIII. Click here for> Class-IX. Click here for>.

Perform basic data manipulation using spreadsheets. Use Indian languages in documents. Send and receive emails, follow email etiquette, and communicate over the internet. Create and upload videos. Safe and correct usage of websites, social networks, chat sites, and email. Distribution of Marks 3.

Distribution of Marks Unit No. Unit Name Marks 1. Basics of Information Technology 5 2. Cyber safety 10 3. Office Tools 5 4.

Unit 1: Basics of Information Technology Familiarity with the basics of computers: Unit 2: Cyber-safety Safely browsing the web and using social networks: Unit 3: Office tools Introduction to a word processor: Edit and format text: Add headers and footers, numbering pages, grammar and spell check utilities, subscript and superscript, insert symbols, use print preview, and print a document.

What is the difference between machine language and assembly language? Answer: Difference between machine language and assembly language are as follows: Machine Language Machine language uses binary digits 0s and 1s to write a program. Assembly language used mnemonic codes to write a program in place of binary digits. It is not human readable language.

It is a more human readable language. It is directly understood by the computer.

CBSE Practice Papers Class 9 Computer Science

It is not directly understood by the computer. There is no need of any type of language processor.

Assembler is used to translate assembly language into computer understandable language. Explain encryption and decryption.

Answer: A process to convert a plain text into cipher text is called encryption. Whereas, a process to convert a cipher text into plain text is called decryption. What is general purpose application software?

Give some examples of general purpose application. Answer: General purpose application softwares are those softwares, which are used for any general function. They allow people to do simple computer tasks. It is sometimes referred to as GPS.

Why do we use reservation system? Answer: It is a computerised system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel, hotels, car rental or other activities. It is an application software which is commonly seen at railway reservation offices, this software helps the concerned department to automatically check the availability of the seats or berths of any train and on any particular date with an incomparable speed.

What are HLLs? Give example of some HLLs. Answer: It is an advanced computer programming language that is not limited to one computer, designed for a specific job and is easier to understand. The main advantage of high level languages over low level languages is that they are easier to read, write and understand, e.

Long Answer Type Questions What is an operating system?

NCERT Books For Class 9 Computer (ICT) Free PDF Download (2019-20)

Explain its functions with an examples. Answer: It is a program that acts as an interface between the user and the hardware i. An operating system is an important component of a computer system, which controls and co-ordinates all other components of it. It activates all devices that makes them ready for work. It also performs all internal management functions and ensures systematic functioning of a computer system.

Foundations of Information Technology Class 9

The operating system performs the following functions: It recognises input from keyboard and sends output to the display screen. It makes sure that the programs running simultaneously do not interfere with each other. It is also responsible for security, ensuring that unauthorised users cannot access the system e.

Question 2.

NCERT Books For Class 9 2018-19 PDF Download Free

Describe utility software and also define its types.Characteristics: I. Trivia About Computer Applicat It is sometimes referred to as GPS. Thanks to internet that now we can get any kind of information we need in just few seconds.

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