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Cakes Recipes For Desserts: Black Forest Cake, Eggless Sponge Cake, बिना अंडे केक रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Cakes recipes in Hindi). Cakes & Desserts. 2. About the Author. I am Vaishali Parekh, a resident of Kolkata, India and a Graduate. Nutritionist. My passion for health and nutrition and a. Homemade Cake Recipe- Learn how to make Homemade Cake step by step on Times Food. Find all ingredients and method to cook.

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This Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe Explains How To Make Soft and Spongy Chocolate Chocolate Cake (Eggless) Recipe In Hindi (हिन्दी में पढ़े). Cake Recipe Book (a FREE cake cook book app) will guide you through your cooking quests with such ease that your cooking skills will be no less than that of a. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Cake Keeper Cakes Simple Recipes for Extraordinary Bundt Cakes, Pound Cakes, Snacking Cakes.

During the Roman period, the name for cake became "placenta" which was derived from the Greek term. A placenta was baked on a pastry base or inside a pastry case.

In so doing, cake as it is known today became a mass-produced good rather than a home- or bakery-made specialty.

Later, during the post-war boom , other American companies notably General Mills developed this idea further, marketing cake mix on the principle of convenience, especially to housewives. When sales dropped heavily in the s, marketers discovered that baking cakes, once a task at which housewives could exercise skill and creativity, had become dispiriting.

This was a period in American ideological history when women, retired from the war-time labor force, were confined to the domestic sphere , while still exposed to the blossoming consumerism in the US. Ever since, cake in a box has become a staple of supermarkets, and is complemented with frosting in a can. Varieties A fudge cake is a type of chocolate cake Cakes are broadly divided into several categories, based primarily on ingredients and mixing techniques.

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Although clear examples of the difference between cake and bread are easy to find, the precise classification has always been elusive. Butter cakes are made from creamed butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. They rely on the combination of butter and sugar beaten for an extended time to incorporate air into the batter. Baking powder is in many butter cakes, such as Victoria sponge.

I like the timer that features an LCD with easy-to-read numbers, with the loud beeping sound, and either can clip-on, stands, or magnetically attaches for your convenience.

How to make Homemade Cake

The mixing time depends on the quantity of the batter, the speed of mixing and the shape of the wire whisk. Visual observation is the most reliable method to decide when to stop mixing. Stop when the batter becomes very light and fluffy, and the color turns from the initial bright yellow to pale yellow.

The texture should now look like whipped cream. Fortunately, there is no issue to mix longer than require. Therefore, it is a good practice to mix a bit longer to ensure it is light and fluffy.

Key points: Start mixing the sugar with butter only when the butter is soft enough. Use high speed to mix. Use a wire whisk to mix. Mix until the color turns to pale yellow, with the texture, resemble whipped cream. Step 2- Prepare the dry ingredients flour, salt, baking powder I mix the flour, baking powder and salt together while waiting for the butter to soften.

This step is essentially a no-brainer. However, I would like to mention the necessity of sieving the flour as I see it. There are contradicting opinions on the issue of sieving the flour. The rationale is sieving can remove lumps and impurities. It also aerates the flour and makes it easier to incorporate into the wet ingredients. Sieving the dry ingredients together also helps the baking powder and salt distribute evenly. But I do not sieve the flour.

PDF Carrot Cake Magic Best 20 Recipes to Make a Perfect Carrot Cake at Home PDF Online

The flour I order from a trusted local flour mill is clean and free from lumps. I find that cakes made from sieved and unserved flour are identical. I wonder whether my supplier sends me the pre-sieved flour without letting me know. Therefore, I just mix the flour with salt and baking powder with a whisk before adding it to the wet ingredients. I do this to minimize the time required to combine with the batter, which will discuss in detail in Step 5.

Note: If your flour is not pre-sieved, please sieve with a flour sifter to prevent the flour to become lumpy. Key points: Sieve the flour with a flour sifter only if it is lumpy. Mix the flour, salt, and baking powder together. Step 3- Measure the wet ingredients eggs, milk Crack all the eggs in a bowl I use a digital kitchen scale to measure the ingredients. I have converted all the measurements from cups and liters to grams.

While this may not be important, I find that this is the best way to work in the kitchen. This method simplifies the recipe and gets away the possible confusion among gram, liters, cups, and tablespoons. I use gram as the single unit of measurement in my kitchen. It boosts efficiency and minimizes human errors among my kitchen staffs.

I crack all the eggs into a large bowl and milk in another. I separate them just to make sure if I pour too much milk, I can still salvage the extra if they are in separate bowls Key point: Use electronic measuring machine to measure dry and wet ingredients for accuracy and convenience. Step 4- Add the eggs and milk to the batter of butter and sugar Creaming is the most important part of the cake making proccess.

I fumbled before because I was impatient. The cake lose volume when I added the milk and eggs before the butter and sugar mixture becomes fluffy and light.

Therefore, it is crucial to mix until the color turns to pale yellow, with the texture resemble whipped cream before adding the liquid ingredients. I mix in the eggs and milk at high speed. Some cookbooks suggest to add the egg alternately with milk and pour into the butter mixture a little at a time. The purpose is to let part of the eggs well combined first before adding the next lot to ensure it is well absorbed.

I pour ALL the eggs into the batter followed by milk a minute later. As long as I continue mixing it at a higher speed, the egg and milk will eventually combine well with the batter.

The idea of pouring all the eggs in one go into the mixing bowl is not in line with the recommendation from most of the cookbook and baking experts. This method works well and saves time. What about the attachment of the mixer and the speed? From right: wire whisk, flat blade and dough hook Mix with high speed with the wire whisk, just like for butter and sugar. It does not mix well with the flat edge beater at low speed, which I did try before.

High-speed mixing aerates the mixture further to add volume to the structure, which is paramount for a light and smooth butter cake. Scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl to ensure even mixing. Continue mixing until it becomes homogeneous.

I usually do not set the timer to remind me when to stop mixing. The time varies with the mixing speed, the amount of the mixture and types of the whisk. Therefore, the best way to decide when to stop mixing is to by observing the color and texture. Stop mixing once the mixture becomes curd-like and pale yellow. It takes three to five minutes. Key points: Use high speed to mix. Use wire whisk for mixing. If it comes out clean, cake is cooked.

If it does not, then cook it for 5 more minutes. Let chocolate cake cool-down to room temperature. Run the knife on sides of the cake. Place cooling rack or a plate over the pan.

Flip the pan and rack together to easily remove the cake. Take chocolate chips or chopped chocolate in a bowl. Heat butter and milk in a pan over medium flame.

Bring it to boil and cook for a minute. Turn off the flame. Pour the mixture over chocolate and let it stand for 2 minutes.

Mix it using a wire whisk until it turns smooth and shiny.

PDF Carrot Cake Magic Best 20 Recipes to Make a Perfect Carrot Cake at Home PDF Online

Mixture will look dull in the beginning but it will turn shiny as shown in the photo after thorough mixing.After baking, remove the cake and cool at room temperature for a few minutes until you can hold the pan with your hands. The flour I order from a trusted local flour mill is clean and free from lumps. This variation is due to the size and position of the elements of the oven, which affect the time and temperature required. Baking soda is also known as soda that we generally used in cooking to make pakoda, dhokla etc.

Can I please have recipe of eggless cupcakes. Key points: Sieve the flour with a flour sifter only if it is lumpy. I wonder whether my supplier sends me the pre-sieved flour without letting me know.

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