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3 - A Redenção de Gabriel - Sylvain Reynard - documento [*.pdf] PRAISE FOR Gabriel's Redemption “The Professor is sexy and sophisticated. John Morgan Narrator (). cover image of Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy Reynard Author Lara Agnelli Translator (). cover image of A Redenção de Gabriel. A redenção de Gabriel by Sylvain Reynard is Contemporary Depois do escândalo em que se viram envolvidos em Toronto, Gabriel e Julia se.

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Gabriel, la trilogía (pack) - Sylvain Reynard Book - Free Ebook Download. Gabriel es un profesor especializado en Dante que imparte un máster en la Universidad de Toronto, A redenção de Gabriel Ebook Download. As Crônicas do Anjo Gabriel relatam a história da rebelião do primeiro anjo plano de redenção para salvar o universo da influência do mal. As Crônicas do Anjo Gabriel (Portuguese Edition) by Vicente José Pessoa Free PDF d0wnl0ad. É a história de uma amizade improvável, onde promove a esperança de cura e a redenção se torna amor. Mas a queda no amor pode ser difícil quando você.

Gah, could there be a more perfect husband than Gabriel. He would literally give up anything for Julia. I ended up feeling a little more sympathy toward Paulina than I ever thought I would, but as always Christa was still a bratty, slutty, B! And Paul, view spoiler [ glad he got himself a HEA, as well, and that he ended up being able to maintain a relationship with Julia.

Even though I wouldn't have minded knowing where they were, I don't know, five years from the end, I can honestly say I'm not sad this series is over. It feels so complete and happy. Also, knowing that we will get to see them again in Sylvain Reynard's next series helps a little too.

It was an incredible series with incredible writing and characters. I think I will always hold a special place in my heart for the professor. Previous to reading the book Link to new first chapter teaser View all 25 comments.

Jan 15, Natasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is here!! Starting this one today: View all 6 comments. Book 1: Simply divine! Scorned enemies and villains, set on revenge are still wreaking havoc on their relationship. Yet their biggest threats will always come from within ; The foundation, development and success of their relationship hinges on personal confidence and growth… and redemption.

Both Gabriel and Julia will be forced to deal with different aspects of their pasts. They are also faced with finding a balance in their relationship. Julia is trying to carve out and existence next to her larger-than-life Gabriel while he has to look for ways to support and protect her without coddling her. But the biggest obstacles may lie ahead dealing with the future and their own mortality. Professor Gabriel O. Emerson , a larger-than-life hero, on my top shelf. Nine words to describe Gabriel: Pretentious, mercurial, jaded, brilliant, reflective, progressive, enigmatic, commanding and unforgettable.

Sylvain Reynard

Shy, stubborn, smart, focused, ambitious, tenacious, fragile, loyal and patient. I just love you. Brilliant, inspiring and interesting plot! Masterfully told! Unforgettable and swoon-worthy professor Gabriel Emerson!

And… enough intrigue, suspense and romance to last throughout their saga! The coveted 6-star shelf! Would I re-read this series: Would I read future books by this author: View all 76 comments. That was such a beautiful, tear-jerking ending. Nothing is really sweeter than a HEA for your favorite book couple. In Gabriel's Redemption , Gabriel and Julia are already a married couple.

However, things are still not perfect because of some people who are trying to ruin their marriage and Gabriel's past who continues to haunt him.

What I loved about this third and final book was the main characters' development. I' "I love all of him-- the light and the dark, the good and the bad. I've seen how Julia grew from being shy and awkward to being such a brave and confident woman. I really admired the way she handled Christa every time the girl tries to provoke her.

It's also nice to follow Gabriel's character development in this series. I loved how he conquered his fears and confronted his past. The secondary characters such as Rachel, Aaron, Richard, Tom, and Paul also made this book unforgettable. I didn't like Paulina but in the end, I found myself sympathizing her. I thought what happened to her was just the right thing.

I loved how the series concluded as a whole, especially when it introduced a new character and an angel-- Clare. It was the ending that truly put a smile on my face. I will never forget this series! It was very well written and Julia and Gabriel's journey was so heart-warming my heart has been slayed so many ways. If you want to read an emotionally-driven romance book, then I highly recommend this trilogy.

View all 22 comments. Nov 17, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: Gabriel's Redemption He'd met her when she was seventeen ten years his junior and fallen in love with her. For Gabriel and Julianne it's been a long road, first meeting when she was a teenager, and then six years later as Gabriel's grad student. They'd fallen in love, married and now six months down the track are still blissfully enjoying life as Professor and Mrs Emerson.

This third and final instal Gabriel's Redemption He'd met her when she was seventeen ten years his junior and fallen in love with her. This third and final instalment really doesn't present anything new in the way of plot. But what it does is bring completion to Gabriel and Julianne's journey, tying up loose ends.

Though some readers may find this third book a little anticlimactic, for me it was necessary since a number of questions were left unanswered and characters' lives unfinished after the second book. Julianne has at last matured beyond the weepy heroine we saw in the first books, standing up to the professor as his equal.

From Gabriel and Julianne, through all the major secondary characters, threads are neatly tied off. Gabriel's father, Richard and Grace and his siblings. Julianne's father, Tom. Paul Norris. Simon Talbot and Christa Peterson. And even Gabriel's ex, Paulina. As the title indicates the theme running through this book is redemption. After living a previous life of unrestrained excess, resulting in addictions to alcohol, drugs and sex, Gabriel was freed with the help of his family and Julianne.

Though not much detail and references to the fine arts, literature, etc as in the previous books, there are enough for readers to realise that Sylvain Reynard knows just a bit more than your average author. At the end of Gabriel's Redemption we're given an intriguing excerpt from Sylvain Reynard's next title. Any complaints? Not really. Except that Julianne is just too darn perfect.

But that could just be my jealous inner self of course. All in all a fine read and wonderful completion to the Gabriel's Inferno trilogy. Gif-fest ahead!

Open at your own peril! View all 70 comments. In continuing with its "redemption-based" theme, this final installation follows our characters through their darkest moments, as we see a lot of what was implied in the first two books generously play out. In an attempt at remaining discreet with plot details, I'll simply mention that this installment deals with the trials Julia and Gabriel face as a newly married couple, while both old and new emotional setbacks arise.

But what remains a constant through it all is their unconditional and inspiring love for one another: There were a lot of dramatics within the secondary characters' stories, and most of it added intrigue and mystery while some of it felt slightly excessive. I also found that certain ends were left untied, but I'm assuming this was an intentional segue into SR's new paranormal series, The Raven Cannot wait!

In all honesty, I didn't love this book quite as much as the first two, but that fact didn't seem to matter. Sylvain Reynard's writing is so beautifully captivating that he could write a book about argyle socks being attacked by fountain pens wink, wink and I'd be first in line to read it.

That said, I did very much enjoy this conclusion and felt it was a wonderful surprise for fans of this series who weren't expecting a third book. Julia and Gabriel have become one of my most favored fictional couples, and I adored experiencing their final redemption! Book Stats: Sweet and sensual, but not without some angst.

Gabriel's Redemption

Sweet, protective hero. Strong, intelligent, loving heroine. Gabriel and Julia hit some road blocks in their relationship.

Beautiful as ever. Poetic and refined.

Final installment. Jan 08, Kelli Brown rated it liked it. I really want to read this but what could it possibly be about? I don't want the story ruined by the author trying to capitalize on the success of the first 2 books with a lame storyline. I'm crossing my fingers or a good story. Jul 04, Hulya Kara Yuksel rated it it was amazing. Attention please!

There will be a 4th book in this series. Ahhhh I cannot believe it, Prof. Emerson is coming back. All 3 books were so beautiful. This series are one of my favorites now, I'll never forget Prof. Gabriel Emerson.

View all 4 comments. Jan 08, Jessica's Book Review rated it really liked it. Where I do I begin?!

I am happy that I was able to get an ARC of such a highly anticipated book but sad because now the series is over! No more Professor Emerson! They are newlyweds living near Harvard in Massachusetts as Julia is in school, following her dreams studying at Harvard to be a Dante Specialist while Gabriel is working at Boston University nearby.

They are still having unbelievably hot sex and are madly in love. Can we just all agree no other characters in the history of books have ever been in more love than Gabriel and Julianne? Their love affair is what made this series perfection.

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My Professor Emerson: He is no longer the man full of hate. He has completely made a , and is not only in love but married and wants to be a father someday soon. Julia has created a name for herself in the academia world and even as a student has been asked to speak at a conference in England. Gabriel wants children while Julia wants to wait years to finish her degree.

Gabriel never puts pressure on her but Julia feels the pressure and is torn. Gabriel also comes to finally deal with his past and his biological father. He needs to figure out the past to be able to move on in the future and be the father he wants to be someday. I love the writing style and the adult tone of the book. It was not only interesting to read about these characters but also gave them closure to know of what became of them and what they have been doing since the second book.

It was a perfect mix of what we love about the first two books added with new elements to make it feel new and fresh. Gabriel is still one of the sexiest male characters EVER. He and Julianne have the hottest sex ever but have the best romance ever.

I am just in love with them together as a couple. I am so sad to see this series end but feel honored to have fallen in love with the Professor and Julianne too. You're Welcome ; Book provided by the author in return for an honest review. Stay connected with my reviews, book news and more: View all 8 comments. Sep 12, Ramona rated it it was amazing Shelves: My book boyfriend crush is back, but for the last time..

I am a huge fan of this series and loved every second of this book, just devoured it top-bottom. I was so sad when it ended, but happy for how things were put into place, perfectly for my liking. After fighting so hard to be together, facing all kinds of obstacles, we finally get to explore this couple in its marriage state, seeing how they cope with it.

The book begins 6 months from their wedding, where we see them adjusting to a normal lif My book boyfriend crush is back, but for the last time.. The book begins 6 months from their wedding, where we see them adjusting to a normal life, with daily activities. Julia is studying at Harvard and Gabriel is working at Boston University. Julia's main concern is finishing her studies, a dream for which she fought hard in the past, jeopardized by her relationship with Gabriel. The main problem in this third book is balancing personal life with the professional one, a difficulty that our couple had.

Julia is so focused on her studies, she is not thinking of having a baby.. I saw an evolution in Gabriel that made me admire him more. Initially he was tormented, thought that he didn't deserve to be happy, that he couldn't have children, because he was not worthy of love. After meeting Julia, things changed for him. Julia thought him how to love and to be confident that he deserved a second chance.

The title is very descriptive: Gabriel left his pass behind and wanted a new life with Julia, full of hope and love. Now he is determined to show her how amazing their future can be, the 2 of them and their child.

The problem here is Julia, because she doesn't feel that the moment is right, especially when she need to finish the studies and begin the career she so fought for. The roles are now in reverse, Gabriel being the one to show Julia the perfection is awaits them by fulfilling his wish.

I will let you explore this book by yourself, but you will certainly be amazed by the change in Gabriel and how determined he was. I always knew he was amazing, and how good he can be as a husband and father. He had to discover it by himself, in order to be in this place right now. I enjoyed very much the accent that was put on his background, he being in search for his family and finding the well needed closure.

We get to see a new Gabriel, and it melt my heart. Julie disappointed me a little, because I consider her kind of selfish, but on the other hand I managed to put myself in her shoes and imagine how I would react. The answer was not so easy to find, but I was Team Gabriel throughout the majority of the book.


Their fights and small exchanges made my delight, because I enjoy seeing how alike they are in personality, but different in opinions. The thing that remained constant was their love and their intense and romantic love scenes.

That chemistry and connection is their trademark, and to be sincere, I felt it even more intense in this book, like a culmination of everything they went through and now they were free to express all of this openly. I love this series for the character it provided, for its amazing story and written style. I said it and I will repeat myself, Sylvain Reynard is amazing and his talent never ceased to amaze me.

I am very glad our beloved couple got the ending well deserved and managed to find love and happiness, although the road was packed with obstacles. For more reviews please check https: View all 14 comments.

Jan 10, Debra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gabriel's Redemption was the perfect conclusion to Gabriel and Julianne's whirlwind romance story. For over a year, I'd been waiting for this third and final part of the highly praised Gabriel's Inferno-series and I can honestly say it did not disappoint!

Once again, the Professor managed to make me swoon with his many carefully chosen words and poems. He's the perfect example of a gentleman and a hot alpha male all in one!!

We can't let them do that. Since then, they've both come a very long way. Six years after their first meeting, Julia became Gabriel's grad student and thus began their passionate affair. Now, two years later, the two of them are newlyweds. Julia is working on her doctorate program in Harvard and Gabriel is still working as a professor.

But being newlyweds married with a full and exhausting work schedule isn't always rainbows and sunshine. On top of Julia's strict workload, Gabriel would also like to start thinking about starting a family, even though Julia would prefer finishing her studies first. Still, the newlyweds are determined to fight for what they have without letting anyone come between them.

You're my Beatrice and my sticky little leaf and my beautiful wife. Every player, both Julianne's friend Paul, as well as her greatest enemies Christa, Simon and Natalie, and even Paulina, get the ending they deserve.

The main focus of the story is about healing, hope and letting go of a painful past and memories in order to built a happy future. Without Julianne, Gabriel might have never become the man he is today, but with the help of his brown eyed angel, he's managed to overcome some of his darkest demons. She teaches him about forgiveness and love and in return he makes her feel beautiful and cherished. Yet you're so giving. Because I have compassion for you.

Because I forgive you. The journey Gabriel and Julianne go through is a beautiful one with lots of ups and downs. This final part of the series was less eventful and with much less heartbreak and anguish, but still there was never a dull moment throughout the story. The author has created a story and two main characters that will definitely stay with me for a very long time and I'm already looking forward to reading much more of his work in the future!

View all 40 comments. Jan 23, K rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story continues with its redemption based theme in this final installment. While this was by far my least favorite book in the series I still really enjoyed it and I am heartbroken to see it end! I felt that there were some things that could have been executed better which prevented me from 4. I felt that there were some things that could have been executed better which prevented me from giving this book 5 stars.

Does Julia become a Professor? Do Paul and Julia remain friends? What happens with Simon? Does he get the girl back or suffer alone? Do Aaron and Rachel ever have kids?

What happens with Julia's little brother, does the surgery work? Also one of the things that bugged me the most was the lack of oral sex on Julia's part. I felt that since she had been degraded in the past I thought we were going to have a scene of her overcoming her fears and giving Gabriel a blow job.

I didn't want the scene just for the sex, I wanted it to be shown as a sign of growth on Julia's part. Also, there was the scene where Gabriel thought Julia was dead. Now this was a huge problem to me. That scene could have been better executed and had more emotion. It didn't, and I just felt that it was out of character for Gabriel to handle is so well. Oh well Julia is hard at work to attain her degree, and Gabriel is teaching.

There's still some hardships and secrets, but for the most part married life is going really well for them! I'm not married and I'll admit after reading a love like Gabriel and Julia's I don't know how anyone will ever add up to The Professor's love for Julia.

Their love is so sweet, fierce, protective, passionate, tender, sexy and consuming all at the same time! I just soaked it all up! One of the things that I loved so much about this book was how realistic everything was. Their relationship isn't perfect. While they love each other fiercely, both of them still make mistakes and they do fight at times, but they always make up and learn from the mistakes they make. Before they can get their HEA after though obstacles and questions arise from Gabriel's past that he has to be able to overcome if he wants to move forward with his life with Julia.

Will they get their HEA? Or is there love destined to be tragic like Beatrice and Dante's? You are everything.

Gabriel's Redemption

The writing style of Sylvain Reynard is so poetic and beautiful that I can't imagine anyone finding fault in it. And last but not least lets not forget about Professor Gabriel Emerson. Let's all be honest ladies, he made this series! Without him our hearts wouldn't have swooned and I wouldn't have gone on a David Gandy hunt looking for all my perfect Gabriel pictures!

Gabriel's character was so perfectly written and executed. His love and devotion to Julia make him one of the best book boyfriends of all time and I teared up just reading abut the love he had for her. View all 60 comments. I've one thing to say- Sylvain Reynard didn't plan to write this book.

It's the readers that pushed for this book. They wanted more from this couple To give us a sense of closure. SR gave us this in spades! Every detail of closure handed over to his readers in all his poetic perfection. Were parts of the book a bit long or anticlimactic for me?

Were there parts I felt a bit too religious or spiritual for those who don't believe? I can't complain there as I think it added a true sense of person, of beliefs and hopes that there's powers beyond our control Aside from that, the only other thing I found myself wishing for was more steamy love scenes.

It always bothered me this series was tagged erotica because I don't see it at all I find this book totally different. Much more beautifully romantic and less smutty. That being said, a little more steam would've been the icing on my Gabriel cake! I mean, they had orchard sex, museum sex, kitchen counter sex, chocolate body painting sex More deets SR!

Sylvain Reynard is truly one of my favorite authors. This series being my favorite love story of all time. To take such torturous pasts and circumstances and give us their story come full circle, my opinion stays strong Gabriel and Julianne are my favorite. The author truly knows his Dante and there were parts I found myself skimming when she was doing her speech, or some of the poetry. It's a bit over this blonde's head I guess. But the beauty of his writing remains.

Rumor has it, he's venturing into more PNR writing. A shame but I wish all the success in the future to a writer that has touched me like few can. May 06, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review 4. The road to redemption is never easy, but it is attainable.

I love all of him — the light and the dark, the good and the bad. He left the others behind and he will never go back. Julianne is finishing up her first year of her PhD program at Harvard and Gabriel is now a professor at Boston University. They are living the newlywed life, romance and lots of unbelievably hot great sex. I mean lots of passionate sex! Not is all peaches and cream for the Emersons, Julianne is trying to balancing her academic career and her duties as a wife.

As for Gabriel, his past demons and addiction still haunts him. As they settled into their married life, Gabriel feels its time to expand their family and are ready for kids.

Julianne, on the other hand, wants kids but not at the moment. She wants to finish her PhD program before they expand their family. Gabriel does not pressure Julianne but she is left feeling torn. His past and demons that he tried to put behind him slowly creeps and plagues his mind and torments his soul. He has a lot of demons to fight so he finally decides that he needs to put them to a rest so he can give his all to his new life and marriage. As much as Julianne wants to help Gabriel, he feels that there are times he must do it alone.

She has blossomed into a beautiful independent woman. She has made a name for herself in the academia world.

In this book, we see a stronger Julianne, who will fight for her dreams, family and her love for Gabriel. Her heart can be only described as pure. The connection that they hold is so deep, intense and strong that nothing can tear them apart even with old enemies still lurking around. There is no question that these two are perfectly suited for each other.

She is the ying to his yang. They are two peas in a pod. She is his Beatrice and he is her Dante. The love that have for each other radiates from the pages. It is as if the stars have aligned, and they are fated one another and nothing can tear them apart. I absolutely love that no matter what arguments, misunderstanding, and whatever problems that stands in their way, they stand side by side and show a united front.

They support each other, defend each other and love each other unconditionally. Love can heal old wounds and scars. It doesn't always come easy. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without. Gabriel clearly worships the ground Julianne walks on. She is his life and vice versa. After what Gabriel and Julianne had experienced, their love story had come to a full circle. At the end of the last page, I was at peace knowing that their love triumphed and overcame all the odds that were thrown at them.

Their love was so passionate, tender, fierce, unconditional, and all-consuming. They never, ever stopped fighting for each other and they were truly destined and made for each other.

The love between Gabriel and Julianne is the kind of true love that everyone wants and hopefully can experience in their life. Reynard for introducing us to the Professor and Julianne and allowing us to accompany them on their beautiful journey of forgiveness, strength, hope, courage, perseverance, redemption, and love.

All I can ask of Mr. Reynard is for a novella I need more Gabriel and Julianne. So I highly recommend everyone to read this book and series. You will not be disappointed with the Professor. Sylvain Reynard View all 36 comments. Nov 24, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: The series was originally conceived as two books, but Reynard changed his mind after readers pleaded for a third. What I did like was the softening of Gabriel in a particular scene involving an orphanage and being called Superman by the children.

I really liked seeing Gabriel out of his element and finally putting the past regarding Maia away. I just adored seeing Julia presenting at Oxford. I cheered for her as she delivered her first paper and high-fived her when she was able to handle her own regarding Christa and her questions. I do believe we needed this scene in order for Gabriel to realize how amazing Julia is in the academic world when given a little space.

I wanted Gabriel to want more for her too and in the end, I was disappointed. Also, Reynard attempts to give closure to every character. Furthermore, there are still some unanswered questions regarding a few characters. I have a feeling Reynard will be revisiting Paul in his next novel.

Julia and Gabriel fight, she locks herself in the bathroom, make up sex ensues, and repeat this scene a few more times. I know readers asked for a third novel, but in this case, I do feel that an epilogue or a novella would have been more than fine. This review and more are posted at Literary, etc. View 2 comments. Dec 18, Catarina rated it it was amazing Shelves: In this book we have a happily married Gabriel and Julia but their happy ever after is far from coming, since they still have a lot of unresolved issues.

Starting with their past and through all the doubts about their future, the lovers still have a bumpy road ahead of them. This was probably the best one for me. The writing style was flawless, as always and all the iss 5 Redeeming Stars!! The writing style was flawless, as always and all the issues I had in the second installment disappeared in this one. It was a great reading and a pretty much perfect ending for an amazing series.

View all 20 comments. Sylvain Reynard, My emotions were literally snowballed from happiness to sadness. One series that never failed!!! When Christa came in and couldn't shut that nasty mouth of hers, I was Then, Julia started beating around the bush, I was Finally, Professor Emerson, you are simply the man!

Gabriel's Redemption picks up from Gabriel's Rapture perfectly, now being married and these two only are double delicious and yummy!! My Gabriel And Julia "Sex is almost impossible in those things. There isn't enough room" "That isn't how I remember it" "Is that a challenge, Mrs.

View all 24 comments. Gabriel and Julia are both in Boston and doing well in their pursuits. Their marriage is going well but as always, Gabriel wants more and we all know that he usually gets his way! Well, I'm happy to say that nothing too crazy happens in this book. Now that doesn't mean there isn't drama because of course there is. Some issue comes up that causes Gabriel to want to search his past and find out things.

And unfortunately it causes him to revert to some bad past behaviors. I was happy that he only di Gabriel and Julia are both in Boston and doing well in their pursuits. I was happy that he only did what he did! It was sweet and hilarious and counterbalanced a couple of other somewhat wistful scenes. Love eases past mistakes and paves the path to a brighter future.

Life bears uncertainty and sometimes we must take risks to ensure a happier future. He clearly worships the ground she walks on. Their love for each other equals breathing because it is so vital. Minor quibbles I know that we ALL believe in something or someone and that's perfectly fine. However, as a non-religious person the praying and talking about God didn't appeal to me.

I found it a tad too preachy and that's not something I'm looking for in my books. Redemption is a very interesting subject, and yet it isn't necessarily linked to God and prayers. Making amends with yourself and with the people you've hurt doesn't require a faith in God or a higher power.

The Chocolate Body Paint scene left me somewhat underwhelmed because I honestly expected a longer and more sensual interlude. Putting so many sentences in parentheses is distracting. And last but not least the ending was somewhat too melodramatic and corny for my liking.The third book doesn't live up. And while I did enjoy Gabriel's Redemption, Gabriel's Inferno will always be my favorite book of the trilogy. They first met when Julia was seventeen years old. I loveeeeeeeeee him.

With nearly lyrical prose and magical characters that step right off the pages, The Raven is going to make SR diehards and newcomers alike nurse an epic book hangover. Christa is set on spreading rumors about them. O Homem de Fato Preto. Gabriel's Redemption was the perfect conclusion to Gabriel and Julianne's whirlwind romance story.

File name: File size: Windows 10 and. I loved that Katherine Picton was back in this one and she basically told Julia she needs to start defending herself.

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