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some read an uplifting story, and others may watch an inspiring ppti.info I have quotes placed anywhere that I can see. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers. Title: essential english words 3 pdf, Author: Silvia Rodriguez. important English words book 3 for every english learner pdf download free . Essential English words for CSS, PMS, FPSC, UPSC, IAS and other exams.

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Theseus and Pelias heard that their youngest brother was king. They were surprised. They realized that their fighting was wrong. It had kept them from saying goodbye to their father. They agreed to have Jason as their king. He was the best choice. A sudden fight between kings b. A kind prince who got a kingdom c. An expert sister and a famous king d. The challenge to divide the kingdom 2. What did the king need to protect the kingdom from? The fighting between the two princes b.

The harm caused by sudden fights c. The differences between the three brothers d. What was probably true of Jason in the story? He wanted to bring peace to the kingdom.

The challenge of being king was too much for him. He wanted harm to come to his brothers. He hoped to divide the kingdom. What was the difference between Jason and his brothers?

He was older and stronger. He made more sense. He had always been kind. What did the king have to announce? To accept something that is offered is to take it. To arrange things is to put them in the right place.

To attend something is to go to it. To balance something is to keep it from falling. A contrast is the sharp difference between two things. The contrast between my parents is very noticeable. To encourage someone is to make them want to do something. If someone or something is familiar to you, you know them well.

To grab is to take a hold of someone or something suddenly. To hang something is to keep it above the ground. If something is huge, it is very big. If something is necessary, you must do it. A pattern is a way in which something is done or organized. C propose [prapouz] M. To propose something is to say that it should be done. A purpose is the reason that you do something. To require something is to say that it is necessary. If something is single, then there is only one.

Success is doing something well that you choose to do. To tear something means to pull it apart. A theory is an idea about how something works. Drinking water is something that she must do.

I agree with your idea. I think it will work. Her routine of exercising after work is common for many people. There is a big difference between day and night. I usually release them back into the water b. The Inuit people of Alaska have a theory.

They tell a story about a beautiful girl. She was very nice. In contrast, her brother was a mean little boy. One day he proposed something. The girl accepted. First, it was necessary for her to prepare. She arranged her hair and put on nice clothes. This required a lot of time. But the girl worked hard, and soon she had success. She looked perfect. They attended the party together. The girl was having fun. Later, she walked into the bathroom. Suddenly, the lights were turned off!

Someone grabbed her hair and tore her clothes. She ran out of the bathroom. She wanted to know who did this to her. Then she had an idea. She fixed her hair again. This time it was even more beautiful. She even balanced beautiful jewels in it. She wanted to encourage the person to grab it again.

She put black dirt in her hair. The purpose of this was to catch the person. She went to the bathroom again, and it was the same pattern. The lights went off, and someone grabbed her hair. When he released it, his hand was black. The girl returned to the party. She knew there was only a single person with a black hand. When she saw that person, he was very familiar. It was her brother!

He ran into the woods. The girl ran after him. They both carried fire so they could see in the dark. The smoke went into the air. As they ran, they grew.

They became huge. Then they went into space. She became the moon, and her brother became the sun. They chase each other forever. The contrast between the sun and the moon b. A theory of how the moon and the sun were made c. The purpose of the sun and the moon d. Why it is necessary for the moon to balance in the sky 2. Why does the girl encourage someone to grab her hair?

She wants to become huge and hang in the sky. She wants to know who grabbed her hair. She wants the party to be a success. What was true of the boy in the story? He accepted the invitation when his sister proposed a party. He was the only person with a black hand. He wore a shirt with a beautiful pattern. Why does the girl become angry?

She is required to arrange her hair. The smoke from her fire went into the air. She sees someone familiar with a black hand. How does the girl get ready for the party?

To be against something is to be touching it or opposed to it. The beach is a sandy or rocky place by the ocean.

To damage something is to break it. To discover something is to find it for the first time. An emotion is how you feel. To fix something is to make it work. If you are frank, you are being very honest. To identify something is to be able to name it.

An island is land in the middle of water. The ocean is all of the salt water that surrounds land. Perhaps is used when you say that something could happen. If something is pleasant, you enjoy it.

To prevent something is to stop it from happening. A rock is a hard thing in the dirt. To save something is to keep it from being hurt. To step is to walk. Still is used when you say that a situation keeps going on. O ta S te [teist] n. A taste is the flavor something makes in your mouth.

To throw something is to use your hand to make it go through the air. A wave is a line of water that moves higher than the rest of the water. I am scared of some animals that live in the 3. I had a lot of fun. I sat and watched the waves and listened to the ocean. I learned to identify birds. I discovered pretty things and enjoyed the taste of new foods.

It was a very nice time. One evening I took a pleasant walk by the ocean. Some starfish went back into the water, and they were safe. But other starfish were still on the sand. They would die if they did not get into the water.

There were many starfish on the beach that night. It made me sad, but I knew I could not fix the problem. I stepped very carefully so I did not damage them. Then I saw a little girl. She was also sad about the starfish. She wanted to prevent all of them from dying. She asked me if I could perhaps help her. The little girl started to cry.

She sat back against a rock and thought for a while. Finally, the emotion was gone. She stopped crying and stood up. Then she picked up a starfish and threw it into the water. But she did not answer me. She just threw as many starfish as she could. She stopped to look at me. A girl who wants to save starfish b.

How to throw starfish c. A girl who is too frank d. Birds and animals at the ocean 2. She cannot fix the damage she finds to homes. She cannot prevent starfish from dying in the sand. She discovers starfish in the water. She steps on a rock and hurts her foot.

What does the man think is NOT good about the island? Watching the waves b. Identifying birds c. The starfish dying on the sand d. Tasting new food 4. What does the girl think the man can perhaps do? Identify birds b.

Take a walk on the beach c. Discover something pretty d. Help her save starfish 5. Which starfish were safe on the beach? A benefit is a good thing. If you are certain about something, you know it is true. A chance is an opportunity to do something. An effect is a change made by something else.

If something is essential, it is very important and necessary. If something is far, it is not close. To focus on something is to think about it and pay attention to it. The function of something is what it does. Grass is the green leaves that cover the ground. To guard something is to take care of it. The image of something is a picture of it. If something is immediate, it happens quickly.

If something is primary, it is the most important thing. If someone feels proud, they are happy about what they have done. To remain somewhere is to stay there. To rest is to stop being active while the body gets back its strength. If two things are separate, they are not together.

A site is a place. Trouble is a problem ora difficulty. I saw his picture on TV. My new watch is great. It has many functions b. It causes me trouble 4. He was a husband and a proud father. He worked hard and did well at his job. He was born with eyes. Having many eyes was usually a benefit to him. He had a chance to see many things. Also, since he had so many eyes, he was very good at guarding things. While sleeping, he only rested a few eyes at a time. The others stayed awake.

He worked for Hera, a great goddess.

His primary function was to guard a special cow. The cow was very important to Hera. It was her favorite pet. The most essential part of his job was to keep the cow alone. It had to be kept separate from all the other cows and far away from people. This was an easy job for Argos.

The cow just ate grass all day. But the god Zeus wanted the cow. He wanted to take it away from Hera. He had a plan. He found a great music player. He asked the man to play a beautiful song for Argos. Zeus was certain Argos would go to sleep. The song had an immediate effect. He fell asleep. Zeus saw this, and he took the cow. Hera was very angry with Argos. She turned him into a peacock.

She put his many eyes on his tail. Argos was very sad. Zeus saw how much trouble he had caused Argos. He made another plan. He turned Argos into a group of stars. He wanted Argos to remain in the sky forever. We can still see him in the night sky. Why it is essential to guard cows b. How to play beautiful music c. How the image of a peacock in the sky came about d. How being born with eyes benefited a man 2. All it did was eat grass all day. It was kept separate from all the other cows.

He had a chance to listen to music. He was able to sleep instead of focusing on it. Why did Zeus turn Argos into a group of stars? He wanted Argos to see the site of his trouble. He was certain that Argos would fall asleep. He wanted to make Argos remain in the sky forever.

He wanted to cause Argos immediate trouble. To make sure the cow was never sad b. To keep the cow far away from people c. To see the effects of music on the cow d. Work for a proud goddess named Hera 5. How did Argos sleep? Anymore means any longer.

When a person is asleep, they are not awake. A berry is a small round fruit that grows on certain plants and trees. To collect things is to group them together all in one place.

To compete is to try to be better than someone. A conversation is a talk between people. A creature is any living thing.

A decision is a choice. A forest is a place with lots of trees and animals. The ground is the top part of the Earth that we walk on. To introduce someone or something is to say who they are. To marry is to legally become husband and wife. To prepare is to get ready for something. When something is serious, it is bad or unsafe.

To spend is to use time doing something or being somewhere. When something is strange, it is not normal. The truth is a fact or something that is right. To wake is to not be sleeping anymore. The doll broke when it fell onto the floor. I like to use my time taking long walks in the forest.

I stop sleeping when the dog barks. Playing with a knife can lead to injury. She did not know my name, so I had to myself. I had to make a about which book I wanted to buy. He lies a lot, but I hope he is telling the 9. Many countries. He was so tired that he fell. Her mother, the queen, however, was not as beautiful as the princess. The queen felt bad that she was not the most beautiful woman in the kingdom anymore. She was tired of competing with her daughter. She made a decision. She prepared a drink for the princess.

After the princess drank it, she fell asleep. Then the queen took the princess to the forest. She left the princess there. It was a very serious thing to do. The princess had a dream. She dreamed about a man with brown hair and brown eyes. It was the man she would wed. The princess woke up. She saw a strange creature on the ground. It looked like a man, but he was hairy and green.

I hope not. Let me introduce myself. I am Henry. Rose and Henry spent the day together. They collected berries, caught fish, and had lunch. They had a very good day filled with nice conversations. Will you come with me? She gave Henry a kiss right on his pig nose.

As soon as she kissed Henry, he began to change. His horns and green hair went away. Standing in front of her was the man Rose had dreamt about. Rose and Henry were married, and they lived happily. A strange creature that competes with a princess b.

Why a queen had a conversation with a princess c. How a princess met a creature in a forest d. A serious decision made by a princess 2. Which of the following is NOT true in the story? The queen fell asleep in the forest. Henry said he was going to sail away on a ship. What did the queen want to happen to the princess? A creature would wake the princess. A creature would prepare a drink for the princess. An animal would kill the princess if she was left on the ground.

Rose and a creature would collect either berries or fruits. Rose introduces Henry to the queen. Rose and Henry wed. The queen learns the truth about Rose.

The queen sails away on a ship. What did the princess dream in the forest? If someone is alone, they are not with another person. An apartment is a set of rooms in a building where people live.

An article is a story in a newspaper or magazine. An artist is a person who paints, draws, or makes sculptures. To compare means to say how two things are the same and different.

A magazine is a regular publication with news, stories, and articles. A material is what is used to make something. A meal is a time when food is eaten like breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Breakfast is my favorite meal because I enjoy breakfast foods. A method is the way to do something. A neighbor is a person who lives near you. If something is professional, it deals with work that uses special skills. C profit [profit] n. A profit is the extra money you make when you sell something.

The quality of something is how good it is. A space is an empty area. Stairs are the things that are used to go up in a building. A symbol is a thing that stands for something else. If someone or something is thin, they are not fat. She has a good wav of thinking about things. When you are alone, you are with another person. You can read articles in a newspaper. If you make a profit, you have more money than you did before.

The Earth is a very thin planet. If something is a symbol, it stands for something else. You can use stairs to go up inside a building.

Since she is a lawyer, people call my wife an artist. There are many apartments in one building. Your attitude is the way you look. You cannot get information from a magazine. If you compare two things, you say how they are different. If you judge something, you know if it is good or bad. Neighbors are people who live far from you. A meal has food and a drink. A shape is something you cannot see. A symbol is a picture of two different things.

You must have space to add more things to a room. If something has low quality, it is very good. A material is used to make something else. Everyone loved him. The quality of his paintings was very high. He always used the best materials.

He made a big profit from his paintings. He had delicious meals with his rich neighbors. He taught art classes. Life was good. Then his attitude changed. He stopped selling paintings and teaching. He tried a new method of painting. He stayed alone in his apartment all day.

He worked all day and all night, rarely eating. Soon Frenhofer became very thin. But he kept working on the same painting for many years. He worked as hard as he could. Finally, he finished the painting. He was very happy and invited other artists to see it.

He wanted them to judge it and compare it to other paintings. Everyone was very excited as they went up the stairs to his apartment. Frenhofer was excited to show his painting, and the artists were excited to see it. But they did not.

They were surprised by his painting. There was no white anywhere. Frenhofer filled the whole painting with lines and colors. There was no space for a normal picture. It was full of strange shapes. It looked bad to the other artists. They thought it was terrible. But after some time, many people began to like his painting. People wrote articles about it in magazines. They said it was his best work.

They loved his strange symbols. They loved his strange colors. He also helped them to realize that sometimes it takes people a little time to understand great things. A painter whose neighbors judge his art as poor quality b.

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An artist who teaches art classes in his apartment c. A man who writes articles for a magazine d. A thin man who eats meals with friends 2. Why does Frenhofer want the artists to see his painting? He wants to sell it to them for a profit. He wants them to judge his materials. He wants them to give their professional opinion. He wants to compare his new method to theirs. It is made with low-quality materials. It is full of strange colors and shapes. It does not have any symbols in it.

It is a picture of other artists. Where do the other artists see his painting? It is alone in the space used for art classes.

Frenhofer takes it to their apartment.

VIE-4000 essential english words 3 - 3.1 THE TWELVE...

It is on sale at a famous store. How do the artists feel as they go up the stairs? Blood is the red liquid in your body. To burn something is to set it on fire. A cell is a small room where a person is locked in. To contain something is to have it inside. To be correct is to be right. A crop is food that a farmer grows. To demand something is to say strongly that you want it.

To be equal is to be the same. To feed is to give food. A hole is an opening in something. To increase something is to make it larger or more. Long ago, a lord was a man in charge of a town. A position is the way something is placed.

4000 Essential English Words 3

If a person is responsible, they do the right things. A sight is something interesting to see. What a sight! A spot is a place where something happens. A structure is a building. Whole means all of something. What did your father demand? He is not nice. That I clean my room, 2. Will you help me raise this? How high? Yes, it goes lower, 3.

What position were these in? They were next to each other. They came from the store, 4. Does that bottle contain water?

What is inside it? No, it has milk in it. That is terrible! Is it bigger now? Choose the word that is a better fit for each sentence. But they were poor. They owed the town lord money for their land. One summer, their farm burned. One structure caught fire, and most of the animals ran away. Only the cats stayed. On a fall day, the lord demanded his money. Arthur asked if the lord could wait until he brought in his crops. The lord was angry. I might put you in a jail cell. They finished four lines of corn and went to bed.

But the next morning, eight lines were finished! They were surprised and happy. That day, they worked hard and finished five lines. But in the morning, ten lines were done! Each day they did a lot of work.

Each night, someone else did an equal amount of work. In a week, the whole field was finished. But that morning, the crops were gone. A bag was in the middle of the field.

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It contained money. The cats were dancing in the field and eating corn! Now Arthur knew what had happened. The cats had worked at night! After that, Arthur was very nice to his cats and fed them lots of corn.

What does Arthur do in the story? Put the lady in a jail cell b. Raise his hands high c. Demand money from people d. Work until there is blood on his hands 2. What is true of the cats in the story? They burn the farm and scare the animals.

They think Arthur is very responsible. They put all the tools in one spot. What does the bag contain? A gift for the lady b. Corn to feed the animals c. Money for the lord d. A new kind of crop 4.

What sight did Maria and Arthur see in the morning? A hole in the wall of their house b. A whole new structure on the farm c. The lord working in their fields d. The cats dancing on the farm 5. When will the lord increase the money that Arthur has to pay? A coach is a person who teaches sports. To control something is to make it do what you want. A description of someone or something says what they are like.

If something is direct, it goes straight between two places. An exam is a test. An example of something is a thing that is typical of it. A limit is the largest or smallest amount of something that you allow. If something is local, it is nearby. Magical describes a quality that makes someone or something special. Mail is letters and other things sent to people. A novel is a book that tells a story.One way to use less fuel is to drive a. I was so tired afterward that I needed to take a.

Which of the following can you feel about a holiday? She sat back against a rock and thought for a while. A method is the way to do something. My little brother bothered me all day by asking me to solve his difficult questions. A neighbor is a person who lives near you. Dirt 3. Still, he could never earn a penny more than he needed.

She stopped crying and stood up.

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