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You are about to download the selected Volga Se Ganga pdf for free – Don't forget to like us on facebook & share with your friends to keep us. You are about to download Volga Se Ganga by Rahul Sanskrityayan pdf for free – Don't forget to like us on facebook & share with your friends to keep us. RAHUL SANKRITYAYAN, SOCIAL COMMENTARY, HINDI,VOLGA SE GANGA. IdentifierVolgaSeGanga-Hindi. Identifier-arkark://.

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Topics history, story, volga, ganga, rahul, sankrityayan. Collectionopensource. LanguageHindi. 20 short stories spanning from BC to Volga Se Ganga-Rahul Sankrityayan - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Hindi literature by Rahul sankritayan famous hindi . Volga Se Ganga is a collection of 20 historical fiction short-stories by scholar and travel It was first published in and is considered one of the greatest Hindi book of modern . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

This was not a satisfactory reply since Dr. Kiernan had undertaken such a mammoth task, but I was happy to finally put my mind at rest before I embarked on the task of editing that translation.

वोल्गा से गंगा : राहुल सांकृत्यायन | Volga Se Ganga : Rahul Sankrityayan

I then wished to find any of his next of kin so that I could express my desire to work further on his book but to no avail. I even tried to contact a professor in the department of History, Edinburgh University where Kiernan worked all his life. There was no luck, but I decided to go ahead and started working on the translation.

While I kept on steadily working on the project, I also kept on finding ways to connect to the next of kin of Dr. When the work was almost complete, I gave the search a final push and wrote emails to almost all the teaching staff in the department of History, Edinburgh University, nearly fifty people, with a request if anyone has a clue about Dr.

वोल्गा से गंगा – राहुल सांकृत्यायन | Volga Se Ganga Hindi Book PDF Free Download

This frantic effort bore fruits when one of the faculty members, not only sent me the contact for the widow of Dr Victor Kiernan but also informed that Mrs Heather Kiernan resides not far away from Edinburgh. This was a delightful moment when Mrs Kiernan, not only replied me back immediately but also informed that LeftWord books, a publishing company in Delhi are planning to republish the translation.

She put me in touch with them and wanted to see if we could all work together. The LeftWord also responded quickly saying that they would be very happy to publish the translation edited by me. They have already got my script and are working towards publishing it by the end of , as per their promised estimate.

The Translation It would perhaps remain an enigma as why Prof. Kiernan could not include the last chapter in the book that dealt with one of the most crucial periods of modern Indian history, but to translate this remaining chapter, I thought, was the best way to start the project.

It was a marvellous achievement in English, but there were some interesting discrepancies, which I think were due to the fact that Kiernan may not have had the time to delve into the mythology and ancient history of India, in spite of his great interest in the history of the subcontinent. First of all, I would mention the change of putting all Indian names with transcription symbols.

I felt it necessary for the English readers to know that the basic 26 Roman letters are not sufficient enough to represent all the Indian sounds. Describing each and every Indian name with phonetic symbols however was not logical since there are a number of words, particularly names of the geographical locations, which have been very well known to the world through basic Roman letters and are pronounced more or less correctly, for example Hindu-Kush, Kashmir, Pamir, Swat, Bihar, Pradesh etc.

It would be worth making a special mention of certain names of places which have been introduced to the world by the British. For centuries, these have been wrongly pronounced and incorrectly spelled, simply for the fact that the English speaking rulers did not have the ability to pronounce them correctly.

Many such names, as often surface in the media, are now being respelled in India. I noticed that Dr. Kiernan translated these words as best as possible, but I felt it necessary not to translate them but to explain the meaning in foot-notes. This is to convey the hidden message of the author, who in his original Hindi text had kept them un-translated.

I understand that the author tried to point towards the possibility of those words being used as expression of commonly used language in those regions and in that particular time of the history.

These titles have a peculiar character which cannot be simply substituted by the parallel words of English or Christian terminology. Another category of words that I felt important to give in their original is the names of the animals and plants.

On almost each occasion he mentions the names of such wild-life creatures or trees, which are only found in that part of the world, hence have no parallel words apart from some botanical terminology. Then there also are the Indian units of weights, measures and distances, which Dr. Kiernan must have researched painstakingly to calculate equivalents in English pounds, pints and miles; I however decided rather to introduce the original words so as to make the readers aware of ancient Indian terms for such units.

Semantics was rather an easy part while editing the text.

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Search Book Title Search for: Like Us in Facebook. Your Cart. The sixth story, "Angira" Taxila BC , is about a man who wants to save the Aryan race from losing its identity to other races by teaching about their true culture precursor to Vedic Rishis. The eighth story Pravahan BC. Panchala , U.

वोल्गा से गंगा

One can see how easily and frequently the Indians, the mid easterners and the Greeks mingled with each other in the times of Chanakya and Alexander by reading the tenth story Nagdatt , which is about a philosopher classmate of Chanakya who travels to Persia and Greece and learns how Athens fell to Macedonia.

Baba Noordeen , the 15th story is about the rise of Sufism. The seventeenth story Rekha Bhagat is about the barbarous rule of the East India company and the anarchy it brought to parts of India.

The last story "Sumer", is about a man who goes on to fight the Japanese because he wants Soviet Russia to triumph, for this nation according to him is the only hope left for humanity. Rahul Sankrityayan was greatly influenced by Marxist ideas. This influence can be easily felt in the last three stories.

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Mangal Singh the protagonist in 18th story personally knows Marx and Engels and is amazed how Marx knows so much about India. He explains to Anne, his beloved, how Science is indispensable to India but unfortunately the Indians put faith above it.

He goes on to fight the Britishers in the uprising with a strict code of conduct. The author original name Harsh Tomar was so deeply influenced by Buddhism that he adopted it along with the name Rahul The name of Gautam Buddha 's son.

Also the dynamical view of life which is at the centre of Buddhist philosophy can be seen.Diabetes, high blood pressure and a mild stroke struck him. It is woven around BC.

Muthiya-Tamilputhakalayam in Tamil as Valgavil irundu gangai varai and is still considered a best-seller. I must add, there were typing errors, which appeared to me, as a result of being printed over and over again since the first publication of this translation in But somewhere his 'Pragatiwaadi' views are reflected in the book. This part of the book is said to be relying on the information from vedas, upanishads, ramayana, mahabharata, puranas and writings of some well known ancient names like Kalidasa, Banbhatta and so on.

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