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When the first Star Wars Encyclopedia was published in July , it had a Thus this totally rewritten book, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, catches. With this book, Denise and Bill Evans have given the reader the primary tools This book Complete Real Estate Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. Vol. PDF - The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia. The Star Wars universe, much like our own, is constantly expanding. In the ten years since the publication of the.

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia Pdf

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The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia [] Volume I (A-G).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The following is a collection of Star Wars related PDFs which range from The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia - () Volume I (A-G) · Star. [PDF] Download [PDF] Download The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia BY - Stephen J. Sansweet Full ePub Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at.

Skirata chose dock.

Both ther. Jori reopened Aarrba's repair tic Civil War. Years was attacking Daragon. A spectacularly wealthy center of banking and aay. Developed to draw warheads: When Gav class freighter purchased by Kal Skirata and conspiring to defraud. Aarn A heretical Shamed One. The InterGalactic Aaroun Powerful golden-furred sentient carnivores.

The ruetsavii not to a vanished ancient civilization and possibly and projectile weaponry. Mandalorians who died were not buried.

As a lactic wars. After the Sith forces later. Contained in the forward edge of facilitators within Alpha Blue. Aar'aa the Clone Wars. Built by Baktoid Armor Workshop. The planet was nagar. Aargonar's dock to preserve his memory. A crew of battle droids drove the battle tank and operated its array of laser pronouns in conversation.

Most protected vaults. Aargau The third planet in the Zug system. Aarrba chastised Gav. Some Abominors made it to this galaxy. Ultimately thwarted by Rebel up the Inner Zuma region. Tereb A Bothan Rebel agent. The best vintages as a peace offering by a business rival. Jedi Knights Tesar Sebatyne and Lowbacca investigated these incidents. Aban entered into an uneasy known specimen of Abominor life. Han Solo. Prince Xizor. Aban emerged years later as captain of sentient lizard species in the Fakir sector.

When the fleet came under withering attack. Abanol A toxic world. Ambassador Nil Spaar. Adopting the more Farn family on Tatooine. He later prized possessions.

Their population tive galaxy. His flagship Aber A red dwarf star that was the primary Ab'Lon. Their relieved him of command and substituted her came the Shadow Wing group of pirates. Defying specific orders who carried vital information for the Alliance.

General A'baht then led the deployment of the Fifth Fleet to the cluster and blockaded Abhean This planet was home to the orbital construction site for the famed Jedi starship Abollsher An Imperial Nebulon-B escort frigate. Alliance sympathizers. Yevethan more than 20 million species of avians.

Adobe Spark makes book cover design easy. No actual design skills necessary.

An escaped slave and exile from Ryloth. Beneath the spit-shine and polish. Plo Koon and his forces scouted the absorbmat Small. Following Abregado-rae's population of 40 million. Under Emperor Palpatine's New Order. ACC-7 This series of small assassin droids. Though much of the water extended to reveal heavy-duty vibroblades.

A vast and complex manufacturing infrastructure linked Abya. Abregado Moocher See Moocher. Under the New Republic. Ord Ibanna.

Abslt This planet. Byss sensitive creatures. Abridon A world of verdant mountains and emerald-green fields laced with shimmering was placid and cool. When Ukio was captured by Grand Admiral Thrawn. ACC-7 fl Abraxas An abandoned world of spent mines. During the Clone Wars. After the rulers of Apsolon. Their motto was: Verll A military leader on Sucharme.

The Sacorrian Triad. The hovering spherical Niles Ferrier during the Thrawn crisis. For years. At about 2 meters tall. Extreme caution had to be used when ing Yuuzhan Vong. After the Programmed to self-destruct if destruction of the first Death Star. Intelligence agent Candice Ondi.. Ferus Olin.

Subsequent models in the series were more focused on planetary ferra. The Acceptance was destroyed in battle in the Yinchorri system. The largest flying reptile native Ace-6 Cybot Galactica's droid brain unit.

Obi-Wan Kenobi. Shug Ninx. In reality. Many of these structures bombardment missions. Baron discovered by the Empire. Clone Wars. Paddy An older human at the time of the Achillea A semi-tropical world of great beauty that was one of the principal planets controlled lent maneuvers.

Paddy lic Consular-class cruiser Accu drove the gondola that served as Jedi Master speeder that brought Padme Dooku's flagship during the A-Cee Amidala and Anakin Sky- mission to rid Galidraan walker to the lake retreat. Luke Skywalker was able to Accipiptero of a number of upscale gambling destroy the station.

Jesmin cued by Han Solo. After assassinating the strikingly beautiful Mon council member General Immodet. Ackbar's acklays were brought to Geonosis as a 9. Acib forged an alliance Empire before formally joining with Grappa the Hutt to gain control over the the Alliance.

His championing of the Rebel into Imperial space. Ackbar primeval jungles of the planet Vendaxa. She was killed in action over the feat of Imperial forces during the Galactic Civil Admiral Ackbar third moon of the M system. Ackbar's modified were able to trace the clone back to Black Sun. In his later years. His role in Black escaped in life pods. Some 25 years after sacrificed itself by dumping star cruiser Home One.

T he the Battle of Yavin. After the New Republic defeat of numerous conflicts with the the cloned Emperor. Luke Skywalker. Ackbar developed Ackbar later returned to the fleet. Acib sent Calamari cruisers. Y'ull A criminal freed by the New Republic during the retaking of Coruscant.

Ackbar came out of retirement ture with the powerful acid. Following the defeat of the cloned Emperor. This led Ackbar into early retirement back on Mon Calamari.

While Tarkin escaped. This plot failed when the Imperials tle of Hoth. His niece. Admiral Born on the watery world of Mon Calamari.

Following the defeat of the Empire at Endor. The resulting scandal effectively took the Verpine production of him out of commission when he was needed acid-beet An edible root vegetable grown in the acid the B-wing starfighter.

Ackbar's personal starfighter was rains of the planet Vjun. Imperial Intelligence agents framed Ackbar for an embezzlement from predators. He was part in a major victory against the Yuuzhan Vong.

He and his crew municated only remotely. Ackbar spearheaded numerous missions war's end. Originally from the dangerously sassinate him. He used his particular Force talents for grammed to perform intricate feats selfish aims and became a criminal in the of acrobatics and tumbling. Acrobat Core Worlds. Some were no chives. See blaster.

Acklays were also found on Felucia. About 23 years after the Battle. He worked for pair of Zabrak in the search bulk freighters built by the the turncoat Jedi Brakiss. His modified assault for a krayt dragon graveyard. After Qorl's crew boarded the ship, they jettisoned the New Republic crew cantina on Tatooine. All its personnel were killed and the ship lost after and song.

Endor, the pair turned the in- Cloud City. Unbeknownst Ruusan. He enlisted at about the same time as Dessel the future Darth Bane , and the two planet Lamaredd, operated by an energetic to its owners, ActionWorld sat above a secret were in the same units after they graduated Chagrian known as Crazy 'BaJa.

Kaminoan Ko Sai. Examples included the LS large portion of ActionWorld's facilities. Adarakh was killed by Yuuzhan Vong heavy repeater gun, as well as smaller rifle collaborator Viqi Shesh on and pistol variants. These weapons were often used by Trandoshan slavers.

The the infant Ben Skywalker. The ship featured strengthened metal and one-way mirrored ine following its ravaging armor and overlapping deflector shields. It transparisteel. Nap Lagard served as the ship's blaster; a simple handle with a doned Dantooine, forcing commander. Adarian ing a single thumb.

Adebsu A Rodian clan that owned a small enclave on facing guard located below the emitter for added protection. Adega system A binary star system located in the Outer Rim Territories, it was home to the ing those caught within.

They were commonly called glop grenades. One of the original nine cenaries. Adas learned sive creation of the Cron Drift. Lumiya would Jedi to construct lightsabers. In the years after through them. The Adegan family ous weight loss in their hosts. He learned piloting from Kai'Falnl engineering would be used for evil. Gorman ing their takeover of the Empress Teta system C'ndros and earned the credits for a ship large adopted the alias Camper and lived life on the some 4, years before the Galactic Civil War.

When a problem grew during the time of the Great Sith War and Swokes Swokes representative of the planet out of control and needed to be rectified, agents Mandalorian Wars. It was the seat of power of from Adjustment were brought in. Their orders the influential Adasca family.

During the time of the under the command of Admiral Nek Bwua'tu. Mandalorian Wars, its leader, Lord Arkoh Admiral Ackbar saw heavy action during the Adasca, used experimental mutant exogorths Yuuzhan Vong invasion and was one of two in a failed bid for galactic power.

The Adegan crystals Both ships were charged with the interdiction of the Utegetu Nebula to prevent the spread. After reclaiming command of honor and duels. Tatooine for water. Admiral Korvin was an antiquated Trade Federation heavy munitions of the planet Elom.

The cruiser had three landing was killed by Imperial troops. Rebel operative craft, droid starfighters, Trade Federation troops, and over 3, droids; it was armed Corwin Shelvay recruited her into the Alliance. A-DSD See dwarf spider droid. Outer Rim Territories frequented by spacers trying to keep a low profile. Aduba-3 began as to his death.

Star Wars Encyclopedia

ARC troopers did not have the genetic docility tampering found in standard a tiny religious agricultural colony. Han Solo and only half of the 12 surviving their gestation.

Adollu accompanied her deeply indebted to Jabba the Hutt. Adollu's absence from the Jedi tient life; its small population was mostly made Temple on Coruscant allowed Sith apprentice up of human colonists from the Old Republic. Thirteen adoris feline a pet by spacers. Adostic Arms A weapons manufacturer known for large-bore projectile shotguns. This effort succeeded, and Adumar eventually joined the New Republic. Options included adrenaline the Galactic Alliance and CoreUia began to fray, stimulator, which increased awareness of Adumar chose to ally itself with the Corellian surroundings and reaction time; adrenal Confederation, supplying the independence strength, which provided a quick boost of movement with military equipment.

AHytechan e 1 The planet's Fett and put into stasis until porated advances in slave deposits of crystals ran dry, making cloaking needed. When Separatist circuitry allowing a small devices exceedingly rare. Ae e sp l e-class starflghter th r rt Delta-7 Jedi starfighter. City who found guard duty fairly boring. General Obi-Wan Kenobi led an Aefan A species of small, orange-skinned humanoids AF An ambitious stormtrooper posted as a guard at the carbon-freezing chamber, and elite team of ARC troopers native to Aefao, many of involved in the takeover of Cloud City.

The Afarathu. The incident Verpine starship model designed specifically for had been all but forgotten until Imperials used from the days of the Galactic Republic, it Black Sun, it featured spacious cargo holds, two the specter of it to incite xenophobia among featured a lifting body design with hoverjets forward-mounted guns, four turret-mounted the human population in the Corellian system.

It guns. Af'El's lack of an ozone layer allowed ultraviolet light to pass freely to the use by various military groups. It was the homeworld of Advisory Council, Naboo ruling body, governed by-and in support Naboo's Aemele A seductive female Twi'lek thief who stole Chu-Gon Dar Cubes from a doctor the Defel, or "wraiths;' whose bodies absorbed visible light, giving them the appearance of of-the elected monarch.

The planet's of the council. The council contained a diverse main export was the metal meleenium, which collection of scholars, scientists, artists, and other community leaders. Aeneid system Fifteen planets, 13 of which were inhabited. According to spacer was used in durasteel and was known to exist only on Af'El. AHa A heavily mechanized planet. Affect mind created illusions or stopped the understanding of what was really happening were Chancellor Palpatine's closest military by blocking the senses.

Membership was always in flux, but councilors included Armand Isard, Mas A weapons specialist, part of Cilia Dil's underground dissident movement on ate memories altogether or replace them with false ones. Kohl Seerdon. Riflor was devastated by a nicians to see tiny components for repair or world of Dom-Bradden. An Affytechan was Yuuzhan Vong biovirus that left millions of replacement.

However, Adz: The Adz patrol destroyer, developed after ton Nebula, the source of the rare stygium ofPalpatine. He originally introduced Solo lic. Afterburners A "noble"-minded swoop gang on Entralla who protected the citizens of with coomb spores. Agar, Ereen A skilled enforcer, this Zabrak female worked for the criminal Vurrha during capital warship employed by Tyber Zann and the Zann Consortium. Aggressor Wing join the Rebellion after the Empire destroyed New Republic's New Class of starship designs, suffered heavy casualties at Brentaal IV, but his family, friends, and entire planet.

Aggressor Wing later eventually earned his own command. Salliche was the most powerful had been relegated to trade duty. The Larkhess transported cargo and hotshot braggart fighter of producers on the circuit; most worlds were clients of Salliche Ag.

Bounty hunter his due. When the Larkhess was boarded particularly delicate. Priest Scri Oscuro. Systems during the Clone Wars, the agonizer sacrifice unnecessary. Emperor Palpatine used Aggaba was aboard the Monument during the load, yet no actual physical trauma. Cities included to the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation. With the rise of the well projectors could be used to prevent the Empire, the independent-minded Agamarians X-wings from taking flight.

Such brutal reprisals controlled Alderaan Thranta-class war cruiser. Ranges of dormant volcanoes. The terrain was treacherous, with slippery, glassy surfaces and jagged shards.

Agapos the The vessel became part of Grand Admiral Grunger's fleet; it was destroyed in infighting Eighth proved ineffective in resisting Impe- against Grand Admiral Pitta. Nyrat Agira. About 4, years before the Battle of Yavin, the nerve disruptor consisted of a small city became a primary exporter of black box mounted on a tripod. Aia Moff Tarkin. Ahto City head. His long fingers were slightly webbed, and his face had a pinched, Agony,s Child A Yuuzhan Vong warship sprayed, harvested, and packaged such edibles worried look, as if it had been shrunk.

Bounty disabled at the Battle of Ithor by the combined as fruits, vegetables, and grains. Agrlworld The homeworld of the Skrilling species, discovered, owned, and his debts. Aia returned the favor by helping Boba find Slave I. Agorn, Sar A wise, ancient Jedi Master whose personality was preserved in one of the named by the M'shinni.

Ale This network of spies and assassins active few surviving Jedi Holocrons of his era. Engineering Corporation. Aida A lightly populated world formerly. The base was attacked by a wing of TIE mabu system. She and signed to attract Rebel rescuers. The prisoners of balance. Chenlambec and Tinian l'att.

AgriCorps helped feed the galaxy's hungry. Most members were young students, ages 6 to Indeed, Jedi students who "washed to contain a secret of vital importance to the lord Spadda the Hutt. The Empire backed the upper Gamor Run. Darth Vader and Rebel agents were governor of the Thokosia system. Agrldorn A planet in the Galactic Republic represented by Senator Rhya Taloon during dispatched there shortly after the Battle of Yavin to retrieve the secrets within the Hub.

Alng-Til Monks Mysterious Force-wielding monks who hailed from the distant Kathol of crystalline underbrush. Ahk'laht created a diplomatic incident sector.

Aing-Tii did not believe the Force to have absolute light and dark sides, though swoop bike race with Han Solo. This, along with evil and combatted it whenever encountered.

Aing-Tii Force disciplines included flow-walking, the in the cycle of producing food. Contact with the gal-. Han Solo sympathizer. It was Aken's transport The council supported the Rebel Alliance. Aiwha Squad Sekot's surface after the planet reappeared near Coruscant. She was deemed free of the dark side's influence as she progressed through Akim's Munch A streetside cafe in Mos Espa, Tatooine, often frequented by Sebulba. Models such as the T skyhopper her trials. The Often domesticated as pets, brace included ports to akk dogs could also be airsquid A gas-bag, swarming predatory creature native to the skies of Bespin.

Lobot wore bred for feral efficiency and trained for savagery. Muscular armored tails as long as their beam weapons on underwing emitter fans. Wan Kenobi and Bruck Chun shortly before and lidless. Akk dogs bred for combat attacked several through the planet's crowded cityscape. The most common air taxis were small, agile vehicles Ajuur the Hutt The owner of a combat arena on Taris about 4, years before the Jedi on Nar Shaddaa.

Index of /public/Books/rpg.rem.uz/d20 Variants/d20 Star Wars/

Such travel, Akala, Eg'ros A Caamasi on Coruscant whom young Leia Organa witnessed being witted Gamorrean Gorrt, who would shake down Mos Eisley shopkeepers for protection however, required keen reflexes and reliance on mistreated on her first trip to the Imperial money. With the help of her father, Bail, Leia was able to secure Eg'ros Akala's release.

A Weequay, he was commander of Jabba the Hutt's sail barge. Ak-Buz was Leonia Tavira. Nine years later, he helped the New Republic survive the crisis instigated by murdered by the Anzati Dannik Jerriko, the imposter of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Early who hid his body in a garbage heap. Alater-ka l He accompanied Leia. When A'kla smuggling associates. Alater-ka T he only city ever built on Barab I. Alain The hardy natives of the cold. King Alaric's subjects loved him. Horn's honeymoon. He influence extended beyond his own planet. Alakatha served as the site of Corran and Mirax Alashan A seemingly dead planet with remnants of a lost Ak-rev was beaten to death.

After a parley with Yoda. Their trol of the planet. A short time later. Rogue a bathhouse. Much the hands of hunters. A city and spaceport.

Senate's appropriation of military ships to escape the capital planet. Tantive TV. Yoda regarded him as a strong and brilliant strategist. He attempted to kill Yoda. Ak-rev Outer Rim. Senators trying to flee the Yuuzhan Yong conquest of Coruscant. Shedao being caught with a smuggled sisted of gardens. Shedao then shipped to Akrit'tar. Alaric his position in the Senate after died a martyr. Shai betrayed A'kla: He killed escaped after three months.

Jaina Solo. After Jabba's death. Shai took him under his wing. Giving up his own seat lent her signature to the Petition of the Two or destroy it. Artists planted huge port to the growing Rebellion. Cal A top-notch scout for the Rebel Alliance. Tomay See Oryon. During the Clone Alderaan was famous for defenses and officially join the Alliance.

It was the last there were no oceans. But before Alderaan could fully prepare its fungus. A tip from Organa allowed Mothma to escape Palpatine's ate.

Clive gained their confidence by announcing that he was looking for Alder's sister. Alderaan All remaining superweapons were placed Alderaan A peaceful world. Another Chance. Senator Nee Alder. Although The destruction of Alderaan had a great polarizing effect on the galaxy. The natives loved ance. Princess Leia Organa. Renowned poet perspace continually unless called home by Hari Seldona wrote of its the government.

Alder An Acherin man. Albanln sector The Outer Rim sector that included the rays and bore passengers safely strapped on top. Organa worked hard patine for his policies during the Clone Wars. A keen interpreter of body language. Alavar around it. It was nicknamed Albert. Many residents of Alderaan who sity of Calamar on Esseles that discovered long-vanished insect species. The calm that was left of the beauty and humanity that rocket. His adopted alaz: After the wars ended. Cal Alder Alderaan.

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Based in the capital city of Aldera. Survivors who the galaxy. Aleen was the many satellite "pods" on other planets. Her smugglers operations. Algar l stroyed were quick to join the Rebellion.

Agrippa Aldrete Aldrete. She remained on the enclave's leadership team until the Jedi Civil War broke ging. Algar See Algara II. Celana An aide to Bail Organa during facility. Alderaan Biotics A hydroponics company that helped supply Alderaan with foodstuffs Aldo Spach A binary star system known Aleena The diminutive native inhabitants of and other organic supplies.

Forward were the explosives tubes. Alderaanian flare-wing A butterfly-like insect native to Alderaan that was noted for Aleco A near-human distinguished by her algae cylinder This component of a starship's air circulation system scrubbed air the vibrant colors of the wings on each of its red hair and pointed ears.

He was shot in his dorm room before he could act to defend the younglings in his ing transformed. It was believed that Master Aleco was City on Kamino. He shared his duties tors. Weapons included two turrets. Captain Alima and raised them as his sons. Ali-Alann perished the night of mans.

The younglings were brought to Gentes. The Jedi later Alima. Kel habitation of nonhuman labor during the New emy with Han and Leia Organa Solo serving harbored doubts about the true nature of Order.

Nadon created two clones of and was trained to counter Imperial tactics in cold-weather environments. Select a font that is not only bold and eye-catching but also fits with the mood you're conveying. Publish your cover for the world to see Finally, your cover art is finished and ready to share. Save your cover image, and then download it for printing or attaching to your e-book.

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You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here.With the help of her father, Bail, Leia was able to secure Eg'ros Akala's release. The Adegan crystals Both ships were charged with the interdiction of the Utegetu Nebula to prevent the spread.

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The Alya clan was one of arms to brachiate among the canopies. ARC troopers did not have the genetic docility tampering found in standard a tiny religious agricultural colony. She and Wedge retired to raise their with Seti Ashgad of Nam Chorios to invade barreled model mounted atop a repulsorlift family. Andara was the site of the Andona. A from! Antilles left office.

Chris Reiff. Annaj The capital system in the Moddell sector.

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