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Friday, May 24, 2019

Corrupt (Devil's Night #1) by Penelope Douglas Erika I was told that dreams were our heart's desires. My nightmares, however, became my. Corrupt (Devil's Night #1) by Penelope ppti.info KB. Hideaway Kill Switch (Devil's Night #3) by Penelope ppti.info MB. Like Show. Corrupt book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Erika I was told that dreams were our heart's desires. My nightmares.

Penelope Douglas Corrupt Epub

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Corrupt Penelope Douglas. Topics Book. Collectionopensource. Libro. Identifier CorruptPenelopeDouglas. Identifier-arkark://thw Until You--Nur mit Dir. Fall Away (Series). Penelope Douglas Author julia Weisenberger Translator (). cover image of Rival--Bittersüße Liebe. Editorial Reviews. Review. I read it twice back toback this was deep, dark and one of the most fun rabbit holes I've ever beendown. - Jay Crownover, New York .

She was confused. She didn't know I was here.

Right above her. She didn't know that my eyes were on her right now. She didn't know that I could run at her, get her in a hold, and have her on the floor before she even knew what had happened.

I didn't want to scare her, but I did. Power and control were addictive. And I didn't want to like it, because it made me sick. It made me Damon. I started breathing harder and tightened my fists around the railing, growing scared myself. This wasn't normal. But the stubborn set to her eyes was forced, and I lifted the corner of my mouth in a smile behind my mask. Her long, gray t-shirt fell off her shoulder, and rain glistened across her chest and neck.

The downpour pummeled Meridian City outside, and at this time of night-and in this neighborhood-the streets were empty.

No one would hear her. No one probably even saw her enter the building. And by the way she began backing slowly out of the dark room, it looked like she was just beginning to realize that.

Corrupt (Serie Devil's Night #1) - Penelope Douglas

I took a step. The grate flooring creaked, and she snapped her head left, following the sound. Her eyes locked on me. Keeping my gaze on her, I walked toward the stairs. Why isn't he answering me? Why is he wearing his mask? Why are the lights out? Because of the storm? What's going on? But I said nothing as I walked slowly toward her, her pretty, small form getting more defined the closer I got.

Wet strands of hair I didn't notice before stuck to her chest, and the diamond studs Michael gave her last Christmas sparkled on her ears. The points of her breasts poked through her shirt. Her blue eyes looked at me warily.

Do you? I circled her slowly, caging her in, while she remained stubbornly still. Are you so sure it's me? I might not be Kai, right? I could've just taken his mask. Or bought one just like it. Stopping behind her, I tried to keep my breathing calm despite the way my heart was pounding.

I could feel her. The energy between my chest and her back. She should've turned around. She should've been preparing herself for danger like I taught her.

Did she think this was a game? Michael was gone-out of town for the night-and Will was probably out getting drunk somewhere. It was just us. And with the way my goddamn stomach was flipping right now, it wasn't funny or good or right how much I needed to constantly push myself over the edge to feel in control anymore. It wasn't good how much I didn't want to stop. I grabbed her, wrapping my arms around her and burying my nose under her ear. Her perfume made my eyelids heavy, and I heard her gasp as I tightened my hold, keeping her body against mine.

Your height, your form, your smell,,," "Do you? I breathed out in a whisper, "I miss you as a little high school girl, Rika. Her chest caved and then began to shake under my arms. I'd gotten to her.

Someone close to us said those exact words once, someone who scared her, and now she was doubting whether or not I just might not be him. Damon had disappeared last year, and he could be anywhere, right, Rika?

Corrupt Penelope Douglas

She immediately stepped back-the first countermove I showed her when someone grabs her from behind-but I pushed off my back foot, knowing what she was going to do.

Come on, Rika! And then, all of a sudden, she dropped, the full weight of her body slipping through my arms straight to the floor. I nearly laughed. She was thinking quickly. But I kept up my assault. She scrambled to her hands and knees, getting ready to scurry away, and I lunged out, grabbing her by the ankle.

She flipped over and kicked my mask, and I reared back, laughing. I can't fucking wait. She twisted around, fear etched across her face, and broke into a run toward the locker rooms. Probably going to the exit at the rear of the building.

I raced after her, grabbing hold of her shirt, my whole body on fire. I felt a trickle of sweat glide down the back of my neck. It's just a game. I won't hurt her. It was like tag or hide-and-seek as a kid. We knew nothing bad would happen when we got caught and we'd bring no harm when we chased, but the irrational fear excited us anyway. And when finally Damon and Winter ever do make an appearance together and demonstrate their passion towards each other, the page burns because of said passion; "I don't know if I felt responsible for the fact that she now only had four senses by which to experience the world, but it was a strange feeling to want to protect someone from others when I knew I'd be worse for her health than anyone Maybe in a genetic way, or an emotional type of way.

But the connection was always there. Reading Damon's story, you soon realize that some people are legitimately connected genetically, and the shocking part of it all is what really makes the story worth to be read.

Not many can be compelled to read such a malicious and dark novel, but others do have that tempting side to it that makes them want to read more. In my case, I like to read dark romances.

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This one in particular, was just not my cup of tea. As previously mentioned, I am proud of Penelope for having all these dark yet beautiful words in mind and creating an indeed unique novel that had my skin crawling. Do not enter by reading this novel with a mindset of finding a cliche happily ever after.

The prologue had to for sure be my only and favorite part of this novel because it was only Damon and Winter.

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That is the way that it should always be, and I am glad that Penelope was able to acquire such a beautiful yet simple ending. Now, the question remains: What is going on with Will? Will is such a mess! Emotionally and physically.

He was left off at the end of this book viewed as him having the time of his life. I read it twice back toback this was deep, dark and one of the most Corrupt Devil's Night 1 - Kindle edition by Penelope Douglas. Romance Kindle eBooks oyebeluyyd. Thanks for bearing with me! I didn't expect to have to write Aflame and Misconduct got bumped up, unfortunately. My nightmares, however, became my obsession.

His name is Michael Crist. Penelope Douglas - Corrupt. And then he walked out of the room, followed by Kai, who I knew wore the silver mask, the door swinging closed behind them. Probably you should specify your search parameters, using additional filter options.She's destined to be with Trevor, the good one but heck if her heart and inner rebel cries out for the the bad one, Michael.

But that's because he loved her, silly! The drama in both books is nothing in comparison to what we got in this novel, Damon's story.

The bottom line is this book ticked a lot of boxes for me. Penelope Douglas - Corrupt. View all 21 comments. Get A Copy. Hyde Kai Rain was like night. You can simply go through life with this and don't regret a thing about it. One second that one second this.

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