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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Hey guys, welcome to the 45th part of our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Make Note 3 Ring Through Bluetooth, Email & MMS Issues; Note 3 Can't Read . is not a valid PDF” document or the download wasn't finished leaving the. I downloaded the file, I located the PDF file I wanted to print until the That was available in previous Android (kitkat )/Note3, but now in Android under Note 5, it doesn't work. My phone wont let me do drive mode. I simply get the error saying: The document cannot be opened because it's not a valid pdf-document. However I have no problems opening the file with my laptop, only my phone and tablet (Jellybean ) won't open it. You mentioned that your friends are able to open up the same PDF.

Note 3 Cannot Pdf

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So I just got my note yesterday and I sent up my email. My teacher emailed us a pdf filed but I could not open it! It keeps saying, "The document. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a Google. Account. Note: Once you have created a Google .. cannot send or receive any calls or access online. So you just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note3 and you are left confused as to The document formats that can be moved include txt, pdf, pptx, ppt, xls, xlsx, . is to connect the devices and then transfer the files, but I literally cannot find the.

Mar 11, 28 Three suggestions not necessarily in the order presented: First, have you tried the GMail app? Second, do you have a file browser installed? You can navigate to the file location or to your 'download' folder and see if it's actually there. If so, then you can open it directly.

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Any of the following would work: As a side note, it doesn't usually take this much trouble to open a PDF file, and after you get things sorted out this first time it should be much easier subsequent times.

Jun 27, 11 0 I do attachments all day long with that app and never had an issue. I use Kaiten used to use K9.

The videos showed up once when I set my phone to the camera connection versus the media device connection , but now it doesn't seem to work on either setting. Most of the videos in question are mp4 files, some are Quicktime. Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mark. Typically the answer is to connect the devices and then transfer the files, but I literally cannot find the listing for the media files I'm looking for even though I know they are resident on the phone, so it's currently impossible to transfer something that I can't find listed.

Thanks -. I have tried: That worked a couple of times, but it has ceased to work today. I think it was caused by: I have no idea.

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Files That can be Transferred from the Galaxy Note3 Before you start sharing media between your Note3 and your Laptop, it's important that you know what type of files you can move between these devices, because there are some files that may require you to install another application to view and play these files properly. Connecting the Samsung Galaxy Note3 as a media device.

Installed applications created for this purpose. Samsung Kies. In transferring files between your Note3 to your Laptop via Kies, you should have the latest version.

I have to go back into my folder where it has a list of all emails and check mark which one I want to delete. This does not happen all the time but on occasion. Also wondering why it might be difficult to send a video message.

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It constantly says sorry file is to big? I appreciate your time and hope to hear back from you.

However, other users had success putting the phone in Silent Mode. Try to use a third-party app called Bluetooth Auto Connect. About your email problem, well, at least you can delete the ones you want deleted by going to the inbox. Once workaround is to use a third-party app called WhatsApp.

The downside is the recipient must be using the same app to play the videos you sent. Neither can be read by my phone. I have formatted both and they will not even show up on my phone. Anything I can try differently? Thanks, TJ.

Tried formatting it on my laptop but still the same? Did I buy a busted microSD card? Help me please.

Have it replaced if possible. Galaxy Note 3 Issues With Attachments Problem: Hi, I check all my emails via phone and have always been able to download any attachments.

Any ideas? Love you to bits if you could fix it.Family Tech. Software Upgrade. It will actually come in handy, too, if you want to take photos remotely while the Note 3 is resting on a rock or… whatever. Hello, I have a Note 3 from Verizon. How Samsung measure battery usage time for Galaxy watches Learn More. Was this step helpful? Did I buy a busted microSD card? There are ways to find out these details, though.

It may have been changed or deleted.

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