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This is an example of a newspaper book report project that a student competed about the Titanic. Newspaper template Newsletter Design, Pta, Writing Ideas, Journalism, Middle . Book Reports: Reading Templates and Projects, Grading Rubrics, and Free. This biography book report newspaper contains 4 templates that assemble into an extra large newspaper project (18 x 12 in.) Your students will have fun writing .

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Newspaper Book Report: Students read a fiction book or non-fiction book and then create the front page of a newspaper. I love to bring in sample real-life. After reading a fiction or nonficiton text I use this newspaper template as a fun way for students to create a summary of the book. They can give their newspaper a. number of players, board layout-template included but does not have to be used) . ppti.info

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1. School Newspaper Report

Product Description. After reading a fiction or nonficiton text I use this newspaper template as a fun way for students to create a summary of the book. They can give their newspaper a title, write a plot summary, and design 3 illustrations with captions depicting different aspects of the text.

Students can also write 3 different articles about the text summarizing chapters, identifying the setting, describing the genre, or conducting a character analysis.

Newspaper Book Report Examples News Template Education World

It can be related to the book, your name, the class, the school, and so on. Make sure your summary answers who, what, where, when, and why. Create a headline that related to the summary.

Protagonist Write a brief article about the main character. Describe who the character is, what he or she did, personality traits, and interesting things about the character. Create a headline that relates to the article.

Include a picture of the protagonist in a scene from the book. Antagonist Write a brief article about the antagonist.

Newspaper book report ideas?

Write in complete paragraphs. Include a picture of your antagonist causing the problem.

New Ending Write a different ending to the book that changes the outcome of the story. Create an assumed name for your character to use to sign his or her letter. This is a fake name Then write the response from the columnist that reflects how the problem was solved.

Make it look like an advice column 2. Dear Abby, etc.

Book Review Write a review for the book you read. Explain your likes and dislikes.

This should be enough for your reader to understand everything you want to say to them about the situation. Newspaper design templates will show you how to design the best report and the perfect newspaper for your media organization. Step 5: Conclusion Tell your readers to take necessary action if needed.

For example, if it is a report that demands action from the public, then make sure that you convey that through your article. Give them a reason to react and how would they benefit from it.

Download 6. Vintage Newspaper Reports Download It gives you exposure to working in bigger firms if your work is good and gets recognized by a prospective news agency. You can highlight important details in black and use old writing styles with new and fresh content.

Use our templates to avoid creating the perfect report from scratch. Just hit the download button and make the necessary changes by adding the details you need to add.

Making a market research report is an essential part of planning a business and it keeps you more organized and documented.

Advertising is one of the most sources of revenue for any newspaper or magazine.Grade Levels. Most Popular Click on the graphics below to view each book report project. Projects , Nonfiction Book Study , Rubrics. Students are required to use a v. Cart is empty Total:

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