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SUMMARY of Ch. 3 of “MASSONI” – Masons and Vatican for European Unity Magaldi, the author of 'Massoni', has been able to consult the minutes of the. An excerpt from “Massoni” by Gioele Magaldi: Chapter 7 entitled: “United Freemasons for Globalization, Part 1”, Section 4: “War and Peace”. MAGALDI'S BOOK. MASONS ILLIMITED RESPONSIBILITY COMPANY. THE DISCOVERY OF THE UR-LODGES. Copertina-MASSONI-di-Gioele-Magaldi.

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an excerpt from “massoni” by gioele magaldi: chapter 7. (documento) massoni . società a responsabilità illimitata. la scoperta delle ur-lodges pdf download. Gioele Magaldi Massoni English linear algebra lay study,lines for drinking quality vol 1 vol 1 3rd edition,linguaggio del corpo maschile leggere i gesti per capire. img libro Massoni 7e A book The book has been written by Gioele Magaldi who is an historian, a writer, a progressive freemason and the.

Few people gave serious attention to the fact noted, all the same, by sections of the media in the days immediately following the attack, and reconsidered by a number of conspiracy theorists who, however, had insufficient knowledge of all that had gone on between members of the Ur-Lodge Three Eyes and Brothers of the White Eagle that mentally unbalanced John Hinckley Jr. Originally from Oklahoma and then transferred to Texas, he was a friend of the Bush family and had given weighty financial support to George H.

Bush during the Republican primaries of Moreover, the son of Hinckley Sr. Bush and Barbara Pierce, Neil Bush. Significantly, John W. Hinckley Sr. Regarding this nth political homicide this time failed by a hair s breadth , a number of sources maintain, however, that neither the Bush family nor Hinckley s was responsible for arming the certifiably unbalanced John Hinckley Jr.

However, the Three Eyes Brother who effectively prompted the assassin to shoot knew very well that, with President Reagan out of the way, the first to occupy the White House would be his deputy vice- President George H.

Bush, one of the most faithful, dedicated and embedded members of the Three Eyes Lodge. Indeed, according to some, the fact of having chosen and armed for assassination purposes a mentally disturbed young man directly associated with the Bush family was, of course, a way of giving back the U.

Presidency to a man of the Three Eyes and the Trilateral Commission, but was at the same time a fiendish stratagem to blackmail and control G. Bush who, since becoming vice-president, seemed though 1 2 someone pointed out that appearance is not the same as reality to be in loving agreement with Reagan and other members of the presidential administration who adhered strictly to Reagan s policies.

Be that as it may, within the circles of the White Eagle, the Edmund Burke and the Geburah noone doubted that the assassination attempt had a clearly Masonic origin, attributable to a number of blade-wielding Brothers of the Three Eyes Lodge. In this case, too, the majority of Masons of these pro-reaganite Ur-Lodges did not intend to set in motion the sensational act which, instead, was planned and carried out by very few shortly afterwards and in scientific fashion, with the support of the Russian and East German secret services directed of necessity by the Soviet leaders imposingly present in the Ur-Lodge Joseph de Maistre amongst whom we recall Freemasons Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko, who had already betrayed the Three Eyes Brothers in through their support of the Iranian revolutionary rebellion provoked by the Ur-Lodge Amun.

Thus, opting for a course of action entirely different from the milder, more resigned and submissive stance of the progressive Masonic circles who, in assassinations of J. Assassination Attempt on the Pope So it came to pass, although this attempt missed its aim by a fraction, since the victim managed to survive the attack. In fact, at precisely, on the 13th May in St.

Ali Agca b. And yet he was able to find a way through all networks of protection and security, get close to the Pope and shoot at him virtually without hindrance. Why the choice of Karol Wojtyla, alias Pope John Paul II, as a sacrificial victim to avenge the attempted assassination of Reagan barely 45 days previously?

The author will publish another huge set of new documents with a scheduled second book as a matter of fact a whole Trilogy has been planned , which is due to appear around The main public personalities coming from almost every corner of the "ruling" economic and political system are here listed and placed into their own historical context.

Fascism and Nazism, the Greek colonels and the EU technocracy were all originated from these Masonic super laboratories, according to the thorough analysis offered to the public by Mr. Rockefeller and Gianni Agnelli amongst others, and which had been sponsored under the direct control of the Italian secret lodge P2-Propaganda 2 set up by Licio Gelli.

The last chapter of the book deals with the discussion between frater Jahoel, Mr. Frater K.

Some prominent Masons involved at various levels in the economic and political construction of the crisis in Europe are here listed p. Article by G. Barbacetto and F.

Prescott — Revised by Paolo Genta, May ]. However, I drive looking further down the road. I agree with much of the information that has been disseminated, but in the future, that information will be forever corrupted when The Q Phenomenon turns out to be a hoax. As I have written previously, if you then take the suppositions made by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, in their book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail , and you accept that Nostradamus was also a Gnostic Christian, then you have an amazing confluence of purpose.

This symbolism leads to Egyptian mythology concerning Isis, and the historical use of the goddess Isis appears in the French Revolution and even today with the ISIS terrorist group.

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For me, the failure of The Q Phenomenon is my confirmation of the level of control being implemented on individual psychology. There are Lodges networked around the world, and they continually fight, make alliances, and then fight again, and then branch.

According to Gioele Magaldi, the Anti-Democratic, oligarchic, elitist, technocratic, neo-aristocratic, illiberal, conservative, reactionary Lodges want the current Chinese governing model.

Most human beings are considered cattle and rated accordingly. This is the positive side of The Q Phenomenon. Therefore, President Donald J.

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Honestly, those days are over. Everyone is monitored now, individually we are just not confronted with it until the law is broken.

The legal system will continually raise the level and sensitivity of intolerance. Unfortunately, the Progressive Masonic Lodges have always gotten their clocks cleaned by the Aristocratic and Satanic Lodges. Historically, The Common Person on the Street has borne the brunt of the loses. Q has promised declassification of many documents for months.

My guess is, the Lodges will never permit it, even the Progressive Masonic Lodges. The Q Phenomenon may reveal some secrets to build its Social Media army, but nothing will come of the movement. All of the little White Bunnies have dirtied their fluffy white tails.

The sad fact is that this is the model even the Progressive Masonic Lodges support. The priests of spiritual and material law pay themselves very handsomely. The Aristocratic Lodges are apparently ruthless. Warriors stand face-to-face on the battlefield, and it seems the Aristocratic Lodges prefer the assassin in the shadows and the car bomb. The war between the Lodges is going on around you, and I have been keeping track.

Stewart A Timeline of Strange Events. The Masonic Lodges appear to do battle with certain protocols, understandings, and unwritten rules. I am a great fan of the movie Sherlock Holmes.

I think there is a hint of truth in that movie regarding the various factions within Freemasonry, including the child-sacrificing Satanists. Every religion seems to have its Dark Night of the Soul when God does not answer your prayers. I am just like Inspector Lestrade, when these people go through these rituals in their robes, aprons, or what have you, and violence and sacrifice are meant to appease or invoke Satan or some demon, does the Devil turn up? And what happens when the Devil does not turn up?

What is the impetus to keep on going with the rituals and the sacrifices? Science, my dear readers, is my main interest, Nostradamus was a hobby that got out of hand.


I love a good puzzle. I thank some readers for reaching out to me about future Posts. I am in a precarious position in life, and there are repercussions for having opinions. When you are a part of The Matrix , you are watched and monitored. My day involves passing through checkpoints with armed guards.Bush, one of the most faithful, dedicated and embedded members of the Three Eyes Lodge.

President on 30th March The whole operation was accompanied by an amazing, sophisticated obsession with symbolic numbers, typical of the Masonic milieu [The author now describes these in detail and this we will omit for the present. Astor, John J. Some conservative Ur-Lodges that have been playing a major role in spreading out their influence into the political, economic and communication systems all throughout the globe are: Edmund Burke, Compass Star-Rose, Leviathan, Three Eyes, White Eagle, together with the most recent Hathor Pentalpha.

They are sort of trans-national secret Lodges that incorporate the affiliation of both men and women of the highest levels in world politics, finance and the industrial sectors.

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Getting this book is simple and easy. The national lodges have marginal roles compared to these Ur-Lodges. Copies of this evidence-proof have been placed in the custody of lawyers in London, Paris and New York as a personal guarantee. In the pages of the book you will understand that any and all world decisions that are to do with power, politics, finance and industry are first discussed and decided within these inner sanctums.

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