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Guardians of the Galaxy ( team), the original 31st-century team from an alternate timeline; Guardians of the Galaxy. The original Guardians of the Galaxy are a superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Guardians first appear in. Ms. Marvel Epic Collection: The Woman Who Fell To Earth (Trade Paperback) Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Heroes Omnibus (Hardcover) Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War - The Art of the Movie.

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See Also See: The Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Books Category for a complete list., See: Guardians of the Galaxy for all the variations of the subject on the. The comic book version of Yondu is quite different from the rough-and-tumble character portrayed by Michael Rooker in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. Comic. Total Nerd The Best Guardians Of The Galaxy Storylines In Comics List Rules Vote up the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book story arcs every fan must read.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Luckily for Guardians of the Galaxy fans, the characters they fell in love with on the movie screen have plenty of great comic book stories to explore. So then what shoudl a fan read after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Well, that depends on what exactly it is you're hoping to get more of.

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy finds the Guardians caught in the middle of a competition between Grandmaster and the Collector to resolve who has the coolest collection of items and artifacts in the universe.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Groot isn't healing back to full size and Drax has taken a vow of pacifism. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy 1 is still fresh on comic book stands, and new issues arrive every two weeks. Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, referred to by fans as "DnA," brought together the rag-tag group of cosmic heroes that would grow to become on of Marvel's biggest franchises.

Steve Gerber, still handling the writing chores, reflected, "Most of the stories I was scripting were set in the present. I wanted to do something that combined the standard superhero elements with something a little different, so that I could give my imagination a bit more play.

We had Dave Cockrum redesign the costumes, we created a new starship for them to pilot, and we revised the premise of the strip, so that they were no longer fighting the Badoon on Earth, and sent them off among the stars. The series was cancelled shortly afterwards due to poor sales, with the final issue being 12 August Marvel 23, Marvel Team-Up 86 Oct. Marvel Two-in-One 69 drastically changed the Guardians of the Galaxy story; due to changes made to the past of one of the members, the future which the Guardians of the Galaxy come from and the mainstream Marvel Universe are permanently separated, becoming alternate timelines to each other.

The Next Generation.

The Guardians' first self-titled comic launched in June and ran for 62 issues. This series was initially written and illustrated by Valentino, who deliberately gave it an action-oriented, "fun" feel that stood out from the typical "grim 'n' gritty" comics of the s.

Though Valentino had plotted the series ahead as far as issue 50, his run was cut short when he co-founded Image Comics.

Having taken on two new series and the foundation of a publication company, Valentino asked editor Craig Anderson if he could switch to just writing Guardians of the Galaxy , and in response Anderson dismissed him from the series. With issue 29 Oct. According to Kevin West, who became the penciller with issue 30 Nov.

A spin-off four-issue miniseries , Galactic Guardians July—Oct. West explained why he did not draw the final issue of Guardians of the Galaxy: I ended up at Malibu. There was a hold-up getting the Guardians plot finished so by the time I got it, I had to pass because I had a Malibu deadline to meet. Despite any minor qualms I had, I really did enjoy working on the series.

The title, set in a different timeline, features a new team, drawn from participants in the Annihilation: Conquest storyline. A new ongoing series starring the original Guardians, titled Guardians and written by Abnett, launched in The Guardians are active in the 31st century in an alternative time-line of the Marvel Universe known as Earth The original members of the team include Major Vance Astro later known as Major Victory , an astronaut from 20th century Earth who spends a thousand years travelling to Alpha Centauri in suspended animation.

He is also the future alternative universe counterpart of Vance Astrovik , the hero known as Justice. Each is apparently the last of their kind and they are forced to unite as a team against the actions of the Badoon , an alien race which attempts to conquer Earth's solar system.

During the course of the war against the Badoon, the team gains three more members—the mysterious husband and wife duo, Starhawk and Aleta , as well as Nikki , a genetically engineered young girl from Mercury seeking excitement in her life—and travel back in time, where they encounter several of the heroes of 20th century Earth, including Captain America and the Thing.

The guardians eventually defeat the Badoon, but soon find themselves facing a new foe called Korvac , who was in part a creation of the Badoon. After teaming with the thunder god Thor to defeat Korvac in the 31st century, [6] the guardians then follow Korvac to 20th century mainstream Earth, where together with the Avengers they fight a final battle. Avengers, although we don't see them talking to each other. And for some reason, they have slightly different powers and even different hair colours.

An Ice Person: Martinex Anime Hair: Rancor, being Wolverine's descendant, has inherited his hairstyle, albeit taken Up to Eleven.

Artificial Limbs: Yondu, after Interface from Force uses his power to transmute matter to turn Yondu's hand to gas. Yondu gets a replacement, and still managed to remain an archer despite missing a hand. As You Know: The first issue has Martinex and Yondu reminisicisng over their past adventures.

Lampshaded when Martinex points out he was there, and he can remember what happened. Yondu tends to go ax crazy at the drop of a hat. This concept has been quietly dropped in his modern depictions, though he's still pretty ruthless. Bad Future: By and large averted, but the late 21st century sucked, what with the Martian invasion killing off most of Earth's heroes, and the Badoon invasion of the 31st century dramatically reducing mankind's numbers and turning Earth into a crapsack world.

Big Bad: Usually the Badoon, but if not them then it's Michael Korvac. Big Damn Heroes: Body Surf: Korvac manages to cheat his first death by doing this, throughout multiple eras of history. It takes four tries for the Guardians to finally catch him. Boom, Headshot!

In the final issue of , Yondu plugs Korvac mid-monologue, telling Geena he could only do it because she'd got him going. Of course, since this is Korvac , he doesn't stay dead. But Now I Must Go: Starhawk, immediately after being separated from Aleta, takes off.

5 Comics To Read After Seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

In the middle of a fight with the Stark. It's so he can get Fire-Lord's attention, but he doesn't bother explaining these things ahead of time. In , due to a spot of time-travel, the original team meets the modern day Guardians, and they bicker about the shared name, along with the fact that the modern team had their own version of Major Victory. In issue 7, the two Guardian teams trace the temporal disturbances to Forest Hills, Queens.

Casual Time Travel: The team can hop back and forth between the 30th and 20th century easy. Defied in , where the Badoon have found ways to prevent that.

The team have to find a work-around using Galactus. Cat Girl: Talon is a Cat Boy. The 31st century Star-Lord, like his distant progenitor, was chosen for the role. Clingy Costume: In order to survive a thousand-year space journey, Vance Astro had to be vacuum sealed for his freshness.

If his suit is breached, he'd age and die in seconds. Cool Old Lady: Rael Rider is over two-hundred years old, and she's a Nova Centurion the last, actually.

She's also incredibly snarky. Cool Spaceship: The Guardians get around in The Captain America. Except when it's being shot out of the sky.

Then it was replaced with the Freedom's Lady.

Which also got shot out of the sky. In , the Star-Lord of the 31st has inherited his predecessor's living ship, Ship. Conservation of Ninjutsu: When the Stark attack the Guardians, they have a harder time fighting them than the scout that attacked the team only the issue before. Crapsack World: It's a Marvel Comic. The 30th century is pretty awful. The Guardians version manages to be worse.

The Badoon are killing off or have already killed off almost every empire out there, and no-one seems to be able to stop them. Cute Monster Girl: Despite her ridiculous hair and bad temper, Rancor is actually good-looking when she takes her mask off and stops snarling. Michael Korvac, one of the more dangerous enemies of the Guardians, had his legs removed by his Badoon overseers and replaced by a computer bank.

The Dark Age of Comic Books: It was the nineties, so some of the mores of the era do tend to crop up. Deadpan Snarker: Charlie gets very snarky when Starhawk's around.

Deliberate Values Dissonance: Stakar's response when Martinex points out marrying your adopted sister and having kids with her is pretty messed up. The Dividual: Starhawk and Aleta, on account of their sharing a physical space. She wasn't even considered a full member of the team for years. Don't You Dare Pity Me!


A story set during the team's earliest days shows Major Victory wigging out when Charlie accidentally makes an insensitive comment, and apologising for it, about being stuck in his space-suit.

Downer Ending: The Guardians don't save their reality, and never could. Korvac's attempts to fix everything are scuppered by Doctor Doom's actions over in New Avengers , and all reality goes down the tubes. Enfant Terrible: A baby Korvac, possessed by the essence of his future self, graphically kills his own father within seconds of being born. Exposed Extraterrestrials: Martinex is a crystalline transhuman from the planet Pluto. His body is composed entirely of crystal, and he never wears clothes.

Fantastic Racism: Nikki believes Reptiles Are Abhorrent , thanks to the Badoon near-annihilating her people when she was seven.

Free Comic Book Day Vol 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy

This somehow extends to the disguised Skrull Replica before anyone suspects she might not be human. Racial strife between, at least, Jovians and Pluvians is alluded to briefly in the team's first appearance, but this was dropped in later comics and never mentioned again.

After the Badoon were defeated, the unaltered humans of Earth were seen to mistreat Charlie and Martinex for their inhuman appearances; this partially motivated the reformation of the team and their return to the stars. The reason the Badoon want to kill every other life-form. And even in the 30th century, the poor Inhumans still get shafted. Mankind has colonised the Moon, and the Inhumans are forced to live on a reservation, with their movements constantly watched. And then the Badoon came a'calling Fiery Redhead: Slight Aversion in that she's not quite a redhead so much as that being from the planet Mercury, the pores on her head are exhaust ports for a high, constant body heat.

The result? Actual constant fire that looks like hair. Future Slang: A lot of it makes the transition through to the team's appearance in Guardians of Infinity. Gang of Hats: The Punishers.

Three guesses what that hat is, and the first two don't count. Gender Bender: Starhawk, in , changes gender depending on the iteration, while still being fully-aware of being a different gender.

Green Lantern Ring: Starhawk has a Groundhog Day Life. The first issue of Guardians deals with a small one, where the team dies at the hands of the Badoon, implied to have been going on for some time.

Hand Cannon: Geena gets one from Yondu in Guardians , one that's several degrees more powerful than the larger gun she already had, and won't knock her on her behind to boot. Half-Human Hybrid: Starhawk is the son of Quasar and Her , making him half human, half orange-skinned Artificial Being.

Charlie, like all of Jupiter's inhabitants. History Repeats: In , there's a human named Rider, who's a Nova centurion, the last even, stuck with the Worldmind for company, once more. Human Popsicle: Major Victory spent one thousand years, on-and-off, as one, on his way to the Centauri system.

I Just Knew: Starhawk Stakar, not Aleta: Lady Land: Planet Stark is a Matriarchy where men are second-class citizens at best.

The Classic Guardians

Some male Stark aren't even given names, having to earn them. Laser-Guided Amnesia: In , the team have forgotten all about Nikki thanks to time falling apart at the seams. Last of His Kind: The premise starts here; the Badoon have attacked, and the four originals are survivors of their worlds.

Yondu, from Centauri IV in the Alpha Centauri system, eventually discovers that a large number of his people survived and saves them from Galactus. Rael Rider, in , is the last Nova Corps member alive. Legacy Character: Major Victory for Captain America, amongst others. Rancor is a villain legacy for Wolverine. Issue 3 introduces a descendant of Richard Rider. She is also a Nova. Let's You and Him Fight: Gets a Lampshade Hanging when the team travels back to the 90s.

Starhawk has them teleport into the Fantastic Four's reception, rather than Reed Richard's main lab, because otherwise they'll get into a pointless fight. Since they don't, nobody fights, and Reed instead helps them. Starhawk notes it happens to them a lot. Just narrowly averted by the team when they run into the Bendis-era modern day team in Afterwards, they talk about how this is what usually happens when superhero teams meet.

Mama Bear: Aleta is incredibly pissed off at Stakar for the death of their children since he could've known about it or tried to prevent it. And yet Mainframe expects her to forgive him just like that.

The Man Behind the Man:Yondu has returned and now Starkar has followed, but are the Guardians waiting with open arms. Plus, a startling appearance by the Silver Surfer of the 31st Century! Yondu, last son of Earth's only extra-stellar colony, Centauri IV, is a primitive mystic and weapons master. The people of Haven are revolting! Where in the Beyonder's world have the Guardians gone? Naturally, that means Nebula gets to have a presence as the comic tries its hardest to fit in with the film's continuity.

Part 1 of 2 - "Spirit of Vengeance! Although set far into the future, the team ended up making several trips back in time to interact with more familiar heroes.

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