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IGN presents assorted guides for Grand Theft Auto 4 by If your browser is set to automatically open PDF files and you wish to save it instead. Strategy Guide & Walkthrough made by Nevermore. INTRODUCTION. Welcome to the Featured Guide for Grand Theft Auto IV. Here you will find guides to all. Grand Theft Auto IV Game Guide. Sometimes violence IS an answer. Detailed walkthrough, main quests, side-quests, achievements, hints and tips.

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For Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "GTA 4 Oficial Strategy Guide PDF". For Grand Theft Auto IV on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Free PDF Game Guide is available". Sorry if old, but this walkthrough has all the maps for pigeons plus detailed walkthroughs for. ppti.info, Mar , M. Grand. ppti.info, Apr , M.

Easy Fare Rewards: A fun mission but it's a steep rise in difficulty. However, if you need health I say, go get a hotdog. Also, try not to damage Roman's cab, It will be taking a beating in a minute. It's easy ride, but don't damage Roman's cab, its going to take a beating in a minute. So, now you have to escape the 2 star police in a tight area. Ok, your first job is to get the hell out of there, so here is the plan: Now shoot Lenny as he comes down, some people have trouble because they don't get there in time.

If you don't want to do that, you can try and cross the tracks but that is quite dangerous, since getting hit by a train can tend to be lethal. Press L1 or LB to break the window, then hold it down to shoot, move the right stick to aim, all that, while driving! It's easy with practise but it takes a bit of time, also you can shoot the tires, or the back window, or you can try and speed up and get next to driver's window, then shoot, whatever you choose, make sure you kill Lenny, to complete the mission.

Now for Roman's final mission, and my goodness it's easy. Dimitri will call afterwards to tell you that the man you just killed was the son of Kenny Petrovic, a very dangerous man. Logging On Rewards: Internet tutorial, You meet Brucie Given By: They say they met on the internet, and they say you should go onto it. When in there, go grab any computor you want and press L1 or LB. When on, click the Web button and then click on your email.

When you see a Email, reply to it by hitting the happy or sad face. Then hit the LB or L1 button and logout. Now leave the cafe. Brucie will be added to your phonebook. Now I hope you practised your bikeing skills. Also, go on your emails to start Brucie's 10 Exotic Export missions. Hopefully you still Faustin You Have Protection? Then, to make matters worse you have to have a shootout in the park. I'll never let it go ;-. Its not far at all, make sure you have practised your bike skills before as this can get tricky.

Now, throughout the game you will get 2 types of chase: You have to chase them until they stop, then you have a shootout. Type 2 is a pain, but luckily, this is a type 1, meaning: You just need to stay close, but not too close. It starts off easy as you race through the streets of Broker, but very soon, he will drive onto the freeway.

The annoying thing is, cars will keep trying to change lanes and one will even change sides, which is a really big pain. Go slow, and only speed up when you know you are safe. Soon, he will do a sharp turn off into Dukes. The main issue is that when he makes a sharp turn you tend to miss it and go flying. If you fail, the key is to remember where he turned. Also, Dukes is home to a lot of street lights, if you happen to hit on with the front of the bike, you will fly off.

I advise going slowly. Eventually, you will get to a block of houses and then a cutscene will play out, the Lost gang show up. Continue to follow them into Meadows Park. This is pretty much a bigger version of the other shootouts you have done so far. Using the tree's for cover is the best option. Lock on and shoot, time it right so they pop their heads out when you shoot. It really isn't that hard, just make sure that nobody is beside or behind you when you take cover.

The game tells you about rolling but it really isn't that important or useful. Keep checking the radar to make sure none run past you. That's all there is to it! Try and do this Shadow mission at day-time Rewards: Little Jacob at night. Meh, this mission is annoying, and quite long, it's easy to fail. Oh that man who almost killed you is called badman.

Stop for the toll or you get a 1 Star wanted level, which isn't good on such a tight area. Or take a taxi. Now get out your car and slowly walk behind him. The game will tell you to stop if you get to close. However if you stray to far, then you will fail, and do you want to do that drive again?

The first part of this, the dealer will go down a dark alley, hence why this is better done in the day light.

There's nothing unusual about the alley just it can be hard to see at night. If you want something to do while he walks away, knock over that barrel with the hobos around it and you will set them on fire. This is game is great isn't it?

At the end of this alley, Roman might call, if so, Hang up. If you answer it could scare off the dealer, making the chase harder. After a while, you will reach a dead end, don't make the mistake of jumping over the fence, you have to go through the door to the right and then DON'T go up the stairs, just continue through the door opposite. When you get outside, walk into the alleyway opposite, jumping over the fence as you go keep going foward and walk through the broken wall and then take a immediate left and go through the door.

If you ever get lost, just look at the radar for the red dot. When you first walk in, you might get 2 of them through surprise since they are standing in the middle of the room. One of the will duck behind the wall to the right, one will duck behind the back wall, and one will just run around. A nice way to open the door is to take cover by it and shoot it. Then shoot one of the dealers then you should be able to get the other 2 with ease.

After they are dead, Niko will call Jacob and the mission will be over. Rigged To Blow Rewards: However, he orders you to get a truck? What's going on? A very fun mission, but at the end of the day it is just another driving mission that makes it quite easy.

At least I think thats why he is so angry and paranoid. Anyway, soon Faustin and dimitri will walk in and Faustin will be even more angry than usual.

Get in and Niko will give Faustin a call. He will reveal that the truck contains a bomb, and you are going to deliver it and then trigger it. Roman might call you, accept it for a funny call and then continue. Careful on the bridge since there are a lot of cars. When you get there, park over the arrows and get out the truck. After Niko does his strange dive, run away from the scene to recieve your cash. You really want Little Jacob's friend ability, he lets you buy guns and armour at a very low price.

The Master and Rewards: None the Molotov Given By: Go onto the careers page, and click submit resume. That concludes part I. There is one right outside the interview building. Also, get a knife, there is one in the toilet area in southern middle park.

Once inside, go speak to the register women, with the extremly weird voice. Follow her to the office. When you enter the office, you will have to sit down for your interview. He will talk to you. Soon the game will tell you to stand up and shoot him. You must aim your gun at him, forcing him into the corner, then beat him with a knife. That way the assistant won't run in and get the police. Make sure you take the files before you kill him. Aim, take, stab to death. If you did shoot him, you are going to have a very hard shootout, I would just start again.

It's not worth it. Just melee him, pick up the files and leave the building. Take the files to Francis.

As hard as I have tried, a bat does not work during the interview, not sure why. Bring armour. Also practise your 3 star escapes from the law. Full exploration. That's because, this mission unlocks the final island, Alderney.

Three Leaf Clover Rewards: Given By: Packie Alderney. A bank heist. This is the best mission in the game in my opinion. It's fun, very challenging and features one of the best shootouts of the game. Hopefully you're friends with jacob. Getting there. You need a four wheel car, a cab is a good suggestion. It's a hefty drive, this is why people sometimes find this mission annoying, if you fail at the end, you have to do that drive all over again.

Notice Luis on the floor? Anyway, soon mike will get shot and all hell will break loose.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide

Don't worry about the 5 star wanted level yet. Right now, just run down to the safe. You just have to run into the money to complete this section of the mission. In order to get a good position of the police run foward and use the pillar inbetween the two double doors.

Shoot as many police men as you can. Packie and Derrick will assist. Using grenades is a bad idea now since while all the cars will blow up it might kill Packie or Derrick. Suddenly Packie and Derrick will run down an alley.

Kill any cops who remain, since now you can use grenades. Now follow them down the alley. While this shootout isn't very hard, your cover is quite limiting. There are 2 grooves in the wall and a stairway to use as cover. Take the one that Packie and Derrick haven't. Shoot any cops you see, you can see their locations on the radar.

You might have to turn around and kill any cops from outside the bank. Once your done for this alley, you can continue onto the next road. You now the drill, shoot the cops, follow Packie down the alleyways and roads. It's hard, but it isn't hard to follow If that makes sense? Just stick close to Packie and Derrick. If they run past the police you should to, but if they cause you hassle, deal with the cops.

However, there may sometimes be some cops up on the fire escapes, so look up once in a while. Soon, you will get down to the toll booths. This is the main chunk of the fighting down here. It's much easier than when you were in the streets though becuase you can use the tolls as cover. Also, there are not that many cops when compared to the streets. Once everyone is dead, run down to the tracks.

Well this is like that except the cops aren't running anywhere. Use the pillars as cover and shoot as many cops as you can before your view is cut off by a train. Don't waste bullets by trying to shoot while a train goes by. Soon you will have to go onto the tracks. You have to run up them and dodge the trains going past you.

It goes without saying that that will result in a very quick death. However, it's very easy since Packie will scream before it comes. Soon, you will reach a service hatch, get up and start climbing back up to land, just before you get to the top, there is a first aid kit, through a door in a back room.

It's not too hard to spot since well, you don't have much space to look. Follow the mission until it says: Go to street level 2. When the destination changes to Packie's house, go back down into the subway. Go onto the tracks and run out of your wanted level. That's it! I very highly suggest you use that tip, it may be the most important one. Just get in one, as fast as you can, run until you find one.

Now you can choose to lose them normally or just go to a pay n spray assuming you diden't take a cop car. Unfortanatly, this isn't the type of thing that has an answer, you can only rely on your skill, or your friends. Your choice.

Actions speak louder than words Rewards: Meh, apart from actually setting the bomb off this is just a car follow mission. Gerry wants to frame a family for blowing up their factory, when in fact, you'll be the one doing it. Once you have picked it up, you will get a call from Gerry. Now you have to put the bomb onto the car. It's a fair distance.

Pop into the weapons shop and purchase some armour if you want. Now, go to the back of the car and place the bomb onto it. Now get your own car and park up onto the yellow spot.

They drive pretty fast so keep your speed up and disobey traffic lights. If it is night or raining, this can be trickier than daylight. This is a very long drive, but there are not many hard bits, it's just a bit annoying overall. Now get out and bring your phone up.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Free Guide

As the bottom option, it says 'Detonate'. Click it and watch the awesome blow-up sequence. Still wasen't worth the trip though. This isn't too hard and an assult rifle does a good job or a sniper. Whatever you choose, kill them and then you have to escape a 2 star wanted level. This isn't hard at all because you have a car. However, if you can't escape, jump into the ocean and swim. It's not far at all. After you have escaped you will recieve your reward. I need your Clothes your boots and your Rewards: UHH I hate this mission!

It's hard and the type of chase where you have to kill them before they get somewhere You might not need amrour, this mission requires skill more than bullets. Niko falls off the bike really easily. I am afraid all you can do is practise.

If you fall off don't give up, you might still do it. You should aim to really shoot him once you enter alderney. Not much has changed except you now have a nice screensaver. Photo Shoot Rewards: A ok mission, a nice change, it's quick and easy.

Its works a bit like the sniper except the you can only see your aim in the bottom right screen. You only have to press A or X ps3 to take the picture.

Walk over yeah, it's very close to the basketball court and you will see 3 friends talking. Take a clear picture of them, this is easier in daylight. Now take the picture of them and you will soon get a message from Playboy to tell you who it is. It's thhe guy with the blue pants. Careful you don't get too close. Once Playboy has confirmed it's him, shoot him, you have to waste him and his friends before they escape the court. It's not too hard, just shoot as fast as you can, and if you fail, you don't exactly have to do much to get back to where you are now.

Once they are dead, your missions over. Ruff Rider Rewards: A ok mission, quite tricky if your not careful. But will you go through with it? You are given the option to kill her however take into account that while you are making this choice, the boyfriend is getting away. You might have time to steal someones passing by but it is risky. Chase him down, shooting him, take note of where he goes, he goes down alleys and constantly tries to lose you.

Try and shoot his tires and then shoot or run over him. It's not very hard at all. As long as you have time and some decent bike skill, you'll be fine. A good tip is to head to the exchange freeway and he will ride into you, giving you a huge chance to shoot him.

The cutscene given will change depending on whether you killed Cherise or not, but it's not much more different, Dwaynes fine either way. Wrong is Right Rewards: She has work for you! Hip Hip Hooray! She has some work for you, well, her boss does. Go kill a guy, duh! Anyway, go into the living room and go onto the laptop sitting on the table. Go onto his email the same way you go onto yours and click on the top email that has already been opened.

Read it, then leave the house to find him. Also, U. L Paper will phone you. Watch the clip and follow him. This is, one of the worst chases in the game. It is incredibly long. First there is an important tip, you have to shoot his car but not for a while, first, follow him through Broker which isn't too hard but then when he goes onto Algonquin Bridge, things can get tricky.

A lot of cars change lanes and your going very fast. Afterwards, slow down and take a few sharp turns down some alleys, you can block him off, but I don't see much point. For the next few minutes, you have to follow him through the streets, there are a lot of sharp turns which could land you in scaffolding, which would be extremly annoying.

At one point, he goes down an alley and blocks it, the game tells you to go back, which you should, of course, a better idea is to not go down there in the first place. This alley is in little italy. This is the point where you should or could start shooting. Eventually, he will make it onto a very very long road going up the left side of middle park, this is the best chance you have of killing him.

Keep shooting his tires and soon he should stop or his wheels will catch on fire. Whatever the case, run over him or wait for him to catch on fire and the money is yours.

Also, all wanted levels will disappear. Hostile Negotiation Rewards: A safehouse in Algonquin, Given by: A VERY hard mission. Bring armour and bullets. Also Dimitri will text a picture of roman being tortured. So when it does, give Jacob a call for some cheap guns or go to the ammo store, depends on whether Jacob is your friend.

Afterwards, go to the warehouse located in Bohan. The warehouse is arranged with four floors, Ground, 1st, 2nd and top. Watch the cutscene showing roman being questioned on the top floor.

When you gain control of Niko, shoot the guys in front of you talking, that will get rid of 2 of them. Now use the wall you are crouched by as your cover. Kill everyone you can see and proceed on. Also, there is a first aid kit on the floor at the end of the wall you are crouched by. Wait a bit for everyone to get into view for maximum kills. You should take care when entering the central area since you are open to everyone. Shooting everyone you see is the best method but making sure you have cover is the most important thing.

All may seem quiet but above your couching wall are lots of enemies, running out is sure to get you hurt. Plan where you are going to use cover before running out into the open. Make sure you watch out for the red tanks, one shot when your near them will kill you. Once everyone is dead, go up the stairs and onto the next floor. Before you go, aim upwards and shoot any red tanks you see.

As soon as you get onto the first floor run for the nearest cover because more enemies will pop out. Keep moving up, nothing changes.

Items in search results

Also, there is armour just below the stairs before you go up onto the 2nd floor, it's actually quite hard to miss. On the 2nd floor end of the first hallway, there is a medkit attached to the wall. Once again, if you use the pillars for cover, it's hard to miss. On the same floor 2nd as this medkit, you can aim up onto the catwalk above.

When you get to the end of this floor, people will run across it, keep your eye on it. This is really important, while going up the stairs to the top floor, you might see some guys on the roof, shoot them. You'll be right in the open later on if you don't. The top floor only has air ducts for cover. Make your way foward, however, before you head into the office with Roman in, look down to the bottom floor and kill the other guys running in from the entrance.

Just before you head into the office, someone will run into you, this guy does a lot of damage if you don't be careful so go slowly with your gun at the ready as you head into the office. You have to shot the enemy, without hitting Roman. This is quite easy with a assault rifle. Just be careful and you should be ok. You have to use free-aim but it's still not hard.

Now when you leave the office the way you came in, turn left as soon as you get out, you will get out onto a balcony. Now you can go down the steps all the way to the ground and then get in the pick-up truck outside. Be careful with the explosive tanks. Take your time. I went through this mission 2 times without realizing you can do this. Deliver Roman home to win that lovely safehouse. Undress To Kill Rewards: Yep, Kill them. This missions ok, it's tricky to do right but I like the whole eavesdropping thing.

Kill the owners, what else? You'll find it, it's a fire escape, so it's a scabby red door. You'll see why later. To locate the first one, walk up to the 2 men having a conversation as soon as you walk into the main club via the front entrance. The first manager will pop up. The Second manager is talking to a striper in the south west corner of the club. The last manager is getting a lap dance in the back of the club, to add his location to the radar, talk to the bodyguard.

This way, the guard's attention will be focused on the club. Also, make sure he doesen't leave the office. Now, go over to the second manager, and shoot him. All hell will break loose. Kill any bodyguards that shoot you. If you managed to cover the back exit correctly, the manager will have no where to run and run out the front entrance, but since he will have to pass you, you can shoot him in the club.

Once your in a car, you must chase after him, aim for the tires and then run him over or shoot through the window. It's not too hard. L Paper mission. Portrait of a Killer Rewards: L Paper needs you to kill someone duh through using a picture. A fun mission, but it diden't really stick out at me. L talking to you. L's picture. While your waiting, call the police and steal a cop car.

Once the pic arrives you will be told to get a cop car, which hopefully you should already be doing or done. If you don't want to risk the wanted level or you have a car, you can go to the police station which francis works at, and go down the side alley for a free police car.

After you have found him, exit the computor and go to his hideout in dukes. You have to kill them all, I highly suggest climbing up the east side and sneaking up on them with an assault rifle. When all hell breaks loose, It turns into a common shootout, just shoot and make sure that no one is behind you when you go foward. Using grenades is really useful since for some reason, there are cars everywhere.

Not much else, but be careful when you go up the ladder, If you are low on health you can just leave, go get some and then come back. It's really easy. The next mission is like that but I think it's a lot better. Dust Off Rewards: L Paper needs you to steal a helicopter. A fun mission, but I don't really like the whole following thing. You'll need to fly a helicopter later. You should have at least half your health. Simply turn right to end up on the highway. Obviously, you should be on the right hand side and going as fast as you can.

Cars will get in your way and try not to hit walls or tree's because you might flip over. Holding B or circle will lock your view onto the helicopter. This chase goes on till midwest alqonquin. It's not too hard actually. Just stay on the right side of the road. Now drive through those 2 guards blocking the pier.

Drive to the end then get out and use your car for cover. People will run out, Your car is pretty good cover, assuming it doesen't catch on fire. Enemies aren't labeled on the radar so once you have head shooted everyone, and you are sure everyone is dead, get in the helicopter. If you have practised the helicopter from san andreas or just practised in this game, then you will have a advantage.

The left stick and R2 can be useful, I tend to use that. Also, if you have a wanted level don't worry, because they are easy to escape since you can fly. Also, while flying, Roman might call. Landing at the airport is quite tricky, the real hard bit is not hitting the tail on anything. Turn your tail away from the cargo and try and land steadily, don't charge towards it, if you miss you might fail.

The next mission is very easy, if you do it in a certain way. Holland Nights Rewards: Go to the apartment blocks. Don't get violent, turn around, do you see the huge crane? Climb up the crane. Snipe Clarence, no police, no shootout. Your best bet is to start shooting on the bottom floor and work your way up, so that when you're up high, you won't have anyone shooting at you from below.

Use the support pillars for cover and shoot anyone in your way, then carefully, make your way up the stairs. You're goal is to keep going up the stairs, you need to fight through each floor to get to them, it's the same story for each floor, you use corners for cover and if you don't have them, the support beams work well. Try to look up to the next floors so you don't have to deal with them when you're up there. Soon you should make it to the roof. Clarence is hiding on top of the building, on a small structure.

Fight your way to him and climb up the stairs for a choice. Lure Rewards: A very easy mission which I enjoyed. Once in, drive to the apartment which is an even longer drive but it's pretty hard to fail so you won't have to do it again.

Once you have made it, go where the game tells you and go up onto the rooftop. As you guessed, he isn't by the window, you need to lure him. There are 3 popular ways to do it. Shoot his tv, he gets up to look at it. Shoot the satilitte dish, he gets up. Dial his phone number shown in the cutscene with him sitting down, the number is Whatever way you choose, shoot him and go back down to street level to finish the mission, easy or what? A lot of people have issues with it but I love it, but it is tricky, you NEED to practise your helicopter skills, one mistake and you die.

Paper Trail Rewards: D I love this mission, but it looks like I'm the only one! L Paper, and now you have to go to north Algonquin. Do so and get in the helicopter to be faced with Little Jacob, who will accompany you on the trip.

Just before you take off, you'll see the enemy also take off, you need to follow it. Take off and, using the radar, make your way towards them. Once your on their tail, they will try and lose you by flying through skyscrapers. This is where skill should come in, you have to fly through them obviously, it's not really really hard but not easy. Depends on how much you practised. You can fly over them, but you might lose track of them.

Just keep trying. Soon, they will fly under Broker Bridge. I highly suggest going over it instead of under. You have to line up the helicopter with thier's so jacob can take a shot. It doesn't have to be a striaght line, you need to focus on flying in a straight line but it also has a bit to do with luck, since you can't control where the enemy moves, your best bet is to get a bit close, not to close, you might get hit yourself , and don't steer while jacob aims.

Not much else to say about it, just good luck, and afterwards, take jacob home to get your reward. So not much to say about it. The next mission is one of the best, very easy but this is one of the first choices that really affects what happens to the rest of your game.

The Holland Play Rewards: A very fun mission which took me a while to choose. His apartment could finally be yours. Later on, you'll get another call triggering the killing.

Also, I felt bad killing Dwayne, he's a good guy and Playboy turns against you afterwards. Why Kill Playboy -- I say, kill Playboy, you get a new friend, a amazing apartment which I love, and Dwayne's friend ability is great.

While Playboy's money sounds good, you can make that in a few missions. Also, Playboy is actually horrible. Once you enter his own apartment, all you need to do is shoot him, he has 1 bodyguard, and that's it.

You'll run in and Playboy will get angry and run outside. This is a very easy shoot, since you have great cover.

It is just a case of waiting for them to pop their heads up. Before you run out, use the extra wall of cover to your right, to get more scope of the room. Once everyone is dead run out into the living room. Being honest, if someone is still alive, it won't kill you to get hit once, the couch is still good cover.

Once on the roof, Playboy will jump over to the other roof and go down the stairs. Follow him down all the way down to the streets, it's a pretty long climb down.

Once you're on the streets, some guys in a jeep will show up, shoot them, and then proceed to chase Playboy. Playboy will run down an alley not too far from his apartment, follow him into it using the radar, at the end, simply shoot him to finish the mission and get his amazing apartment! D Mission Complete! A Long Way to Fall Rewards: To much surprise he needs someone to be killed. It's just another shootout.

He needs someone dead, what a shocker. Alonzo, he is wearing a blue 72 t-shirt, go drive to his location. It's a bit of a drive away.

Grand Theft Auto IV PC Manual

He won't talk so you have to point a gun at him to start him talking. After he is done talking, you can shoot him, if you don't he will call teddy and he will alert his guards, however, even if you do shoot alonzo, it's exactly the same but you get a jump on the first two guys.

Now head in and go in the elevator that will take you to the 20th floor. The floor is just a giant sqaure, you goal is the stairs. You must use the corners as cover, but watch out, people can go around, and get you from the back, always check. Once everyone you see is dead, go up the stairs, there is a guy with a shotgun on them, watch out because running into him is fatal.

I would know. There is another guy with a shotgun when you enter the floor. Again, watch out. On the 22nd floor, is Ted's apartment. Watch out though, someone will jump you to the right before you enter. Now, all you have to do is go into the kitchen, and then leave, this will trigger a cutscene of niko getting his face owned by a door. Ted will run for the roof.

Eventually after defeating some annoying people with shotguns while climbing stairs, Niko will reach the roof. Go through the door and shoot the guy on the ground. He caught me by surprise. After, go past the fences, and down to the end of the roof. Now all you have to do is shoot him and watch him fall.

Niko will automatically go back down to ground level. Mission Complete!!! Taking in the Trash Rewards: A intresting and unique mission but it doesn't really pick up. Anyway, he needs you to collect some diamonds in the garbage, this is the start of a very long story about these diamonds. Walk around to the garbage plant, it's really close. Niko will put his new outfit on. You have to drive, surprise, and you'll have your team on the back. Like a true garbageman! You have to make a few stops, during each, you have to open the back of the truck by just hitting a simple button.

Remember to close it. After the second visit, other people who want those diamonds will appear. You can't defeat them so you just have to drive as fast as you can and as safely as you can, since damaging the truck will fail the mission but also the truck is very slow. Hang in there. Meltdown Rewards: Now you are getting them back. At first, very boring but the shootout in middle park was great. You bet you do! Head over to Luca, he's on the radar, you'll be in a car for a while so get ready for a chase.

Drive over, and Luca will flee. Following him isn't that hard, you don't have to kill him and the chase isn't that hard, a few points to make are, that in Star Junction a truck will knock some tree's into you. There are tree's in the middle of Liberty city? They are easy to avoid though. Not much more to say other than practise weaving through traffic, there is a lot of it. Now, don't go driving into things, it's very hard to do and the grass is always getting your wheels stuck.

Also, you'll be in the open. Walk foward, you'll notice the first guy down on the lower level. Take him out and then jump down. Luca and the rest of his crew are in the toilet area. If you followed the tip, it's where you got the knife for Final Interview. It's very easy, it's another case of wait for them pop out then headshot them.

Multiple enemys might come out of cover so expect to lose some health. Don't fret though, there's only 2 enemys in here. The game will tell you Luca is in the toilets, flush him out. Yeah, even rockstar have crappy puns nowadays. Anyway, this is inssanely easy. Go into the men's toilets and go to the stalls. Shoot each door to open it, luca is in one. It changes each game, or at least it does for me. After he is dead, pick up the diamonds and meet Ray on the bridge. Job done. Museum Piece Rewards: A fun mission that was way too long.

Remember, his 2 friends betrayed him and killed all his other friends in russia and now he wants the one who did it dead. Problem is, he doesen't know who.

Preferably for a assault or carbine rifle. They have good zoom. Drive over to the museum on the outskirts of middle park. Basically, Ray's diamond exchange doesen't go to well and someone intrudes, it's Luis from three leaf clover and also the main character from The Ballad Of Gay Tony. He will escape leaving you in the museum with, yep, another shootout. The only way is foward, which is simple enough, enemies are using cover behind the white boxes which are right in front of you, wait and shoot their head, same as usual.

Gradually move foward when you know it's safe. While your on the top floor you're in the perfect position to shoot people on the bottom floor, get as many as you can, it makes life much easier later on. Apart from making sure you don't run into anyone there isn't anything too hard, at least, at the moment. Oh, by the way, try shooting the dinosaur bones on the ceiling.

Or, getting them with a grenade is simpler. Before you run down the stairs, get some cover and shoot anyone you can, even when everyone you see is dead, wait a bit more, it's a long stairway and if someone got you halfway down, then you would have no cover. Watch out for balcony overhead, some guy ran out and got me, which was strange because I didn't see him before at all.

It's just a lesson to keep checking before you run down. Some guys will actually come up the stairs while you are reloading so watch out for them. While actually going down the stairs keep aiming around to make sure no one gets a sneak on you.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, don't use the pillars as cover, run past them and use the little box with the ARMOUR in it as cover. If you used the pillars get it afterwards.

Most of them use the back monument for cover. You can get zoom on them with a rifle. This is another case of shoot until everyone is dead. Like the boxes on the top floor, gradually move foward, using the pieces of art. The most likely outcome is people will still shoot you while you run to the next piece because, you probably won't get everyone. For his cousin, Roman, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Liberty City, gateway to the land of opportunity. As they slip into debt and are dragged into a criminal underworld by a series of shysters, thieves and sociopaths, they discover that the reality is very different from the dream in a city that worships money and status, and is heaven for those who have them and a living nightmare for those who don't.

We've just celebrated the seventh anniversary of the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, the most serious installment in the famous franchise. Its specific atmosphere was the reason some people were not overly fond of Niko Bellic's adventures.

All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Table of Contents. May 5, Guide contains: Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide. Action developer: Rockstar North publisher:Liquidize the assets Also, florian promieses he didn't kill those people, so it has to be Darko. All hell will break loose. Also, if you have a wanted level don't worry, because they are easy to escape since you can fly.

It's just mind bendingly hard! Mafiya work is for you. This chase goes on till midwest alqonquin.

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