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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is a game for three to six players, based on entire rule book and then follow the instructions under “Playing with Fewer. The A GAME OF THRONES board game is played over. 10 turns. At the end of game .. Important Rule: Though players may make promises. (which are never . them from the cards in other A Game of Thrones: The Board Game products. This Mother of Dragons expansion increases the player count in the game to eight.

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The dude who posted those marvelous unboxing photos had said that he had uploaded the rules in pdf form and was waiting for the mods to. Meet your friends, other fans and manage your games & statistics online. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (PDF, mb); A Clash of Kings, Expansion 1 . A Game of Thrones is a strategy board game created by Christian T. Petersen and released by .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

This is a tuck box for House Stark. See other Tyrell file for unsleeved cards. This is a tuck box for House Tyrell. See other Westeros Cards file for unsleeved cards. This is a tuck box for the Westeros cards.

See other Tides of Battle file for unsleeved cards. This is a tuck box for the Tides of Battle cards. Jun 9, Size: Unsleeved cards.

See other Westeros Cards file for sleeved cards. Jun 7, Tides of Battle Cards.

See other Tides of Battle Cards file for sleeved cards. Jun 7, Neutral Force Tokens. They fit into the box standing on edge.

Final 2.0 Proxy Sheet (PDF)

Jun 7, Baratheon. See other Baratheon file for sleeved cards. Jun 7, Greyjoy. See other Greyjoy file for sleeved cards. Jun 7, Lannister. See other Lannister file for sleeved cards. The goal of the game is to be the first to control a specific number of cities and strongholds, determined in advance by the number of players, or to control the most cities and strongholds at the end of ten turns, to take the Iron Throne. The game is played on a board that divides the continent of Westeros into several regions.

Most regions have at least one icon representing a city, a stronghold, a support barrel, or a power icon, and some key locations have multiples of such icons. Each player selects a starting House, places starting units on the board as indicated by the instructions, places House markers on the Supply and three Influence tracks, and takes the hand of seven House characters to be used in battles.

At the beginning of the game, the players with House markers on the highest positions in the Iron Throne , Fiefdoms , and King's Court Influence tracks will start with the Iron Throne , Valyrian Steel Blade , and Messenger Raven special tokens respectively.

The three Westeros decks are shuffled, and placed off to the side where all players can see. A deck of cards representing the actions of the Wildlings is placed on the board, along with a Wildling threat token indicating the strength of the Wildlings should they attack. Starting with the second turn, at the beginning of each round, the top card from each of the three Westeros decks are revealed, and their effects carried out. The Westeros decks can allow players to muster new forces, cause players to reevaluate their position on the Supply track, have all players bid for positions on the Influence tracks, provide restrictions on orders, or cause the Wildlings to attack.

A distinctive feature of A Game of Thrones is that players place order tokens to every region with a unit that the player controls, outlining the basic actions units in that region can perform.

Technical Specification

All orders are revealed once all have been placed, requiring players to strategize and outthink their opponents. In addition, players only have a limited supply of each type of order token, limiting the number of various actions that can be planned. Each player receives three of each order each turn, however one of each type is marked by a star. In addition to the limit of three of each type of order, a player is limited to playing a maximum number of starred orders determined by his position on the King's Court Influence track.

The Messenger Raven special token, held by the player in the highest position on the King's Court Influence track, allows a player to change one of his placed orders for an unused order after all orders have been revealed. Orders are executed in a specific order, with each player alternating executing an order of a particular type.

The order of play follows the order of House marks on the Iron Throne Influence track.

First, players alternate executing any Raid orders in play, and then players alternate executing March orders. If a player uses a March order to move units into a region occupied by another player's units, a battle is initiated. During a battle, each player totals the strength of all of his non-routed units in the disputed region, which may be modified by values on an appropriate March or Defend orders.

Players may then solicit help from any units in adjacent regions, controlled by any player including those involved in the battle, who have placed a Support order this round.

Finally, players select an unused House card from their hand to represent their leader in the battle. House cards have various effects on the battle, which may include strength increases, extra damage, negation of damage, or other unique effects.

The player with the highest total wins the battle, and the losing units must leave the region routed, or possibly be removed entirely if enough damage was inflicted. Ties are won by the player with a higher position on the Fiefdoms Influence track. Finally, players can claim more power tokens by executing any Consolidate Power orders remaining on the board.

Other than during battles, if at any point a tie occurs, such as when bidding for positions on the Influence tracks, the player holding the Iron Throne special token determines who wins the tie. The expansion A Clash of Kings was released in , and added several variant rules that can be used with the base A Game of Thrones.

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Additions include House Martell , a new unit type Siege Engines , rules for ports , a second possible set of 7 House character cards for all six Houses with a wider variety of effects, and new unique special orders for each House. A lot of it will be changing over the next little bit, but if you have any preferences, please feel free to E-mail me your ideas preferably constructive ones or chat me up if I'm online in the module.

The screenshot can be found here: Nothing major, just a couple things intended to speed up the game. Currently a version 1. If you run into any bugs with 1. The most important things that I programmed. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.Deployment nstructions for the original scenario and The Winds of Winter can be found within the Winds of Winter rulebook. Find sources: See other Lannister file for sleeved cards.

Module:A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)

Many of the components in this package were created by scanning elements from the physical edition of the game. Each player receives three of each order each turn, however one of each type is marked by a star. Some components are edits of resources found online or created by other modders. Retrieved Jun 7, Baratheon.

Complete with house cards, tokens and units. Jun 7, Stark.

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