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As per our FICCI KPMG Indian M&E report , most stakeholders had indicated a delay of months for complete digitisation across. growth of 13 percent in to touch INR billion. Going forward, the sector is projected to Soure: FICCI-KPMG report on M&E , Pitch Madison * ppti.info, 'Flash Access overview on protected ppti.info'. GlobalInventoryonNQFs_India__ ppti.info 41 KPMG Assocham Report , Taming food inflation through innovations in agri-business.

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Feb. 20, pdf>. the High Notes: FICCI-KPMG Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report beginning indicating the growth has already kick Source: # shootingforthestars, KPMG-FICCI report , FDI limit raised for TV channels, The Mint, 14 March GRT16_IndiaRecruiting_pdf. Back in the Spotlight. FICCI-KPMG Indian Media & Entertainment Industry Report .. fortunes. Hollywood films like '' and 'Avatar' also did well at the box office2. . ppti.info pdf.

Several segments of the industry such as broadcasting, films, sports and gaming have especially undergone unprecedented advancements on multiple dimensions.

Globally, the potential of this industry in India has been recognised and has attracted foreign players who are keen to tap this industry. This is evident from the fact that in spite of the economic slowdown, the Foreign Direct Investment FDI received in this industry in the year was approx.

INR This, however, meant the absence of a proper chain of title documentation leading to uncertainty in the flow of rights. In the past few years, the Indian film industry has woken up to the need of written contracts and protection of intellectual property rights "IPR".

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Ficci-kpmg Report 2012

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We study the Bollywood industry because it provides a fair ground to capture the temporal changes in a network owing to its rapidly changing character. Using data from the past years, we construct a network for every five year period. The nodes can be classified into the three distinct categories: 1 lead male actors, 2 lead female actors and 3 supporting actors. We analyze the structural properties of this network and further study its spectral properties using the random matrix theory RMT.

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Though originally rooted in nuclear physics [12] , RMT has found widespread applications in different real systems such as the stock-market indices, atmosphere, human EEG, large relay networks, biological networks and various other model networks. Though there exist other universality classes such as Gaussian unitary ensemble and Gaussian symplectic ensemble [13] , which have also been extensively investigated in RMT literature, we focus only on GOE statistics as spectra of various networks have been shown to rest with this universality class [14] — [16].

The universality means that universal spectral behaviors, such as statistics of nearest neighbor spacing distribution NNSD are not only confined to random matrices but get extended to other systems.

A wide variety of complex systems fall under this class, i. Materials and Methods Construction of Bollywood networks We collect all Bollywood data primarily from the movie repository website www. The website www. We use Python code to extract names of all the movies and their corresponding information for a massive period of hundred years spanning from to In the Python code, we store the unique cast IDs of films in a temporary variable and retrieve relevant information using appropriate keywords from the respective html page.

We also manually browse through other aforementioned websites in order to collect any yearwise missing data, if any. Thus we get the data in terms of names of the movies and names of the actors for years. We then merge the data from all the websites and omit repetitions. A total of movies have been documented so far in Bollywood from till Harvesting the complete data took approximately hours of work over a 4-month period, which includes manual verification, formatting, removal of typos and compilation of the data.

Considering the rapidly changing nature of the Bollywood network, we assort the curated massive Bollywood data in to 20 datasets each containing movie data for five-year window periods, as this is an apt time frame within which the network constructed is large enough to study the important network properties, and is not too large to miss any crucial evolutionary information.How far really?

Cutler, B. On extensive manual search based on popularity, award nominations we find that those male actors appear as a lead in the respective movies which made our attempt to extract lead male actors even easier. Sex roles in advertising: a comparison of television advertisements in Australia, Mexico and the United States. In the box-seat Strong opportunity for both digital cable and DTH players The market appears to be large enough to accommodate both digital cable as well as DTH service providers.

Driven by the growth in newspaper circulation. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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