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Conspiracy X - On the surface the world looks very much like the one DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. Conspiracy X - Introductory Game Kit - There is a war being waged DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. matches reinvigorate the Conspiracy X RPG. Since that time, Eden has published a number of Conspiracy X supplements and has reprinted two books. For.

Conspiracy X Rpg Pdf

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Conspiracy X 1st Edition - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. con x 1at ed. Armageddon - The End Times Are Here Post Witchcraft Rpg. Conspiracy X Character Sheet - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) For Eden Studios Conspiracy X Second Edition. Uploaded by stormbringerrpg. Conspiracy X The Conspiracies Sourcebook PDF now available http://rpg. ppti.info

The following timeline traces key elements known to all characters. Stein was also an accomplished occultist, and what he learned about the growing Nazi occult power sent him fleeing back to England.

There, he convinced Churchill that measures had to be taken. The Watch was instrumental in halting or reversing Nazi occult gains before the war, and paving the way for an Allied military victory once hos- tilities began. Over the next couple of years, the Watch became con- vinced that aliens were active on Earth.

The Watch began to direct its efforts toward investigating the UFO phenomena. In , Watch psychics experimenting with long range commu- nication contacted strange, unearthly minds. Once the contact became regular, the Watch decided to act.

A vocal minority argued that the craft should be grounded, and examined. Only then could mankind meet the aliens on equal footing, and avoid being overwhelmed physically or psy- chically. The minority was outvoted in favor of peaceful contact.

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Meanwhile, the opposition secretly arranged for a missile battery to be located nearby. They labeled their mission Operation Pigeon Shoot. Both missions were successful. The craft touched down once, leav- ing a long gouge in the Earth and scattering debris over a large stretch of a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico.

It then slammed into a cliff, spilling out its extraterrestrial occupants. Both factions of the Watch rushed to contain the craft and its odd passengers. The cover-up was not wholly successful. From the events at Roswell, the Watch splinted into two antago- nistic organizations.

The members of Operation Dove regrouped and named themselves Aegis. Aegis structured itself in a typical cell manner. Each member knew his recruiter, and who he recruited, but little else about the conspiracy. This minimized security risks, and promoted denia- bility. Aegis concentrated on the newly created Air Force and CIA, but gradually spread to a number of Federal law enforce- ment agencies. The Black Book, which calls itself the Directorate, assumed a more hierarchical structure, and buried itself deep in the Department of Defense, the Army, and related agencies.

The Book too has spread to other Federal agencies. The UFO craze was at its peak, and millions of government dollars were channeled into secret programs. Aegis watched the experiments closely, quietly taking control of those with signifi- cant results. Bluebook was never more than a cover for a wholly Aegis-controlled program called Project Moondust. This super- secret communications network is the life-blood of Aegis, and enables the loose Cell structure to work efficiently.

What are we doing here

On the Black Book side, express ties and treaties were formed with the psychic Greys and the lizard-like Saurians. The Book benefited from advanced technology; the aliens enjoyed access to knowledge about mankind.

With help from their alien allies, the Book constructed a vast underground base of operation near Dulce, New Mexico. Once all was said and done, the President had been assassinated, and neither group knew exactly who was responsible.

The whole inci- dent reminded the conspirators of the paramount need for secre- cy, and the delicate nature of their position and operations. At present, Aegis maintains its Cell structure, and provides sig- nificant autonomy to its agents.

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Aegis intends to develop weaponry and methods to combat the aliens. The Characters The Black Book perpetuates its strict command structure, and attempts to control, to the greatest degree possible, the actions of its operatives. The pacts with the aliens have evolved to include abduction of human subjects, genetic experiments, sabotage and military espionage.

More than one Directorate officer has begun to question the need, or desirability, of the alien treaties.

The two conspiracies purport to have the same goals -- the pro- tection of mankind against alien and supernatural menaces.

Their methods, means and make-up are very different, however.

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Log In I am new here. Remember me. Password forgotten? Click here. Conspiracy X 2. Average Rating 32 ratings. There is a war being waged behind the scenes. A war between secret government agencies and alien invaders. Welcome to the Conspiracy X 2.

Inside you will find: Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 1. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Norbert P. I have played just about all of Eden Studios games and had the pleasure of doing demo work for them I asked the powers that be at DriveThruRPG if I could post my youtube reviews here instead of writing a whole new review See All Ratings and Reviews.

The Truth is Out Where?: A Review of ‘Conspiracy X 2.0’

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Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable. Characters are generated by purchasing attributes and traits. In other words, a world just like yours, if you could see beyond the lies It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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