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Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials by Wayne Douglas Barlowe; eBook · DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature [ Wayne Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A nice vintage catalogue for monster hunters out there

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However, I first became aware of him due to a little book my stepdad had called Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials. Originally published in. Someone has been nice enough to scan all of the alien illustrations HERE (four pages), though without the detailed background information. Post with 19 votes and views. Shared by solariacantos. Illustrations from Barlowe's Guide to ExtraTerrestrials.

In a final embrace. Th e da rk brown s kin is The Po larian is a teardrop-shap ed entity. In moments it unfolds. Their sockets seal tightly against each other. They have developed interstellar The final ernbrace of a Polarian couple. Th e m ale entwines h is trunk around th e fema le's tail. A muscular socket a t the b o ttom of the Polarian. Ringw orld The mouths o f a Puppeteer function as its hand s.

Physic al Charac teristic s: The Puppeteer is a 1. Each h ead has a single eye. Most of their contact with o ther intelligent beings is through the Gen- eral Products Company.

They are an extraordina rily coward ly race: This hump is covered with a thick mane of hair. The mouths of the Puppeteer fun ction as Culture: T he Pupp e teers are a very o ld s p ecies.

The Puppe teer's remarkabl e brain ena- bles it to carry on two conversat ions at o n ce. T h e l ocation o f the Puppe teer's h ome planet is o ne of the most closely guarded secrets in the universe. This characteris tic. Its speaking voice is usually contra lto. The five arms are retractable. Rad iates have a r ing of bright b lue eyes that encircle t he brain case. When not in use. At intervals. T heir bodies ran ge in s ize from a few centimeters to abou t one meter in d iameter.

Habi tat: Nothing is known of planet Lambda ex- cept tha t it is sim ilar in size to Terra and has an oxygen-based atmosphere. On the top of their bodies. They decorate their cei lings with plants and fungi that grow in spiral patterns. Radiates wear flimsy. When clothed. Physica l Characteristics: T he Radiates. They do not thin! Radiates live in villages composed of long. As the Regul ages. In their youth. Regul possess eidetic memories.

These emotions cannot be tra11Slated in Terran terms. Kesrith ible under their gray-brown pebbly skin. The legs of a young Regul will virtually disappear under rolls offlesh as the being attains a respectable age.

Tl1ey prefer to hire mercenaries of oth er species to fight their commercial wars. Tl1e nostrils of a Regul. Cherryh Their extremely short legs are bowed. Soon after the Regul becornes an adult. The immobile adults direct the activities of young Regul from their power sleds. Regul are slow moving. Regul have two genders. The Regul have built an interstellar com- mercia l empire.

As a race. This silhouette of the Riim head and torso illustrates the placement of the wings on the body. Their h eads and wrists Source: A faint tracery of vein s on t he face A.

They have narrow shoulders and short arms but ex- The Voyage of the tremely long hands and fingers. The head Space Beagle has two wide-spaced eyes set over a short beak. The Riim reproduce parthenogenically. Some Riim l ive on agricultural land. Their cities are com- posed of huge. The Riim are telepathic.

The Rii m are erect. The Riim inhabit an earthlike planet with slightly lower gravity. Each individual is an intimate part of the race as a whole. The Riim society is in essence a telepathic group mind. The narrow pelvis is Source: Over the next two years.

Their loyalty is to their closed position. Under this system. Ruml are marsupials w ith unusually long gestation and developmenta l periods. They remain there for six more years. Their Homeworld is s lightly smaller than Earth.

Their long arms. Ruml are awarded medallions for achievement. The Ruml are a vio lent race. The Rum l occupy six planets. Ruml are carried in the womb for three years. In the sixth year. As a result of population pressure. Each Rum I who re turns from Her offspring will remain in the pouch a successful exped ition to discover a new for six years. Status is determined by the degree of kinship with the family h ead. Dick son have e ight-centi mete r. Physica l Characte ristics: Ruml are about 1.

The Ruml live communally in large family palaces. Within three hours of emerging from the pouch. Ruml fam ilies are large g ro u ps of related entities under the authority of one indi- vidual. In th eir land phase. Almost a ll ac- tivities are group oriented.

At this lime. I f it chooses to become a land dweller. Young Salamen are pa le blue. Al any one time. Physical Characteris tics: Sa lamen are amphibious entities about 1. The Salamen have a complex language of hand signs.

As a species t he Salamen are nonvio- lent and extreme ly social. Sala man skin coloration is affected by climate and surroundings. Stableford The Salamen have a very complex life cycle. In thei r aquatic phase.

Once a Salaman has chosen to change into an adult form.

Barlowe's Guide To Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens From Science Fiction Literature

Salaman skin on a normal day. These eggs hatch into young aquatic Salamen. The skin below is that of ajuuenile: The land dwellers also use a simple vocab ulary of barking and whistling sounds. They s h ed their skins frequently. Eggs are laid in the water.

Brian M. Their planetary sys- tem is heavily forti fied. Although very little is known about the Frederik Pohl Sirians apart from their appearance. The Sirian is an octopuslike tentacled being covered with bright green fur. The Sir ians inhabit twelve p lanets orbiting the stellar pair of Sirius A and B. These survivors have refused to give any information about th eir race.

They may be three-gendered. Unfortuna tely. Dozens of Source: The Slash occupy a sphere of influence in th e Galaxy Androm eda.

A s teady. The Slash now suffer t he distrust and prejudice of all o t her sapient beings. The Slash are long. Durin g an ear ly period of intergalactic wars. After an Andromeda alliance led by the Slash was d e feated due to the efforts of a traitorous Slash.

Kirlian Quest Between t he b lades are laser lenses. Each Triad conceives three offspring: The Triad reproduces when its members melt into one another. The Emotional is of more tenuous substance. The Parental is more solid in form and is driven by a strong mating in- stinct. The Rational is smooth and curved. They feed o n sunlight. During t h e mel ting.

The Soft Ones have three sexes: Their bodies typically hold an ovoid shape. At climax.

She then thins herself into a shimmering. The basic familia l unit. Ha bitat: The Soft Ones inhabit a rocky p lanet in a parallel universe adjacent to our own. We are aware of their existence through messages they have passed into our universe. The Soft Ones are intelligent gaseous en- tities held together by strong energy fields. At maturity.

Shortly after the third child is grown. The planet Solar is has a diameter of about Many of Sol- aris's manifestations defy conventional no- tions of physics on both the planetary and subatomic levels. Mimoids are huge struc- tures. Although the surface of Solaris is al- most infinitely variable.

Two rare independents. The transformations are believed to be based on subatomic control of the colloidal fluid by the organizing intelligence. Extensors are sinuous fluid ridges many kilometers in heig ht and length.

The ocean's surface is studded with countless sma ll islands. Symm elriads are complex shapes. The wind s t orms. Solaris is an immense billion tons in- telligent organic entity that forms the ocean Source: Out of Solaris's fluid plasma are generated A mimoid of Solaris in the early stages an extremely diverse range of formations of cloud imitation.

Solaris's atmosphere is completely de- void of oxygen. Other formations are free-floating. Whi le the combined gravitational stresses of the two stars should have long ago pulled Sol- aris apart.

The sea of complex organic compounds is normally a deep purple. The Sul idoror l ive in the n orth ern mist co u ntry of the planet Belzagor. The Su lidoror live a primitive existence. T hey s hare the same language. The Su lidor. Deep in Sulidoror terr itory is the " Mountain of Rebirth.

Sulidor fur deepens from rich mahogany lo oxidized bronze with age. The exact nature of the relation- ship between th e Sulidoror and Ni ldoror is shrouded in mystery. The coat of an elder Sulidor. On their hands are curved. Their philos- ophies are similar. The Su lidoror are Downward to the Barth carnivores.

Belzagor is sharply divided into tropical and arc tic zones. In its rarely-seen natural state. T he T hing's intell ig ence does no t re- side in a single brain. Stuart drils.

Th e Thing eats by absorbing the mass of its prey into its body. Campb ell tentacled hands. The Thing is an entity made up of proto- plasmic cells that can take any form at will. During an exploratory expedition. If even a few cells of the T hing are separated from it. The pulpy head h as three gleaming red eyes and thick wr ithing ten- aka Don A. From the artificial light sources built by t he Thing. It is not known what kind of atmospher e the T hing evolved in.

Terran scientists d iscovered the remains of the Thing. Two to three bi ll ion years ago. I f the Power does not man- ifest itself in a young Thrint. They are carnivorous. All present k nowledge of the Thrint comes from one Thrint who survived the war in a stasis field. Emp loying the technological skills of the slave races. Utilizing their skills in. Thrint feeding tendrils in use top view. The Thrint are These animals turned on their Thrint owners and destroyed them. This telepathic ability.

Many years ago. Thrint are telepathic. The Thrint h omeworld. At the Source: The surface of Tran-ky-ky is covered with a sha llow. Most Tran live in small feudal island com- munities.

ISBN 13: 9780894803246

They are omnivorous beings. Their long arms end in four-fingered hands. The win ds blow constantly. A small single claw on the Tran's h eel acts as a brake.

T h e average temperature at the equator is. Alan Dean Foster The Tran's three-toed feet have long. Although they a re very broad a nd well Source: With their slitted eyes. The Tran are two-meter-tall mammalian en- tities. The Tran move over the icy surface of their p lanet by w ind-skating.

A Tran foot. The Tran inhabit Tran-ky-ky. Other groups o f T ran live a nomadlike existence. The Triped is a trilaterally symmetrical en- tity with three legs, three arms, a nd six eyes Source: The breathing orifice is located on the top Rule Golden of its head covered in the illustration by an Damon Knight atmosphere-prod ucin g device.

The Triped's three mouths are vert ica l slits, lo- cated between the three arms. Brain, heart, and lungs are a ll in the upper thorax, which expands even ly all around w hile breathing. The gracefully-curving spines around the neck stiffen with fear, trembl ing and relax- ing as the entity becomes less afraid. The Triped is telepathic, a ble to broad- cast its emotions; it has no vocal cords. The Tripeds live on a plane t that orbits a star in the Terran constellation of Aquar ius.

Nothing more is known of their home world. The Tripeds are members of the Ga lactic Union, w hich adm inisters p eaceful relations between member cultures and species. Tripeds are vegetarian s, and, along with other members of the Galactic Union, be- lieve that carnivorousness and vio len ce are traits tha t m ust be overcome before an in- telligent s pecies can attain true civilization.

The neck spines at rest left indicate a calm Triped. The entity on til e right is obviously agitated. This detail of a neck spine s hows its fine ha irs. It is hypothesized that these hairs somehow pick up telepathic s ignals. Two muscular sipho ns p ro- vide propulsion. The small. Tyreeans can sense th e life force of o ther Physical Characteristics: They Source: The Tyreean can con tro l the lumines- cent nashing of the mantle. Tyree has a rich ecology James Tip tree. The Tyreeans live their lives in the high.

By m erging thei r electromagnetic life force au- ras. Th e larger males have a more intense and stronger life field. The Uchjinlan is an inte lligent.

A side view of the mysterious UcJliinian. Chalker visible spectrum. The Ucttjinian is able to float freely In three dimensions. Nothing more is known about these elusive and unusual beings.

They are completely non- technological. They are nearly invisi- ble in twilight. Vegans are quick an d agile. Its large. Vegans are members of the Three Galaxies. The planet's atmos- phere is oxygen-based. The Vegan lan guage is musical. The hands ffave Spacesuit Will Travel have six fingers.

They are able to convey the meaning of their words to beings who do not understand Ve- gan and to understand other languages by means of strong empathy bordering on telepathy. Heinlein opposing. They seek out and try to correct races that in- fringe on the r ights of others. The Vegan is about l. Because of their high levels of inborn emp athy for other races. Vegans developed on the fifth planet cir- The Vegan niclitaling membrane.

The silhouette of a Vegan in profile shows the marsupial pouch. Vega is a bright star. Physic al Chara cteris tics: The Velantian has a ten-meter-long serpen- tine body. Talons on the six hands and feet are razor Childr en of the Lens sharp. In an age-long struggle to break free o f the Del- gon Overlord s. Cultur e: Early in their developm ent.

Habit at: The Velantian s inhabit the third planet of the star Velantia. When Delgon contro l was bro- ken by the shield.

Their planet. The Delgonia ns. Their bril- liant and complex minds. Velantian s are telepathic. In the end. OF' I MY.


Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials

IZOM Tf. His illustrations have been seen on myriads of paperback books, and appear in Tomorrow and Beyond. Barlowe is currently at work on his own illustrated novel, called Thype. Barlowe's Ouide to Extraterrestrials is his first book. His studio is located in Massapequa, Long Island. Ian Summqs, considered one of the most in- novative art directors in the publishing industry, has art directed and designed over 2, paper- back covers and scores of picture books.

He has lectured at many science fiction conven- tions and teaches a special course in science fic- tion and fantasy illustration at the New School for Social Research. He produced the Brothers Hildebrandt's new novel, Urshurak. Summers resides with his wife and two children in Teaneck, New Jersey. IJ 12 ':. Old Galactic. Cryer 2. Radiate up to 1.

Regul 1. Sirian 2. Athshean 1. Pnume 2. Triped 1. Wayne D. Cinruss 1. Puppeteer 1. Salaman 1. Abyorm enite 1. Riim 1. Czill 2. Gowachin 2. The Thing 1. Dir dir 2.

Thrint 1. Guild 1. Vegan 1. Ucttjinian 2. Tran 2. Old One 3. Ruml 1. Merseian 2. Cygnan 1. Chulpex 1. Master 3. Demu 1. What amazes me about all this research is the youth of the author.

Take a look at the whippersnapper's painting in the size comparison chart. Seriously, dude made this famous masterpiece at twenty-one. So, let's go to that issue. This book would have been massively spoilerific at the time it came out. For instance, the Overlord from Childhood's End looks wonderful, but their appearance is a major mystery for a quarter of the book.

Hell, the notes on their society is information the reader only gleams in the last thirty pages. Moving through the book, you never know when that's the case. A race like the Overlords is treated exactly like a race that cameos in a short story.

Reading this might ruin some surprises for classic SF.

And I don't think that's a bad thing anymore. Hear me out. Imagine a world in which Star Wars is basically forgotten. So, the best moment in Reign of Fire. This particular specimen seems to currently be in the sleep state in which the Czill apparently take root wherever they are and enter a trance until morning. Basically, this is a whole race of the creepiest living lawn ornaments imaginable. I wonder what they taste like? I mean, if you stew them or something. I like this one for the strong clashes in color, the black and yellow and red and blue.

In fact, if you stare at it and unfocus your eyes, it almost looks like a lanky chocolate bar.

Wayne Barlowe

And unlike most of these drawings, the Riim portrait gives us a specific emotion to go along with its creature. Which it can do, by the way. I want a Thrint action figure for my birthday! Though it looks like something that once did battle with the Ninja Turtles, the Thrint are yet another example of a race that as intelligent as it was powerful. Much of their tendency for dominance stemmed from their telepathic abilities, which allowed them to subdue other species and form an empire until said other species decided to fight back, eventually wiping out practically all Thrint.

And if they did have claws or something that to fit in those shoes, they must have taken forever to put on and take off, unless this is one of those body-melded-into-the-suit deals.Th e m ale entwines h is trunk around th e fema le's tail. A nice vintage catalogue for monster hunters out there To paraphrase the Eleventh Doctor, love a good Pnume.

They a re essentially peace- ful. Swaraj Engines Ltd. The artist's imagination proves fully equal to the reader's own mental picture of these varied denizens. When a Gowachin is out of water. I spent many long. The l xchel live in great stone halls adorned with monumental carvings

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