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Thursday, May 16, 2019

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT is the go-to book for cracking the Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability sections of the Common Admission Test. Where can I find a link to download the 'Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension' by Arun Sharma?. A British Council certified trainer for communications and business English, Reading Comprehension. *** CAT for the. Fourth Edition. Arun Sharma The book is totally in sync with the exam and to provide a one-stop solution for CAT and. English is one of the important subjects for the candidates who are preparing for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehensive by Arun Sharma PDF Free Download We are looking to provide you the 7th Edition Pdf book.

Arun Sharma English Book For Cat Pdf

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Arun Sharma - Verbal Ability - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or book for cat How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT Arun Sharma Objective-general-English by R.S. Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal. Quicker Maths by M. Tyra - Download; Arun Sharma (Quantative Ability)- pages are missing in this ppti.info can please share full pdf or else i need only di part if u can helpme with that. . There are no books under English novel collection. Logical Reasoning Book For CAT By Arun Sharma PDF Free This “Reasoning Book PDF In English” Is Going To Be Highly Useful For.

It covers a large variety of questions and the difficulty level is also maintained.

This book does not have the unnecessarily hard questions like most of the other books for CAT. Both of the above books are around Rs.

Which books for CAT Preparation should you buy? You should not even look at any other books. Talk to your faculty — they will give you an unbiased opinion about it.

Pick Arun Sharma if are comfortable searching on forums and looking up answers. That will help you learn some more stuff as well. Pick Quantum CAT if you just want to sit with the book and solve.

Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma

Use previous year papers, and previous year mocks, etc. If you want books for everything — go for the two books by Pearson. This book is probably the best possible way to develop a good vocabulary. The problem, however, with this book is that it is voluminous and bulky.

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Rarely have I come across a CAT aspirant who has been able to stick to this book for over a month. They start it with full gusto but give up on it in the middle. If building vocabulary is your focus, using some mobile apps is a good idea.

Here is a list of recommended books for CAT aspirants.

It is more of a workbook and has a bunch of exercises that can help you improve your reading speed. But perhaps — that is not something that you need. Verbal Ability Section 1: Vocabulary 1. Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes and Foreign Words 5.

Words and Phrases often Confused Section 2: Vocabulary-based Questions 6. Synonyms 7.

Antonyms 8. Odd Man Out 9. Analogies Section 3: Fill in the Blanks Sentence Completion Level of Difficulty—I Level of Difficulty—II Paragraph Jumbles Practice Exercises on Paragraph Jumbles Level of Difficulty—III Sentence Correction Verbal Reasoning Section 1: Critical Reasoning 1.

So, what is better than referring to a book having all the concepts cleared.

But do you actually need to buy these costly and never-ending thick books? Well, that depends on if you are self-preparing for the exam or not. If you are already taking coaching from an institute, then you do not need additional books. As they themselves enough material for practice.

Other books: NTS NAT FORM PDF

If you find a need to solve more questions, then you can download pdf online or even purchase a second-hand book. In case, self-preparing for CAT, then you may need the help of books. This way you can study topic by topic and practice for them as well. The only thing to keep in mind is that use books in the initial phase only. It is better if you get used to that environment as soon as possible.

How to use CAT books? First, check to divide the syllabus between the topics that you already know and you need to learn. Second, read the theory and solve the examples.

Thereafter, solve first level questions. When you are used to L-1 questions, then move forward for the second level.

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Candidates can skip the difficult level questions or can practice a few. Do not strain yourself and move forward for next topic once you have understood the concept well. There are various great blogs, websites, youtube channels, etc to get knowledge from. They are useful for RC and vocabulary building as well.Get hold of all the concerned study material and make best use of mock tests and reference books.

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Unknown August 28, at Even earlier, CAT did not mean to test if you knew the definition of a gerund or how it is different from an infinitive. Bhardwaj and S. Second, read the theory and solve the examples. Partha Sarathi Barman May 21, at 5: Because current upload is missing lots of pages.

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