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WiMAX is one of the hottest broadband wireless technologies around today. It is based This is a brief tutorial that covers the fundamentals of WiMAX. Audience. coverage. For more detail on Wi-Fi, please look into our Wi-Fi Tutorial. WiMAX is one of the hottest broadband wireless technologies around today. WiMAX. Fundamentals of WiMAX is written in an easy-to-understand tutorial fashion. PDF (probability density function) of Nakagami fading is parameterized by m.

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This paper has been prepared on behalf of the WiMAX Forum and the broader range of WiMAX Forum members have had the opportunity to review and. Basic concept is same as Walkie talkies. • A Wi-Fi hotspot is created by installing an access point to an internet connection. • An access point. Tutorial Aims. By the end of this tutorial, you will know. • what a GENI WiMAX testbed offers to experimenters,. • how to design a non-trivial.

Flexible channel sizes from 1. Bit rate Wi-Fi works at 2. Wi-Fi is content to users connected in a local area network.

In this chapter, we will discuss some of the important WiMAX features and services. A small antenna on your computer connects to the nearest WiMAX tower. A dish antenna connects straight to the nearest WiMAX tower, this way a strong and stable connection is established and very few errors are recorded. Normally, WiMAX operates with a downlink-uplink ratio in a duplex scheme.

WiMAX Salient Features - WiMAX

The highest data rate in this spectrum is 25 Mbps and the least is 6. WiMAX uses , , and bit bandwidths.

The rest do not offer compatible carrier spacing. Adaptive modulation and coding AMC Modulation is chosen to be more efficient by having more bits per symbol in a spectrum. WiMAX is known to support a number of modulation schemes based on channel conditions.

The schemes can be changed as per user and frame. AMC is an effective mechanism to maximize throughput in a time-varying channel.

MIMO-OFDM for LTE, WiFi and WiMAX: Coherent versus Non-coherent and Cooperative Turbo Transceivers

ARQ-enabled connections require each transmitted packet to be acknowledged by the receiver; unacknowledged packets are assumed to be lost and are retransmitted. Flexible and dynamic per user resource allocation Both uplink and downlink resource allocation are controlled by a scheduler in the base station.

Capacity is shared among multiple users on a demand basis, using a burst TDM scheme. Support for advanced antenna techniques WiMAX supports advanced signal processing techniques like beamforming, space-time coding, and spatial multiplexing that enhances signal, lowers deployment and operating costs.

Robust security WiMAX includes several robust security measures to protect system from threats. Support for mobility The mobile variant of WiMAX supports roaming of mobile units within coverage area at high data speeds and without interruption in handovers. Interruptions normally take place during data handovers due to disconnection from the base station for a second or two.

IP-based network architecture is more flexible, reduces operation and maintenance costs. Any wireless device within the coverage area would be able to access the Internet. The MAC layer defines the network entry by laying a connection between the subscriber station and the base station using scheduling algorithm. WiMAX can cover a range of 50 km at high speeds. Each base station provides wireless coverage over an area called a cell. Theoretically, the maximum radius of a cell is 50 km or 30 miles, however practical considerations limit the range to about 10 km or 6 miles.

WiMAX Receiver A receiver could be a subscriber station or a user device or an antenna receiving the signals from a base station. WiMAX base station is similar to accessing a wireless access point in a WiFi network, but the coverage is greater.

Backhaul Backhaul is the process of establishing a two-way connection between the base station, the receiver, and the core network. The connection is laid using a line-of-sight microwave link. The connections support mobile roaming. The network reference model is a unified network architecture based on the IP service model.

The model supports fixed, mobile, and nomadic deployments. Fig below shows some of the more important functional entities. Apart from creating an interface, base station has some additional functionality like session management, key management, proxy DHCP, and QoS policy enforcement. IEEE Standard OFDM is an efficient transmission scheme for high data rate transmission in a non-line-of- sight or multipath radio environment.

Hence, it is adopted by a variety of broadband services to enable high speed data, digital television and audio broadcasting. Transmission adaption provides high reliability to the system with the help of modulation depending channel condition. Adaptive modulation keeps users connected even when they encounter low signal strength. Non-Line-of-sight NLoS between user and base station d.

Frequency bands - 2 to 11 GHz and 10 to 66 GHz licensed and unlicensed bands e. These technologies have already established a market presence, and have proven track record in meeting the demands of the residential and SOHO customers. Typical application will be in remote areas where it is not economically feasible to have a DSL or Cable Internet.


WiMAX is also expected to be more reliable due to wireless nature of communication between the customer premises and the base station. This is particularly useful in developing countries where the reliability and quality of land-line communications infrastructure is often poor.

Two Type of Services

Small and Medium Business: The WiMAX WBA is well suited to provide the reliability and speed for meeting the requirements of small and medium size businesses in low density environments. Business Skills. Digital Marketing Skills.

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What are the key points of WiMAX?

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Wimax Tutorial

Our Portals: Username Password. New to Wisdomjobs?FOCA is a tool to extract information in footprinting and fingerprinting phases during a penetration test. Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? Android Practice Tests. Now cordless keyboards and mice, PDAs, pagers, and digital and cellular phones have become part of our daily life. Non-Line-of-sight NLoS between user and base station d.

Marilena Enache - Barbulescu. The Denmark Despite of government reluctance to allow private companies to use the WiMAX frequency ranges, a few companies are using the WiMAX technologies with different frequencies. Header suppression, packing and fragmentation for an efficient use of spectrum. Another version of the standard,

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