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Warhammer Age of Sigmar © Games Workshop Ltd. CHAOS A unit of Chaos Ogors has 3 or more models. mortal wound as warriors are driven. #PaintingWarhammer. Tag your Instagram posts and you could see your miniatures here! Warscrolls Compendium: Warriors of Chaos (PDF). £0 ibookstore. Warriors of Chaos - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. from the Warhammer rulebook. races and race insignia. and Chaos Chariots.

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Warriors of Chaos - 7th - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Warhammer Army Book 7th edition. Warhammer Aos Warriors of Chaos En - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Warhammer Fantasy - Warriors of Chaos. “From the harsh snow lands they come. Blonde of hair they are, and blue of eye, and tattoos upon the arms and face.

In spite of this, he is still too expensive to be seen on the table in most games. Though when he is, he'll prove why he was made supreme leader of the Vikings. Seriously, he eats entire units for breakfast. Whole armies don't have anything that can give him more than token resistance. Be'lakor, the Dark Master: The Dark Master is a very frightening tool for you, with his best value being in trolling. Enemy units within 1.

Melee- wise, he's pretty decent, with an armor- ignoring magic sword, as well as all his daemonic attacks. If you're keeping him in combat, you're not using him right. Note, the - 2 to hit only applies in the Shooting phase, so you won't benefit from that if your opponent chooses to stand and shoot against a charge not that you should be charging a shooty unit head- on, given his lack of armor save. One of your few Ld 1. Galrauch, The Great Drake: Take a dragon.

Split his head this means two breath weapons. Make it a level 4 mage who knows the Tzeentch lore he no longer has Loremaster sadly which is a shame since the Lore of Tzeentch is terrible this time. Make his stats all 6, except Leadership 9. Too bad he has to take a Ld test every turn, and if he fails he can't do anything except fight in combat, where 3 of his attacks have to harm him. For combat charge him into infantry and cavalry as long as he charges them and not the other way around in CC.

His only drawback is his stupidity although the reason behind his stupidity is so fabulously awesome he gets a pass. He's so distracted by his own good looks that he calls his mirror- shield- bearers to him and stands around blowing himself kisses and poncing around.

But he's fucking stubborn and Ld 1. He is T5 now so everyone who was scared of using a T4 lord can take him no problem now. That being said, you can probably put together a generic Chaos Lord just as good while being cheaper and capable of doing more to buff your army. Kholek Suneater: A Shaggoth. But way bigger and more badass. He has the same resistance to lightning- based effects as dragon ogres. He wields a magic weapon which has Multiple Wounds D3. While he got significantly cheaper in the new rulebook, he also lost his Heavy Armour that let him redirect lightening- based effects within 1.

If you can get him into combat with a couple of his 8 wounds remaining, he'll be devastating to your opponent, but it's not hard to lose 8 wounds when your only defense is Toughness 6 and an armour save. He also has a shooting attack that does d. Kholek or any other units in your army. Valkia the Bloody: Chaos's own Valkyrie, armed with the mighty spear Slaupnir, who chooses who will fight and feast forever the Realm of Chaos after they die.

In case you weren't convinced the Warriors of Chaos are motherfucking Vikings. S from the Eye of the Gods chart. Because Daemon Princes can be built to be nearly impossible to kill, but get him into combat quickly to stop war machines and wizards from focusing on it. Note Even if you're not taking one, it's a pretty good idea to have a Daemon Prince or two on hand because of the Eye of the Gods chart: if you roll for it and get a 12, there is a chance LD test, good chance you'll make it that the character making the roll turns into a Daemon Prince.

Doesn't happen often, but never say never. Chaos Lord: A ten-foot tall, four-foot wide Viking warlord with a giant axe and an insatiable need to slaughter everything around him. Your primary fighting lord, and probably the best generic character in the game. Stream of Corruption, Dragonhelm, Palanquin of Nurgle, Dawnstone and 65 points in whatever weapon you want. Even an opponent character with S7 will likely only deal one wound per round of combat, and that means he won't have enough defense to survive your onslaught.

All a vampire lord can claim is that he kills more normal troops per round, but then again your army doesn't implode if your lord dies. Also, he has Eye of the Gods and he will be killing enemy characters left and right. Has one of the highest statline and can equip a variety powerful weapons and armour, as well as a variety of special mounts depending on what you want to use him for, though this can really up his cost, and he's not cheap to begin with.

Sorcerer Lord: Your wizard lord, starts out as level 3 wizard, with the ability to chose from any of the Chaos lores or 4 of the better regular battle lores Death, Shadow, Metal, or Fire , though if you give him a mark of chaos he has to use the lore of the respective Chaos god or its associated battle lore Nurgle - Death, Tzeentch - Metal, Slaanesh - Shadow. The Lore of Tzeentch is generally regarded as ineffective now, with a terrible lore attribute and completely unpredictable spells that are no longer game-breaking if you roll well.

Despite being a wizard, he is actually a decent fighter, but still keep away from combat if he's on his own, and avoid character-hunters, since you still must always issue challenges due to Eye of the Gods. Exalted Hero: Your fighting hero. A bit weaker statline than the Chaos lord and fewer options with equipment, but still a very powerful fighter.

Also, your BSB. Always take a BSB. And Chaos warriors who run away are bad. Good fighter with magic abilities to boot. You should always bring one to tag along, even if your are going full CC with your characters.

Taking entire turns of spells in the face is not nice, especially when dealing with High Elves, Dark Elves, Empire, Lizardmen etc.

Make him a lvl2, fix him a Dispel Scroll, and use him to thwart enemy spells. They're decent, but the choices in the army book are just as good, if not better. Take a Daemonsmith to repair your Chaos Dwarf War Machines and stick him at the back; otherwise, pass. Core Units[ edit ] Chaos Warriors: Vikings in scary looking armour and the reason why this army is so fucking badass. Also the basic infantry unit for your army, but probably one of the nastiest infantry units in the game.

They're very, very good at killing model for model they beat most armies' elite melee troops , but their cost and larger base size means that you'll never want to take them in large units.

Generally used in units that are six wide to maximize the number of models in base contact with the enemy and take advantage of their 2 Attacks. There are two main set-ups for these guys. Hard to kill and still pretty deadly in return. The second set-up is to give them the Mark of Khorne and Halberds. Some folks like to use Additional Hand Weapons instead, but the Halberds are mathematically just as good or better in all situations. The Mark of Slaanesh is the cheapest mark, as it only allows you to pass Fear, Terror, and Panic tests in an already high Leadership army.

Always, always make use of the banner of swiftness on these guys. Never buy the champion but otherwise Full Command, but I wouldn't make the units any bigger than 18, because otherwise, points really start being used like lives in the Imperial Guard here! In a case like that, you'll probably want shields so you won't be completely pulverized by Leadbelchers. Chaos Marauders: The cheap and plentiful alternative to Warriors.

You can mark them Khorne with Great Weapons or occasionally Flails for a massive horde of half-naked berserkers. The other, less frequently used set-up is Tzeentch with Shields and Light Armour.

They get the same synergy with Parry saves and the Mark of Tzeentch as Warriors, so rank them them up fairly deep for steadfast and use them to hold something nasty in place while the rest of your army sets up a flank charge. Their models are considered pretty terrible though, so a lot of people don't like to use them. Their models look like He-Man's deformed viking brother, and the limited options on the spruce means that all of them adopt the same, about-to-brain-themselves pose.

If you like models who look like they come from the era before detailed casting, buy marauders. If not, buy the better-in-every-way Chaos Warriors. Alternate take: The strength marauders bring to the table is the fact that they bring a big block of troops for cheap points or if you read above you will notice chaos marauder with mark of khorne and flail is 10 points when playing WoC. Also, buff these bastards with some spells, and they can become a total pain in the ass.

Their main downsides are: 1 they are mounted on 25mm bases, so a horde of them will be hard to maneuver, and 2 they need support from characters. They are not like Chaos Warriors who can operate on their own; if you want them to accomplish something, put an Exalted Hero with them and buff them with some spells.

Marks though can be quite effective on them, Mark of Nurgle helps them survive a lot longer in combat good for tarpitting , Mark of Khorne makes them pretty good against other core if they have Great Weapons, and Mark of Slaanesh allows them to ignore the inevitable panic tests that come from being shot at.

Note that Mark of Khorne also makes you immune to psychology, so it's like the Mark of Slaanesh but with one more attack.

A block of 20 marauders with mark of khorne and flails scares the shit out of empire gun-lines, they will shoot lead in their faces and it will only make their penises harder, and when they hit, they'll RIP AND TEAR like flamers on Grots.

Chaos Warhounds: Flankers. At only 6 points a pop, combined with M7 they are excellent at intercepting enemy scouts and skirmishers, and to hunt down the crews of enemy war machines, wizards or even ranged units. They can be given poisoned attacks as well, but with only 1 attack each this should not make much of a difference.

Finally they can be upgraded to have Vanguard, meaning they get a free 12" move before the start of the game, putting them close to your enemy and less likely to be shot down along the way. Use them if you want to, but they won't work against every army you'll face.

Take a few units as drops so that your opponent has to place his important units first. Dont bother giving them any upgrades other than vangard. Alternate take: For 30 points naked, they're a super cheap investment in an army that otherwise has very expensive units. They give you more flexibility at deployment and make excellent redirectors. Once they run, they'll likely keep running, but keeping your outnumbered self unflanked for a turn or two can make the difference between life and death.

Don't ever consider them combat-worthy. Consider them for dominating the movement phase, protecting your own flanks by redirecting chargers, and with the side benefit of maybe occasionally doing a few wounds on something squishy. Don't leave home without naked units of 5 in any army above , learn how to use them and you'll love them. Don't bother with any upgrades. Just get more units of them if you have the points to spare. You can also use them to dominate the deployment phase. By putting down 3 or 4 units of just 5 hounds as your first deployments, you get to see where your opponent is putting his stuff before you start deploying your important units.

Watch out for panic tests - with Ld 5, these things will run at the first scent of danger, and you don't want your expensive units of warriors to follow them off the board.

Vanguard helps you get them away from your main battle line, while a BSB will reduce the chance of your important units failing their test. Yes please. They're not often used: if you want cavalry, Chaos Knights nearly always are given this task.

But if you absolutely need you some poor bastards taking those Fanatics out or want a mono-cavalry army, these are your friends. Alternate take: Note that Marauder Horsemen, being light cavalry, have the Vanguard special rule. This means that if you have the initiative, they can charge the first turn.

Units with Vanguard cannot charge in the first turn if their army goes first. Against certain dakka armies with slow to fire weapons i'm looking at you, Empire Handgunners Empire Handgunners have move or shoot not slow to fire , a group of 5 with flails and Mark of Khorne will rip through a gunline and possibly overrun, engaging a cannon or something like that. Think of them as a one-shot desert eagle magnum. Also good for charging lone wizards.

In one of my games they almost took out an empire Great Wizard by themselves. Forsaken: Another trap. Their stat-line is considerably worse than that of a Warrior, but they cost more points.

Fast and with great potential, but just not worth it compared to regular Chaos Warriors. I've seen some players attempt to use multiple small units of Forsaken, but your points are better spent elsewhere. On the plus size, the parts from their sprues make for excellent conversion fodder for Chaos Warriors, so if you were wanting to spruce up a unit of those Alternate take: Those small units aren't so bad.

Movement 6 plus swiftstride with Mark of Slaanesh means they're not much slower than your Knights at around half the cost, and Immune to Psychology means you can field 5-man units without worrying about them fleeing after ranged attacks. Useful as a flanking unit in support of your main blocks of Warriors, or to chase off small units such as skirmishers or light cavalry. And now they are Core you can considerably upgrade your hitting power with but a small unit.

Skip on regular infantry and you can have a stupidly fast army as a whole with these without giving up killing power and resilience. Just watch out for combat res and be sure to break steadfast. For the rest they have the same options as a unit of Chaos Warriors, except shields are more expensive for them and can take more expensive magic banners.

Removing Favor of the Gods hurt them quite a bit, but this is made more than up for for two reasons: The Rewards of Chaos is done on 3d6 of which you may discard one, potentially allowing you to choose between three different Gifts, and when paired up with a Warshrine this adds yet ANOTHER die to roll with, giving you even more flexibility.

With this ability your units of Chosen can quickly become very powerful, and will serve as a good block of heavy infantry for your army. Their speed is their big downside, but they are ridiculously tough and hit like an unstoppable pain train with no brakes. If possible I'd take these guys over a regular chariot any day of the week.

Remember that like all chariots, they can pivot and threaten a charge on your flanks after movement, making them excellent linebackers for your main blocks. Just turn them to face any direction you don't want your enemy moving into and they create a no man's land of pain. Take Mark of Nurgle to have a T6 W5 brick wall that most troops will only be hitting on 5s to begin with. This might actually be the best chariot in the game now. Ogres : Opinions are mixed on these guys. They're cheaper, but less deadly and durable, than Dragon Ogres.

The Mark you should probably take is the Mark of Khorne; combine with a weapon of choice depending on what you're up against I2 will mean you hit last against nearly anything anyway so don't be shy about Great Weapons but remember their cost , use of them and let 'em rip.

The other Mark you should consider is that of Nurgle: being only WS3 they will be rather easy to hit. And their champion is allowed to roll for Eye of the Gods, potentially creating an Ogre Daemon Prince. And for the love of Khorne, don't buy the metal Ogres. Use the plastic boxes, get a Spawn of two and glue on some tentacles.

It'll save you a LOT of money. Alternatively you can use the Dragon Ogre arms and heads to Chaos-ify the normal Ogres; Combine that with extra spawn bits as you see fit.

Or, given the Ogres' high resistance to mutation, you could just paint some Chaos Stars on their gutplates. Dragon Ogres: More expensive than regular Ogres, hitting at S5 without using Great Weapons will bring the pain upon any lesser unit you'll face. They're fast too: at M7 you can slam them into your enemy's juicy units with ease. They're immune to lightning-based attacks as well, use this to troll gun-heavy Skaven armies.

Don't waste these guys on regular infantry; maul your enemy's biggest units, countercharge knights, slay monsters, and kill anything worth a lot of points. Be careful though, these guys are tough, but not invincible. Trolls : Trolls are Cheaper than Dragon Ogres but with near-equal stats and Regenerate, Trolls are what you'll want to kill heavily-armored enemy models. In lieu of their regular attacks 3 at S5 , all trolls in base contact with an enemy unit and those in the rank behind them inflict a S5 auto-hit that ignores armor.

Again, knights are a prime target for this attack but it's always a good idea to have something charge alongside the trolls, preferably something that can deal a finishing blow against the enemy. Also remember that trolls have Stupidity, so don't let them wander off on their own.

Taking King Throgg makes them Core, and having him in a big unit of them makes for ultimate trolling I see what you did here. Either with your trolls or in reality, it's up to you really. Chaos Knights: Until recently the deadliest cavalry unit in the game, Chaos Knights have the works.

Give them the Mark of Khorne to make them even deadlier. Don't bother with lances: always having S5 is preferable to S6 on the charge, followed by S4 for the rest of combat. Their downside is of course their cost: at points bare bones you will want to be VERY careful about what you do and don't with them, both in points and on the battlefield.

An obvious bodyguard to your General, these guys will break nearly anything you throw them against. Be careful of concentrated fire: giving them the Blasted Standard is a good idea when facing the more dakka armies. Upgrading one to a Champion is usually a bad idea, you don't want to waste all of his expensive attacks on a single-wound unit sergeant.

A Lichebone Pennant with Mark of Tzeentch will be vital if you're up against a magic heavy army with access to spells that ignore armour Lore of Metal, Curse of Years, Lore of Death perhaps? Hellstriders of Slaanesh: Hellstriders are a good deal more expensive than Marauder Horsemen, being one point more than a fully kitted out Warrior. The main thing you have to be careful of is avoiding being shot. Sure, you're fast, but you will go down hard if you aren't careful.

The best way to use them is in a similar way to Empire detachments. Have them back up a large unit, so when that unit charges or is charged, they can get the enemies flank. Then, when the enemy breaks and flees, restrain the large unit and send the Hellstriders to run them down. If you have the models of the old Seekers of Slaanesh with the old Daemonettes instead of GW's new androgynous abominations, it'd be a novel idea to use them as Hellstriders, employing the 'Counts As' rule to save on money and let classic miniatures see the light of day again.

With their Initiative 5, the ASF upgrade will let them re-roll misses against most things; this is a considerable buff since they only start with a single attack each. Always have a Demon Prince model on hand, especially when you use the shrine! Chimera: A nice beastie. Because it can fly it is one of your fastest units that is not a mount.

Though it's a bit expensive to hunt war machines and wizards it is undeniably very good at it, and when those are all gone it is more than capable of piling in with other units to kill big blocks of infantry. Regeneration is a mandatory upgrade, as it can save you from those inevitable cannonballs you'll be taking.

Same with the breath weapon, both mandatory. But if that happens you are using your Chimera wrong. Tag team with your flying Dp because it is awfully LD5, and likely to fuck off the first chance it gets. With WS6, MoN, and T5 they are hard to kill and their attack potential is clearly not lacking, but they have only M4 and seem like they will have a hard time winning combats between steadfast and rank bonus.

Also, they are infantry with 40mm bases, so forget having a horde of these unless you are playing a omgwtfholyshit-sized game. Note: They might be a decent, if not good, tarpit for hordes: 5 of them could easily tank a horde of 50 clanrats, empire state troops and the like. The combination of high WS, MoN and T might force the enemy opposing force to roll 6s to hit and to wound. Also, a rank of 5 Blightkings covers the whole front line of a 20mm model horde.

When they retaliate, they have 15 attacks 20 if you had the 2 hand weapons that will normally hit and wound on 3s. Note that this is just speculation. Maybe if you are a WoC player who fights huge hordes a lot Skaven, Empire, VC try using them and tell us what they're like. A unit of 5 held off a 50 strong horde of skellies with spears using their shield combo for 3 rounds without taking a single wound, however, infantry worth a damn lizardmen saurus bearded midgets,empire great swords ect.

I personally take a group of 10 of these bad boys into game on occasion. They put out a handful of Poisoned Attacks each, and they have the Mark of Nurgle, but they won't get much done. Think of them as weaker Trolls without stupidity and the vomit, just throw them at whatever you want tarpitted down as 2 wound Daemons they aren't going anywhere and you can't go too wrong.

They're much better in Daemons of Chaos where they are Core choices and you'll need at least one character with the Mark of Nurgle to even take them. They were overpriced even as Core, but they're the only unit that the Chaos Dwarf characters can join, so only take one if you want a bodyguard for your Daemonsmith.

Can be upgraded to have blunderbusses or fireglaives, giving Warriors of Chaos a proper shooting unit that isn't a war machine. Fireglaives are probably the best choice, as the points cost for taking enough blunderbusses to use them effectively is probably more than it's worth. Rare Units[ edit ] Chaos Spawn: Spawn are terribad. Like, really sucky. Even less reliable than Trolls, combined with their low stats for a monster and their slow movement 7" on average, can't march or charge makes them a joke.

Even with their better interpretations of the Marks of Chaos they still are just too random to have any effect. You should buy these for only two reasons at best: conversions using the crapload of tentacles found on the sprue or using them to drag your converted Chaos Warshrines. Sadly, they are now needed, for the same reason as the Daemon Prince: although some of the marks make them semi-usable, such as giving them a breath weapon, if you roll a 2 on the Eye of the Gods table, the character making the roll has a chance to become one.

Against spells and stone throwers there is nothing you can do, but they are generally unreliable stone throwers or can be dispelled at the cost of allowing something else to slip past spells. All analysis of monstrous mounts assumes that you are taking this into account. Chaos Steed: Your standard barded warhorse, only since this is chaos, he gets S4 to kick people to death.

If you want a mounted hero or lord, this is what you'll likely be taking. The cost for such an awesome loadout is that with cavalry being so gimped this edition you will have a hard time killing very large units if you are unable to maneuver well and depending on the map it may be hard: losing a 40 point model to a dangerous terrain test is sad.

While not bad on your general, it might be best used on a hero leading a flank. It does, however, work great on heroes and sorcerer lords, because it improves their toughness to 5, making up for the loss of armour while still providing a decent offense. Chaos Chariot: Yeah no. Chariots operate fine on their own, placing a character there will only turn them into the focus of all shooting, because it will become as vulnerable as a Shaggoth and just as or more pricy. Not only that, you replace one of the crew so you lose attacks compared to a normal chariot and you aren't as mobile as if you were on any other mount, because you can't march.

Oh, and it's more expensive than a Daemonic Mount. If you didn't get the picture yet, don't take it. Chaos Warshrine: Yes, this really is a mount now. Despite offering a great ward save and being relatively tough, the Warshrine is no longer as useful as it used to be. In addition, it hobbles along at a painfully slow pace - as in, slower than the rest of your already mostly slow army - hardly an ideal choice for a mount.

Manticore: At T5, 4 wounds and no armour, this thing will die fast to shooting, melee, and magic. Which is a shame, because it can really dish out the pain: 4 attacks 5 if you fail the leadership test, which will also make your lord frenzied at s5 with killing blow and thunderstomp will put a hurt on things, but you can't really expect it to survive against anything other than s3 infantry and even then, not lol 4 rows asf high elves.

Back when terror was more devastating, this was a worthy, if unreliable, mount,but now you are better off just taking the Tzeentch or Slaanesh mounts if you need your lord to move fast across the board. Still a glass cannon, but with the option for other viable flying threats like a Chimera or a Daemon Prince, it can find its place in an army now as part of a multitude of fast threats.

Chaos Dragon: Ouch. Unless you are tackling enemy lords or monsters, this is usually to your advantage, especially considering you are paying 50 points less for it. Monsters are always risky to take, so don't be surprised if one game you slaughter everything in your path and the other you lose points to turn 1 shooting. Mark-Specific Mounts Juggernaut of Khorne: An S5 mount with 3 attacks the model and the lord are one model, so both get frenzy and stomp that also improves your armour save by 3 and gives you magic resist?

Khorne is a kind god indeed to those who would fuck shit up in his name. A very solid choice. Palanquin: A mount that is considered infantry - chaos has it all. While not as balls-out powerful as the juggernaut, the fact that you remain infantry means that you can improve your armour save without having to join a unit of cavalry while still being safe thanks to Look out Sir!

Since you have a 50x50 base, if you place your lord in the corner of a unit your opponent will be forced to allocate at least 2 attacks to him, which is to your favor. The Palanquin itself provides a respectable 6 s3 poisoned attacks, ideal against monsters and hordes designed to slow you down alike. A solid choice only stained by the fact that the mark of Nurgle is generally wasted on lords unless you also take the chaos runesword, in which case ws5 heroes and elite infantry will only hit you on 5s.

Steed of Slaanesh: Have you ever wanted to hit something really hard, but were too far away to bash its skull in? Then the the boobed snake is for you.

Of dubious usefulness in a lord you want him close to the rest of your army to offer his leadership , this thing is spectacular on an exalted hero, because while the Disc of Tzeentch has fly, the steed allows you to join a unit of marauders and still have the vanguard move at the start of the game which means you have all the defensive benefits of being in a unit , something your opponent will have to react to unless he wants to lose his flank.

All the mounts have fear, but the fact that your hero will likely hit units in the flank away from the BSB makes it far more effective here than elsewhere.

In the new codex, you no longer have this for some reason. Disc of Tzeentch: Boy, aren't you just spoiled for mounts? The Disc of Tzeentch can claim two main advantages over the Steed of Slaanesh: it allows you to fly over units, and you get a far more useful mark.

Without vanguard, you are better having your hero or lord join a unit of chaos knights rather than marauder horsemen, and then leave the unit when a suitable charge opportunity presents itself.

As with the steed of Slaanesh, it tends to be more useful on a hero, but the fact that you can be close to your army before they reach the melee where they will be required to make far fewer leadership tests means that it can and should be considered even on a lord.

Also, great to keep sorcerers out of dangerous combat once it starts. Again, fear is more advantageous here than on the other non-Slaaneshi mounts. Chaos Runeshield: For 50 points it makes your opponents magic weapons and runic weapons count as normal weapons.

Have your opponent rage when his point sword is useless. Of course, most lords invest at least 50 or so points in defense, so in most cases you are spending 50 points to make your opponent waste 50 points. Still, if you want to hunt down lords, this item and the aethersword on a mounted lord basically guarantee you can kill any character in rounds of combat while being immune to retaliatory attacks, if you do not mind that you won't be very good at anything else with the exception of hunting heavy cavalry.

Armour of Damnation: Amusing when used in conjunction with The Father of Blades, but your 45 points are better spent on other defensive items.

Crimson Armour of Dragan: Too expensive. Unlike the Bronze Armour, it can be used on your general to provide killing blow immunity without gimping your leadership, but it's simply not worth it.

Oh, and you can't suffer multiple wounds, but since this benefit won't extend to your mount forget about taking a lord on a dragon bearing only this as defense.

Armour of Morrslieb: Quite a good armor, actually. Being cheaper than the talisman of preservation comes with the cost of not working against magical attacks.

It is thus best used on an exalted hero whom you want to solo units rather than on a lord who can be reasonably expected to fight enemy characters at some point. Very cheap way of getting killing blow immunity, but being unable to confer leadership means it's a big no for your general. Instead, take it on an exalted hero and then kite him to hold things like grave guard on his own but keep the bsb nearby!

Arcane Items Skull of Katam: Simply not worth it. We already have the Mark of Tzeentch, and 50 points is far too much to pay for what you get. For 35 points it lets you adjust ANY miscast roll by d3.

Yes, especially yours. Saving your sorcerer and watching that metal lore bitch exploding for 35 points? Point and laugh. Blood of Tzeentch: Can be useful, but in most games you're already going to have enough casting power to make something like this redundant.

If you have the spare points for this, it can swing a spell around in some games. Highly situational. As with the Blood of Tzeentch, situational. Warrior Familiar: Not worth it.

Spell Familiar: Brilliant against most of the armies you'll face, if you have the points for it, use it.

Magic[ edit ] Tzeentch Tzeentchian spells are quite funny. They have some nice damage dealing potential, and many are underestimated.

The main advantage of the lore is that like the lord of change itself it cannot be predicted: your infernal gateway is as likely to deal 2 S2 wounds as to destroy a unit with no saves allowed. Amazing for those who like to play mind games with their opponents.

When you finally roll S7 against his cavalry or monsters, he will definitely think twice about letting other mind bullets pass.

Warhammer Warriors Of Chaos 8Th Pdf

Treason of Tzeentch: An enemy unit resolves a single close combat attack against itself. I recommend High Elf White Lions, who, if in a unit of 20 will stab around 8 of themselves to death. Pandaemonium: This spell will be dispelled at the beginning of your opponent's turn, guaranteed he won't in your turn unless you roll badly. So, what's its use?

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Against magic-heavy items, it is invaluable to make them waste two casting dice each turn which is usually the bonus power dice they receive, so they'll have to rely on good rolls for winds of magic. But what about the others? Well, in that case you, being the Tactical Genius you are, will realize that those hellcannons and their -1ld panic tests just became that much more deadly, as well as the fear tests for your units on the flanks.

Call to Glory: Removes a 15 point chaos warrior and replaces him with an exalted hero. But if your opponent dispels it you don't get the warrior back.

So use it when your opponent's mage is not a threat. No, being the smart fellow that you are, you will use it on a 5 points marauder. Your opponent dispels it?

Hordes of Chaos

Fine, you lost an expendable marauder that still got double the normal attacks at a greater WS important against elite units for one turn, and again, he wasted his power dice. He doesn't? Well then, have fun dealing with a free chaos hero rampaging through your frontlines!That being said, you can probably put together a generic Chaos Lord just as good while being cheaper and capable of doing more to buff your army.

However, its most dangerous attack is its Petrifying Gaze which can turn flesh into stone. All a vampire lord can claim is that he kills more normal troops per round, but then again your army doesn't implode if your lord dies.

Wizards from your army know the Summon Lightning spell whilst they are within 20" of a Shaggoth. The only thing holding it back is that you can't get Chaos Familiar with it, which is usually just plain better. The banner contains a bound magic missile with range 24".

Too bad he haves to take a D test every turn, and if he fails, 3 of his attacks have to harm him. That unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. A Chaos Giant is a single model. Archaons ancient armour is inscribed with runes of warding and malice.

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