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(Free E-Book) Current Affairs for IAS, PCS, SSC, IBPS, Other Govt Exams. Free E-Book: Current Affairs National · International · India and The. Downloaded From: ppti.info Downloaded From: . General Knowledge Manual ` 7. Current Affairs for IAS (PRE) ` ppti.info services-pre-exam Sahitya Akademi Awards. Twenty-two writers selected on

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ppti.info ppti.info ECONOMY THE RUPEE. Upscportal current affairs pdf. Name: Upscportal current affairs pdf. File size: 98mb. Language: English. Rating: 1/ Download. UPSC Portal Current Affairs ( - 13) by Sachchida Nand Jha. our price , Save Rs. Buy UPSC Portal Current Affairs ( - 13) online, free home.

Air Marshal D. Kumaria 2. Air Marshal Arup Raha 3. This is mere supplement and not substitute of any newspaper. Search Search. The Book Covers: National Issues; Current affairs PDF one of the best thing to keep yourself with day to day things happening in India and all around the world, One of the interesting Current affairs pdf download - downloadfreefile.

How to get gktoday monthly current affairs PDFs without Civil Services Main Exam, Law Paper History Paper Geology Paper Today's Important News: Find themeasure of an anglewhich is complement of itself.

Quiz IAS Pre: Part Dear candidate we have launched postal test series programme for Civil services preliminary examination You will get 20 topic wise test and 5 comprehensive test in General studies paper—1. You will get 10 topic wise tests and 10 comprehensive test in CSAT. Important material on Environment would be provided via email to the candidate along with General Studies Paper—1 test series. OMR sheets will be provided to the candidate along with the test papers. Your all India Ranking would be uploaded in our website.

Telephonic support would be provided to the candidate where you can directly call our Course Director Mr. You can review your preparation and check where you stand as compare with your co-aspirant.

You can complete you syllabus in a systematic manner because the test series will help you to study on a daily basis.

You can discuss your weakness with our experts. The examination will be held at various centers across the country. Download Frontline Magazine: Issue - February 11 - 24, File Size: Article Coup in Pakistan: Amid near-open conflict between Pakistan's civilian and military leadership, the Pentagon has neither sought nor received assurances that the Pakistani army won't stage a coup, a Pentagon spokesman said Wednesday.

John Kirby, told reporters. It also is a matter of grave concern in light of Pakistan's status as a nuclear power and the risk that its arsenal -- said to be well protected now -- could fall into the wrong hands in the event of civil conflict.

The Pentagon disclosed that Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint read more.

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Article Durban Climate Meet: In support of these two main bodies, four other bodies convened: Which is the shortest route one can take to travel from Delhi toMumbai? Analytical reasoning involves puzzles in which the relationship among the groups of objects, people, cities and activities etc.

In such questions, a bunch of information is given that creates a puzzle in candidate's mind. The candidates are required to keep in mind these conditions, analyse the relationship and arrange them in suitable form to answer the questions. Such questions may deal with sitting arrangement or scheduling the activities etc.

Emergency Provisions. If the President is satisfied that a grave emergency exists whereby the security of India or of any part of the territory thereof is threatened, whether by war or external aggression or armed rebellion, he may, by Proclamation, make a declaration to that effect in respect of the whole of India or of such part of the territory thereof as may be specified in the Proclamation.

Development of Civil Services. The basic approach for the problems of this type is more or less similar to that of coding and decoding. One has to study the symbols or the geometrical figures and their meanings carefully.

Then, the meanings are to be used in place of those symbols in answering the questions.

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The questions can be categorized into two types. Post a Comment. Thursday, 16 February www. Geology Paper-2 Today's Important News: The commit- The tight monetary policy measures tee would be responsible for processing quali- adopted by the central bank to check infla. With re- reports as well as e-voting are expected to gards to fulfilling public holding norms. OFS is a new route intro- Chidambaram will have to work hard on po.

The commit- high interest rates are hugely impacting the tee will be expected to study reports where overall growth scenario. As specified by SEBI.

However in case of the based on market capitalization to e-voting. A government had to defer the decision on the minimum gap of two weeks between two bill as it faced opposition from its allies such OFS issuances was permitted by SEBI. Indian industries accounting irregularities have been pointed have been reiterating that there is an urgent out by Financial Reporting Review Board of need to create conditions for revival of pri. In the SEBI board hold e-voting with an objective to widen meeting.

It pro- mented in a phased manner. Among the indi- nies on the offer.

The report rupee-debt loan. The announcement was made in tune Department of Economic Affairs DEA un- with the announcement made in this respect by the der the Ministry of Finance. Pranab Mukherjee while presenting debt rose by 4. Personal income tax collections would enable small and marginal farmers at crore rupees also surged by Investors were barred from rect taxes. The report noted original project. The report was released by the 25 per cent of the ECB to refinance their domestic government on 27 July In the direct taxes.

Shashidhar said the NWRs a year ago. Exchanges are required of 22 per cent and Power sector companies rupees during the first quarter April-June will now be able to use up to 40 per cent of ECB loans of fiscal year from crore ru. Service tax to display the indicative price during the last collections. At present.

The interest subven- tion being offered now would be released through NABARD for the post-harvest loans granted by cooperative banks and regional rural banks.

Current Affairs Magazine August 2012

Also Available at: II http: I http: Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Adjudication order against Usha Rectifier Corporation Ltd. Alchemist Infra Realty Limited.

Adjudication order against Himachal Tubes and wires Limited in matter of non-redressal of Investor Grievances.Fourth, by reducing carbon which we are now burning. It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience.

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All Important news will be covered in Within hours of their arrival, Bahraini forces launched a fierce crackdown at the Pearl Roundabout, where thousands of protesters demanding political reforms had encamped. It provides a transparent legal others.

Second, by emissions from coal, oil or gas-fired electricity increasing the carbon density of existing forests at a generation. Over grazing Change Review recommends that a carbon price in is reduced by moving cattle and sheep away from a carbon emission trading scheme could include a grazed areas for several months.

Asia next? The committee suggested intellectual property protection agreement.

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