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TV Movie: Library Wars: Book Of Memories; Romaji: Toshokan Senso Book Of Memories; Japanese: 図書館戦争 BOOK OF MEMORIES; Director: Shinsuke Sato . Details[edit]. Title: 図書館戦争 ブック・オブ・メモリーズ; Title (romaji): Toshokan Sensou: Book of Memories; English Title: Library Wars: Book of. Anyway, Okada is a given, but I became a big Eikura Nana fan after last year's N no Tame ni. Toshokan Sensou (Library Wars) ~Book of Memories~ Kasahara Iku (Eikura Nana) belongs to the Library Task Force in the Kanto Library Base.

Toshokan Sensou Book Of Memories

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Library Wars: Book of Memories (Japan Special); 図書館戦争 BOOK OF MEMORIES; Toshokan Senso Book Of Memories; Kasahara Iku had joined the Library. Toshokan sensô: Book of Memories Poster · Add a Plot . Set 18 months after movie "Library Wars." After the . The Library Wars: Book of Memories See more ». A live-action TV special episode based on the hit novel and manga series " Toshokan Senso" is produced to commemorate the relase of its.

The Department of Defense works on defending against the Media Betterment Committee, and one section of the department consists of the Library Task Force, an elite group of soldiers who go through rigorous training in order to respond during difficult operations.

The Logistical Support Department works on stocking books and supplying the Department of Defense with military equipment, though it does not get involved with general outsourcing. There is also a Human Resources Department in charge of human resources , and an intelligence agency.

Library Wars: Book Of Memories (TV Special)

There are approximately 30, members in the Library Defense Force throughout Japan. The German Chamomile is used in the insignia of Library Officers and above because the flower was a favorite of the late wife of the Library Defense Force commander Kazuichi Inamine. Library Revolution. A manga adaptation, titled Library Wars: Viz Media licensed Library Wars: It was announced by Production I. G via MediaWorks advertising that they would animate Library War.

A commercial and promo were both created to promote the series after the series was announced. The third volume contains, in addition to episodes six and seven, an original video animation episode.

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The opening theme single was released on June 4, The ending theme single was released on May 8, An anime film with the same staff as the TV series, titled Library War: A live action film titled Library Wars was released on April 27, The Last Mission , was released on October 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Library War Library War , the first light novel in the series. Discotek Media. See also: List of Library War episodes.

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November 7, Retrieved April 27, Retrieved August 11, Hiro Arikawa author " in Japanese. August 18, Archived from the original on November 28, Retrieved March 20, Japan Library Association. Retrieved March 31, Retrieved July 1, Production I.

Toshokan Sensou ~ Book of Memories SP (2015)

Retrieved February 14, Retrieved May 8, September 20, Retrieved May 25, Retrieved February 1, September 27, Retrieved September 27, Archived from the original on March 15, Retrieved February 29, May 23, Archived from the original on October 13, Retrieved November 20, Retrieved April 28, Retrieved February 15, November 12, April 3, December 29, Retrieved December 29, March 9, Retrieved March 9, February 11, Retrieved February 11, We also learned that Hikaru has some reasons of his own for being so distant from everyone.

I'm intrigued by this brother character and hope Hikaru grows to be a more interesting character from this!! I also loved the bonus material, anything with hot springs and a blushing Dojo is a win in my book! Volume six mostly continues on in an expected manner. Iku and Dojo are continuing there quarrelsome infighting with each other which is starting to get on my nerves; I know it is the whole point of these types of relationships but I'd really like to see them become honest with each other soon.

Toshokan Sensou: Book of Memories

Iku isn't hiding her feelings any more but Dojo still is and his rudeness has gone up a level in this volume with his anger fits at Iku and his constant use of the na Reason for Reading: next in the series.

Iku isn't hiding her feelings any more but Dojo still is and his rudeness has gone up a level in this volume with his anger fits at Iku and his constant use of the name "blockhead" for her :- On the other hand, we have a very interesting chapter which focuses on Shibazaki, exposing her background and revealing some surprise information about her past and what she is really like on the inside.

Later on, Kasahara finds out that Dojo, her superior, is actually her "prince" and she begins to warm up to him somewhat.

By the end of the series, she marries Dojo and takes on his surname. He is very tough on Kasahara due to her not inspiring enough trust in him, and the fact that he believes he did not give her adequate recruit training.

Part of the reason why he pushes Kasahara so much is that he sees his old self in her, and he is angry that she is bringing that back to him with such emotional force, despite him trying to forget about it.

He later realises that he hurt her just so he could protect his fragile self. He often worries about Kasahara and even defends her from comments from others.

By the end of the series, he marries Iku. He is typically seen smiling or laughing at his coworkers, especially concerning the conversations between Kasahara and Dojo.


He is also one of the instructors in the Task Force. He often gives advice to Dojo or Kasahara in regards to the relationship between them, whether it be on a personal or professional level.

He is partly responsible to Kasahara being drafted into the Task Force. He is drafted into the Library Task Force at the same time as Kasahara, though shows himself to be much more capable in terms of knowledge gained in lectures, clerical work in the base's library, and in typical combat.

He finds it hard to give credit to Kasahara in the beginning since she is not up to what he considers to be the standards of a Library Task Force member, though he later recognizes her improvement.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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