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Scion of Ikshvaku Book 1 of the Ram Chandra Series. And last, but certainly not the least, you, the reader Chapter 1 BCE, somewhere. First City Scion of Ikshvaku Book 1 of the Ram Chandra Series. List of Characters and Important Tribes Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5. First book in Ram chandra Series by amish tripathi (indian author).

Scion Of Ikshvaku Full Book

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But The Scion of Ikshvaku is quite the Un-Ramayana, writes Urmi The book is full of such fruits of Amish's imagination, but it is for the reader to find them, taste. Scion of Ikshvaku book. Could not the author think of any other story in this whole wide world than focus on Just saw the released cover of Scion of Ikshvaku. MB·18, Downloads. dlscrib_com_scion-of-ikshvaku-ram-chandra-amish- ppti.info Scion of Ikshvaku . This book deals with the modern period of Indian history. Elfort has been WE WATCH THE ENTIRE DRAMA. * THAT IS OUR.

The sage Valmiki may have been the first one to record it, but over centuries, poets and playwrights have taken creative liberties in creating their own Ramayanas. From Kamba's Tamil Ramavataram of the 12th century to Ashok Banker's Ramayana series in ; from Tulsidas' 16 th century Ramcharitamanas to Devdutt Pattanaik's Sita in , and hundreds in between, the Ramayana has served as the fountainhead of inspiration for storytellers. Amish builds upon the Rama epic too, albeit in a very Un-Ramayana like manner.

The differences are apparent right in the first page where he lists the major characters. Some deflections are surprising, some shocking and some, even amusing. Amish's Ram is very much a human hero just like his Shiva and the story is stripped of all magical elements.

Neither is Ram born through divine means nor is he portrayed as the apple of everyone's eye. In fact, the first and greatest point of difference between the traditional Ramayana and The Scion of Ikshvaku is Ram's projection as an unloved prince.

His father, king Dasaratha considers Ram's birth inauspicious and blames him for all his misfortunes. The very foundations of the epic are laid differently in this story.

Further, Manthara has been depicted as the wealthiest businesswoman of Ayodhya instead of the poor handmaiden we know her to be.

She even has a noble daughter who is a, err, rakhi sister to the four Ayodhan princes. We all know Sita is a strong character, but Amish pushes the envelope by appointing her the prime minister of Mithila.

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My favourite is his development of the usually ignored character of Shatrughan. The poor youngest prince of Ayodhya has little or no role to play in most versions of the Ramayana. Bharat too gets a makeover as something of a ladies man, who serves as a foil to the stoic Ram. Ravana loses nine of his heads in Amish's version and gets a horned helmet instead.

The intrigue deepens as the author hints at some kind of revolution being planned by Ram's guru, Vashishta. Apart from the plot, Amish also fiddles with mythological templates. But the icing on the cake is in Ram reforming and joining hands with the rakshasi Tadaka instead of killing her! Full marks for ingenuity, but when the inevitable comparisons arise, these inventions get a little hard to stomach.

Scion-of-ikshvaku-English_Amish Tripathi.pdf

But Amish is unapologetic about his inventiveness, and that is his USP. The book is full of such fruits of Amish's imagination, but it is for the reader to find them, taste them and judge them. The author has played his best stroke — one he knows works with the junta.

It's like a Salman Khan movie, with all the necessary drama-action-comedy masala, a devoted audience and consequently assured box office success. Let's be honest. The book does not have any great literary merit, although it is a vast improvement from the shockingly pedestrian language of the Shiva trilogy.

Amish's easy-to- read language and page-turning style is designed to be accessible and enjoyable. Will it ever be in the league of Amitav Ghosh or Salman Rushdie?

Amish Tripathi Books

But will it sell? From the looks of it, Amish is poised to set another best-selling record. The reviewer is a psychologist by training, a journalist by profession and an Indologist in the making. She can be reached on Twitter URM1.

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Valmiki vs. Amish Tripathi. She manages to swing a stick from the ground with one foot, hits the thief and makes little of the wrongdoer.

When she faces an attack by Shurpanakha, who tries to drown her, Sita hauls the demon by her hair and brings her to task. Coming to Ram, Amish presents him in a human avatar, someone who has lied, succumbed to pressure, fallen in love and felt physical desire. But his brothers are far from it.

Bharat has numerous girlfriends and gets dumped by the one he truly loves. He strays from the law and kills a convict in cold blood. Lakshman has no qualms in speaking out his mind and no illusions of a perfect world. Most interestingly, Raavan is not a black and white character, but one with multiple shades of grey, and only one head instead of Even the Raghuvanshi descendants are forced to agree that Raavan is a better king than their father, Dashrath.

More mythological shocks appear as Amish dramatically turns things around: Manthara is not a maid, but a mega-rich businesswoman who manipulates even the queen with her money.Here's the crazy part The perfect empire where Dharma and Honours prevailed over all.

Over the course of 16 years, they are trained in fighting, archery and other life skills. While not a great fan of his literary style, I cannot help but admire Amish for the way he manages to create completely new stories from old ones. This book is just a pretentious form of plagiarism.

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