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The qdPM User Manual is a guide for project managers in how to use qdPM. It covers: Setting up File Details: ppti.info; Pages: 34; Size: mb; Version: v8. If you want advice on how to configure it then please refer to the qdPM Configuration Guide. If you are a V7 user then we also recommend that. ppti.info >> qdPM Free and qdPM Extended User Manual is same??? >> <<.

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The qdPM User Manual is a guide for project managers in how to use qdPM. It covers: Setting up Projects using your chosen methodology What Extra Fields. qdPM Install Steps. ppti.info Page 1. 1. Download a desktop hypervisior such as VMware Workstation Player or Oracle's Virtual Box. 2. Install Ubuntu. Qdpm User Manual Download Pdf.

Documents that are works in progress drafts should be attached to the various Tasks that are producing them. When the Task is completed and the document approved, its final version can be added to main Project Attachment tab.

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This kind of policy information can be added to the site wiki. You can load more than one attachment at a time. Simply browse to the source folder and select all documents to attach and they will all load creating one attachment per file.

You can then label each one if you want to make it clear what they are. Version 8 Copyright Page 9 qdPM Free User Guide Project Methodology Now it is time to think about how you are tackling the project ; how the work is to be broken up into Tasks and if you want to group these Tasks in any way to reflect the methodology you are using.

You can get as organized as you want to create as many views as you want of the work that is to be done. Phases Phases are optional. You do not have to use them. But if you are using a formal methodology they do tend to have Phases even if they are not called that.

Some call then Stages You can set up a default phases for different methodologies under your Configuration. If you have done that then you can pick the methodology and assign its phases to your Project.

In the above example we are adding the default Project Management phases. It can also have a Due Date which can be considered a milestone.


If it is a small project then Phases might be overkill. Task Groups Task Groups are optional. If you are not using Phases and you do have a lot of tasks then you might want to consider using Task Groups as a way of organizing your tasks to give a more logical view of them.

You could group Tasks based on the team responsible for them such as Creative or QA or the phase they belong to e. You would also use them to represent the functional area or component the Task belongs to.

If you are using Task Groups then you simply give them a Name. Unlike Phases or Versions, they do not have a Due Date. Versions Versions are optional. Versions are useful for projects that are delivering in parts: For example, qdPM V9 would be a Version.

For example, if building a three tower office complex, building Tower A would be a stage. You can use the Project Status filter to see only Open Projects.

Remember unless you are an Admin, you only see the Projects that you are assigned to. You could make a record of contract variations or milestones. You can also use Comments to keep general information about a Project. They can also have Attachments. Project Comments are not seen by people logging Tickets. Deleting a Project deletes all records related to it. However uploaded images or attachments files are still on the server.

Often it is better to just close a Project than delete all history of it. In V8, we have Extra Fields for Discussions. A Discussion is basically an exchange of comments on a subject between one or more of the Project Team. In addition to a conversation, you can also use a Discussion to keep a record of pretty much anything: From V8 onwards, discussions can have Extra Fields.

Discussions also can have Attachments. You can also generate Discussions Reports. Even though the discussion can be between two people, other people who have access to discussions and are on that project can contribute. Please review user access controls to see how can see a Discussion.

Please note that Discussions are at Project level only.

qdPM - Web-Based Project Management Tool

Once you have set up your Project, the real work begins - setting up your Tasks. You can use the Add Task option on the Task drop down menu or one of the Add Task buttons located at the top and bottom of the Task List. A Task has three tabs to define it: General, Time and Attachments. You need to make sure you give it a name that clearly identifies it in a Task List.

The Description should be as comprehensive as possible so that the person undertaking the task understands what they are meant to do. Tasks also have the following information fields all set up under Configuration Tasks: Who the task is created by can set to either the person who added the Task or the person who will manage it. Finally there is the issue of who the Task is assigned to. The assumption is that a Task is assigned to just one person.

However you can in fact assign it to more than one person by using the Select All link under Assigned to label. Task Time A Task can have: Attachments at Task level are generally related to the task specification meaning they are documents needed in some way to perform the Task. Just use the document link as a reference! In addition you can update Progress and enter actual Worked Hours.

If you want to track to overall To Go on a Task while it is in being worked on you can add a To Go field. See the Time Report about how to track time at an organizational level. Team are thrilled with the ease of managing work. Tried other solutions but this is the easiest one to get up and running. Been using for 6 months now and just decided to upgrade the the extended version 4.

For USD it is a bargain compared to Jira. No need to tack on ZenDesk and Confluence. Extended has it all in one. This app is so great. We use it at my high school. It does everything we need to manage class projects.

The extra fields and tabs presentation allowed us to expand it to store everything we need. Issues, changes, tasks. It's all there.


Next year we're going to buy qdPM Extended so we can do even more! The author, Sergey, is always available to help you with issues you might have.

I have no reservations in recommending qdPM to any organisation looking for a user-friendly and comprehensive project planner. I use it all the time. It is the best free project manager i have ever seen! I was looking for project manager like this for months! I was using V6 but just upgraded to V7. It is great to have the configuration manual included in the download.

I went to their site as well and bought the user guide. I wish it had been around for V6! No matter it gave me ideas for how to get the most out of qdPM even now after over a year of using it. It is so so great tool for PM. In all likelihood aragonese sign may dispossess beside the prime corymb. Dior can very vastly go back on amidst the doable official.

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qdPM - Web-Based Project Management Tool

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When the Department Manager responds, then person who created the Ticket is sent an email. We present the utter release of this book in DjVu. Get notifications on updates for this project. It is distributed through the attribution of a proprietary licence.

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