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This item:Sri Guru Charitra (Nitya Parayana Grandham) (Telugu) by Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaj Paperback Rs. Sai Satcharitra Book - Telugu Version by SHRI SAIBABA SANSTHAN TRUST Hardcover Rs. Sri Guru Charitra (Nitya Parayana Grandham) written by Sri ekkirala bharadwaj and. ppti.info - Buy Sri Guru Charitra (Sri Guru Leelamrutham) (Telugu) book online at best prices in India on ppti.info Read Sri Guru Charitra (Sri Guru. First time when I visited Gokarnam, I had the book with me. Second time I downloaded the first part of the 3 volumes. I read 6th and 7th Chapters in the.

Guru Charitra In Telugu Book

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Title: Sri Guru Charitra; Author: Ekkirala Bharadwaja; Publisher: Sri Megana; ISBN: Published Date: ; Number Of Pages: ; Language: Telugu. sri guru charitra. IdentifierSriGuruCharitraByEkkiralaBharadwaja. Identifier-arkark ://t5cc61t0t. OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi FREE. Samkshipta Sri Guru Charitra by Sri Isukapalli Sanjiva Sharma You are currently browsing our books with tag name Guru Charitra Alternatively You can.

Hearing this Veda Dharma too was extremely pleased. You should stay in Kashi. What ever you say will be true. The same moment, the body of Veda Dharma muni became healthy and bright.

He had suffered from leprosy and other pangs only for testing his disciple. Control your sense, Karma, Dnyan and also heart and other by you will win even the Great God i.

I am much pleased at heart. Will you kindly inform me where you stay? What is your food? I wish to be in your service. Studying the life of Shri Guru is like draining nectar. We shall not be affected by any disease incurred due to displeasure of the planets or other reasons.

I wish to know the life of Shri Guru. Will you please remove the darkness of my ignorance by the light of this life of Shri Guru, which is as bright as the Sun? I am obsessed by sex, anger and temptation.

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You will surely be relieved of your miseries, engrossed in illusion and temptation, those who doubt the great 17 Shri Guru Charitra power of Shri Guru, they have always to suffer from poverty and hardship.

So give up suspicion. Shri Guru is an Ocean of Kindness. He will give you everything. Just as clouds give rain everywhere, similarly Shri Guru gives showers of kindness.

As water is stored in the deep portions of earth and on the rocky place, so an individual attains Shri Guru's favor. Therefore worship Shri Guru wholeheartedly.

Kindly tell me why Shri Guru took birth in Bharat? My good disciple, you have given inspiration to me. Shri Guru's life is like Kamadhenu. But these do not exist separately.

He observed Ekadashi fast 11th day of every fortnight dark and bright. He induced Shri Vishnu to come to Earth. That day Sadhan Dwadashi was only for 24 minutes after Sunrise.

Ambarish received the Rishi warmly, worshiped him and requested him to return soon for dinner finishing his morning bath and rituals. Seeing that the time for Dwadashi 12th day of fortnight was finishing and fearing the break of his Vrata, Ambarish took holy water and dines. In the meanwhile Durvas returned and seeing that Ambarish had dined before him, he was enraged and so he cursed Ambarish.

Shri Vishnu came from Vaikunda, his abode. Ambarish told Shri Vishnu that Durvas had for no reason cursed him to take birth in different species. Shri Vishnu told Durvas that he had cursed Ambarish in vain and that he should curse him Vishnu instead of Ambarish. So he said to Shri Vishnu, 'You should descend on the Earth ten times'.

You know the ten incarnations of Shri Vishnu which are narrated in Bhagvat. Universe has come out of it. He is known as Hiranyagarbha. Brahma thus created 14 Bhuvans, 10 directions, mind, speech, time, six enemies as desire, anger etc.

Brahma created seven sons manas putras namely, 1. Marichi, 2. Atri, 3. Angiras, 4. Pulasti, 5. Pulaha, 6. Kratu and 7. Of these Shri Guru took birth in the house of Atri. She was very beautiful also. Seeing her exceptional devotion to her husband, the Gods in heaven began to fear that someday she might overcome them. She served her husband with body, mind and speech.

She also serves guests giving them desired food. None returns disappointed from her place. Fire, Sun and Wind are also afraid of her. We all are afraid of her. She may sometime win over this heaven. Therefore kindly do something to give us relief'. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh came to Atri Muni's Ashram in the mendicants' disguise, when Atri had been out to the river for daily rituals. Give us food. Atri Rishi may take time to return. Anasuya seated them on carpets and began serving food on leaf-plates.

We have come here from a long distance as we have heard of your beauty. We wish you to put off your garments and then serve us with food. If you do not comply with this. This made Anasuya bitterly anxious.

She realized that some great personages have come to test her chastity. She thought that if they return without food she would lose sanctity of her penance. Instantly all the three Gods were transformed into three newly born crying babies. She was terrified to see three crying babies.

She put on her clothes and took the babies one after the other to her breast for feeding. What great power does a Pativrata possess! Those who have 14 Bhuvans, 7 oceans and fire in the belly, were all satisfied with the little milk in her breast. Anasuya thus became the mother of the three Great Gods. She placed them in a cradle and pulled the string to and fro and began singing lullabies. It was midday.

Atri Rishi returned from the river after finishing his rituals. He was very much astonished to see Anasuya pulling the string of a cradle and singing songs. Anasuya narrated all that had happened.

Atri Rishi by power of intuition knew that the babies were Trimurties and so he bowed to them. The three Gods were also much pleased. They stood before him and told Atri to ask for a boon. The Trimurties readily complied.

Anasuya began to nurse and feed them. After some time Chandra and Durvas told their mother Anasuya that they both were going away for penance and that the third Datta would be staying with her; she should know him as Trimurti.

After this Chandra and Durvas went away, Chandra went to Chandralok and Durvas went to he forest for penance. Datta or Dattatreya remained with Anasuya. Dattatreya is the founder of the seat of Shri Guru.

Bhagirath did his utmost to bring the Ganges on the Earth for the salvation of his forefathers, the Sagar Kings. Similarly a Brahmin woman worshipped Shri Dattatreya and hence Shri Dattatreya took birth from her womb. I shall now narrate this tale to you. Sumatha was his most devoted wife. On one Amavasya day there was an anniversary day at the house of Apalraj. On that day Shri Datta came in disguise to his house for alms.

Generally alms are not given to beggars, on the anniversary day. But though the Brahmins invited for the ceremony had not dined, Sumatha offered him alms. Hence Shri Datta was much pleased and he disclosed his divine appearance to her. You are well known in all the 14 Bhuvans. I begot children, but some of them died soon and of those that are surviving, one is blind and one is lame.

I therefore feel my life to be futile without a good son. I wish I should have a son who would be world famous and learned like yourself. Will you fulfill this desire of mine? You abide by his wishes. He will be learned. Saying this Shri Datta disappeared. Sumatha told this to her husband.

He too was much pleased. Both believed that Shri Datta himself would come to their home in the form of a child. He comes in the mendicant's form daily alms at midday. The husband said You did very well My forefathers will be more satisfied, as Shri Datta himself has taken alms to day. As you have obtained blessings from him, you will surely get a son.

Thus they were passing their time with pleasure. Sumata became pregnant. After the full period of nine months, she gave birth to a son. Brahmins foretold that this child will be a great Guru and an ascetic. Even at this age, he knew all four Vedas, Mimansa, Thark Logic etc. All people wondered at his brilliancy and said he must be a God in human form.

When Shripad was sixteen years of age his parent began to think of his marriage. Shripad warned that would marry with the woman called disintrigation.

Sri Datta Guru Charitra

All other ladies liked mother to him. I love Yoga and my name is Shri Vallabha. I now intend to go to the forests for observing penance and obtaining divine knowledge. Still due to affection, they were very much aggrieved. Saying so the mother became unconscious. I shall give you what you wish. We have two other sons; but one is lame and the other is blind, who will look after them? Instantly the blind brother got his sight and lame one got his legs.

Both became learned, well versed in Vedas, Shastras and Vyakaran. Just as iron is transformed into gold by the touch of the philosopher's stone, so both the brothers were enlightened and they became respectable due to the blessings of Shripad.

You will be happy in this world and shall get salvation in the end. But your sons will live for years. They will have sons and daughters and you will see them living merrily. They will have wealth for generations and shall be famous for their learning. Now do not prevent me from going to forest.

Bharadwaja, E.

I have to go to the North to guide the Sadhus. After some days he went to Badri Narayan. He visited holy places one after the other and in course of time one day reached Gokarna.

What is its significance? Shripad Shri Vallabha reached Gokarna and on his way he made disciples and gave them divine advice. Gokarna is a sacred place of Shri Shiva and one of the twelve famous Jyotirlingas.

Shri Ganesh founded here the original Linga-image of Shiva. It is known as Mahabaleshwar, the tale of which I shall narrate to you now.

She worshiped a new Shiva Linga every day. One day she could not get a new Shiva Linga. Seeing this, Ravana asked her what she was doing. She said that she was worshiping a Shiva-Linga. Well what do you intend to achieve by this worship? I shall bring Kailas itself to you'.

Saying this, he went to Kailas and began to shake it violently with his 20 hands. He tried to lift it up. Due to this action of his, 7 Patals were shaken, Shesh moved his hood, the tortoise began to tremble with fear. Amarpur capital of Indra the King of Gods and Heaven were shocked. When everyone was distress how are you lying at ease? Please do something to check this calamity. Ravana, one of my devotees, is playing a game'.

For give me. I seek your shelter. Kindly do not kill me, your devotee. Ravana then cut his head, turned his hands into violin, he attached his intestines to serve as musical wires. He then began to chant Sam Veda and sing other Ragas on the tune of this musical instrument.

Ask for whatever you desire'. I possess all the 8 treasures.

Brahma is my priest, and all 33 crore Gods are serving me day and night. The Sun, the Moon, the Varuna and the Wind also obey me. Agni Fire God washes my clothes; Yama does not take away anybody without my permission.

Indrajit is my son and Kumbakarna is my brother. Naga Ravindra rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Swaroopa rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Vani Eranty rated it it was amazing Jun 16, Lakshmi rated it it was amazing Nov 17, Sarath Chandra rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Venkatesh Kulkarni rated it it was amazing Apr 28, Pranita rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Srieniwaas rated it it was amazing Nov 11, AjayKumar Reddy Ankinapalli rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Madhavi Mudireddy rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Aashish Vidam is currently reading it Apr 28, Someshwara Rao marked it as to-read Jun 03, Suhitha Reddy marked it as to-read Aug 19, Pavan marked it as to-read Jul 12, Vijetha Sarvepally added it Aug 11, Sushma added it Nov 03, Srimathy Jayasankar added it Nov 14, Srikanth is currently reading it Mar 07, Sethabhisha marked it as to-read May 20, Srinivas Chitti marked it as to-read May 21, Deepika Patnam marked it as to-read Jun 23, Vish marked it as to-read Aug 20, Sirisha marked it as to-read Aug 20, Narendra Girase marked it as to-read Aug 29, A V marked it as to-read Sep 06, In the recent years, Telugu translations of the Book have become available.

It may perhaps be now available in a few other Indian languages also, but, as far as we are aware, there has been no English rendering of the Book so far.

Shenoy is now available: Publisher's Note. Unfortunately for us, Shri L.

Sri Guru Charitra

Joshi is now no more, having left his physical body on 30th October, , to merge in and abide at the Lotus Feet of Guru Nath, which was his yearning all throughout his life. It is a matter of regret for us that his physical eyes could not see the book in print. But we feel sure that his spirit will rejoice and be happy that the efforts he had begun, have at last borne fruit and that the book has now seen the light of day.

Let us make it clear that this is but a free-rendering and an abridged version of the original version of Guru Charitra.

The original text was compiled by Sri Saraswati Gangadhar, a fully enlightened soul and who was drunk deep in Guru Tatwa. It was compiled by him in Marathi in OVI form of poetry.

The same was transcribed into Sanskrit by the great saint Sri Vasudevananda Saraswati , a contemporary of Sainath, i. A complete rendering into English of the original text is a colossal and formidable task and is far beyond our capacity and competence. In the present book, it has been out attempt to just bring out the gist of the original text, but at the time of course ensuring as best as we can, that the spirit of the original text is not lost.

We do not know to what extent we have been able to achieve the above objective but if this book, inspite of whatever deficiencies and shortcomings it may be having, still succeeds in satisfying the reader's interest even in a small measure and enthuses and awakens in him the desire and yearning for diving deeper into the spiritual lore, for which purpose abundant spiritual literature is available, it would be highly gratifying to us indeed.

It is a bold attempt made by us, and it is our firm faith and belief that it is Grace of and guidance from Guru Nath Sri Narasimha Saraswati alone, that has helped us in our venture. It may be mentioned here, that before the printing of the Book was started, we had the unique fortune of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi 'Signing His Blessings' on the manuscript.Sometimes he would even beat him severely. He directs in action, thought, devotion and disintegration. The woman lived with her son begging for their livelihood.

What is your food? Still Sandeepak took all pains to nurse his Guru with great devotion.

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