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𝗣𝗗𝗙 | The late Khan Abdul Ghani Khan () came in to the Introduction and a critical analysis of his poetry written during this period. PDF | This paper is the study of Ghani Khan's poetry in the light of modernist framework. For this purpose three books of his poetic collection have been studied. کلیات غنی خان ،دا پنجرے چغار،پانوس،پلوشے،full book in pdf ghani kulyat phanoos Khushal Khan Khattak Armaghan-e-Khushal Baz Nama, Fazal Nama, Distar Nama and Da Ghairat Chagha poetry of Ajmal Khattak اجمل خٹک دا غیرت چغہ.

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A.S.K B. Page 2. A.S.K B. Page 3. A.S.K B. Page 4. A.S.K B. Page 5. A.S.K B. Page 6. A.S.K B. Page 7. A.S.K B. Page 8. A.S.K B. Page 9. A.S.K B. Page poet of the 20th century and stands on a par with Khushal Khan Khattak and Rehman Aside from a few poems of his youth and early manhood, Ghani Khan's. The Pathan(Pashto) By Khan Abdul Ghani Khan[www. Kitaboona. Blog Spot. com].pdf. Topics Book. Collectionopensource. LanguageEnglish.

As for Ghani Khan, he was initially influenced by his father's political struggles and thus worked for the independence of the Pashtuns ruled by British India.

However, he later came to disagree with his father's ideologies he stopped supporting the idea of non-violent resistance, seeing that it was not beneficial to the Pashtuns. Although he was no longer involved in politics by the time of Pakistan's independence , the government of Pakistan imprisoned him several times, sending him to jails from all over the country.

His father spent close to half of his lifetime in jail 44 years out of his 99 years! Quotes and prose[ edit ] Ghani Khan's love for nature and the local habitat of the Pashtun people is visible in his work.

He wrote "Pashtun is not merely a race but, in fact, a state of mind; there is a Pashtun lying inside every man, who at times wakes up and overpowers him. But the chief reason why I love a Pashtun is that he will wash his face and oil his beard and perfume his locks and put on his best pair of clothes when he goes out to fight and die.

A people with a vision and a strong sense of justice, who can carve out a future for themselves in harmony with nature. But I have a scheme.

I shall make him sing his Jove-songs to you, so that you may feel the throb of his heart. He will tell you a Pathan fairy tale so that you may listen to what he tells his child. He will tell you a story of an incident in his village so that you may see how he lives. He will talk to you about the moon so that you may know how he loves.

The Pathan( Pashto) By Khan Abdul Ghani Khan[www. Kitaboona. Blog Spot.com].pdf

He will talk: to you about his customs so that you may understand his laws. One feel gladden while finding the real essence of these words. Pashto language will always remember him for such an astounding selection of words for such rightful purpose.

Here are the first few lines of ajaaba falsafa. As all the saintliness and purity can be compiled only within heart that why he said I wrapped my heart in a pot and present it to him.

It contains all of his knowledge, invocations and everything related to him is present in this heart. Mulaa turned his face from me and said what you have got in your pot?

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While seeing the heart the prayer head turned his face from khan and said in shocking way that I am not able to understand the love you have for God. Because God demands your physical appearance and prayers from you but have no such signs of physical looks.He was much fascinated by the facial expressions and used to say that 'this is the most important part of human body which reflects all the sentiments of human beings.


He always tried to bring forth the real 13 face and character of what he was concerned about; the most appealing point for discussion and a favorite subject for both his writings and pictures.

He has chosen mediums and techniques that suited the nature of his mod e.

Why did you make heaven in the eyes of the beloved? This aspect of his poetry was clearly influenced by his love for his Parsi wife, Roshan Ghani Khan.

New Delhi: I shall make him sing his Jove-songs to you, so that you may feel the throb of his heart. He execute d th ese sculptures with great devotion and unconscious sincerity which disclose his regards for his father and also a keen interest in plastic art; because he had greater affinity to sculpture rather than two-dimensional art.

In March , I visited the site and found the roof of building was seriously damaged, and the scene reminded me Mashal's words.

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