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Mosby's Drug Guide for Nursing Students with Update: Medicine & Health Science Books @ ppti.info Drug update. Instructions Drug update articles are aimed at providing an introduction to the use . books and journals and do not change the spelling of titles. PDR, Phsycians' Desk Reference, delivers a monthly electronic drug update, eDrug Update, containing FDA updates, FDA recalls, and FDA approvals, to all.

Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Corinne received a B. Hons in Human Genetics from University College London UCL , before training as a barrister in England, where she was involved in high value patent litigations, trademark litigations, and commercial litigations and arbitrations.

Drug Tariff

Corinne regularly writes articles on patent-related issues, particularly concerning biologics, and inter partes review proceedings.

She has litigated cases concerning chemotherapies, transgenic mice, antibodies, cough suppressants, and treatments for osteoporosis. Her practice also includes many aspects of trademark law, including clearing and prosecuting U. Whitney received a B. Robert S. Schwartz, Ph.

Update on Biologic Drug IPRs: Lessons Learned

His primary focus is in the areas of biotechnology, including transgenic mice, antibodies, siRNA, nucleotide prodrugs, enzyme inhibitors, cell growth factors, receptor antagonists, DNA sequencing technology and vaccines. When patient use more drugs with different risks for a DDI, the highest category was chosen to determine the risk for the patient with a respective treatment regimen.

DAAs may share metabolic pathways with drugs, such as antiretroviral drugs, cardiovascular drugs, lipid lowering drugs, immunosuppressive drugs, methadone, buprenorphine, herbal remedies, and commonly prescribed psychiatric medications, that are commonly used by populations with a high prevalence of hepatitis C.

In the following text, we review drug interactions with some groups of drugs often used as comedications with DAAs in clinical practice. Antiretroviral drugs Coinfection with HIV and HCV is a serious problem resulting in many complications, including faster liver decompensation, cirrhosis, and hepatic carcinoma [ 4 ].

After introducing highly active antiretroviral drugs in therapy, liver complications became the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in HIV-HCV coinfected population. Optimal treatment is necessary to avoid such complications. It is very important to address drug-drug interactions between these two regimens to avoid adverse effects and a decrease in efficacy, thereby increasing adherence to therapy.

Guidance development

Some of DAAs e. Table 2.

Green-no clinically significant interaction expected. Amber-potential interaction; dose adjustment, altered timing of administration, or require monitoring. Adapted according to www. However, these combinations should be used with frequent renal monitoring when a pharmacokinetic enhancer ritonavir or cobicistat is present in an ARV regimen due to an increase in tenofovir concentrations.

Also, tenofovir concentration is increased in efavirenz-containing regimens and renal monitoring is necessary. Immunosuppressive agents including steroids The most important drug interactions of DAAs are those with immunosuppressants, such as tacrolimus and cyclosporine [ 14 ].

These immunosuppressants are substrates of both CYP3A and P-gp, and inhibitory effects of boceprevir and telaprevir on CYP3A and P-gp increased plasma concentrations of the immunosuppressants.

In particular, the interaction between tacrolimus and telaprevir had a magnitude that was unprecedented in clinical pharmacology: the AUC of tacrolimus is increased by The combined therapy of telaprevir and boceprevir with systemically applied corticosteroids, such as methylprednisolone and prednisone, is not recommended due to risk of Cushing syndrome.

These corticosteroids are CYP3A4 substrates and higher steroid levels can be expected.

Similar situation is for locally applied corticosteroids by inhalation or intranasally such as fluticasone and budesonide. According to available data, beclomethasone can be used safely in patients on strong CYP3A inhibitors [ 16 ] and represents a corticosteroid of choice in patients with HCV therapy.

Also, sofosbuvir as DAAs in combination with daclatasvir or velpatasvir can be used when co-treatment is necessary with immunosuppressants or corticosteroids Table 3. Table 3. Adapted according to University of Liverpool.

Psychoactive agents The prevalence of mental disorders remains high among untreated HCV-infected patients [ 17 , 18 ]. The majority of DAAs are extensively metabolized by liver enzymes and have the ability to influence cytochrome P CYP enzymes, as well as majority of psychoactive medications.

Explore the topic

In addition, they described evidenced-based interactions between DAAs and psychoactive drugs and identified safe options for the simultaneous treatment of mental illnesses and chronic HCV infection [ 20 ]. Escitalopram and citalopram have been studied in combination with most direct-acting antivirals DAAs and either of these drugs can be safely combined with hepatitis C virus HCV treatment besides boceprevir and telaprevir [ 11 , 20 ]. No formal interaction studies between psychoactive agents and sofosbuvir or ledipasvir have been performed in humans.

However, these DAAs are generally neither victims nor perpetrators of drug interactions and can, therefore, be safely used in combination with psychoactive drugs Table 4 [ 11 , 20 ]. Table 4. In that, sofosbuvir is drug of choice due to its metabolism by other metabolic pathways. Antiarrhythmics have a narrow therapeutic window, and some are CYP substrates e. Digoxin has been tested with telaprevir as prototype of P-gp substrate.

Although, according to hep. Table 5. Red-clinically significant interaction; contra-indication.

Amber-clinically significant interaction; potential interaction-dose adjustment, altered timing of administration, or require monitoring. Adopted according to www. Many statins are both CYP3A substrates and inhibitors of telaprevir and boceprevir. DAAs are expected to increase statin levels and the associated risk of severe toxicity such as rhabdomyolysis [ 16 ].

Drug Resistance Updates

Atorvastatin levels were elevated almost eight times with telaprevir, and this combination is contraindicated. Atorvastatin level were elevated 2. In the case of pravastatin, levels were marginally increased when combined with boceprevir 1. According to some clinicians, it is possible to temporarily stop the statins during relatively short treatment to avoid toxicity with DAAs.

Acid-reducing agents reduce the absorption of some DAAs e.WordPress Shortcode. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Johann Hari, in brilliant prose, exposes one of the greatest and most harmful scandals of the past hundred years. Embeds 0 No embeds.

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Jeeson C Unni The IAP Drug Formulary was officially released in and is now being used by over 10, pediatricians all over the country and abroad.

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