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Download Doc Love - The System (Dating Dictionary). Doc Love's The System DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Doc Love's The System. Guys, I came across this blog bashing Doc Love: I am very familiar with Doc Love through his work on the website ppti.info, and for.

Until she decides you are Mr. You have some bad habits that together we will have to break, but you can do it. There are no freebies in life except for death, taxes, and, up until now, head games and confusion.

I know you have the ability, but do you have the guts and determination to do what is necessary? Remember, we will be going up against the most formidable creature on earth: the American female. You know, the one with the chip on her shoulder. If you have any doubts about this cause being just or necessary, remember what your breakups and temporary losses of sanity have cost you.

Think of the legal and financial noose that you draped around your throat when you, she, and Uncle Sam get hitched — and unhitched. Most of all, think of the kids. Do you want to continue going down Loser Road, repeating your mistakes, playing the stooge, and taking more falls as you impersonate Mr. Nice Guy? So what are you going to do? Have fun, guys. From the outside, it would appear that the advantage is yours, but in reality she is the stronger of the species when it comes to love.

Because she cheats!

Doc Love - The System (Synopsis)

She utilizes psychological tactics and strategies that are foreign to rational, logically thinking men. Acting, which is the fine art of camouflaging through confusion, is her favorite ploy. She could teach the chameleon a trick or two.

Women can, however, change their feelings or minds about something from one moment to the next. Listen, you psychology majors: this means she can be Joan of Arc one minute or Sharon Stone the next, without even batting her long eyelashes. To a man, this behavior seems irrational and inconsistent, but what does he know?

After all, they had it made in the garden; no politicians, no pollution, and best of all, no parking meter enforcement! Never underestimate the power of a woman, even without a serpent.

The male, however, goes through a metamorphosis that would boggle even the mind of the first love doctor, Sigmund Freud. When he sees Caprice, he loses all self-control, and acts like putty in her hands. He merely gazes at her, and waits for his orders as if he were a new recruit in the Marines. Poor Tom acts like Samson after the infamous haircut — no oomph. Caprice will think his behavior is cute for a while, depending on how high her Interest Level is.

But eventually her Interest Level will plummet. Because Tom the Dopey is not Tom the Man, whom she fell for. The Key is talk to yourself not in public!

Pretend she has short hair and eats like a defensive lineman — whatever it takes. Be careful, your boss might have the hots for her. Give her Affection, Respect, and Romance.

Doc Love Is Crazy and if You Follow His Advice, You Are Too!

Practice Confidence, Control not on her — on yourself , and be a Challenge which will make her do the chasing. Listen, you psych majors: this means be a man. The male ego cannot entertain the idea that a wife is capable of committing adultery. If she decides to shift into revenge mode, better start thinking of how many bars there are in your town loaded with horny guys.

Get the drift? Remember, you will never ever kiss another woman for as long as you live! Generations of men without his credentials have pondered the same question.

You may as well buy lottery tickets! And if she ever finds another man attractive, his image will vanish immediately from her consciousness! Affection is the great adultery insurance! Now for the bad part. Exercise: When you first see each other, and when you leave each other, just hold her in your arms for 10 seconds, with no talking or kissing. Just look into her eyes and try to give the impression that you like it too!

It takes practice, but the rewards are incredible. It has even been known to cure nagging and obesity! The point is that Affection, Respect, and Romance is your maintenance program.

They are going to keep her in love with you.

Doc Love's The System

Affection is not a prelude to sex. Remember, she loves Affection as much as her Pussycat loves to purr! A woman is always too young or too old. Fat which she could control is another sign of age that she knows is diminishing her looks, yet she would rather graze.

Remember to buy a pretty low-cal cake, card, and inexpensive gift for her birthday — just be sure and forget the candles! Most guys do not get a second date. Lurking inside that sweet, super-fine body and gorgeous mug is a private agenda, a tightly written script of how things are going to be with Tom. In reality Caprice is being driven by her agenda. But Tom is going to be around for a long time.

The poor girl is programmed, like a salmon swimming upstream, or a homing pigeon flying back to its cage. Is there any hope left for America? When it comes to their agendas, women are relentless!

But with Challenge on your side you really have a huge advantage. Here, on one hand, is a guy who should be playing his cards close to his chest Challenge , but instead he wears his heart on his sleeve poor baby.

Like a drunk driver, his emotions are all over the landscape. Where are his friends and managers?

He should be in a rehab center thinking about his female selection process and trying to figure out what happened the last time before he jumps into another fiasco. There is no key to this one. Marine Corps. And there are a thousand more. The way to beat a bad habit is not to start it. To a woman, an answering machine is a great weapon. If she can control at least part of the communication in a relationship, she can then further her scheming agenda.

You get her home phone number but her machine is always on. You call at 6, 7, 8 and 9 p. You do it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and all you get is that same silly message. You have a control freak or screener on your hands. If she has caller ID, use a public phone.

When you leave a message on her machine, you give up Self-Control one-third of Control — see the Truth Triangle. It leads to misunderstandings. How are you going to judge her Interest Level when communication is such a gray area? Everything she does and says has to be black or white in your mind, with no loose ends, and absolutely nothing taken for granted. No messages for the first 60 days. Talk to her, preferably face to face, and get the facts perfectly clear.

You have to match her words and actions, and with a third party like an answering machine involved, she could keep you in the dark. The Key is to realize that men should talk to women, not their answering machines. Remember, using the answering machine is like playing with firecrackers, so handle with care.

She acts so calm. Or at least she appears that way.

The guy may look cool too, but his high Interest level makes him anxious. Usually by the third date assuming her Interest Level has risen , he is fully relaxed due to the obvious fact that she likes him. Women know all this. So to him the first three dates are an eternity.

After the relationship gets rolling, he might suffer from a second type of anxiety.

What a predicament! Be calm, listen, and memorize everything she says and does — like she does with you. Sometimes stories or situations will clear themselves up. Between buddies, apologizing is no big deal. One of the two parties might pout until the other half gives in.

Can you just picture a Dallas Cowboy pouting? Women read social situations much better and quicker than men do they always have and always will. So odds are, she really knows who the guilty party is. Say it once with no groveling, and she will not interpret this as weakness. If you are not guilty, hold your ground — she might be testing you. Yes, women do that! Start asking for those new phone numbers from other women, just as backup.

Remember, you are not looking for a weak woman: you are looking for adaptability and integrity — the needle in the haystack.

They were friendly verbal put-down contests between boys. I never lost, and I almost got beat up a couple of times. In college I debated, and even though I only pulled Cs I never lost, not even to the brainiest, straight-A students.

Buckley Jr. On the other hand, I have lost fights. You ask how and where a top-flight rip artist, a master debater, could go down for the count times? In the boxing ring of love — where else? The sad truth is, I have never beaten the American female in an argument. Let me tell you why. This is not chauvinistic pig drivel, so you Feministas just relax and take a deep breath!

The toughest of the bunch to out-argue are the naggers. They are the greatest of the debaters and relentlessness is their game. I would rather catch javelins or swim with crocodiles than go up against a nagger!

If you are going to marry one, be sure and take a class in advanced anger control! You will hear couples say they have arguments and fights just like everyone else. She cannot force you to answer back. Can you imagine living with someone who loves to humiliate, verbally assault, and feels the best communication is a knockdown dragout fight?

One day I went for a ride with my Beautiful Woman in her Cherokee. Twenty minutes later, we got a flat tire, which was not her fault. Of course, she had no spare, which was her fault. The next day, while I was at her home, she played her answering machine. Her dentist had called because she had skipped her appointment. Another time, her electricity was shut off, though she had plenty of money.

These are only three examples of how un-together she was. After many months, I began to see more and more flaky traits.

Can you imagine this woman running a household? Raising your kids? I began weighing her pluses and minuses. On the plus side, she smelled like a jungle gardenia, looked like Cindy Crawford but thinner, and she never, ever nagged.

She loved me, was more fun than a roller coaster ride at Magic Mountain, and she made me feel like a million dollars. On the minus side, she was a mess. Because she was a non-functioning woman. Though it almost killed me, I dropped Miss Flaky. I knew that if I continued to see her, I would be hooked forever.

She later called me, and I listened to her pleas on my answering machine, but I never picked up the phone. Eventually, I got over her. Only time heals.

I also learned to control my feelings a little more. You will too. Remember guys, we only have to find you one good one.

You know what you have to do, and only you can do it. The Key is to never go out with someone who has more problems than you do! The more positives you can attribute to this lady such as self-sufficient, self-supporting, reliable, and responsible , the less you will suffer if she decides to incarcerate you for life.

Remember, the opposite of an asset is a liability. First, you have to get the woman to catch you, and then you have to get her somehow to keep you.

A significant part of the second half is to always pay attention. Listen, 24 you psych majors: it means staying aware. Her hair looked as if it had been quaffed in a Boeing wind tunnel, and her clothes looked as if they had dried on her body after a swim in the ocean.

He felt that since they were happily married, there was no more for him to do in order to preserve her high Interest Level. In our war story, Tom trusted Caprice, but she betrayed him.

Trust is one-third of Integrity and a prerequisite for the man to be comfortable, and stay in love with his wife over the long haul. Once he has the truth, the question is, has he got the guts to do something about it " But I love her! His ego and high Interest Level will not allow him to see what is really going on. These are the same guys who never ask, "Could I be repeating my mistakes from woman to woman that I am not aware of that make her want to confuse me?

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To you Psych majors, The Reality Factor says that if you fight reality, you will end up in pain. The Bottom Line Factor states that men sometime rationalize slights and put-downs. She has low Interest Level. Dating Rule No.

Women with high Interest Level always keep dates Am I going to fast for you guys? If Tom had thought about it, he would have asked himself how many dates he has broken? The Bottom Line Factor says that if she breaks the date, she is not interested in Tom. The female's Interest Level, not the man's Interest Level, is the single most important factor in the relationship.

Unfortunately, the man usually projects his Interest Level, overrates her Interest Level, and never looks at how he is treated. Because he is too happy to be there. He assumes anti-reality her feelings are the same as his and she wants exactly what he wants Fat chance! As his high Interest Level blinds him, he then becomes subjective, like someone succumbing to either.

My students, in contrast, are objective in relationships, and therefore rarely suffer. They are Confidence, Control, and Challenge.

Self-confidence is how much you knowingly or unknowingly practice the concepts and principles of The "System. If you do her right get B's, or better , she will do you right, and keep you around - at least for a while. The Reality Factor states that her Interest Level is built on her respecting you.

When you say the word "no," you are telling her that you have a backbone, and are worthy of her respect - frightening thought, isn't it? Ironically, when she knows you can "walk," you become more attractive to her and her Interest Level rises. So much for the so-called virtues of: A subdivision of Self-esteem is testing.

The woman has to find out how much she can get away with Just ask your honest sister if this is true! To you Psyche majors, until she decides you are the greatest thing since popcorn; you are going to run love's version of the gauntlet! Do not take this testing personally - women are just consistently different from us. Control is not controlling the woman, so you Feministas can stop hyperventilating.

On the contrary, it is made up of Discipline, Patience, and Self-control. To succeed, a man has to be disciplined, and sometimes bear frustration. If you are looking for the easy answer or quick fix, don't look here. The bad part is, you have work to do, but the good part is that you are on the right road to unbelievably romantic heavenly delights, even if you are married!

Remember, guys, you only need one good one! There are three divisions of Patience. Two, the man must realize that the woman s going to do, what she wants to do, when she wants to, and with whom - so relax.

Self-control has two divisions: Controlling your emotions and yourself. By not reacting. The Reality Factor says you cannot control the relationship, or the woman.

But can you control your emotions? Nobody can. And in spite of them do the right thing and make the right choices? My goal is to make you guys mentally strong. Self-control is also not reacting irrationally to what other people do. Macho boy has a tough time with Self-control, especially when he is in public with his girl. He does not know that if his girl has high Interest Level, she is monogamous.

The Reality Factor says he has nothing to worry about. Macho Boy doesn't know that she watches how he reacts to other males in public while she wears her battle gear killer outfits at the club or the thong at the pool. Macho Boy doesn't realize that his true calling is to be a women's prison guard. Think about it guys, if a gentleman hustles your girlfriend, you get the opportunity to raise her Interest Level simply by not reacting.

She is a big girl and she can utter the words, "No thank you, I have a boyfriend. I would ask, "What do you like in a man? And here is the ironic part, once I started using the word Challenge in my interviewing and questioning, women knew exactly what I was talking about.

Yes guys, Challenge are what the woman wants! I know you won't agree with me but it's a fact. Reading his stuff is like talking to a man who has an intellectual understanding of what a relationship is supposed to look like - but also a man who is inexperienced at actually having ever been truly intimately, actively involved in a genuine loving relationship. He offers advice on how to "next" a woman - but he offers little insight on to how to successfully connect and build a relationship with one.

I also find his descriptions of how men and women relate a bit juvenile. He advocates the constant "taking of the temperature" of a woman's interest level - which allows little room for spontaneity and comfort in just being with a man and enjoying him. The men who date using his system as their primary guide are pretty easy to spot - they are over-sensitive to every nuance you make and always need reassurance about the smallest things - and get panicy if you do not give them your attention at all times.

God forbid in the middle of talking with them you have to tend to your child - or an unexpected business call on call-waiting! You must not be interested in him!

When I follow his advice things almost always goes well for me.Is there a way to get a woman to see you on: They will tell you a lot about how successful you are with women, or are going to be. What should I do if my date just isn't touching me at all? What most men don't get, is that if you play hard to get which is teasing on purpose , the woman cannot leave because she will see it as fun and a Challenge to be with you remember that they are not like us!

Why do you like your boyfriend so much? His mission is to keep all good men from ever being confused or facing the most feared emotion, rejection. D"etFs run down and get ourselves one0E.

When you give your beautiful girlfriend the engagement ring, ask her this question and if she hesitates in answering, slide the ring off her finger as quickly as you can! Listen, you psych majors: this means be a man.

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