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Punishment for failure to distribute dividends. CHAPTER IX. ACCOUNTS OF COMPANIES. Books of account, etc., to be kept by company. The Corporate Laws & Corporate Governance Committee of ICAI has taken the initiative of bringing out a E-Book on Companies Act for. substantive portion of the related law in the Companies Act, as . shall also be included in the books of account kept by that class of.

Company Law 2013 Books Pdf

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After discussing the provisions of the Companies Act , the law making powers of . Book and paper and book or paper. 2(14). Download updated Companies Act in PDF. March Edition of Company Law Book in PDF/ Kindle format as amended by the latest. Company Law; Eastern Book Company, 34, Lalbagh, Lucknow –. . How to Incorporate Company under the Company Act

How to get the Companies Act in PDF – June 2019 Edition

There a company is an immortal entity. Transferability of shares — The shares are said to be a movable property and transferability of shares are subjected to certain conditions provided by the act.

Common Seal — A company has no physical existence; it must act through its agents. The common seal of the company acts as the official signature of the company which can be used by the agents of the company to authorize official documents.

Capacity to sue and be sued — A company, being a body corporate, can sue and be sued in its own name. Contractual Rights — A company being a legal entity different from its members can enter into contracts with third parties for conducting business in its own name. Limitation of Actions — A Company registered under the companies act cannot go beyond the powers of its charter i.

The actions and objects of the company are limited by its memorandum and articles. Separate management — The members of the company can derive profits out of the company without being burdened with the management of the company.

Voluntary Association for profit — The Company which is incorporated under the companies Act is formed for the accomplishment of some public goals and whatsoever profit is gained is being divided between the shareholders.

Termination of existence — It has the existence only in contemplation of law. It is created by law, carries on its affairs according to law. As a result of which new customers are getting the corrected and more updated version of this digital book. I have uploaded the index part for sample purpose.

It contains the list of all sections including sections which has not yet been notified , Schedules, and Rules made under the Companies Act, Hence, you have to get full version of E-Book on the Companies Act, to view all contents. You are not required to submit any document. Download link activated after successful payment of the fixed price. The eBook or download link shall be sent to your registered email address.

If you are student of any other Institute or college, you may also get this eBook. If you are interested, just Contact Us. If you have already purchased our any previous edition of eBook on the Companies Act , you are eligible for special discounted price. As we know that the Companies Act, , an Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to companies, has replaced 57 years old Companies Act, with effect from 29th August, and the same was notified in the Official Gazette on the very next day i.

Initially, the Act had sections under 29 chapters with seven schedules.

Out of those sections, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has notified all i. The first amendment to this Act has received the assent of the President on May 25, and may be called the Companies Amendment Act, 21 of Thereafter, the Companies Amendment Act, enacted by Parliament in the Sixty-eighth Year of the Republic of India after receiving the assent of the President on the 3rd January, This digital book is based on the Companies Act 18 of , the Companies Amendment Act, 21 of and the Companies Amendment Act, 1 of along with latest notified Rules, Circulars, Notifications and Orders by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs from time to time till 13th March You may find numerous books on companies Act, but this book is totally different from others.

Following are some unique features of this Digital Book which may help you to decide whether you should buy this eBook or not:. Book is available in PDF format which itself is the most liked feature by current buyers of this digital book.

After receiving lots of requests from Kindle users, for the first time, Kindle Edition of this book was available from January on Amazon Kindle Store.

Therefore, you shall get the latest edition of this digital book on Amazon Kindle Store in Kindle format.

Why should You Buy this E-Book on Companies Act 2013?

Get eBook in Kindle Format. PC on your home and office. It also includes Table of Contents i. It help you to jump to any particular section of Companies Act, One of the most liked features of this eBook is linking Sections and Notified Rules i.

In other words, if there is a section number mentioned within the provisions of a particular section then you can view that section instantly by clicking on the link for that section.

Additionally, you may find direct link to the particular web page on this website for the detail analysis of the provisions of particular sections of the Companies Act, You will find direct link to a webpage of this site for the detailed analysis of provisions of particular section of CA For Example: Nomenclature of E-Forms prescribed under the provisions of the Companies Act, with various Forms prescribed under Companies Act, has been placed at one place.

List of sections amended, omitted and newly inserted by the Companies Amendment Act, and has been shown in Annexure. You will find the list of various Legislature mentioned in the Companies Act, It will help for Compliance in one place as Annexure.

This eBook contains the list of all notified Sections and Rules. Additionally, a list of Statutory Registers to be maintained under the Companies Act is also included.

The shall come into force with effect from If you are our old customer, you will be eligible for newly updated edition of this eBook at very nominal price. Newly updated eBook shall be available by paying a nominal amount which may be equals to zero or the extra price from the previous edition.

You may have now realized that this eBook is very different from the Bare Act and other books related to the Companies Act, I prepared this E-Book for the help of students and professionals.

Those who may access it as per their convenience while working on the desk or on the move through their computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, and mobile etc. Please feel free to ask any query through comment below related to E-Book on the Companies Act, I purchased the E-Book, on 13th Nov Now this copy I downloaded does not have the amendment ordinance How can I get updated version.

E-Book on Companies Act 2013 in PDF – June 2019 Edition

You may choose the best books recommended for CA Final old syllabus from here. Download CA Final books for upcoming examinations. Please send the same. I need this book for updating my knowledge on Companies Act Hello Sir, I am a B. Com graduate I want this book to gain knowledge about the provision of the Companies Act. Thanks for your interest on E-Book on the Companies Act, Check your inbox for last step to get your copy of eBook.

Really impressed with this e-book on Companies Act, , the way the Sections and the Rules are being made possible to be referred side by side and the very admirable aspect being the exception, modification and adaptation part which is so helpful and also so very updated giving the essence of the entire section.

The font is also really good which in most cases in other material have been clumsy and difficult to read. On the whole, a very useful e-book which makes reading and interpreting Companies Act, an interesting and fun learning experience.

VIPs are already enjoying or benefited in what ever they do again why do you want give special concession to them rather than professional colleagues and students.

Companies Act 1956, 2013 PDF

Is this updated book available in hard copy in markets also.One-Person company. Get eBook in Kindle Format. Get eBook for Old Customers.

The second part of the section clearly states that the books of accounts must be maintained on accrual basis and according to the double entry system of accounting. Examine the right of Mr. Corporate Law.

Introduction to Companies Act 2013 – Company Law

Please, Check your inbox for your copy of eBook. Pls let me know. Whether it is notification, circular, rules, FAQ, quick referencer, or forms, all are given under the section itself.

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