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CCNA voice official exam certification guide / Jeremy Cioara, Mike Valentine. . John created the original Cisco Press CCNA Network simulator, the Boson. CCNA is a registered trademark of Cisco Technology, Inc. All other Finally, this book contains the entire CCNA Voice Study Guide in PDF format on the. CCNA VOICE - LAB SETUP. CUCM Software. GNS3. VMWare Workstation. Call Manager Express (CME). Cisco Unity Connection/Cisco Unity Connection.

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CCNA Voice - Study ppti.info Cisco Press. East 96th Street. Indianapolis, IN CCNA Voice Official Cert Guide. Jeremy Cioara, CCIE No. Mike Valentine, CCNA. Brent currently holds the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CCNA Voice , and. CCNA author to produce a lab book for the CCNA Voice certification.

Corporate and Government Sales For sales outside of the U. Each book is crafted with care and precision, undergoing rigorous development that involves the unique expertise of members from the professional technical community. Readers feedback is a natural continuation of this process. If you have any comments regarding how we could improve the quality of this book, or otherwise alter it to better suit your needs, you can contact us through e-mail at feedback ciscopress. Please make sure to include the book title and ISBN in your message.

We greatly appreciate your assistance. Cannistra is a full-time faculty member at Marist College located in Poughkeepsie, NY, where he teaches networking, voice communication, security, wireless communication, and system administration courses within the School of Computer Science and Mathematics. Outside of teaching, Robert provides network consulting services for enterprise, service provider, and medical organizations for network design, configuration, and troubleshooting.

His time there was spent designing, configuring, and implementing highly accessible data networks for various enterprise, service provider, and Internet companies across the world; some of those clients included Quaker Oats, Milwaukee Electric Tool, AC Nielsen, Cogent Communications, and EthnicGrocer. Upon the completion of each client implementation, he would develop and instruct customized training courses to help the client manage the newly designed networks.

He has also held the positions of Senior Network Engineer for About. Whenever Robert has a free moment which isnt very often , he enjoys spending time with his wife, Kara, two sons, Luca and Rylan, and their dog, Tripster a coonhound who always stands right behind him and his wife so they take full advantage of her name Michael Scheuing has witnessed the evolution of Cisco voice products since first working on Call Manager 3.

Drawing upon 15 years of telephony and network experience, Michael has designed, implemented, and maintained voice and data infrastructures for small businesses and large enterprise alike. Michael currently works as a Telecommunications Engineer responsible for the architecture and management of a complex voice and video network consisting of legacy PBXs, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Cisco TelePresence.

Phil is also an Adjunct Professor at St. His focus is on security technology and training development. James has more than 18 years of experience in IP internetworking, including the design and implementation of enterprise networks.

Prior to joining Cisco Systems, James provided Cisco training and consulting for Fortune companies and government agencies. Dedications Robert M. Cannistra: To my wonderful and amazing family: my wife, Kara, and our two boys, Luca and Rylan. Without their love, encouragement, support, laughter, and smiles, I dont know what I would do. Kara, you truly are an absolutely wonderful person and Im so thankful to spend my life with you!

Thank you for always maintaining a positive attitude and bringing happiness to everyone around you! Luca, you are one of a kinddont ever let that trait get away from you! You make me smile, laugh, and are teaching me so much as you grow.

Rylan, you are pure joy! You make me smile, laugh, and help maintain the child within me. Michael Scheuing: I dedicate this book to my loving family, Doris and Paola, in thanks for their unending support, understanding, and love throughout the many hours of writing and editing. Life has its twists and turns. Works in a similar fashion to MGCP. ATA etc. Typically Packet count.

Cisco proprietary protocol used to control Cisco endpoints IP Phones. Packet delay. Packet loss and Jitter statistics is transmitted. This is considered very processor intensive so is only used on low bandwidth links T1 or lower Problems with Digital Voice Bandwidth — 21kbps to kbps per call depending on codec.

A maximum one-way jitter delay of 30ms is advisable. Serialization delay — The time it takes to place the bits on the wire Fixed. QoS can help prioritise voice during bandwidth use peaks. Cisco devices implement a variable sized de-jitter buffer to tune to the connection quality. As a downside it introduces additional delay. Causes of Delay Transmission delay — The physical time it takes for the packet to travel the wire Fixed.

QoS Data applications classes Mission critical — Critical to the running of the business. Codec delay — The time the codec takes to convert voice into a PCM stream. QoS can influence this by putting packets in to a high priority queue.

Queuing delay — The time the packet remains in a queue waiting for transmission. Transactional — Applications interact with the users and required rapid response times. Jitter — Change of delay between packets. Delay — A maximum one-way delay of ms. Packet Loss — As packets are lost there will be holes in the speech. Matches onhttp: Trust Boundary All devices are capable if marking packets for priority. P2P apps etc.

AutoQoS Switch config-if auto qos voip config-if auto qos voip cisco-phone config-if auto qos voip cisco-softphone config-if auto qos voip trust The first three options will only enable the trust boundary if a Cisco phone is detected using CDP. The last command will trust any marking regardless. When configuring AutoQoS it is possible to control whether the downstream devices marking are to be trusted.

By default traffic is sent on a FIFO basis. Scavenger — Non productive and no business need. Queuing Allows changing the default queuing method on Cisco devices routers and switches.

The most efficient way is to mark the traffic at the closest point to the end device. Upstream devices can either trust these markings or generate new marking by inspecting the traffic. Set the QoS on an interface http: Digital based telephony in some cases introduces a small amount of noise on the call.

This avoids the scenario where the listener may believe that the transmission has been lost. Human based rating which scores the quality of speech between 1 poor to 5 excellent.

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Machine based scoring from 6. Eight-bit code words allow for a bit rate of 64 kilobits per second kbps. Phone contacts TFTP server and gets configuration file. FXS Analogue Gateway: Phone Boot Process 1. Up to two units can be added. Phone registers with the CME Server listed in the config file.

Phone boots software image. Switch detects PoE capabilities and sends power if required. Avoids cost of replacing switches for PoE switch.

The phone then sends it actual power requirements to the switch using CDP. For non Cisco phones the switch will send the full IEEE The switch then sends a maximum of 6. This standard is able to send power over Gigabit Ethernet. Power Injector — Simple power injector.

CCNA Collaboration CICD 210-060: Official Cert Guide

Will aggressively try to raise a trunk. Typically a router will have an access list to stop data and voice traffic crossing the Vlans. Will not raise trunk but will if the other end does.

Default Auto. This allows spanning tree to get the Voice vlan up quicker in the event of a network topology failure. Otherwise is will issue the default class full subnet mask. Stratum 2 NTP Server gets its time from a stratum 1 server.. Stratum 1 — NTP Server directly connection to a radio or atomic clock.. When the unicast is sent it is sent to the address specified but with a source address of the interface the broadcast was received from.

CCNA Voice 640-461: Official Cert Guide

Think Windows XP License. Use the Archive command to unpack the archive on the router. Copy the files to the routers flash memory. Place the files on a TFTP server 3. MoH Files — Music on hold.

Think Windows CAL. ACD etc. Installing 1. Think Windows Server Licence. Script Files. Use the copy command for each file. Miscellaneous Files — Other files such as Custom ring tones..

Get the files. TCL scripts for advanced functions auto attendant. Takes a long time. ExamplesTftp-server flash: The network and phones must have routes to this address.

Consider this the last dn in the hunt group. Preference x config-ephone-dn config-ephone-dn Huntstop Huntstop channel EPhone Represents the physical phone.

Single Line. Handles two simultaneous calls — allows call waiting. Only able to handle on call Dual Line. Default is 0. Mode config config-ephone config-ephone config-ephone config-ephone config-ephone Description Command Show ephones trying to register.

By default ephones will automatically register with CME. Not good for call centre type applications. As each phone has a unique DN. Also acts as a speed dial button. Button command options Button assignments link a DN to a physical button on a telephone. Ideal for receptionist As monitor button but watches the whole phone assigned to the dn Allows multiple phones at the same time to ring on incoming call Allows multiple phones at the same time to ring on incoming call Single telephone number multiple ephones Some scenarios require a single extension number to be assigned to more than one telephone.

Incoming calls are randomly distributed among ephones only a single phone will ring. The DNs are then overlayed to the telephone buttons. Overlay Line buttons Allows an incoming call to ring multiple phones simultaneously i.

A second call will ring the inactive phone but the active user will receive a call waiting beep. Allows the original caller and the recipient of the forward to handle the transferred call directly rather than via the intermediate party handling the media stream call hair-pinning. This is the default. The user then consults the transfer recipient informing them of the call. Only ephones configured with the same reservation group can pick up the parked call.

Notify a second extension of the parked call config-ephone-dn park-slot timeout x limit y notify number Recall the parked call back to the originator config-ephone-dn park-slot timeout x limit y recall Transfer the timed out parked call to an extension. Mode Description Command config-telephony config-telephony config-telephony config-telephony Sets blind transfer system using H. If that extension is busy transfer to the alternate number config-ephone-dn park-slot timeout x limit y transfer number alternate number Park Slot reservation It is possible to assign a reservation group to a park slot.

Setting a transfer pattern allows calls to be transferred to external numbers. Call Park Example config to create a park slot config ephone-dn 20 config-ephone-dn number config-ephone-dn park-slot park-slot timeout command Basic form config-ephone-dn park-slot timeout x limit y The person who sent the call to the park slot is notified every x seconds for a maximum of y times before taking action.

This is means to reduce the possibility of toll fraud. Pressing the GPickup button results in the phone sounding a dial tone waiting for the user to enter the group number a ringing phone to pickup.

Other Group Pickup. Once you have configured multiple groups in CME. If there is only one group configured in CME. Call Pickup Directed Pickup — Pressing the Pickup button results in the phone sounding a dial tone waiting for the user to enter the extension number of a ringing phone to pickup. Intercom A two way communication channel using speaker phone. To assign a dn to a group use the command config-ephone-dn pickup-group xxxx NotesThe GPickUp softkey functions differently depending on the call pickup configuration in CME.


When a user presses the button assigned to the intercom the other phone will automatically answer using speaker phone but with the microphone muted in case the other person is saying something secretive. You will not hear a second dial tone and you do not need to dial an asterisk to signify your own group. Multicast paging cannot use A phone can only be a member of one paging group but a paging group can be a member of another parent paging group. Associate a child paging group Assign a phone to the paging group config ephone 3 config-ephone paging-dn 25 After hours call blocking Ability to block specified number outside of hours.

Create a paging group config ephone-dn 25 config-ephone-dn number config-ephone-dn paging config-ephone-dn paging ip Paging A one way speakerphone based announcement. There are two methods. Unicast paging or. As unicast requires a single stream per page group member the group is limited to a maximum of 10 members.

Enable https server config ip http path flash: Set local authentication database Additional commands to control the front end config-telephony web admin system name mike secret password config-telephony dn-webedit config-telephony time-webedit.

Enable changing dn through the gui. Block all non local calls Music on Hold Stream a wav or au files in the routers flash memory using unicast up-to 10 like paging or multicast. Enable http server config ip http secure-server. Parameters not required After-hours exempt Pin xxxx Login timeout mins clear time ExampleAfter-hours day mon Set the location of the gui files config ip http authentication local Example config-telephony moh music..

Typical devices for FXS ports. PRI etc.

These facilitate Analogue trunks to the telco. Mode Description Command Show the summary and status of all voice ports Show the summary and status of all dial peers Debug the dial peer process Show all voice calls Show voice port summary Show dial-peer voice summary Debug voip dialpeer Show voice call summary show call active voice Create POTS FXS Dial Peer extension config config-dial-peer config-dial-peer Create a dial peer Define the numbers to assign to the port Assign a physical port to the dial peer http: Various options are available to define the pattern as below- Wildcard Meaning.

Inbound calls ideally require a matching dial peer as well.. While this functions fine there are benefits to have an explicitly defined matching dial peer for incoming calls as additional options can be defined such as valid codecs. If no match has been found using the previous four methods. Dial Peer 0 An implicit dial peer for all inbound calls with no matching dial peer.ATA etc.

If that extension is busy transfer to the alternate number config-ephone-dn park-slot timeout x limit y transfer number alternate number Park Slot reservation It is possible to assign a reservation group to a park slot.

Rylan, you are pure joy! Dave, God rest your soul! A pin is required to login. Cisco CCNA Collaboration certification has become a mandate for professional Specialists who wish to progress in their career. Michael Scheuing: I would like to thank my co-author, Robert Cannistra, for the opportunity to collaborate on this book with him. Message Waiting indicator alerts the user there is a message waiting by flashing a red light and displaying an envelope on the phone display.

Jitter — Change of delay between packets. The organization could also choose to record the conference call for playback at a later time.

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