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The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game [Braddock, Mr. M] on ppti.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The ORIGINAL: As seen on Dr. Phil. Love Systems's The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game reviews The ebook has captured many of these - again, really essential if you. Flowing Text / Pages, Pages. Printable? Yes. Buy in this Format. Learn more about ebook formats and e-readers.

The Ultimate Guide To Text And Phone Game Ebook

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Kezia Noble - Text and Phone Game - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kezia Noble The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls. Uploaded. 5 points to hit when talking to her on the phone. ➢ Decoding a brought me to writing the first ebook ever written for texting, The Ultimate Texting. Guide. they might finish the ebook saying, “Oh, that's how you text women to build attraction. .. Text messaging is where qualifying and the “game” come into play. Women are. The Ultimate Guide To Text and Phone Game book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. How many times has this happened to you .

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The Ultimate Guide To Text and Phone Game

Not the writing part—that can be a soul-wrenching experience. Thanks anyway, Clippy. However, for building e-books, Word has one undeniably outstanding feature—the automatic table of contents builder. This alone is reason enough to write your e-book in Word. Instant table of contents, which will come in handy later on. Word also allows you to save documents as PDFs, which is one format you may use to make your e-book available to your audience. So for these purposes, yay for Word! Calibre to the rescue!

It also offers a split screen so you can see both at the same time. Unless you want a mobi file. Open an ePub in it, and it will automatically convert it to a mobi file. Now you can also provide this format to your readers who are Kindle users, or upload it to Amazon with no conversion on their end, keeping your formatting intact. This is also a free tool. The features I have seen in action are impressive: outlining; research material storage; rich text editor; tools for non-fiction and scriptwriting; and project targets.

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Canva also recently rolled out a business account option which is not free, but gives you access to a bunch of branding tools, and the ability to have an entire team access your graphics. Same caveat about due diligence applies here.

One cost-saving feature a lot of e-book cover designers offer is the pre-made cover. Obviously, the cover has to have your title and name, and maybe a few minor changes to the colors and graphics. How to Distribute E-books to Your Audience Right now, the most common way that businesses, marketers, and website owners make their e-books available is as PDFs that can either be downloaded directly from the site, or are sent via e-mail.

WordPress limits the file types you can upload to the Media Library, and right now, ePub and mobi are not included in the list of default allowed mime types. You can get around this by either installing a plugin that allows additional mime types to your site, or editing your functions. Or it could be that WordPress is a jerk sometimes.

Either way, I had to figure out something else. Dropbox This is not an ideal solution, but it works. Create a public folder, and load your e-book files into it. Each file will then have its own direct link, which you can provide to your readers and customers, via your e-mail newsletter, social media, your site, however you decide to share it.

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The Ultimate Guide to E-Books

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In fact, dozens of entire books about marketing and promotion exist. So what is a ping text? A ping text is when you send a text message to a girl that grabs her attention and forces her to respond and it also gives you a signal to know whether she is at that moment too busy to speak to you. Ping texts do not make much logical sense, and as a result they break patterns and get the woman to become curious, and as a further result she begins investing in you a lot more.

Ping texts are also a great way to indicate whether a woman is available to speak on the phone, which should be your objective These are a list of ping texts that I have given my students, and they have sent these ping texts in front of me, only to have a response within 2 minutes!

Doberman Pincher or Dalmatian? You can pick any two dogs, but these 2 for some reason produce the desired effect most Girl usually responds with: What do you mean? Or Why are you asking? Just by getting her to respond with either of these replies means you have achieved two objectives. She is responding, and usually straight away , instead of leaving your text message for a few hours until she can be bothered to reply.

You are able to indicate whether she is busy or not. If she replies within 5 minutes, then this means she is not too busy to take your call. When she replies, you should respond with this: Im thinking about buying a puppy silly! I dont know. Etc Or. Call me Either way, you should respond with: Thats not much help!

Wrong answer! And then call her in 5 minutes. Do not use this ping text on a girl with VERY blonde hair or black hair. Are you ginger I couldnt tell in the dark light when we met The girl will always reply with: I cant believe you thought I was ginger! Lol Do you have something against gingers She will respond with: But I'm not ginger and no one has ever thought that And then call her in 5 minutes. Do you have a twin sister She will respond with No. You call her within in 5 minutes.

Many times, this ping text makes the girl call up rather than you even needing to call her first My students are often surprised about how quick the response from the girl is to their ping texts. Now notice how I deliberately did not add the question mark to the end of any of the ping texts.

The reason for this is simple.

A question mark always comes across a little needy or unsure. She will KNOW its a question that you are asking, so no need for the? I hope you noticed how I always told you to call her 5 minutes later. This is because if she has responded within a few minutes to your ping text, then she is NOT busy. You will not be disturbing her, and plus: All the ping texts allow you to carry on the conversation straight away.

So there are no awkward beginning moments in the phone conversation. For example: With the twin sister ping text, you can follow up straight away when you call her with: Hey, that was so weird.. How are you? This is better than the usual way guys start a hone call conversation such as: Hey, its me Gary how are you?

Oh hi, yeah Im fine.. Yeah Im fine, am I calling you at a bad time? Er well, Im just with some friends can I call you back? They get her attention They effectively break patterns as she will not expect this They allow you to work out if shes too busy to speak They hand you an opportunity to be cheeky or playful They give you an easy way to start the conversation when you phone her.

My idea of a good number close is to make it appear as though you never asked. Wait for the conversation to get to its climatic point, whether that would be through making a deep connection, or making her laugh to the point of tears.

You have to at that very moment, end the conversation! And say: Ive really enjoyed OUR conversation, but Im being really rude here,because my friends are waiting for me This will make it seem that she is the one who has been keeping you there from your friends; furthermore, it allows you to demonstrate that although you have enjoyed yourself you have other plans.

After that intense moment of connection there is inevitably a lull, which, might confirm the fact that your still strangers and her barriers might return. Quite literally many guys miss the boat in this situation. Its more effective than Can I or it would be nice Get out your phone before she has a chance to respond and hand it to her; tell her to tap in her number.

Do this before she has a chance to react or, time to think Should I give my number to this stranger? Ive only known him for a few minutes, what if hes a weirdo? Right, when you have done that make sure you put it under a nickname, I can tell a lot about someone by there self appointed nickname, you know, how creative they are etc This is a major point to this technique; it covers 2 things at once: It distracts her from the act of actually passing on her details, as she will find the task much more entertaining girls like this shit.

It will suggest that she has already accepted giving over her details never underestimate the power of suggestion. Good sales people do this all the time.

You go in the store to maybe buy an item you had in mind, notice the good sales person will not ask if you want to buy one, instead they will ask you how. Making you believe you have already decided on it and now are in the process of worrying how many you actually need!

This is a great way to number close a woman; she can get cold feet about handing you her number, even if she likes you! If its been a short and sweet encounter, she will be thinking but Ive only known him for a few minutes Please dont be tempted to think this yourself, going beyond that pinnacle point of an interaction can ruin your chances.

Rather instead, use this little tip of setting the nickname task. Remember when delivering the task, do so with absolute self-assurance that she will perform give a cheeky smile but remain dominant. As always when you are giving a task.

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game

This is what is known in NLP neuro linguistic programming as an anchor. You would have number closed her in a high point in the interaction. Obviously you would never number close a girl in a lull point of the interaction Therefore since the nick name would have been given at the height of the interaction, those emotions she would have felt at that time will be pulled back in to her mind the moment she sees her nick name on the text.

Literally the nickname will anchor back those positive emotions of when you number closed her. Lets say the nick name you chose for her was Paris Hilton or Gucci girl because she portrayed herself as high maintenance, you could simply write: Hey Gucci girl, I bet your in a nail salon somewhere Or Hey Paris, I reckon your shopping for shoes right now Whatever her nickname was, always include it in the text and add a presumption of what she is doing right at that very second that is congruent with her chosen nickname.

She will respond usually with something like this: Now if she carries on playing up to her nickname, in which case she might respond with: Lol Yes, I am in my chauffer driven car with my Chihuahua in my handbag Or something along those playful lines. This is the point where you need to send her a curve ball and respond with:.

Yeah right, in other words your on a bus with your pit-bull terrier or any other similar neg, which will state that you are not playing her silly little game anymore but of course in a humorous way Again this is all a great way to get her to respond quickly to your texts! Nickname texts will: Anchor her emotions to the feelings she experienced in the interaction. Allow you to be personal with her Give you the opportunity to neg Give you the opportunity to create deep connection.

A little like holding up a cookie to a child, and then eating it in front of them before they get a chance to eat it themselves evil, I know- but highly effective Now when most guys attempt situational observation texts, they get it wrong by inviting the girl to join.

Hey Im at this amazing bar, the music is great, you should come along This implies that he cannot fully enjoy the moment without her company, and consequently it gives her way to much value.

How many times has a girl just dropped whatever it is she is doing to come and join you? Not very often Instead, a situational text should be more like these examples: Hey you, Im at this crazy bar with some amazing music, just needed to take a break, how are you I just had the most amazing day in the park with some cool people, how was your day? Im at this great art exhibition, theres some amazing work here, how are you?

If you write her these kind of situational texts she will be thinking: How come he didnt invite me? Oh, guys usually add, do u want to join? Why hasnt he done the same? He sounds like he is having fun, I better prove to him that Im having fun too She will usually reply with the following texts: Sounds cool, I just came back from lunch with my friends, we had a great time, what are you up to now?

Or Thats sounds cool, what kind of music were they playing there? Or even better: Sounds great, you should have invited me lol All these responses are exactly what you want! And again, you can phone her almost straight away and transition into a natural full blown conversation right away. Situational texts will: Give her a glimpse of your brilliant life Make her want to share the experience with you in the future Give you the stepping-stone that is sometimes needed to phone her and get into a full-blown conversation right away Make her curious to get to know you more.

Question texts are a little like mini cold readings. You ask her a question with an answer already set in your mind. I was thinking about something you said the other night.. You mentioned something the other night that stuck in my mind a little, are you an only child or are you from a really big family You said something before, it made me think..

You mentioned to me a few things, I wanted to know are you someone who goes for their goals or gives up? Now these question texts are pretty full on, but in my experience, as long as you MENTION the fact that she had said something or mentioned a few things to you during the interaction, which is why you are now asking her this full on question, she will usually reply very quickly and she will be enthusiastic about it too.

Women actually dont mind answering fairly deep questions, it shows you want to know more about another side to her, and that you already might have an idea in your head about who she is, that she will either want to confirm or confront.

She will usually respond with a rather lengthy answer and it will usually end up asking you a question in return. What did I say that made you ask me that?

How about you? Are you goal driven? I am sooooo definitely a cat person, what about you? The question texts nearly always force the women to ask you the same in return, which is great, as your objective should also be to get her asking questions about your self, rather than just her answering. Force a question from her, usually the same question as you asked her. Make impact Create the steps to make a deep connection in the phone call So now I have shared with you many options in which you can choose to text the woman with.

But ask your self, whats the big deal if I call her first? Why dont you just call the girl up? The reasons why guys dont call girls up straight away are because of the following: She might be too busy to talk I have nothing to say to her It might be uncomfortable Im used to sending texts Texts are more informal I can handle her not responding to a text rather than not responding to a phone call In order for you to destroy these imaginary obstacles, I have already given you the list of texts that you can send first in order to help you.

But I want you to realize that you can always just simply phone her straight away. Its wise NOT to phone her at the following times: She will be working and therefore there is a big chance that she will be unable to pick up the phone or respond to text messages Her boss might be super strict about taking personal phone calls at work -If she has a night job such as a waitress in a bar or a table dancer or any type of nightclub work.

Then do not call her after 6pm. Avoid calling her on Thursday and Fridays nights too. Again, these are the other nights women usually go out with their friends and consequently will see your phone call as a slight annoyance. Sundays usually means shopping and brunch with a friend, which leads on to drinks etc.

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Most women or people for that matter are usually free to speak providing they do not do night work between 9 pm and 11pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Let me explain why: Women with 9- 5 jobs dont usually go out late or at all on those nights. They usually get home, make something to eat, watch their soap operas and by 9 or 10 pm most of what they like on TV has finished, and so they are either absent mindedly browsing the internet, on MSN and facebook, or flicking through a magazine.

In other words, this is the time when they are FREE to speak and available to be contacted. If the girl does some form of night work, then what ever you do, DO NOT call her early in the morning. If you wake her up at 10 am and she got to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning, she will instantly view you as an annoying even if your intentions were good Try and call her between 1pm and 5pm.

Lots of guys phone up girls, and speak for ages and ages, building up tons of comfort, and dont even bother to arrange a date. This is a classic case of fear of rejection.

The 10 Best Video Game Design Books

You must use your phone call to convey the following attributes: So why shouldnt you speak for ages on the phone to her? Quite simple: Men often end up in the dreaded phone relationship scenario. This means the girls gets used to you being her phone buddy Once you enter the phone buddy category, you automatically make it 10 times harder to get her to meet you. We live in a world that makes super easy instant access widely available.

Whether it is via phone calls, social networking sites, blackberry, msn, or skype. This of course has many positive attributes, but unfortunately the side effect of all this super- easy instant access, is that it can make us lazy. We think to our selves whats the point? If I want to see so and so and have a chat, I can just click on Skype. If Women have this attitude to their old friends they have known for years, whats to say that they will not have the exact same attitude towards you?

The longer you leave the follow up date the more the memory of the interaction fades! And consequently the harder it will be to get her to meet up with you. I have loads of men I chat to on the phone, that I am happy to keep as a phone buddy rather than actually arrange a time and place to meet up with them in person.

She will not be so tuned in to the emotions and experiences she felt when she was last with you is you leave it for too long. You need to keep the momentum going! When you call her up, you should keep the converation no longer than 10 minutes max!

What I mean by this is, that most people just talk about the present. They talk about what they are doing, what they did during the day, what their opinions are etc. But by mentioning something abut your past nothing too heavy , your present and your future, you immediately make much more impact. This of course can be applied in the face to face interaction as well as the telephone call conversation.

This impact will help keep the momentum going. You want to hook her in to meet you again. Which is why you need to end the conversation at a high point.

I call this breaking rapport. In show business they call this leaving your audience wanting more. The best way to number close a girl is actually based on this technique.Overall rating. The reason for this is because it gives the illusion that you are BUSY doing stuff. Free updates for life You will be emailed new versions of this eBook each time we update it. This is a classic case of fear of rejection. Out of all the [her name] I know

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