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Logistics and supply chain management books for supply chain professionals at all levels, praised by supply managers, supply chain executives and. Which is the best Supply Chain Management Book for beginners like me to These top 7 picks of Supply Chain Management books are for. Here are five books for supply chain leaders to empower their team, learn about industry trends, update management practices, and other key.

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This book is based upon my 15 years of teaching experience gained through working in 6 different countries around world. Most of my courses on supply chain . Books shelved as supply-chain: Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation by Sunil Chopra, Designing And Managing The Supply Chain by. Supply Chain Management book that will provide some reading to inspire and educate you along the Supply Chain Education and Career.

Steve Jobs, upon returning to Apple in , focused on transforming the supply chain. The rest is history. Across a range of industries, once-leading companies are in trouble. Showcasing real solutions, The Supply Chain Revolution aims to educate leaders to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Walden has spent more than 25 years leading supply chain operations and believes that improving your supply chain will improve your bottom line, regardless of your industry.

His recommendations draw on examples in civilian industry and military operations, including his recent experiences in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Supply chain operations in the military are very similar to supply chain operations in commercial industry.

Both have the ability to improve operations for the customer. These include demand forecasting, sales and operations planning, inventory control, capacity analysis, transportation models, supply chain integration, and project management and risk analysis.

The book is enhanced by real-life examples and case studies, as well as strategies from best practices and a focus on social and economic impact. The content reaches beyond traditional operations management and draws on the extensive experience of the authors conducting industry projects through the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management.

5 Must-Read Books for Supply Chain Leaders

The input of senior business executives has been an invaluable asset in presenting a balanced knowledge of both quantitative models and qualitative insights. Tom DePaoli offers practical strategies and tactics, learned and tested from his purchasing and supply chain career.

DePaoli recommends a multi-faceted, diverse approach to avoiding supply chain meltdowns. He challenges readers to survey his best writings and to select what fits their particular organizational cultures.

There is no one-size-fits all in the supply chain. As the importance of supply chain management grows leaps and bounds, the supply chain professional must develop multiple options and proficient tactics to ensure the continuity of the supply chain. Anyway, how often scholarly articles cite books on our list?

Most books got about 1, citations on average. This may appear to be a bit low when compared with books in other disciplines such as marketing.

But we believe this is pretty normal because everyone can cite marketing books, but not everyone will cite SCM books. These universities produce outstanding SC research and some of them are from the top supply chain management course and program in the United States. Some authors are from leading supply chain operations consulting companies.

In Search of the Best Supply Chain Management Books

How about its counterpart in Europe? They've published many supply chain management related articles in top journals.

However, statistics say that it is not true. Some newer books also manage to get into the top list as below, Anyway, all books on the list have been updated via the reprint edition.

What we see is that librarian staffs tend to buy shorter textbooks more than standard textbooks. The assumption behind this is that college students will buy textbooks anyway so there is no need to have a copy in the library. Citation analysis in research evaluation Vol.

ASP, the art and science of practice: What employers demand from applicants for MBA-level supply chain jobs and the coverage of supply chain topics in MBA courses. Interfaces, 38 6 , Pat Baxter for thorough proof-reading of the manuscript.

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The Supply Chain Revolution: The content is good then people refer to it often number of citations are also used to measure the importance of journal articles aka Impact Factor. This book offers both students and professionals a comprehensive introduction with immediately-applicable understanding. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. What is Supply Chain Management? We're sure some of you've been using Google Scholar to find related publications.

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