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Seoul Subway Metro Map in English. Printable version with color. 2 versions of map. Updated as of Offline PDF map of Subway in Seoul with information about the 한국철도공사, 서울 메트로, 서울특별시 도시철도공사, 인천교통공사, 네오트랜스 full map. subway 【 Photo: Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map (Credit: Seoul Seoul Metro 9 (Seoul Subway Line 9): ppti.info (Korean, English).

Seoul Subway Map English Pdf

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Seoul Subway Map. Navy Blue Line. Olive Green Line. Jangam. Suraksan. Madeul. Changdong. Nowen. Nowon. Sanggye. Danggogae. Green Line. Pink Line. Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit was ranked #1 Best Subway System by Jalopnik. Tokyo, Paris, Hong world's heaviest carriers serving a huge number of passengers. Line map. 경춘선. 9 Website: ppti.info For more. This file comes from the Flickr stream of the Korean Culture and Information Service under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and is.

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Fixed bugs. Well, if we look at the Seoul Metropolitan Subway, the answer is This metro network that serves the people of Seoul has been in operation since It operates on 19 lines and has an annual ridership of more than 2 billion.

Despite, its extensive reach already, the Seoul Metropolitan Subway is scheduled to undergo more expansion to make travelling all the more convenient for the people of the city.

The trains operate between But on weekends, the service is slightly more restricted with trains beginning operations at For more information on the timings, along with a detailed schedule of the trains, you can visit the official website at: The Seoul Metropolitan Subway distinguishes the fare that its passengers have to pay on the basis of three separate categories.

Adults, youths and children For payment via the traffic card, a single journey ticket upto a distance of 10 km, costs won for adults, won for youths and won for children.

An additional won is charged for every 5 km in excess of 10 km but under 50 km, while if the distance is north of 50 km, it costs won for every 8 km, rather than 5km. For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at: Basic subway etiquettes are requested to be followed, such as, boarding a train only after everyone else leaves.

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Or, offering your seat to the needy people like, pregnant women and elderly citizens etc. For more information on the subway etiquettes that are to be followed, you can visit the official website at:The 9.

Not only for first time visitors but also long time residents going to an unfamiliar part of the city, everyone can go anywhere with this app. The third section that will connect the stadium to Bangi-dong will be completed by The company has made investments in the form of equity and subordinated loans.

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Views View Edit History. It runs through the central regions of Seoul city, Incheon station in the south-west, Soyosan Station in the north-east and Sinchang station in the south.

New Releases. Line 2 connects the central parts of Seoul city.

Another line operated by Korail is Gyeongui Line and was opened in

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