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INTRODUCTION A voice browser is a ―device which interprets a (voice) markup language and is capable of generating voice output and/or interpreting voice. Voice Browser Seminar Report - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Seminar report. Voice Browser, Ask Latest information, Voice Browser Abstract,Voice Browser Report,Voice Browser Presentation (pdf,doc,ppt),Voice Browser technology.

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Voice Browser Full seminar reports, pdf seminar abstract, ppt, presentation, project idea, latest technology details, Ask Latest information. Voice Browser Seminar Report Definition A Voice Browser is a "device which interprets a (voice) markup language and is capable of. hyperlinks, and download any type of data right from PDF files, Presentations, Word creating a Voice Based Browser that is a completely hands-free search.

Some basic computer skills and knowledge are needed to access the Internet. But, computer-based access is proving insufficient for the professional on the move.

When in the car or away from the office or computer, accessing the Web is difficult, if not impossible. And, an increasing number of people prefer an interface that allows them to hear and speak rather than see and click or type.

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Some existing Internet users have also identified problems with the visual Internet experience. Pages are increasingly full of graphics, advertisement banners, etc. Thus, Internet is limited to only a small fraction of the world population; the majority is left out from the Internet. This gap between those who can effectively use new information from the Internet, and those who cannot is known as the digital divide. Bridging this digital divide is the key to ensure that most people in the world have the capability to access the Internet.

Making computers ubiquitous is not a very attractive and feasible solution, at least in the near future, because of various barriers. One key barrier is cost, although the price of a computer has come down significantly in recent years.

Internet as well, thus bridging the Digital Divide. The "Language Divide" Today more than eighty percent of website contents are written in English language.

Internet because of language barrier is called "The Language Divide". As the need for alternative access to the Internet becomes more evident, several technology companies are pursuing solutions. These products address different aspects of the problems outlined above Technology Overview The idea of listening to the Internet may at first sound a bit like watching the radio. How does a visual medium rich in icons, text, and images translate itself into an audible format that is meaningful and pleasing to the ear?

The answer lies in an innovative integration of three distinct technologies that render visual content into short, precise, easily navigable, and meaningful text that can be converted to audio.

Voice Browser | Seminar Report and PPT for CSE Students

The technologies and steps employed to accomplish this feat are: Document Processing 2. Text-to-speech translation, and Document Rendering 3. The IA automates the process of rendering information from the Internet to the user in a meaningful, precise, easily navigable and pleasant to listen to audio format.

Rendering is achieved by using Page Highlights a method to find and speak the key contents on a page , finding right as well as only relevant contents on a linked page, assembling right contents from a linked page, and providing easy navigation.

These key steps are done using the information available in the visual web page itself and proper algorithms that use information such as text contents, color, font size, links, paragraph, and amount of text. Artificial Intelligence techniques are used in this automated rendering process.

This is similar to how the human brain renders from a visual page; selecting the information of interest. The IA includes a language translation engine that dynamically translates web contents from one language into another in real time.

The platform incorporates the highest quality speech recognition and text to speech engines from third party suppliers. Some elements are aggregations tables, for instance but the element list is not a full parse tree, which we found was not needed and in some cases actually complicates processing.

Images, tables, forms and most text structure elements like paragraphs are recognized and processed according to their recognized type.

Much of the effort in building a robust HTML processor is dealing with malformed HTML expressions such as unclosed tag scope, overlapping tag scopes, etc. Unfortunately space does not allow for fully addressing this issue here. The location of each image is announced along with any associated caption.

This feature can be disabled on a site-by-site basis when the user does not want to hear about images. Tables are first classified according to purpose, either layout or content.

Many software and apps making companies offer voice browsers on various operating systems. With the advancements in voice recognition technologies, voice browsers are getting more efficient in providing accurate service to its users.

Voice browser is easy to use. It allows users to be away from the device, since it accepts voice as input. This leaves the users free to perform other tasks while using the device. Related topic: Voice XML We prepared and published this seminar abstract for final year engineering students seminar research.

You should do your own research additional to this information before presenting your seminar. Please include " Reference: Subscribe via email for more Latest topics 12 Steps to boost your innovative project ideas. Tech after B. Tech, advantages of a master's degree in engineering.

Current time:This gave us an initial and very broad insight into how subjects from each group responded to using the prototype in the experiments. Typical application of auditory icons include the creaking opening door creaking to represent internal link link to an anchor within the same web page , or a doorbell to represent an email address, or the clicking sound of a camera shutter to relate to an image.

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Voice browser makes use of speech recognition technology, to understand what the user is saying. Seminar Processing Voice and Image Documents. The data that a voice browser uses to create a dialog can vary In addition to these prosodic elements.

W3C voice browser working group made the speech interface framework possible. Many software and apps making companies offer voice browsers on various operating systems.

This architecture illustrates one possible arrangement of the main components of a typical system, and should not be construed as a recommendation. Kaveri Somasundaram.

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