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Institute of Asian Studies had brought out some rare books and certain publishers abroad have brought out certain rare books, the price of which is high and easy access to those books are faced with hurdles.

The Naladiyar by G. Pope has a western edition editio , but that rare book is available in Romain Rolland Library of Pondicherry, where with due permission from concerned department, I could not take photographs of entire book, which was the only way to preserve the damaged book.

The CD wrapper is given below : This made me go for the quest to digitize as many old books as possible. We cannot wait incarnation of Thamizh Thatha U. Sa in 22nd century to save the for the re-birth or re-incarnation print books which had not seen reprint and faced decay. At the same time while the citizens of the world are becoming netizens of the e-world, e world, future is only for fo e-books and easy access to these e-booksbooks by creating Open Access Online Archives should only ensure our literature gets accessed to Tamils living across continents and scholars searching for knowledge of Tamil while researching in various Universities of the Globe.

These are examples of digitizing books, by private initiatives. Towards that goal, every year projects to digitize be 2 Page given to scholars, and collected inputs be uploaded easily in an Open Access Archives of the cal Tamil. Private initiatives will yield fast results, and to yield Central Institute of Classical such fast result I am submitting my title to be a beginning in this sphere. A website by private initiative was launched in Singapore, the news of which is given below : After this website was launched it lasted only for years, and the man who took the intiative passed away, hence website went off.

So I collected books so far digitized by others and in a CD had handed over those digitized e-books e to Central Institute of Classical Tamil. Ta This is just one example about one Tamil Scholar.

In my home books have got damaged especially rare books and journals. In this background I started digitizing rare books in my home. These will reveal how difficult it is to salvage books eaten by worms and insects. Anyhow during my research work I found in most archives and libraries, rare books remain in retrievable retrievabl condition unless by modern techniques.

Some books could not be taken out of the archives, hence to preserve all editions of Sangam Classics and grammars belonging to Sangam period including Tamil and other language dictionaries and grammars written by foreign fo scholars who mastered our Tamil before embarking upon translations, let me begin my humble work with this project buying new devices that could be of help in digitizing rare books and submit to the Central Institute of Classical Tamil.

So far with the e help of others these digitizing was done.

If project is given with the assistance of assistant will try to fulfil maximum in my objective mentioned in the title and with research study will submit my short term project to the Central Institute of Classical Classic Tamil. With Regards Yours sincerely N. Nandhivarman 53b, Calve Subburayar Street, Puducherry : Cell: naganandhivarman yahoo. Nandhivarman Tsunami hit Pondicherry recently and people were taken aback at its ferocity.

Why did it happen and how it happened are subjects of current debate. Now the 13 th plate is in the offing. Throughout history scientists believe continents to be drifting, moving closer, or breaking from one another.

The Secret In Tamil

Pangaea, the most recent super-continent on Earth began to break million years ago. The same scholar says, "Atlantic and Indian Oceans continue to widen while Pacific gets smaller. In million years North America and Asia will probably drift into each other".

Paul Hoffman had already named the new super-continent as Amasia. The fault-lines or geo fractures are areas where we must watch and take all precautions in constructions to save lives. A Report on Ground Water Survey and Exploration in the Union Territory of Pondicherry and its environs by a team of experts from Central Ground Water Board, Southern region in March says that "The photo-geological study has also confirmed the existence of the fault to the west of the coastline a straight scarp running almost parallel to Pondicherry- Markanam Road" That finding was made three decades ago.

Such sinisterly and dextrally moving faults display definite morph tectonic anomalies in the remotely sensed data and also in the field. In addition, there is a conspicuous land subsidence between Pondicherry in the North East and Cumbum valley in the South West. One such graben has been established along north east-southwest trending faults in between Pondicherry-Cuddalore in the northeast and Cumbum valley in the Southwest. In view of a geo-fracture i.

Earthquake resistant construction design in places where one fault line passes, as mentioned above, is need of the hour. There are pictures taken by satellites using remote sensing techniques had identified studies covering Tamil Nadu its and various fault lines. It is high time sky scrappers do not come up in the fault line and quake prone areas. Seismic disturbances, coastal earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or under sea landslides that jolt the ocean floor cause tsunamis, which travels at speeds up to miles per hour and reaches heights between 50 and feet.

Tsunami observatories and Earth Quake observatories must be set up for early warning systems. People living in low-lying coastal areas have faced the brunt. The green house effect causes rise in sea water levels. Scientists have predicted that by A. D the rise in sea level will be between 0.

Before 1. Due to fall in sea levels 65, years ago India and Ceylon joined and when sea level rose around 27, years ago they parted.

Then 17, years ago due to fall in water level both joined and when water rose they parted. All these studies and past history makes it clear that our coastline had undergone changes over centuries.

Poompuhar of Chola Empire is beneath the seas. Hi brothers can you upload for kannadasan IN Artgamulla indhu madham my friends all of Like to this book thanks, Your friend R. Karthick Kar gmail.

The topic 'knowing yourself' is sweet. Reading these books using tamil language its very superb. Tamil letters replicate the precise feel or emotion of the theme. Tamil language letters are offer life to tamil history. Hi brothers thanks for you reply I neet to read book link can you sent me??

Again thank you thank you very much R. Hi friends, Thanks for all who had uploaded the important books in this site. HAI, This is wonderful work. Hi Guys, This is really amazing.

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I would like to have vijay tv gopinath's "please entha puthakhathai padikatheenga". Thanks a lot specially for Holy Quran in Tamil. Thank you Brother, Enakku Oracle Book - tamil pdf vendum. Irundal konjam enakku mail pannunga. This is a awesome work! I am sure the persons like me who living in abroad will get full benefit of our mother tongue. Thank u. Some Osho Tamil Sites: Short at words to record my personal appreciation GKK Advocate Chennai.

Ipdi oru website ithanai naal kedaikama poiduchenu varuthama iruku,, Ippovavadhu kedachadhenu sandhoshama iruku,, Nandri nanbare,,. Thanks in advance Can you publish my book freely for the readers. Give information. What a wonderful job. Keep updating without deleting the present contents. SMurali - Trichy. Download Link: Dear All, A Fantastic book, Moolighai marmam should be read by everyone.

I am searching the net, but i am not getting OSho books in Tamil, except tamil, italian,french, english even hindi is available. But not tamil can any one pls give me the direct link to download osho books.

Dear Mohan Suresh, We understand that most of the content of this page, including the formatting and PDF files, is directly copied from our site Tamilcube.

Please remove this page at the earliest to avoid any further legal action from us. My great thanks to you for gave this wonderful site. If you are really interesting to do this pls share your contact details with this mailid: Thank u dear for presenting all collection in a single site.

It is so amazing.. Sermuga pandian. I truly salute this effort and its great that people are doing so much for keeping our language and its legacies alive.

Migha Migha Nandri intha website uruvaakiyatharku.

One of the biggest sold books by Osho in Tamil which can clear all the supressions and repressions given by society. Entirely New dimension about Sex which was not spoken to public by enlightened beings Sorry for the pdf quality, i think it is readable Here it is The link does not working.

Hello really excellent service for our people. I need more addition of free pdf forms of books that will be useful for us. Also I suggest for http: This site is really great. Big list of books available in http: Shall we get "Science related books" in tamil. Thanks for your good service for Tamil. Melted, by the by,is there any books about British rule in Tamil Nadu, if so please suggest me good one Arutpernjothi Arutpernjothi Thaniperum karunai Arutpernjothi yella uyirkalum inputru vazlka I am working in All Indian Languages for more than 15 years.

Feel free to Contact me. Hai friends, Fantastic work done by the blogger. Keep this stupendous work it is really useful site for tamil peoples.

Please publish these kinds of Tamil Books forever. I hope all tamil peoples surely like this blog Congrats Romba romba romba natringa sir ithana naala naan thedikittu iruntha books ithula ketaichathu Unga sevaikku oru periya nantrikal. I couldn't download any thiruvarutpa.. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely comeback.

Your blog provided us with valuable information to work with. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging. Download numerous tamil books and other also. I got many books from here Have a looks and start download any book in pdf enlighteningbrains. You should must see 44books. Self Book Publishing.

Article is very nice, Thanks for the sharing such a nice article. Buy Oswal Books Online. Sir pls give M. Ed notes related to primary and secondary education Mail- uravivarman yahoo. Thank you for this article. Personally, I think this material is great. I agree with much of your information here.

It also motivates me to learn more. I await the next article with great anticipation.

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Think that you are rich and you will become rich. The book gave birth to a new literary genre and Tamil prose began to be recognized as an increasingly important part of the language.

I await the next article with great anticipation. Migha Migha Nandri intha website uruvaakiyatharku. Siva November 4, at 4: Krishnan is a student in Madras Christian College , the same college Malini studies.

Anonymous June 27, at 4:

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