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Songs; Games; Stories; Downloadables; Picture Dictionary; Activity sheets; Class audio. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to. New Treetops DVD Seconda edizione di Treetops, il corso d'inglese per la Scuola Primaria più venduto in Italia. Our discounted price list (PDF). Edizione completamente rinnovata del corso Treetops. Our discounted price list (PDF). This pack includes: Teacher's Book; Compiti di Realtà ; Audio CD.

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4. 4 Shopping for clothes. 5. Culture. The United Kingdom. 6. British homes. 8 . 4. Completa il dialogo con le frasi nel riquadro. Poi ascolta e controlla le risposte. .. The British Royal Family is changing and the new generation of Royals is. New Treetops 4 My Digital Book Teacher's Edition. Share Print. Buy from. Educational Our discounted price list (PDF). User Menu Sign In or Register Hello. New Treetops Teacher's Resource Pack Seconda edizione di Treetops, il corso d'inglese per la Scuola Primaria più Our discounted price list (PDF).

The highlight of the treetop walkway, which was first opened in September , is a metres-high view tower with a view platform. Once you get there, you are rewarded with a unique view of the whole Black Forest Mountains Schwarzwald.

Treetops 4 Class Book

Thanks to the fact that the walkway is completely barrier-free, it is suitable for visitors of all ages, it is easily accessible for wheelchairs and young families with prams.

Natural material used for its construction makes you experience the surrounding nature in a completely different way.

Discover little animals, birds, insects and numerous plants on various levels of the walkway. You have the possibility to observe them from an entirely new perspective. Pleasant routing of the walkway at its constant ascent make you feel like floating high above the forest ground.

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Along the whole path, there are small balconies with didactic stops informing the visitors about the local nature and wildlife, so you may learn a lot of interesting facts too.

But fun does not come short either. For a change, there are little side bends along the path where you may safely try climbing or balancing in the heights. Form April the visitors may enjoy a new attraction on the path: the meter-long tunnel slide inside the tower promises an extraordinary experience when sliding down. Never mind if there is delicate fresh green in spring, striking colours of the forest in autumn or sparkling fresh snow in winter, a walk along the Treetop Walkway is always an impressive experience in the nature.

There is a special ticket available which includes the fare up and down the mountain plus the entrance to the Treetop Walkway. Saarschleife Treetop Walk Since June , a new Treetop Walkway opens new perspective to its visitors in one of the best known tourist destinations in Saarland, the Saarschleife.

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Situated above the Cloef area, the 1. At a height of 3 — 23 metres the visitors have the possibility to learn more about the life in the wood in a way they have never experienced before.

Along the Walkway, there are children friendly didactic stops where not only little explorer may learn a lot about the wood and its inhabitants. When walking among the tree tops you may also enjoy some fun at the play stops with various wobbly bridges and a toboggan. The highlight of the Treetop Walkway is the 42 metres high view tower, which is unique due to its special architectural form.

The Treetop Walkway is special for one more reason. There are no steps or stairs on both the Walkway and the View Tower.

That is why they are easily accessible for visitors using wheelchairs, walking frames or for parents with prams. An unforgettable experience is offered to our visitors during special events, when they are allowed to enter the Walkway before the usual opening hours and may experience a breathtaking sunrise over the Saarschleife area. Watch our virtual tour of the trail.

Children's Songs. Conversation and Writing Questions. English Idioms.

English Proverbs. Fairy Tales.

Folk Tales. Games and Activities for Teachers. General Knowledge Questions. Grammar Summary.

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Guess-The-End Jokes Pearson Education, , 64 pages. A six-level primary series that engages children in 21st century learning.

Children uncover clues and solve mysteries as they learn English.Our interior designer chose gorgeous high end finishes. These promote reading for enjoyment, and can be used as the starting point for lots of fun cross-curricular activities. Reiterating talking about their own interests.

PDF, MP3. Part of the Trail is an educational didactic feature that enriches and extends knowledge of nature, its protection, and forest functions.

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