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It's time to carry your wedding album, birthday celebration album or some other occassion album in your pocket with Mittal PhotoBook. Just enter the 'Unique. Download the Mittal Photo app from Online Stores Engaged in manufacturing of Photo Albums, Designer Karizma Albums, Indigo albums, Canvas Printing. Download Mittal PhotoBook - It's time to carry your wedding album, birthday celebration album or some other occassion album in your pocket with Mittal.

Mittal Photo Book

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Mittal PhotoBook - It's time to carry your wedding album, birthday celebration album or some other occassion album in your pocket with Mittal. Take a look at our Mittal Photobook – Photography Album App. TechnoScore creates highly functional iPhone and Android apps for start-ups and enterprise. Just enter the 'Unique Album Code' printed on the back of your photobook. View any of your downloaded PhotoBook anytime anywhere, no internet connection.

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Important Notice

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Our Frame, CollageLibrary will be constantly updated, come back often to download! Easily share the photo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to wowyour friends and share this wonderful photo editor app. Share it to your Moments in onetap, see what your friends gonna say! Magazine Style can fulfil your Movie Star dream. We havealready designed a series of photo taking PIP templates. Fill flash adds endless possibilities to the creative process. Shooting bird portraits is something I absolute enjoy, they give the birds a human touch and lets us look through to their soul, moreover, it adds grace to them.

Bird portraits to me are similar to human portraits for the above reason.

This time around, you have this beautiful pair of Drongos, what inspires you to take such photographs? Gaurav Mittal: Being a bird photographer, I would say that I have a passion for birds and I will often spend hours and days photographing one bird, even if it is a common Drongo. I look for the extraordinary in an ordinary situation, which requires patience and commitment. Prathap: You seem to photograph lot of silhouettes; do you recommend some useful tips and settings to our readers?

Gaurav Mittal: Silhouettes are a great way to convey a mood of a particular situation. When executed properly, they convey drama and leave a sense of mystery about the subject, leaving the viewer to imagine and create their own interpretation of the moment or the subject.

Lakshmi Mittal

Some basic tips to keep in mind when shooting silhouettes are; source of light should be from behind the subject, meter the brighter parts of the image and not the backlit subject as this can fool the camera into over exposing the bird. Silhouettes are best executed with a good overall composition and more dramatic when the subject is in front of a setting sun as well as a clear background. You are conducting your first workshop exclusively on bird photography in Keoladeo National Park this Jan 29th.

Why did you choose Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary for conducting workshop? Gaurav Mittal: Thanks Prathap.

I also have an active blog with field reports, post processing techniques and product reviews as well. As I have mentioned in the beginning, Bharatpur is one of the places where I began my bird photography, so it only apt that I launch my first workshop from there, it really is an honor that I take participants and showcase the beauty of Bharatpur.

Prathap: How different is your workshop compared to the other workshops? What are the key takeaways for anyone who is interested? My first workshop in Bharatpur caters to a small group of six and all future workshops will be the same setup, this will allow me to provide attention individually to all participants. Ultimately, my goal is group satisfaction with the images they take back from my workshops and knowing that they came away with valuable knowledge.

Prathap: If our readers are interested to join your workshop, where can they find the complete details? Gaurav Mittal: There is comprehensive detail about my workshop in Bharatpur including a frequently asked questions section on my website. Participants can register thru the website or email me at gm gauravmittal.

How to Download Mittal PhotoBook for PC:

Here is the link to workshop: www. Click on the Bharapur workshop schedule once you reach the page from the above link. On behalf of our readers, I wish you good luck for all your future endeavors! It was a pleasure speaking with you. I aspire to bring you more and more such interviews in the future to get you a new perspective on photography.Our team ispassionate about bringing you joy through your memories. Take a look at which apps can help you become the best mother you can be and make your family happy.

Search and compare campgrounds and RV parks, find camping hacks, camping recipes and camping supplies. Sign up. We spent several hours discussing about bird photography, our likes and dislikes, and spent few good hours photographing together.

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