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The Foundations of ITIL® book (and its predecessors) was drafted to create a portable This latest revision reffects the ITIL® edition. It follows the. , 01 - ITIL V3 Service Strategy ppti.info, 21 bytes , 05 - ITIL V3 Continual Service Improvement ppti.info, 6 bytes. ITIL® FOUNDATION STUDY. NOTES. Pass your ITIL exam with these comprehensive Foundation study notes and exam tips! Ver –

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Service Operation according to ITIL® ppti.info This ebook is the 4th volume of our series „ITSM Processes according to ITIL® “ based. When are the ITIL® Edition courses available from Pultorak? Where can I Source, Handout: ppti.info The ITIL® refresh project. • Where we are now and how we got there. • The ITIL refresh. • The major changes to the core books.

Within a very short period, Geppetto Garcias became very popular with his target market of business professionals at lunch and the theater crowd in the evenings. Once the word got out, Geppetto Garcias became popular with the weekend brunch and late lunch diners as well. Over time, Geppetto Garcia owned one of the most popular restaurants in the region and began to expand to other cities. Geppetto realized that the business was bigger than he thought and began opening specialty restaurants that focused on expanded menus of specific regional cuisines.

These restaurants include Garcias Cantina serving Mexican fare, GGs Steak House with a mid-range menu around steaks and chops, GGs Smokehouse focusing on Southern-style barbecue, Geppettos Italian featuring entrees from the various regions of Italy, and Geppettos Sports Bar with a full bar and a pubstyle menu. A new endeavor for Geppetto Garcias is GGs American Grill, a high-end dining experience that caters to the most discriminating diner.

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This restaurant even features the Czech Goulash recipe the first meal that he prepared for a customer! This enabled Geppetto to open restaurants throughout the United States with plans to expand to areas outside the United States.

Geppetto learned a lot from his experience running a restaurant. He learned that it is impossible to be able to provide everything that someone could ask for, but instead its best to focus on things that customers need. This permits focus on specific activities that can be standardized to create consistency.

He also realized that communication with customers is critical.

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This communication is performed in many ways by greeting customers upon arrival, through menus, asking how their meal is, and ensuring they are satisfied when they leave, and also through email and Web surveys to ensure their needs are being met. Geppettos new corporation needed to keep these lessons in mind. Even though running a company is very different than running a single restaurant, most of the basics remain the same. Therefore, Geppetto will ensure that all aspects of the corporation will adopt these basic principles and look for ways to improve services to customers and ensure that these services balance cost and quality with the customers needs.

The Growth of Geppetto Garcias Geppetto is a restaurateur at heart. Restaurants are what he knows best. As the business grew, and the corporation evolved, Geppetto hired people with specialized skills and knowledge to handle specific areas of the business. One of these areas was Information Technology IT. Geppetto could barely send an email, but it didnt stop him from running a successful business. Just like when Geppetto researched recipes, Mark searched for best practices in providing IT services.

Mark discovered the IT Infrastructure Library. Restaurants and IT If the above fictional accounting of Geppetto and his restaurant seems outrageous, it is.

No restaurant that I know of would dream of opening its doors without having some form of menu or offering to its customers. Restaurants cannot attempt to provide any requested meal on demand like that.

It is impossible to create every possible meal on demand and be able to meet the customers needs.

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Restaurants are often low-margin businesses due to intense competition. They make very little profit from an individual meal. They must therefore make their profit through larger-volume business in order to survive. To provide higher volume, restaurants must be as effective and efficient as possible.

This is done by attracting customers to their offerings, as well as developing and establishing processes that are definable, repeatable, consistent, and measurable, so they can be improved.

If restaurants realize this, then why doesnt IT? Many of the IT organizations that I have visited attempt to be everything to everyone.

They operate without a menu, have very little defined processes and only communicate with their customers when they have to through ill-defined channels. This is made even more difficult since many of them cant identify who their customers are! IT can learn a lot from Geppetto and his experience with building a corporation from a single restaurant.

In this book, we are going to explore the IT Infrastructure Library and how Geppetto would approach many of these concepts based on his common-sense approach.

Geppetto Garcias New Services Emil Delgassi, Geppetto Garcias Chief Operating Officer, recognized that restaurant customers want to share their enjoyment of the various Geppetto Garcia restaurants with their friends and family.

One of the ways in which they want to do this is to introduce gift cards. Gift cards have become very popular over the years and are now sold not only at the business itself, but also at other retail stores, including grocery stores, department stores and drug stores.

Emils idea involves the creation of gift cards that are customized for each of the restaurant brands.

However, not all restaurant brands will choose to have gift cards, so it must first be determined which restaurants will participate in the gift card idea.

Another idea that Emil has seen work with other restaurants is car-side service. Car-side service targets those customers who desire a meal from one of the many restaurants in the Geppetto Garcia family but who do not have time to dine inside the restaurant. This take-out service involves customers calling the restaurant or ordering online and then coming to pick up their meal at the time indicated when the order was placed. During our exploration of ITIL, we will see how these new services take advantage of the concepts within ITIL to ensure that they are targeted toward the right customers, designed well, transitioned into operation with a minimum of risk, and can be operated as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In addition, you should complete this book with a better understanding of ITIL, the Service Lifecycle, and the processes within each of the Service Lifecycle stages. To help you study for the ITIL Foundations exam, there is certain information in this course that you should know. Each of these stages has the following: Inputs and outputs Describes the relationship between this stage and others Principles and key concepts Describes the purpose and approach to the stage of the Service Lifecycle Processes and Functions Describes the processes that are inherent within each stage of the Service Lifecycle.

Functions are described in the Service Operation stage of the Service Lifecycle. As you will see, some processes require more focus than others while discussing each of these topics. Other processes are not presented in as much detail, but still convey the objectives and key concepts for the process.

At a minimum, you should know the purpose of the process, key concepts, and the way the process interacts with other processes. Certain processes require additional knowledge for the exam. This certification is the first in a progressively advancing series of certifications available in IT Service Management. In order to obtain the Foundations-level certification, you must successfully pass the Foundations certification exam. This exam is a one-hour, question, multiple choice exam, where guesses are not penalized.

In other words, dont leave any answers blank. In order to pass the exam, you must get 26 or more questions correct.

Numerical exam results are not publicized, only an overall pass or fail result. There are several routes you can pursue to take the exam. Both of these providers specialize in conducting on-demand certification exams. I have taken Microsoft certification exams from them, as well as Project Management PMI certification exams, and the process to take an exam is fairly straightforward. You can contact Thompson Prometric at www.

Skills in Service Management Delivering service successfully depends on personnel involved in Service Management having the appropriate eduction, training, skills and experience.

These skills require updating when changes occur within the environment. The specific roles within ITIL Service Management all require specific skills, attributes and competencies from the people involved to enable them to work efficiently and effectively.

However, whatever the role, it is imperative that the person carrying out that role has the following attributes: Awareness of the business priorities, objectives and business drivers Awareness of the role IT plays in enabling the business objectives to be met Awareness of what IT can deliver to the business, including latest capabilities The competence, knowledge and information necessary to complete their role The ability to use, understand and interpret the best practice, policies and procedures to ensure adherence Standardizing job titles, functions, roles and responsibilities can simplify Service Management and Human Resource Management.

Many service providers use a common framework of reference for competence and skills to support activities such as skill audits, planning future skill requirements, organizational development programs and resource allocation. Failure of a configuration item that has not yet impacted service is also an incident. For example, failure of one disk from a mirror set. ITIL Version 2: An event which is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes or may cause disruption to or a reduction in the quality of services and customer productivity.

The objective of incident management is to restore normal operations as quickly as possible with the least possible impact on either the business or the user, at a cost-effective price.

The transformation between event-to-incident is the critical junction where Application Performance Management APM and ITIL come together to provide tangible value back to the business. The term "standard change" means pre-approved, repeatable, pre-defined, low risk changes. If the change does not meet these criteria then it is not a standard change and should be defined as a request for change.

Main article: Problem management Problem management aims to resolve the root causes of incidents and thus to minimize the adverse impact of incidents caused by errors within the IT infrastructure, and to prevent recurrence of incidents related to these errors.

A "problem" in this context is the unknown underlying cause of one or more incidents, and a 'known error' is a problem that is successfully diagnosed and for which either a work-around or a permanent resolution has been identified. The CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency defines problems and known errors as follows: A problem is a condition often identified as a result of multiple incidents that exhibit common symptoms.

Problems can also be identified from a single significant incident, indicative of a single error, for which the cause is unknown, but for which the impact is significant.

A known error is a condition identified by successful diagnosis of the root cause of a problem, and the subsequent development of a work-around.

Problem management differs from incident management. Problem management aims primarily to find and resolve the root cause of a problem and thus prevent further incidents; the purpose of incident management is to return the service to normal level as soon as possible, with smallest possible business impact. The problem-management process reduces the number and severity of incidents and problems on the business, and documents the details of the problem and resolution to be available for the first-line and second-line of the help desk.Add remaining water.

ITIL V3 Fundamentals

However, they must be sorted according to customer and pressed. This guidance helps us to improve our understanding of the processes based on the experiences others have learned through the adoption of these processes. Your goulash is being prepared, said Geppetto. You can contact Thompson Prometric at www. All of the above 4. To obtain further details or order your Click the link to visit this page Benefits of transitioning services into production environments Establishing control of components that make up services Managing and communicating organizational change Specific Service Transition processes of Transition Planning and Support Service Asset and Configuration Management Evaluation Service Validation and Testing Change Management Release and Deployment Management Knowledge Management.

Geppetto and his team selected 44 recipes that met the criteria and also met the needs of his target customers.

There are several routes you can pursue to take the exam.

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