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the Press was nominated for six other publishing awards .. tions of the report and at our website at ppti.info Create better life now: Your manual. developmental state in South Africa, with the ANC Youth League calling for the nationalisation of the mines. Free download from ppti.info Economic development and instruments Securing electricity supply through diversity Conclusion Free download from ppti.info

With new technological changes and the rise of robotization, how can industrialization ensure inclusive growth? This suggests barriers to entry and expansion faced by new entrants, which make it difficult for entrepreneurs, particularly historically disadvantaged ones, to meaningfully participate in this space.

It is crucial to open up the market to allow a diversity of retail formats to flourish. They have greater objectivity, expertise and in-depth understanding than most analysts. But translating their research to the jungle of government policy making takes effort.

They must be willing to take the time and grief to generate useful, even second-best, policy options that meet the hard imperatives of a complex and divided society. Free university is affordable only if programmes that serve the poor — social grants, primary health and, for that matter, basic education — are reduced.

That will increase, not reduce, inequality. Public services can reach all the people who need them only if the more wealthy, who can pay their share, do.

But the ability to access social networks is shaped unequally by the education, class and race background. This is particularly the case for jobs that require a university qualification: which university you come from, matters a great deal.

For job seekers from poor rural areas, social networks are less helpful. This is why formal public mechanisms are important, particularly for those looking for low-level skilled jobs.

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Informal mining often is community based and follows customary law; no trespassing of land takes place — it is very different from zama-zamas. It is time for these practices to be formally recognised in law, thereby enabling small-scale informal mining to be developed whilst dealing with invasive mining as illegal.

The innovations may come, but the people at the top of the income distribution will continue to capture nearly all of the gains. Andries du Toit, Univ.

Visit the exhibition stalls of in Hall 2 and see what our exhibitors have to offer. Open daily from 8: It is our responsibility to break down barriers of division and create a country where there will be neither Whites nor Blacks, just South Africans, free and united in diversity.

Biko's rebellion, an intervention into being, is shown to have been philosophically informed and an event with enduring philosophical consequences. Mabogo More has added a much needed intellectual substance to the many volumes of work on Steve Biko and Black Consciousness in South Africa. By so doing he deals with those who have written BC off as a momentary fad, and to the academic critics who fail to acknowledge the intellectual weight of such a movement founded on deep thought and praxis.

With the renewed struggles for decoloniality on our campuses, and African thought and ideas, this is an essential text for every student and activist, and required reading at our universities.

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Mabogo P. It is a valid confirmatory reflection that gives Biko his rightful philosophical standing in the Africana existentialist tradition. Available from Blue Weaver: Academic and Scholarly and Loot. Jump to. Sections of this page.

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Sam Michelle created an event for the group. November 28, Book Launch: September 21, Sam Michelle September 7, This disparity is increased with increasing seniority, as indicated in Figure 3.

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If social grants and taxes are excluded, the Gini coefficient for the whole country would be 0. This confirms the data about SES and also other trends which emerged in the study.

From Tables 1. But this group is small, and competition among the universities for relatively affluent, academically successful black students is intense. But does this steady rise mean that NSFAS is reaching out far and deep enough to the 70 per cent of students who are on the economic fringe by virtue of their SES?

There are no significant differences between non-completers and graduates in terms of the effect of the listed variables upon their subject choice constraints.

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