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GATE Architectural and Planning (AR) Samples, Books, Test Series, Coaching, Classes, Career Avenues, Delhi, Mumbai, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Chandigarh. GATE Study Material- Architecture & Planning_ Formulals, Conversions and Data Required to Solve Gate Problems - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt). Study Material · GATE Syllabus. MENU GATE Previous Years Papers PDF Download all GATE Architecture and Planning Papers along with solutions.

Gate Architecture Study Material Pdf

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pdf GATE Architecture free study notes part ppti.info (Size: KB you very much fir free study materials for Architecture Entrance for GATE. 2 days ago GATE Architecture & Planning Previous year question papers GATE AR Last 10 Year Papers Solved Download in PDF Preparation Material. I have a complete set of GATE architecture study material by Faculty of architecture which includes: . I need the Complete Set – Gate Architecture book.

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Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. Aug 1 , Dec 2 , Jan 3 , Mar 4 , Dec 7 , Jan 8 , Find Reply awadhesh Junior Member Posts: Nov 9 , May 10 , Dec 11 , Oct 12 , Sep 13 , Jun 14 , Jun 15 , Three types of tolerance are generally considered in modular coordination.

Manufacturing tolerance, which limits the dimensional deviation in the manufacture of components. Positional tolerances, which limit the deviation of position for, erected components from their designated position.

Joint tolerances or gaps, which limit the variations of joint thickness. Precast concrete rings for wells The precast concrete rings are used for wells to avoid dug well collapse due to uneven earth pressure.

M The basic module is the fundamental unit of size in modular coordination. The coordinating sizes of building components, of the parts of the building they form and of the building themselves shall be in multiples of the basic module. Weather joints The concrete structures or members cannot be constructed as a monolithic structure in one placement.

The members need to be restricted upto limited size so that they can handled by cranes. Thus, the joints provided in the structure are called expansion joints. These joints permit the segments of the structural frame to expand and contract in response to temperature without adversely affecting the building structure.

Thus, they are also called as weather joints. The gap of these weather joints should not be kept open. It should be filled with a compressible material to make them water tight. The materials such as joint filler materials like cork strips, mineral fibre, resilient sealants like bitumen, water bars, etc. Phon R. Sabine Group II 1. Sound Intensity 2. Absorption of sound 3.

Frequency of sound 4.

Loudness 5. D Explanation: The loudness of a sound is subjective. Sound loudness varies from person to person. By definition, 1 phon is equivalent to 1 decibel at Hz 1 kHz. The phon unit is not an SI unit in metrology.

It is used as a unit of loudness level by the American National Standards Institute. Refer Q. Match the scientific names of the trees provided in Column-I with the corresponding color of their bloom in Column-II, and select the appropriate option. Cassia fistula Q. Lagerstroemia flos-reginae R.

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Cordia sebastena S. White 2. Red 3.

Blue 4. Yellow 5. Nahani Trap Q. Gully Trap R.


Bottle Trap S. Between waste water pipe and main house drain 2. Between septic tank and soak pit 3. Junction of house drain and sewer 4. Bathroom and kitchen floor 5.

C Explanation: Refer Q. Minimum clear width of ramp Q. Maximum height of wash basin rim above finished floor level R.

Minimum length of grab rail S. Minimum clear width of the ramp should be mm.

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The ramp should be finished with non-slip material to enter the building. The single flight of the ramp should not be more than 9 m. Toilet The minimum size of toilet for the use of handicapped should be x mm.At the macro scale, garden city was based on two principles: a. This will help in the various ways. I have ordered the complete set yesterday , can you please tell , till when i can get the books.

Important GATE Books for Architecture and Planning (AR) – GATE Study Material

Shriram, your order has been shipped today 28th April and shipping details is sent to you through email. Revival of the relationship between man and nature 3.

Elements, construction, architectural styles and examples of different periods of Indian and Western History of Architecture; Oriental, Vernacular and Traditional architecture; Architectural developments since Industrial Revolution; Influence of modern art on architecture; Art nouveau, Eclecticism, International styles, Post Modernism, Deconstruction in architecture; Recent trends in Contemporary Architecture; Works of renowned national and international architects.

S and remote sensing techniques in regional and urban planning; decision making models. Housing; Concepts, principles and examples of neighbourhood; Housing typologies; Slums; Affordable Housing; Housing for special areas and needs; Residential densities; Standards for housing and community facilities; National Housing Policies, Programs and Schemes.

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