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Thursday, May 16, 2019

To help make selling on eBay as simple and effective as possible, we've developed various tools to help you create, manage, and promote your listings – whether you're a casual seller or run a business on eBay. From getting an overview of all your selling activity in Seller Hub, to. Changes to seller tools offer simplified selling for all. As a seller just starting out on eBay, it can often seem as though there are a bewildering array of tools at your disposal.

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If you're selling on eBay, read this first before trying to hack away at things all on your own. There are plenty of tools out there to help you. Favorite eBay Listing Tools We Used to Grow Our Sales to $k / safe ordering from this seller (we wrote in a previous post about ebay tips. If you're a high volume seller on eBay, you know listing your products can be a full-time task. These 10 eBay listing tools will make the job much.

The quicker your inventory can turnover, the more profit you can make. Inventory management software does this plus more. Looking for an inventory management software to try?

Check out Kyozou. While ecommerce inventory management may require investment in software, systems these days offer a variety of additional features that online retailers can use to efficiently manage their full business operations.

From listings management, processing orders and applying shipping discounts through integrations with shipping suppliers, automation helps save time and money. Listing Management Software A listing management software is the perfect compliment to an inventory management software as being one of the best tools to sell on eBay successfully. All the biggest and most effective sellers utilize a system that allows them to import and edit listing in bulk. The amount of time you can save with a listing management software is not to be discounted.

Some of our sellers are saving dozens of hour a week by utilizing listing management. Not to mention, an effective listing management software will also enable you to list your products simultaneously to multiple marketplaces, giving you the opportunity to expand your sales presence online. More sales presence, more money. Terapeak This resource tool will provide you and your staff with a wealth of information.

It just so happens that one of gnomes is a fairly rare collectible, so I want to see whether one has been sold on eBay before to try and gauge its value. I can see from my search that my gnome has sold plenty of times since As is usual for collectibles, an auction will be a better option than a fixed-price listing. But, with demand being so good I could perhaps get more buzz going with a really low starting price. I can also see the original listing for the product, which will be helpful when I come to list mine, as I know the key points to include.

Having found my optimum price, I now want to find some free software to help me build my listings.

When creating listings on eBay, two of the most important factors for SEO are title and category. Title Builder suggests a category and shows the most searched-for terms, and also the keywords most used by sellers in the category.

Picking a category is something that is very easy to get wrong, as eBay has over 18, to choose from. I would approach this part with caution, and not simply select the first category that Title Builder suggests. Instead, search a few of the listed categories on eBay and see what type of products are listed. By selecting this category in Title Builder, I now have two new lists of relevant words. This includes all of the words that have received medium search volume, and a selection of the top words being used by sellers of similar products.


It looks like Supreme Lister is no longer available in English as the website has not been available for several weeks. Because some of the gnomes are collectible I want a professional set of eBay listings that reflect the quality of the items. This is where Supreme Lister is useful.

This is where you create your listing. I encountered a few glitches getting it working, mainly down to needing the latest version of Flash Player installed and enabled in my browser. First, you enter basic data like your title, price and so on.

You can also assign a category and enter your shipping and returns information. The texts tab is where you write your product description and media is where you upload your images. Take care with the design tab as the free design templates are hidden below the paid-for templates.

My 4 Favorite eBay Software Tools

A loading screen will appear as eBay verifies your item and, all being well, the item will be listed on eBay. The listing it creates looks professional and certainly saves a lot of time. I experienced a couple of minor glitches with WowLister. WowLister tell me this is now fixed. WowLister is introducing paid plans, but will remain free for up to 10 listings per month. As my items start to sell, I want a reporting tool to help keep track of which gnomes have sold and how much they went for.

A reporting tool should make it easier to see how much each of us are owed. Zenstores Insights has been removed from this section, as it is now included in the paid Zenstores package, and is no longer available as a free standalone tool.

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A second option is MySales by Terapeak. As free eBay software goes, it has a lot of features.

First you can choose whether you want to see data from all your eBay seller accounts or a specific one. You can then select which eBay site you want to see data from, and can even filter it further to see just one category. All three include the percentage increase or decrease from the previous period, in this case the previous month. If you plan to do eBay selling in any volume at all, a free subscription to Selling Manager or a premium subscription to Selling Manager Pro, which also includes features like template storage and inventory management ought to be your first task.

Though the summary of the Seller Dashboard shown in the Selling Manager My eBay view is a useful one, most sellers will want to monitor the full version of their dashboard for changes in any of the kinds of statuses it monitors. Amongst other things, your dashboard gives you a summary of your current performance rating on eBay, which is used to place your items in Best Match searches, your current detailed seller ratings scores, the number of buyer protection cases that have been opened against you, your total sales, and your current account status i.

One of the things every beginning seller learns very quickly is that the regular eBay selling form is slow.

Very slow. There is, and it's free, and it's called Turbo Lister.

Free eBay Selling Tools for Research, Listing and Reporting on Sales

It's a piece of software that you can download from eBay that makes listing items for sale on eBay many orders of magnitude faster and more convenient. The only catch: The good news? Yes, if you're listing a lot of items regularly, it's totally worth the trouble.

As a new seller, the challenges of figuring out what to sell and how to set your prices are no small obstacles.Title Builder is a free app, which enables you to find the optimum title and keywords for your products.

Not worth adding ShelfTrend to this article in my opinion.

Mailchimp Communicating with your leads and customers is a crucial sales and marketing tactic to generate sales. The 5 best eBay seller tools: Inventory Management Software A significant part of automating your eBay selling or multi-channel selling business is inventory management. If you plan to do eBay selling in any volume at all, a free subscription to Selling Manager or a premium subscription to Selling Manager Pro, which also includes features like template storage and inventory management ought to be your first task.

Popular 9 reviews StreetPricer is a dynamic repricing, competitor analysis and price monitoring tool for serious eBay sellers. This simple and extremely popular listing management software allows you to create new listings quickly, edit live listings instantly and keep ended listings forever.

I can also see the original listing for the product, which will be helpful when I come to list mine, as I know the key points to include. From market research and analytics tool like Terapeak or its main competitor, Hammertap , in full, blazing color packed with charts, graphs, trends, and anything else you need to know to stay competitive.

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