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It offers good practical advice on what holding the Driver CPC means for drivers and for operators from now on - five years on from first introduction. I hope all. PDF Format. Specialist vehicle drivers. Driver CPC. DRIVER CPC the OffICIal DSa GUIDE for. Professional Goods Vehicle Drivers. Understanding a driver's. EDITION. DOWNLOADABLE PDF FORMAT The Official DSA Guide to Tractor and Specialist Vehicle Driving Tests The Driver CPC Case Study Test.

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Driver Certificate of. Professional Competence. (CPC). Brian Morrison. Chief Driving Examiner Drivers must hold a Driver CPC in addition to their vocational . totting up, employers have a duty of care to ensure their drivers are licenced to drive and continue to hold a valid driving licence for the relevant vehicle category . The Driver CPC is a new qualification that all professional bus, coach and lorry drivers will need to have if they want to drive for a living. Driver CPC is being.

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At Last! This gives drivers the flexibility to obtain their vocational licence only, or to gain full Driver CPC at the same time. The theory test is made up of 2 parts 1 a multiple choice test and 2 a hazard perception test.

The multiple choice test lasts 1hr 55 minutes and contains questions. The hazard perception part of the theory test consists of 19 video clips , with a total of 20 score-able hazards. As long as both tests are passed within 2 years of each other the driver will get a theory test certificate.

Once the driver has passed Driver CPC module 1 the driver must pass the Driver CPC module 3 driving test within 2 years, otherwise the driver will have to pass the module 1 theory test again. Part two - Case studies The test consists of seven case studies the driver works through on a computer.

The case studies are basically short scenarios based on situations that are highly likely to happen in one's working life as a lorry driver.

The test has been written by industry experts and uses realistic scenarios that a lorry driver may encounter when out on the road. The driver is asked between six and eight multiple choice questions on each of the seven case studies.Mister Buzz.

You do however have to have at least 7 hours training complete before you can create your online account to view your uploaded hours online. Drunk tank driver FAIL: This gives drivers the flexibility to obtain their vocational licence only, or to gain full Driver CPC at the same time.

Check on the back of your drivers licence in column 10 next to C1. Worst Russian drivers ever: The training can be completed in flexible 7 hour blocks.

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