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SAP BusinessObjects is the main application coming under SAP Business Intelligence (BI).Here is an introductory tutorial with PDF training materials about SAP. PUBLIC. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite .. Exporting HTML Code, URLs, and Images to Excel Spreadsheets and PDF Files. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite. Document Version: To save a document as a PDF file in Web Intelligence Rich Client.

Business Objects Pdf

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Public folders and categories are created by the Business Objects team, and can be viewed by Reports can be exported as CSV, Excel, PDF, or Text files. Intelligence. Rich Client. Business Objects . Saving to Other File Formats ( Excel, PDF, CSV, and Text). .. Select SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence. Open SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence. Report formatting is used when you plan to print or save to a PDF. Print Preview (Page.

The columns of the derived table will be the columns selected in the query. Derived table can be used in the complex calculations which are difficult to be achieved in the report levels.

Using a dblink, tables can be accessed from a different schema, is another use of derived tables. User objects is a universe of classes and objects which is created by the universe designer.

Once the objects consisted in the universe does not matches your necessities, then the user can create his own objects called User objects. The prompt function asks the end user to enter any specific values. For a name or variable, the value assigned to it will be referenced using Variable.

The syntax is as ,. Slice works with the master or detail reports and it is used to rename, reset and delete the blocks.

The class can be defined as a collection of objects in a universe. Subclasses can be derived from classes and using these classes and the subclasses, we can create a hierarchy.

Data mining is the process through which you can extract the required details from the database, which can be made used for making conclusions. Drill modes helps to analyze data from different angles and different state of details. The available Drill modes are;. A one to many join links to a table which respond with another one to many join links is called fan trap.

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It is to make the users know up-to-date information. Each and every Business Objects channel will be associated with a broadcast agent, who can have several channels.

User objects are not shared with other end users. It is stored in a specific user object definition file. Web intelligence is a solution that is specialized in supporting the decisions related with queries, reports and analysis.

It is a set of objects and classes. Using drill by we can move to other hierarchy and analyze the other data, which belongs to another hierarchy. Your email address will not be published.

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Latest Articles You are here: Top 50 Business object interview questions. Download PDF.

It is opposite of personal connection as it can be used by others also through a server which is common one. Define secured connection?

It is a kind of connection which overcomes the disadvantages related with the former connection. We can use universe in central repository by secured connection.

What is custom hierarchies? It defines the universe for providing the drill down which is customized and occur between objects from same or different classes taking care of the user requirements.

How we can create Custom Hierarchies? We can create custom hierarchies by clicking on tools then choosing hierarchies from BO designer. What do you understand by context in the universe?

Context can be explained as the specific path of join between a specific group of joins or the tables for the purpose of a specific query. What is Chasm Trap. It is a situation which arises at the time when the value in the fact table get wrong when it is measured from two various fact tables. How the problem of Chasm Trap be solved?

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It can be solved by two methods: By using SQL parameter in universe which generates SQL statement for each measures and result into a correct output.The available Drill modes are;. A In May, , Robert Beverley was found guilty of high misdemeanors, but QAWI Study Guide Book judgment being respited, and the prisoner asking pardon on his bended knees, was released, upon giving security for his good behavior.

The details for same are kept in a PDAC. Data mining is the process through which you can extract the required details from the database, which can be made used for making conclusions. In the Report Title section, click the column that you want to summarize. When I open a report, I get a blank grey window. The report output displays the column summary at the bottom of the report.

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Repeat the procedure to add new data fields and filtering criterion, and then execute the query. General Searching for corporate "canned" reports in the repository How can I print when I have multiple tabs in a report but don't want them all printed? Flash Video What is the status of the regulatory approvals for my outstanding proposals?

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