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In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and Kindle Book; OverDrive Read; Adobe EPUB eBook MB. Jamie McGuire (Author). Jamie McGuire is the New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful. Buy eBook In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. But just In Beautiful Disaster, Abby had her say. Read "Walking Disaster A Novel" by Jamie McGuire available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. How much is too much to .

Walking Disaster Jamie Mcguire Pdf Full

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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Once you get inside Travis Maddox's head, you won't want to leave.” —Colleen Hoover, New York Times bestselling author of. Apr 2, How much is too much to love? Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder. Finally, the highly. Jun 29, Download Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire PDF novel free. The “Walking Disaster: A Novel (Beautiful Disaster Series)” is a beautiful story.

This is where we meet Travis 'Mad Dog' Maddox, the male romantic lead. He, of course, wins his fight. The female lead, Abby, is attending the fight club for the first time that night. She ends up with blood on her cashmere sweater and a new name given to her by Travis, who doesn't even bother to ask for her name before arbitrarily deciding on 'Pigeon.

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We meet Travis again in the cafeteria. He is being "followed by two voluptuous bottle-blondes wearing Sigma Kappa tees. One of them sat on Travis' lap, the other sat beside him, pawing at his shirt. One of the blonde's calls her a skank. Travis "lets his knees give way, sending her tumbling to the floor" because America is his friend. This little interlude sets up two major reoccurring issues: girl on girl hate and Travis treating girls like garbage to step over.

Every girl in the book except for Abby and America is a skank, a bitch or a bitchy skank. As for Travis, this incident of deliberately humiliating a girl in public and dropping her on the floor like the used condom wrapper she represents to him is actually as close to a gentleman as he ever gets because this is one of the mildest examples of his behavior. After lunch, Travis and Abby conveniently have a class together although they seemed to have seen each other for the first time at the fight last night.

Whatever, get used to this author making up shit as she goes along and writing inconsistently from start to finish. I can give you a list of minor yet annoying continuity issues in the comment section below if asked. Travis fixates on Abby and sits beside her, leaving disappointed girls by his usual seat.

He indicates she should take notes for him and spends the rest of the class zoned out. Never fear though! Travis is a freaking genius. He doesn't need notes or studying or attending classes to ace the grades. On a similar note, he also does not need to eat healthy or exercise to maintain his muscle mass and six pack! I'm sorry, but every guy I've talked to with a body like Travis's could go on extensively about his diet and workout regime.

We don't have to worry about believability in this world because despite the lack of traditional fantasy markings nothing about this book remotely resembles reality. In this world, control and abuse can turn into a happily ever after. With minimal effort Travis pesters Abby into agreeing to come to his apartment after school with her friend America, who is there often to see her own boyfriend, Shepley, Travis's cousin. She agrees and then attempts to dress in the most disgusting way possible: "My hair was piled on top of my head in a messy bun.

I had scrubbed the makeup from my face and repalced my contacts with rectangular black-rimmed glasses. Sporting a ratty t-shirt and sweatpants, I shuffles along in a pair of flip flops. This description pretty much matches me at the moment on my day off.

Abby's friend America is the least helpful person when it comes to rejecting Travis's unwanted advances. You hungry, Pidge? Dialogue is routinely shrugged and smiled rather than spoken. Before we left. Still crappy friend aside, no one forces Abby to go with Travis, no one forces her to get on the back of her motorcycle. She does all of these things despite being extremely uncomfortable around him because Abby is an idiot. During dinner Travis opens up to her about his dead mother and they connect a bit.

So much so that he insists on sitting beside her the next day at lunch by bullying someone else out of an already occupied chair. And it is bullying. He does not ask for the chair so much as claims it already belongs to him much like Abby and then he stares the guy down until he moves.

Abby is pleased with the attention and the girls looking at her to see who Travis insisted on sitting beside. The next big plot movement involves broken boilers in America and Abby's dorm room. America's solution is that they move in with Shep and Travis until they fix the boilers.

I can't comprehend how moving off campus to be near hot water could possibly be more convenient than living on campus and heading to an off campus apartment once a day for a shower. Really, you're not supposed to be thinking this much, but since Abby protests vehemently before capitulating you do get a lot of time to think about what a stupid idea this is.

I would have preferred a day of skipping a shower or a cold shower to living with someone who made me uncomfortable. Abby and America arrive at the apartment just as Travis's latest fling? She offers him her number and he declines in front of an audience of two other girls and his roommate, letting her know exactly what she means.

They're not a silent audience either: "Every time! She looked at the woman. He's Travis fucking Maddox! He's famous for this very thing, and every time they're surprised! Abby is not pleased with all of this because she didn't realize "Shepley's apartment was a revolving door for clueless bimbos. It's just fantastic. Abby "stared at the couch, the cushions still askew and bunched up from its recent use. I recoiled at the thought of how many women had given themselves away against the fabric.

Itchy fabric at that. Nothing about Travis or how he treated them, just the awful, dirty sexually active girls.

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Abby decides she can't possibly sleep on the couch so Travis offers her his bed. He does not fuck girls in there. This speaks volumes about how he views women, good enough for his dick, not good enough for his sheets. I'll kill the suspense here. He sleeps with her in his bed, but not before he keeps wandering in and out of the bathroom while she's showering!

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He brings her a towel and her toothbrush while she's showering and then ignores her shrieks at him to get out. He does not knock before entering the bathroom nor did he announce himself. He just opens the door and makes himself at home. It's creepy. He brings her stuff in, which means he went through her bags. She shrieks about him going through her stuff and he ignores her, not offering an excuse or apology. She shrieks at him to get out again and he insists he has to brush her teeth all while she's naked on the other side of the curtain.

Dad knocked on the door, and then it opened. My brothers crowded around him in the hallway, and Becky led me by the hand to join them. It made me feel better somehow that they all looked as scared as I felt. Thomas stood next to me, a little bit in front, like the time he protected me when we were playing in the front yard, and the neighbor boys tried to pick a fight with Tyler. Dad cleared his throat. Becky offered a small, sympathetic smile.

Her body is letting go. All of them but me. She was my mommy. He could take an old mommy.

I tried to remember everything she told me. I tried to glue it to the inside of my head: Play. Visit Dad. Fight for what I love. That last thing bothered me. He shook his head, and then nodded to my brothers. I knew he was faking a brave face.

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His eyes were as sad as mine. Thomas talked to her for a while, and then Taylor and Tyler whispered things in each of her ears. Trenton cried and hugged her for a long time. Everyone told her it was okay for her to leave us. Everyone but me. Thomas pulled on my hand, leading me out of her bedroom. I walked backward until we were in the hall.

I tried to pretend she was just going to sleep, but my head went fuzzy. Thomas picked me up and carried me up the stairs. Thomas pulled my dirt-soiled shirt over my head, and my shorts and Thomas the Train Underoos down to the floor. I promise.

Even though I should have been fighting for her, I was upstairs, in a tub full of water, still as a statue. I had already let her down. I promised her in the very back of my head that I would do all the things she had told me as soon as my body worked again.

When the sad went away, I would always play, and I would always fight. Nights, too. A circular space cleared, and the mob whistled, booed and taunted the contender.

He bounced up and down and rocked his neck back and forth, his face severe and focused. The crowd quieted to a dull roar, and my hands shot to my ears when music blared through the large speakers on the other side of the room.

Shake in your boots, boys, and drop your panties, ladies! He made his entrance, shirtless, relaxed and unaffected. He strolled into the center of the circle as if he were showing up to another day at work. The men took a few steps back, and Adam sounded the horn.

Marek took a defensive stance, and Travis attacked. I stood on my tiptoes when I lost my line of sight, leaning from side to side to get a better view. I inched up, sliding through the screaming crowd.

Elbows jabbed into my sides, and shoulders rammed into me, bouncing me back and forth like a pinball. When I finally reached the front, Marek grabbed Travis with his thick arms and tried to throw him to the ground. Five fingers sank into my arm and I jerked back. I turned just in time to see Marek land a solid punch.

Blood sprayed my face, and splattered down the front of my cardigan. Marek fell to the concrete floor with a thud, and for a brief moment the room was completely silent. Cash changed hands once again, and the expressions divided into the smug and the frustrated. I was pushed around with the movement of those coming and going. America called my name from somewhere in the back, but I was mesmerized by the trail of red from my chest to my waist. A pair of heavy black boots stepped in front of me, diverting my attention to the floor.

My eyes traveled upward; jeans spattered with blood, a set of finely chiseled abs, a bare, tattooed chest drenched in sweat, and finally a pair of warm, brown eyes.

I was shoved from behind, and Travis caught me by the arm before I fell forward. Back up off her! His stern expression melted into a smile at the sight my shirt, and then he dabbed my face with a towel. It looks good on you.

God, I love you! America followed me into my dorm room and then sneered at my roommate, Kara. I immediately peeled off the bloody cardigan, throwing it into the hamper. Where have you been? I looked to America, who shrugged. Less than a minute later, my cell phone chimed.

Per her usual, America texted me seconds after we had said goodbye. Kara nodded with indifference and then looked down to the mess of books on her bedspread. Some of them had been at the fight, but no one mentioned my ringside experience. Shepley nodded, and America and I both turned to see Travis take a seat at the end of the table. He was followed by two voluptuous bottle-blondes wearing Sigma Kappa Ts.He barely gives her space to breathe.

Damn, it was good to be a man. I liked him. He was mine, and I was his. The wallpaper was busy but nice, and everything seemed clean and classy, just like Abby wanted. Why was sex referred to as bagged Each event was held in a different spot, and kept secret until just an hour before the fight. The reporter was interviewing a tearful girl, describing how her roommate had never returned to the dorm, and she was still waiting to hear if she was among the dead.

Every story has two sides. Abby might be a pigeon, but she was just a fucking girl.

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