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ppti.info: All eBooks on the topic „urban fiction“. Discover, download and read free and low-priced eBooks on the subject of „urban fiction“. Ali is a drug dealer slash business man who tries to change the way the game is played by giving Categories: Fiction» African American fiction» Urban life. Carter Diamond, Part 1. The Cartel: Carter Diamond (Series). Book 1. Ashley & JaQuavis Author Buck 50 Productions Producer (). cover image of True to.

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Results 1 - 20 of 27 Explore our list of Free eBooks, African Americans - Urban Life - Fiction, African Americans - Fiction & Literature, NOOK Books at Barnes. 27 discussion posts. Ama said: UrbanReviews lists many free Urban Fiction books. In this thread we can exchange links to free kindle, nook and ebooks., A. Discover the best African American Urban Fiction in Best Sellers. Find the top #8. Heart So Reckless: A Standalone Novel · K.C. Mills . Kindle eBooks.

Essentially, Lessons in Love in a two-for-one love story special! But when those closest to him are brutally murdered, Tau vows for revenge.

Driven by grief-fueled anger, Tau begins a journey that will ultimate lead him to becoming be the greatest swordsmen alive. Case Wiley learns this lesson the hard way. To save a friend from a life of prostituion, Case marries Lyla with the understanding that eventually their marriage would come to an end and he would set her free. Now after seven years, Case is ready to move on with his life and have his arranged marriage annulled.

New Releases by Black Authors Giving Us Life This Read an eBook Week

But then he sees her, his wife of seven years all grown and in the flesh, and soon Case has second thoughts about setting his caged bird free. The book cover alone is temptation in itself.

Whew, chile the thirst is real in this hot one by author, Chiquita Dennie. Well, sometimes you just have to give into the Temptation! Yes, indeed! Author Chenell Parker weaves a complex love triangle filled with characters who are all striving to be at the top. Broken-hearted and set on revenge, Jersi Bradford wants nothing more than to inflict pain on the cause of her own — Blake.

So, when Jersi decides to give him another chance, he accepts it with both hands. However, as Jersi pulls Blake into her plot for redemption a chance encounter with a strange man throws a wrench in her plans.

Will she continue on her quest for revenge or will a new flame send the entire plan burning to the ground? Quamaine grew up in a neighborhood filled with drugs, crime, robbery, and murder. He made up his mind at an early age that he wasn't going to follow in the footsteps of some of his friends but focus on the one and only thing that he loves; basketball.

These two teens both share one thing in common and that is their love for basketball. As these two became close as the time went by the eventually fell in love but at what cause? Can their love of basketball draw a wedge between them as a family crisis is brought to light or will they be able to move past all of the drama and be in love forever?

Dalisha Truzy Forbidden Fruit Urban Fiction Fiction English Words Ages 18 and up 7 What if you were forbidden to do something but you were too curious to find out anyway no matter what the consequences were.


What would you do? Her parents will be sure to give her up to the one in only Conner Bradley who's family is one of the wealthiest families in the suburbs but there are only two problems; his the biggest jerk in her high school and she's not in love with him.

She has her eyes out on one of the basketball star athletics by the name of Micha Daniels but there's two problem, her parents wouldn't agree due to her arranged marriage and the other would be that he's African American.

What does life have in store for Addilyn? Will her dreams come true of finding real true love? They have three beautiful children that they are very proud of. John is a handsome man of He always say's the same thing," I love her.

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Day's, Weeks,Months, and even a year goes by and their marriage seems everlasting As day's go by the past has risen and problems occur, Is their marriage strong enough to with-hold any issue? What started as a routine case of tailing an ex-con's wayward girlfriend turns into something much more sinister.

When the girl friend is murdered, and the ex-con is charged, Ellis reluctantly sets out to clear him. Ellis soon finds himself investigating a young and sexy executive secretary that's having an affair with a married congressman running for re-election, and is living far beyond her means.

He creates an uneasy alliance with Brad Royce, the son of the owner of a top flight detective agency. Ellis targets Andrea Newsome, a clever and alluring political consultant that knows a lot more about shady business deals and political corruption than she'll ever admit.

Ellis and Royce must sniff out the right clues, and dodge the last bullets before the case is solved.

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Hi , Welcome to BookRix!However, as Jersi pulls Blake into her plot for redemption a chance encounter with a strange man throws a wrench in her plans.

She's had her shares of ups and downs, but worse of all ages paying for her bad choices and bad decisions throughout life.

To save a friend from a life of prostituion, Case marries Lyla with the understanding that eventually their marriage would come to an end and he would set her free. Meanwhile, he and Simone have gotten much closer. From N. But things are not as they seem when she meets Gael, Easton, and Davis — the businessmen funding her research.

Ananda is on her way to the top. Even if that means he has to rule with an iron fist to maintain law and order. When Wifey is the Plug.

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