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Gerald Celente has been forecasting trends worldwide since , delivering . late material from the Trends Journal®, please write or call The Trends Journal ®,Trend Alert, Trends in the News and The Voice of The. The Trends Journal • Autumn 2. Crash or No Crash? Over the past few months we've been receiving emails questioning the forecast we.

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Journal of Research in Mathematics Trends and Technology Andy Sapta, Sondang Purnama Pakpahan, Syahriani Sirait. PDF. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | In South Korea, owing to the expansion of clothing, fashion and textile industries from 's; the department of clothing, fashion and. IJTMER aims to the sharing, dissemination and discussion of current trends research International Journal of Trends in Mathematics Education Research . Tools for School Mathematics Learning. Hartono Hartono, Marhadi Saputro. PDF.

An Essay on the Global products or customization to Prospective scenarios Recursos Humanos Strategy Talento.

Trends in Immunology

Focus FUTURE is focused on the publication of technical-scientific works in the Business management, Innovation management, Sustainality and related areas having as a main subject future studies, trend analysis. Mission Disseminate the intellectual output of future studies and strategies of organizations, democratizing knowledge and enhancing novel academic researches and theoretical and empirical advances.

Experience Marketing Backstage: Analysis of the Industry 4. Market Competitiveness and Intangibility Level: Analysis in Brazilian Publicly Traded Companies.


Technology Transfer and Human Capital in the Industrial 4. A Theoretical Study. A Multicole Study.

Remember me. If using notes, use the automated note-preparation facility in Word and use endnotes, not footnotes.

Healthcare Trends for 2018

In your submitted Word document, it is permissible for endnotes to appear after the list of references, with this being a feature of the automated note system.

Subsequently, copy editors will place endnotes before the list of references.

For in-text citations, author s last name and date are sufficient. If you are including a direct quote, then page number s should be added; e. List inclusive page numbers condensed e.

Conversely, anything in the list of references requires a citation in the text. Do not include references that are not cited in the text. If you want to recommend additional sources, the text should make these recommendations so that the sources are appropriately cited in the reference list.

In rare cases, a list of additional readings may be appropriate but must be discussed in advance with the managing editor. All Internet, web, or online source must have an in-text citation and be in the list of references. It is not sufficient to insert a URL in the text itself.

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If, however, a particular author consistently uses only initials when authoring publications, use initials for that author even if the names in your other references are spelled out. Do not embed them in the text. Tables should be formatted in Word as grayscale text, not as a graphic image.

Include column headings and explain all abbreviations and terms, making them consistent with usage in the text. Include a call-out in the text to show where each table should be inserted e.

We will do our best to accommodate the desired location of the table. Place a caption beneath the call-out. The caption should include the table number, followed by a description; e. Do not submit photographs or illustrations as Word files, as they make for very poor quality.

Do not submit files in color but rather convert to grayscale.Our field is a metafield where scholars collaborate with other disciplines and often publish in their journals. Justify all headings to the left. Because the data were collected from a research database, approval was not needed from an institutional ethics committee.

The caption should include the table number, followed by a description; e. This triangulation gives some confidence in the high status of these journals in the field.

Do not submit photographs or illustrations as Word files, as they make for very poor quality.

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